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  1. Thank you Jesus for dying so I can have a long weekend

    1. Wholesome_Thomas


      Just wait until you find out the eternal weekend in heaven

  2. If one were to look closely, one could asume that it is mostly goons who defend it
  3. As a fellow gamer who likes to shitpost I will give my serious opinion. People can get heated and a lot of gamer words fly. These should be forgiven its normal for people to get angry and young people often cannot deal with these emotions. If it was just a quick f** slur he should be forgiven with a proper apology. However threating to rape someone over minecraft is pushing a line way to far. Something like this should not be forgiven without an actual apology to the victims. This apology must then also be accepted by the victim, if they decide to block you, the apology was not accepted and you need more time off the server. I also like to add that he didnt change. He is already fighting in a war again with properly the same people. If he would have gone to a more chill community like halfings I'd say he'd changed. Instead he went straight back to conflict which will cause more heated gamer moments. (This is only a theory since people make this about war) Also people who defend this kind of behaviour with "You only want him banned for a war". Should be banned too since they clearly dont have their priorities right. Also unbanning someone because "we all did it at that time" is beyond stupid. We gonna unban all the groomers too since it was hip back then? This coming from an actual neutral party who isnt part of any group.
  4. I pray for the lost souls that are imprisioned by rp. Their mind rotten with thoughts on how they make their roleplay character win. 


    Their minds lashing out at people who dare question their time spend here or critize their character or group.

  5. Join Forum. See ST. Day ruined

  6. STcels should spend their time writing my ratmen ca instead of doing shit events featuring ratmen as enemies
  7. This is the only solution to have a real economy on lotc. However way to hardcore for most players and not easy to get into for new players and returning players
  8. Agree to a somewhat degree. Dont think people should be able to deforest whole areas or dig massive mines. Prefer the current plugin but not applied to some random spots that nobody knows about, but the whole map outside of towns. Or just add ressource pits Agree on caves and random mines. Dont think mobs would work that well since they get disabled after a certain player count Completely disagree. Grinding gear shouldnt be encouraged, to get the edge over somebody. Nor do I really see the point of it. Prefer 1.8 pvp over 1.9 pvp. The change was dumb No opinion on the matter Agree. 100% Agree. Its amazing how stupid these rules are. Cant have trade caravans, cant have hidden bandit hideouts, cant have renegades, cant build a road tavern, cant do your own thing must join a nation. However dont think anybody should be able to build.. Maybe have an easy building app so people dont grief or build dicks everywhere. Hopefully one day the disabled staff team will see reason. Hard agree. People aint gonna stay just because you spray pink paint over a turd. Going big and I agree too. Should also implement lore so that people dont have to say they're from an already existing nation. Maybe have them be refugees from another content.. No opinion Dont know if that is really happening but if is I agree I agree.. But there is no Papieren its Papiere. Man honest question why are you on CT if you only want whats best for staff? Someone wants more freedom for the everyday player and you someone who should work for the community is against it because it would cause staff work. Hope you know this is not a real job.
  9. The Staff fears the Samurai

  10. Literally communist china policy deleting the thumbs down. Team needs to be disbanded asap
  11. Viel Feind', viel Ehr'

  12. The age of sword and shield are over. With tnt the dawn of musket and bayonet rises

  13. Are we in China or why do I get a warning for calling a staff post stupid?

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    2. alexmagus
    3. 𝕾𝖙𝖆𝖗𝖌𝖚𝖘𝖍


      staff do be running the server like communist

    4. Tulan


      Was there ever any doubt about them being similar?

  14. Smart people can act dumb and nobody will notice. Dumb people can act smart and everbody will notice the potential meme material
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