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  1. Looking for two delf daughters in an already established family.  Both 10 year old. Family lives in Renelia and there are some smaller player run events. Skins are also done already.

    DM for details Skippey#5308

  2. sami03


    Riza was born in the town of Haense. Her father Gustaf Gruenwald a smith and her mother Hilda Gruenwald a mere housewife raised Riza after the ideals of the teutonic order. Since her grand grandfather Hans Gruenwald, a simple footsoldier for the teutonic order, it was traditon to raise their children after the ideals of the teutonic order. Therefore every child was trained in combat, smithing and were forced to enlist in the military for atleast one year. And so was Riza, but in the army she learned that she could not compete with the others, she also realized that she couldnt bring herself to hurt someone. Which meant that she was useless as a soldier and got switched to the medics, where she learned the basics of medicaltreatment of combat wounds. After her time in the army she returned home to her family. Disappointed that Riza was weak and not able to fight, her parents forced her to fight so she can uphold the family honour and traditon. After months of bitter struggle to become the fighter that her family wanted her to be, she decided to run away from home, only grabbing the armour that her father made for her and some food. On the road to Curon she was found by a traveling doctor, who took her as a novice. After two years the medic was killed on a road by bandits while Riza was gathering firewood. And now she is where she is
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