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  1. THE BALLOT ((MC Name: _Sheylo_ )) Name: Valazaer Shazorwyn Vote 1: Eistalyn Othelu’maehr Vote 2: Eistalyn Othelu’maehr
  2. “Oh. That’s who he was.” A High Elf says curiously.
  3. "Well, I suppose they won't even bother counting the ballots, then." An elf said simply.
  4. Valazaer Calith, the esteemed, renowned Sohaer shook his head, "Absolutely not."
  5. A certain Mali'aheral taps his chin as he reads the missive, "I wonder if they are still open to jobs regarding those who wear drapes, if enough mina is offered.." Clearly, he was formulating a plan in his mind.
  6. Liear ito nae Blessed Citizens who populate Haelun’or, the city has been blighted by a parasite that wishes to spread dissent and instability amongst the city, we are strong, so we fight on. To deal with this blight that finds themselves pen-happy to tarnish Blessed Talonniis and bring further instability to the foundations of our city, yet another trial do I wish to add to the list of trials that are supposedly lined up to happen. One who claims themselves aged to the time in which Larihei first separated from Malin to bathe in the golden pools and create our blessed kind and tradition. One who wishes to manipulate the public and harness ire and contempt from recent happenings. To this, I say that Evo Tartarus, has brought slander against the Calith name, more notably to myself. To this, I say that Evo Tartarus has broken article eight of the Blessed Silver Law, that must be upheld to the highest decree. So willfully broken and shattered by someone who had not attended the trial of Pamphilos Callidora Hyptos, who has only gathered second hand information. Whom stated I have done little to nothing for this state, as if I did not help forge and create the Black Ferrum Ballista Bolts that were used in the siege of Balian. Yet this is less so directed upon that unscrupulous calling. This is directed towards the false claims that are made against me that regards to the alleged torture of Luthriel, local and known half-breed at the time. He has claimed that I would do something so horrific and horrid as to mutilate someone just a measly few meters from the Silver Walls. I will prove these claims false, and when such is done, I push to call Evo’lur to trial to further tarnish the Calith name with untrue and opaque lies under Article Eight of the Silver Law. Keep your minds open and doubt the one who openly lives with those that slaughtered our kin in Karinah'siol as if they were his friends and family. Okarir’Maehr Valazaer Calith Ay’Larihei
  7. The Okarir'maehr rubs the back of his head and offers a subtle nod of acknowledgement at the missive posted. "Sulien, cer'Elarhil."
  8. Keep bad figures banned. And strip bias staff from positions.
  9. The urge to keyboard warrior is strong. I'm better than that tho

    1. MisterBlitzkrieg


      Give in to the urges and desires. Abandon reality and humanity and become a warrior on cyberspace that eats cheap and fastly made meals by your friendly neighborhood big company capitalist man.

  10. I have a buttload of Mina with nothing to spend it on. Ideas? No, I'm not giving it away, lol

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    2. Privet


      international arms dealer

    3. _Sheylo_


      watch me just set a 6k bounty for the hell of it

    4. Qctho


      buy a giant field of nothing but wheat

      retire as a surrogate handling

  11. The Okarir'maehr, Valazaer Calith, let out a low groan.. Fully knowing that he and his magics would be extorted for enchantments. "Maehr'sae Hiylun'eyha..."
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