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  1. A certain 'thill gave pause and tilted his head to and fro as he read over the missive, "Hold on just a moment. Did this one not BUY their way into being Maheral and then fail to bring Haelun'or forth in any way once-so-ever? Tut, yet she has not even been within elCihi to make such grave claims anyhow. Meaningless." And so he crumpled the paper and tossed it into a bin over his shoulder, clearly unwavered by the words upon it.
  2. Can you put some color to this? Otherwise, looks like a good list.
  3. Uh oh, better call saul...
  4. A curt nod is given from a fellow Divkinael that looked over the report.
  5. A certain High Elf says: "Welcome to the Underground.." - He most definitely sighs.
  6. A bereaved 'thill recalls the memories of the Okarir'tir walking out of the cell covered in the victim's blood. And even still did the armored figure let out an amused huff and utter out a simple question. "Feel better?" "...Ti." The Okarir responded.
  7. Is this just the Shuul that @BobBoxsicked on us a while back?
  8. "I really do hate all Celia'norians. But I will accept whatever new version of this place is over any original kinslayers." A High Elf says in regards to the missive to no one in particular. Gaze full of scorn as he tosses the paper to the side, into a trash pit. "Disgusting.."
  9. "Well, this is not something I foresaw... But it is welcome, none the less." Valazaer clicks his tongue as he reads over the missive. His eyes lifting to scan out to the sea, skeptical of any blackflagged ships.
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