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  1. Sunday, September 25th.. I will put 30 tanglefoot potions on the AH just for the hell of it. B)

  2. I mean.. is this true? I feel like this isn't true.


    1. Laeonathan


      Honestly? It is true. People exaggerate the bad parts of every community.

      99 % of my encounters were quite friendly. Of course there's loud and vocal assholes, but that's the case everywhere.


    2. alexmagus


      whatever SCUMBAG SHEYLO, you go back to your DUMB nation now while i REVEL in my RICHES (I am better than you)! (when is our next fire evo lesson)

  3. A renowned Calith crosses his arms, chin having lifted a tad indignantly as his gaze flushed through the streets. "Opening sounds.. as if we'll just let ANYONE in.- Regardless, this city is quaint and beautiful."
  4. I am not reading this because it hurts my eyes. But yeah, LOTC trash, mostly because A thousand different reasons.
  5. A 'thill happens upon one of the many missives and taps his chin with a quirked brow. "I wonder when Almaris started openly accepting abominations..?"
  6. yep. i hear a lot about this but sometimes its expected. being staff generally doesnt make you immune to being toxic ie. crevel glad they are fiddling about with the wiki, just hope they try to check with all sides involved before changing things, instead of just like.. changing things
  7. Valazaer Calith, one of the well-known of the current rendition of Haelun'or lets out a thoughtful hum, "Mmmh, Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya."
  8. A certain, bitter Haelun’orian lifts the note in a read and lets out a guffaw. “Needless to say it’s expected, especially when they try to force the issue.” He casually stands and continues to pack a bag. “I’ll enjoy watching from a distance.”
  9. More bans. Make new people take the reigns so folk can stop toe sucking.
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