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  1. pvp goons and strictly forum posters plague the server


    ^ its a meme you salty fucks lol

  2. "As a present 'Aheral. A pure one from Haelun'or. I do say that all citizens do not support the princess of bandits. I also disagree with the claims of any accusation of slavery when there has been no investigator through our gates." A mali'aheral says to his friends whilst getting suited for an upcoming marriage.
  3. finally, im on my actual pc...
    more than 5 frames feels so good

  4. By all means, give me your weapons and items. You likely won't get them back if I end up having to log off while you are still in the city. If you have such a problem with it, go find an open gate city.
  5. An 'Aheral, often sporting either a blue or red coat looks over the missive and chuckles. "Naturally, a pretender, let alone a non-citizen to our state would flee from a debate in the eye of the judges.." He laughs, "As we all think, she just take her group of bandits and create her own settlement."
  6. Among the citizens, after said 'debate', a High Elf in blue was seen shouting, "Ay'Larihei! Only true 'Aheral may lead the Silver State!!"
  7. people should learn to rp on an rp server, lol

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      couldnt agree more

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      people used to get bullied more

  8. Whoever called my Haelunorian's nazis, yo mama a h*e

  9. A citizen from the Silver State scoffs. "She should just form her own union. She won't take our state, not unless she pry it from our cold, dead hands." He huffs, wiping his hands from his work. "We will see how it goes with this debate in three Elven days."
  10. Valazaer brushes off a piece of lint of his new attire that he'd wear to the ball.
  11. So a citizen of Haelun'or let out a sigh as the position was disbanded. "There are more things to do those who worked under the 'san can do to contribute to the state."
  12. As we should be! But we are very chill when doing things outside of that, since we do be havin' lots of fun. Such as the High Elven TWERK
  13. _Sheylo_


    A citizen of elCihi'thilln, Haelun'or, scoffs at the missive. "Did these brutes not make clear their intentions? They only wish to rule through shedding of pure blood. If she were to come here, I'd see her goons not allowed in...- For they might just use it as another time to take over in a hostile manner." He lifts the paper high, the sun piercing through the pages to light up the words. "We'll see how this goes, forever, I know that Haelun'or will not fall into corrupt, puppeteer hands."
  14. _Sheylo_


    The Citizen/Sillumiran/Innkeeper from elCihi'thilln/Haelun'or gave a subtle nod, a grin forming over his face as he read over the missive sent to the world. "As we should. Haelun'or will never fall. It is but an ideology, even if it is to lull now, it will come back just as a pheonix from ash."
  15. No King but Malin

    1. Samler


      And he was a terrible king!


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