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  1. Within the walls of the soon to be abandoned Eulersburg, a weary albeit joyous man sits in the garden, enjoying the comforting sounds of birds chirping, water flowing and the wind rustling the pergola above. Years has the man spent in this home, writing this piece, and with a satisfied smirk he shuts his notebook and prepares to put to work his retainers on making copies and posting them around. The many years of my life have been spent in various situations–long stretches of turmoil and even longer stretches of prosperity. Throughout my time on this blessed earth, many lessons have been learned and I’ve decided that I should write these down and teach them to any who have ears to listen. Thus, the Way of the Turtle was devised. This symbol of peace and prosperity has represented my family for decades, and the calming lifestyle of the wizened animal has guided me to all my successes. Simply, I ascribe much of my mental fortitude to this philosophy. The Five Tenets of the Turtle Through the long nights and dark times that plague these lands, you must be a beacon of positivity that can inspire and uplift those around you. Mirth and joy are the first step–with these tools at your disposal, you will spread cheer and disperse negativity in swathes. When evil arises, and preys upon the innocent, a true Turtle will stand tall and protect them, for it is your duty to help those who need helping and to protect those who have no shell of their own. Though combat is sometimes unavoidable, a true Turtle sees violence as no more than a necessity–a tool to be used when all else fails and if it can be averted, it shall; for words resolve that which fists cannot often. Patience is a virtue that a true Turtle follows closely, for the hasty hare rarely wins the race. Dedicating half your day to rest and half to furthering yourself and your goals. There is time for action and time for rest, and you must balance these two closely if you seek to master yourself. A turtle’s memory is long, and thus you shall remember those who brought you up and kept you close. Your home is sacred and you must protect it and all who dwell therein, for they are your kin. Kinship is incredibly important, for the soul is not whole without friends and family. I hope these tenets and beliefs lead any who choose to follow them to a better and more satisfying life, as I truly believe that if you master the Way of the Turtle, you will master yourself. ~Stefan Euler, the Turtle
  2. Hermann Wendl shambles awaits the command of his lord, the Archlich....
  3. i love capace i love capace i ******* love capace yeeeees capace woooo
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  5. Distrugebot Chordus cackles maniacally as it stands beside The Iron Baron, the liquids in the alembic atop its head swirling violently with a green glow.
  6. guys i dont want to listen to 2 hours someone tl;dr it to me

    1. Netphreak


      Sure. Hard questions were passed, things are on the agenda, forum rep is offensive, tech team not focused on PVP even though RAM allocations were going to a PVP war server. Soulstone slots are being looked at, due to the Cloud Temple permanently eating a slot, and us needing to bind and rebind one additional slot, leaving us with two home slots. 


      Worldedit pastes were talked about, price of war, staff shortages, what the other admins that don't show a face actually do and why they're not replaceable, tech team do what they're motivated to do, cannot be forced to focus on one job over another. 

      They're going to do another Q/A soon. I've missed a whole ton of points given this was just off of memory, but if you have the time. I think the two hours was worth the listen. 

  7. me still no care

  8. me no care 

  9. DISTRUGESTADT or else......

    1. Adstrom


      I need moar DISTRUGESTADT I need moar DISTRUGESTADT I need moar DISTRUGESTADT 

    2. Benleft


      Thank you for the animii legs sir!

  10. Stefan Euler strokes his mighty moustache at reading the post. "Seems my adoptive son has been getting busy!"
  11. woohoo! awesome! I love DISTRUGESTADT. that one my favourite. top 5 DISTRUGESTADT of all time. one chance at DISTRUGESTADT. waiter, waiter, more DISTRUGESTADT. mom can we have DISTRUGESTADT? give me just a little DISTRUGESTADT. hand it over, that thing, your DISTRUGESTADT. i wonder if they got any DISTRUGESTADT. a little DISTRUGESTADT never hurt anybody.
  12. ♫♬ EULERSBURG Published 145 SA. / 1941 IA. … is officially open to visitors! The brothers Jan and Stefan Euler humbly invite any and all to sample their hospitality over the coming months, as they will gladly host anyone who wishes to visit! The keep of Eulersburg stands proudly atop a hill in the League of Veletz, watching over the eastern road and standing across from Aldersberg. Inside, one may find a calming and rustic atmosphere, most especially noticeable in the gardens, where one may sit and enjoy the finest cuisine in all of Aevos, prepared by Master Chef Stefan Euler. “I love turtles!” - Stefan Euler, to the Eulersburg Turtle. Within the actual hall itself, one may find themselves inclined to groove, as the presence of renowned tribute band Laszlo and the Eulers combines with the elaborate light show within to make the perfect environment for late-night dance parties. After all, what could be better than sipping on Euler booze, smoking Euler cigars, and enjoying some music with all your friends? “Balls? That’s for Balianites!” - Jan Euler, in his disco hall, followed by audible guffawing from the Yellow Berets. Signed, His Eulership, Euler of Eulersburg, Stefan Euler His Eulership, Euler of Eulersburg, Jan Euler
  13. MC Name: GajaTheMessiah Discord: Fuzz#1810 Image: Description of Image: A portrait of a DISTRUGESTADT knight, springing into action. Dimensions: 1x1
  14. Stefan Euler reads through the letter with a smile. "Ah, so that's what Erik's been up to. Digging up ol' Euler stories!"
  15. Stefan Euler chuckles a little as he reads it. "What a fancy signature!" He notes, squinting at it.
  16. The Adrian Cooking Guild 5th of Sigismond’s End, 1909 AST With the ending of the Grand Adrian Duma of 1909 many new institutions were brought to the Adrian peoples, the most notable being the guild of chefs, bakers, sauciers, stir-fryers, and etcetera. More simply known as the Adrian Cooking Guild. Its founding members set out with the purpose of cataloging and preserving the many recipes of the ancient duchy and to of course encourage an increased interest in the arts of Adrian cooking. Guild Founders Baron-Mayor | Stefan Euler Proud son of Adria, Stefan Euler descended from an old Adrian family and has dedicated his life to the culinary craft. Many of his recipes come from his 'old lady', referring to his grandmother. An avid enjoyer of meats, Stefan is learned in the ways of seasoning and preparation and has made a name for himself as the tavernkeeper in Velec. People have come from all over the realm to enjoy his meals, and he has taken a great liking to seven-course meals to truly highlight his skills and versatility. An inventive chef, he has pioneered many new meals that are now staples of Adrian cuisine--such as his much renowned Whale Steak. As a member of the Council of Chefs, Stefan seeks to preserve the traditional meals of Adria, as well as bring in new cultural influences from all over. Lord | Paul Francis Varoche Descendent of the Varoche family and born within their homeland of Illatia, Paul immigrated to Almaris at just ten years of age; holding tightly to the traditional methods passed along through the family of roaches. From wines and cheeses, to multiple course meals, he would be considered quite the connoisseur. Specializing in butchery and traditional Illatian dishes, Paul's popularity as a chef has garnered him quite the reputation throughout the lands of Aaun and beyond. Whether being served food and drinks by him, or simply sitting at his table, your palate should be prepared for quite a grandiose evening. Within his role upon the Council of Chefs, Paul plans not only to return discipline to the kitchen, but to emphasize passion, skill, and intrigue as intricate ingredients necessary to preparing a dish that will make you scream, "Ammazza!" Lady | Lorina Varoche Born to Lord Chancellor Sigismond Varoche and into a long line of culinarily gifted individuals, Lorina Varoche was born with the talents of her ancestors. Being just the juvenile age of 11, she has more than proven her prowess within the industry of food. Primarily a baker, the youthful Varoche is the characterization of intelligence, compassion, and culinary expertise. While not only competent with foods, Lorina has also published a cookbook containing traditional Adrian cuisine, it rumored to be the first of a series. If Adrian cuisine doesn't suit your fancy, perhaps Lorina's Lemon Drop Candies will. As a member of the Council of Chefs, we are more than certain that Lorina will continue on her path to greatness as both a pâtissier and confectioner, pioneering the success of those who come after her. “Fabius Bracchus in his element, cooking a traditional Illatian dish for Duke Red.” Their purpose set, the founding members sought to form a council of chef’s from amongst their number. Baron-Mayor Stefan Euler laid forth the following goals as Cook-General of the guild of chefs, bakers, saucers, stir-fryers, and etcetera, Assist aspiring cooks in mastering their trade and becoming masters in their own right. The accumulation of culinary knowledge and the sharing of said culinary knowledge. The training of professional court chefs for the aristocracy. To promote tourism involved with foodstuffs, showing the rich and robust culture of the Adrian peoples to the rest of the world at large. To complete these goals, the Adrian Cooking Guild shall be taking apprentices who wish to learn the culinary arts from the various different guild chefs. Those not oriented to the chefly arts are of course invited most gleefully to partake in the consumption of the wondrous creations of the fine Adrian guild cooks. “Ancient Adrianite Raevir cooking the first mud stew.” An event to showcase the skills of the council of chefs shall take place in a short time, dubbed “The Great Adrian Cook-off”. The purpose of this event is to showcase the versatility of the various chefs in and around the Duchy of Adria, as various cultural dishes from around the Human world will be presented before any attendees who are to enjoy the ample food. Around the end of the day, attendees will be polled as to which meal was their favourite, and the eventual winner will be awarded two hundred and fifty mina as well as a special trophy which will be unveiled during the polling. The Honorable, Lord Stefan Euler, Baron of Eulersburg
  17. Stefan Euler grins widely at it. "Well, well! Invited by name!" He chuckles a little, thinking of Sigismond.
  18. Stefan Euler smiles to himself, as he shows the missive to his brothers. "Hey, look, we're great!"
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