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  1. "HUH?" Peter would say with fury if he knew.
  2. Old Man Peter prepared his whacking stick.
  3. "Jeffrey.... de..... Wees...." A certain old, old Templar tossed and turned in his sleep.
  4. Peter sharpened his moustache for the upcoming conflict.
  5. THE BLACK ONI - 黒鬼 INTRODUCTION: Varied Legends speak of an unknown hero, a figure to save the Oyashi people in the end times. The Shogun Yorinobu claims himself to be the famed Hero, Owynist missionaries brainwash the populus for him to be Owinsama. To spiritual wisemen, it is a fabled samurai in black armor. But to the Onishimen, this legendary figure is known as the Black Oni. Fabled and revered, the Black Oni cuts down any false Kami and Yokai with a mythical sword. - An Artist's Illustration of the Black Oni - THE ONI: The Black Oni, tall as the mountains, fast like the winds, strong as the currents. Many Oni believe that the unknown Hero could never be anything other than an Oni, his legend being on-par with the legend of Onimaru- the Golden Oni, a showcase of prowess with the blade, strength and honour. The Black Oni is prophesied to don Black armor, and wield a sword of legendary status. This blade forged by the kami of innovation, art and pride, Gochuso, is gifted to the Black Oni to vanquish the evil which plagues the Oyashi lands and people. This sword is known as the Yawarakai-Te, a long nodachi that had been blessed by Gochuso to aid in the Black Oni’s glorious deeds and battles. It is said that the blade cuts through Yokai like a katana through a gaijin’s arm, yet it was as dull as an O-ga's wit to untainted souls and pure beings. THE MYTH: It is said that the Black Oni will save the Oyashi, a hero to all in the end times. Wielding his blessed Nodachi, he is to cut down hordes and hordes of evil yokai forces of Iboku, and go toe-to-toe with the Evil Kami himself in an epic battle that shakes the world. Whether he will survive or not is unclear, with every clan having a different version of the ending. THE LEGEND: The Black Oni’s legend inspires many of its kin to keep on living life to the fullest and with great honour, committing selfless acts or sacrifices, or become Yokai hunters themselves, either to lessen the inevitable burden of the Black Oni, or to seek their own glory and honour. It is also often the dream of young Oni to become the Black Oni. THE BLACK ONI - 黒鬼 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ CREDITS: Wowj: Oni consultation Gustando: Lego Ninjago picture Zhulik/Islamadon: Came up with it
  6. Petur Stroheim appears shocked to find Jenny at his door. "Holy crap, the starchild?!"
  7. Peter Stroheim had not caught sleep for many days and nights, fearing the loss of another daughter.
  8. Peter Stroheim skimmed through the missive, though his eyes focused upon the name 'Stroheim'. The man grit his teeth.
  9. Peter Stroheim was too busy being enraged and knocked out to notice the absence of a certain colleague.
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