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  1. A strange figure garbed in moss warmed the corner-seat of a booth in a small, seedy tavern. Clawed nails escape the greenery, prising the missive closer to herself. A gurgled laugh could be heard between another swig of whatever frothy concoction it was she was swilling. "It iz az I peeped zo many yearhz ago .. But whu am I to blah I told lat zo, when there ahm none to lizzen.." The tankard clanks softly as it rests on the surface of the table once more, a small sigh following soon after. "But I did tell lat zo .."
  2. A delinquent of growing infamy kicks up both her feet onto the table, snatching the missive from one of her compatriot's hands. Iskra promptly returns it, that they might read it aloud for her. Raucous, absolutely delighted howls of laughter escape her shaking form soon after, ruddying her features.
  3. To the wonderful RPer who I haven't talked with in ages: How have you been?

  4. Somewhere within the deepest thickets of an ancient forest, a strange, pale creature accepts a letter from one of her compatriots. Flinted red eyes squint over the words scrawled across the surface. Distaste curls around the twisted form of her mouth, marred by small tusks that stretch the skin taut. "I levt for good reazon. A city kovered in dizhonor .. And nowh it pleadz for aid." The goblin shakes her head, pulling the feathered hood back over her skull. Summoning up those around her, the small hunting party continues their chase into the depths, with the words lingering in her mind for some time as she thought it over.
  5. Ohmygod!!! My wife?

  6. A former huntress pauses at the sight of a newspaper carelessly tossed into the entryway of her tavern. She sifts through the contents with a frown, before gently folding it back and setting it out of the way of foot travel. In case others wished to read it.
  7. Yarrow'Lur lifts her clawed hand, fingers pressed together at her nose bridge after reading the missive. "Zkahin' damn it, Vytrek." The shaman feels a headache coming on.
  8. A certain halfbreed glances down to the half-eaten cactus brownie in their clawed little hand. They swallow thickly, before tucking the treat away, having lost their appetite after reading.
  9. One particularly greened-out halfbreed cackles in delight, managing to recognize her own name! "Lub a hozh Ilzgul blahhin' .. zhud bring dem boyz zum kaktuz browniez for dey wurk." She would promptly forget to do so roughly three minutes later.
  10. The gremlin post-climber only seems to grow in their power. "GET ZKAHED!" Valiant cackling could be heard from Yarrow's favorite barstool for the next six hours.
  11. Yarrow'Lur grins wickedly, rolling the missive into a fat kaktuz blunt as she boasts aloud to her kin. "PEEP AT DIZ, ZKAHERZ! LAT KUD NUB WIN WID'OUD MI!" Her thoughts then turn as to how to incorporate the infamous 'Yarrow Climb' into her fighting style.
  12. Mon Yue has my full and total support always .. and I suppose their husband does as well.
  13. оО〇・-・〇Оо・-・оО〇・-・〇Оо・-・оО〇・-・〇Оо A displaced half-goblin, weary from their travels overlooks the sight of the mighty World Cactus. The shaman bristles with pride, knowing that even someone of their cursed lineage could bring to fruition such a marvelous testament to the might of the spirits. And yet, guilt snaked through the very core of Yarrow'Lur, a sense of duty and obligation that refused to allow them a peaceful respite. She arms herself with a broom, going to sweep out the empty, abandoned Lur Hall. Ready to pick up where she left off. THE REWRITTEN TRIALS оО〇・-・〇Оо・-・оО〇・-・〇Оо・-・оО〇・-・〇Оо The Lur clan has made their mark upon the Orcish people through their prowess in hunting, animalism, and husbandry. Lur himself was renowned for not only slaying large and insurmountable beasts, but for taming them as well. Lur-Goi, one of the first orcish cities, sat atop the back of the most fearsome opponent; a Scaddernak. Paying respect to the honor of his lineage, the trials have been changed to better reflect this. ・AZH・ The art of the hunt is an important aspect of any orc's life. In a Lur, it exists as a testament to their skill and dedication. The hunt takes place in two stages. During the first, the aspiring Lur must track and capture a living animal of their Wargoth's choosing. This shows their patience and tolerance for the hunt, and the elements that work against them during it. The second stage involves bringing the beast before the Wargoth and slaying it, where the orc will be anointed with its blood and baptised anew under the ever watchful eye of Lur Himself. ・DUB・ As a Lur connects with nature and its bounties, it is necessary to demonstrate their respect and thankfulness for the wilds off of which they thrive. A shrine is constructed throughout the world, in the name of Freygoth and Votar, or even in the name of their favoured prey's spiritual representative. This both shows their respect for the selected spirit, and invokes them, so they will smile on the orc's future hunts. ・GAKH・ The final trial is meant to leave a permanent mark on the young hunter, solidifying both their connection to nature and to the spirits. The initiate is brought before the Wargoth of the clan, who consults the spirits on a suitable animal marker to scrawl across their skin. The inking process takes hours, with nothing to relieve from the pain in order to build up a tolerance. This can be mundane, or the Wargoth may petition a Farseer for a tattoo of higher quality should they find the initiate to be worthy of it. OOC For those interested in becoming a part of this clan, seek out the half-goblin Yarrow'Lur through roleplay, or feel free to contact me over discord so we can work something out! IGN: Maiyun Discord: uwu#5154
  14. -------------------- IGN - Maiyun Discord - uwu#5154 -------------------- RP Name - Yarrow'Lur Race - Half-Goblin Age - 100 and something idk. I forgot. Shaman or want to be one? - Farseer.
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