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  1. MC Name: peachy_keener Discord: peachy keener#1687 Character Name: Vesryn Age: 70 Race: Wood Elf Reason For Joining: I have become rather interested in alchemy as of late, and I wish to learn more about it’s real life applications. Affiliation (Include if you are banned from any cities): None.
  2. I believe my conclusion might mostly come from when I end up on the server, as I’m always on during PST times while everyone else is on at EST and international standard times. I’ve read a lot of nation player bases that usually state their online frequency is on times during EST which would be much later for them if I were to get on at 5 or 6 PST. It also doesn’t held that whenever I’m on the guild forum, it’s mostly warrior/hunter guilds being advertised in a post rather than the others, and those that are advertising others often haven’t seen any recent posts in a month, or have very specific requirements (like magic) that my character cannot fulfill, so I haven’t had much luck. Though the information on Haelun’or is helpful, so thanks ?
  3. I didn’t know where else to put this so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ So, me being on this server a lot and constantly searching for guilds that fit with I want to do hasn’t exactly been a fruitful endeavor. And I noticed over time that most of them are warrior guilds (no duh, people live for intriguing conflict on this server) and there’s less for the players that don’t want to be thrown into a battle with a character they’ve formed purely for fight-less roleplay. My character being an absolute book nerd who loves people and always wants to help who also can’t wield a weapon to save her life is a prime example. So I’m curious, what are other people’s opinions on the lack of battle-less roleplay groups that live for parlor drama while they sip their tea, and the excess amount of warrior guilds (some of them are cool, don’t get me wrong) who’s primary objective is usually just saving travelers from bandits (the robin hood groups) or taking part in wars that are either word heavy or PvP heavy (the nation vassals, or house vassals. basically knights)? Or rather, is the player base strong enough to include the less warrior-inclined players, or will we all inevitably have to succumb to being a knight, vassal, or full time robin hood :’)?
  4. congrats to all the winners, the winning submissions all look great!
  5. MC-Name: VaphineCategory: Art https://imgur.com/ONXjHPG
  6. Hey there! Thanks for visiting my post! So, if you ever want a song that you’ve written to be given not only music, but vocals as well, I am here! Now, I’m sure that you’re a bit skeptical at my skill, so I will provide something I’ve done for a previous RP group I was with on an ooooooold Minecraft RP server. Like, it’s dead. Not active. Gone. Please be gentle I did it on my phone ;-; I have a proper mic now I promise. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1u7GpLi-egci9tEsPzq4w8tz5Q2d4t4UJ/view?usp=sharing The lyrics were provided to me by the group, so if you expect me to write it lol be prepare for bad song. Buuuuuut, if your group happened to want a song specifically for them, like a festival song for your soldiers/citizens, or one of those city/country anthems, I’m down. Provide me with lyrics and the emotion that you want for it (loud and happy, quiet and melancholy, reminiscent) , and I will do the project to the best of my ability. This is completely free, I am not gaining any type of money or compensation for the work that I could possibly end up doing as a result of this post. Disclaimer: Staff of the forum, if I’m not allowed to advertise this, please feel free to delete this post. I checked the forum rules and didn’t see anything that stated I couldn’t advertise my skill and give it to other players if they happen to want a musical commission. This is a completely free advertisement, because I like making music and creating a new tune would be fun. Other than that, feel free to message me or respond with a project with lyrics, and I can get in touch with you!
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    i fixed it, could someone please come back to look at my changes? thanks ?
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    Amaryll was born to a loving family in the the mountains, far away from the Motherland of Haelun'or. Her father was a High Elf who had escaped the mass genocide of his people. He didn’t believe in the discrimination of the other elven people, but his beliefs were one of few. He fell in love with her mother, a beautiful woman who looks almost exactly like Amaryll. Their shared eyes and strikingly similar facial structure was very hard to miss. Though She and her mother shared many features, Amaryll was graced with the height that her father had. She decided that after a century, she wanted to see the world, and meet some new people, so she left home. At first, she was a stranger to human customs, and almost always embarrassed herself. Later on she became more adept at understanding their culture, but she has her moments when she misunderstands a joke or two, and she still isn’t amazing at understanding human dialect, and often completely forgets to use simple transition words like “and,” “the,” and “or.” She has horrible combat experience with a sword, but is quite useful with a bow, unlike her father. She is intelligent, never shying away from a challenge, or an opportunity to learn more about the other races. She loves books, and she loves learning about new things pertaining to the human world. She is also ridiculously lucky during fights or duels, though she usually loses; a long distance weapon isn’t the most helpful tool when it’s a one-on-one duel.
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