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  1. Lukariatias

    [Plant Lore] Psilocybin Schnibea

    Psychedelic substances aren’t, generally, highly addictive. Perhaps it would be better to simply discuss its generic addictive nature and withdrawl symptoms? Aside from that, +1
  2. Lukariatias

    Shades of Arun'Asna [Rewrite]

    “Muh. . . muh. . . m-muh shade’s taking over!”
  3. Lukariatias

    [Magic Feat] Trumm’Lordak

    Trumm’Lordak The Eidolons and their Tomes: The archaic art of Trumm’Lordak, as it is called in the tongue of the Dwed, was and remains a scarcely used art for only those with the greatest of love for their beards. In the eyes of those of the Trumm’Lordak the beard, like the sword for a master swordsman, is an extension of one’s own body in the form of a limb. The exact origins of this art remain a mystery by and large, being as that the texts which put into great detail the workings of the spirits who bestow their essence into these bearded scions have been lost to war, hatred and ignorance. What remains is often described as a story of beauty. The grand majesty of bestowing life unto something otherwise mundane. The beings from which the life is sired are shrouded in great mystery, described in tomes, those which act as vessels for their spirits, as The Eidolons. These spirits are anything but great deities, a far reach from the masses of aengul-daemons which bestow upon their most faithful their unique magics. They are quite simply described as zealots, desiring but to continue the cycle of their life-giving magic from one willing and able to the next. No ill intent, no grand design, simply the repetition of their will, the birth of a new limb. The vessels which bestow this life unto those who meet the prerequisites are found oft at random, scattered about the world and appearing quite suddenly with little to no explanation. On rarer cases however, those who presently practice the art of Trumm’Lordak will actively seek out these tomes to pass along their abilities to those disciples interested in their way of life. Regardless of which occurs a number of requirements must be fulfilled before the spirits will find themselves willing to deem the individual worthy of their blessing. They must foremost possess a well-groomed beard whose length meets or exceeds their waist. Secondly, they must possess a innate desire and love for their beard, and through this love fulfill the well-groomed demand within the foremost requirement. Thirdly, and finally, the individual must be of weak physical condition respective of their race. Weak, not in being ill or starving, but weak in that their muscle mass was never actively developed. The tomes themselves usually appear plain and old, as if left neglected in whatever place they were found. The leather wrapping will appear faded, stained and dusty. The text on the pages written in a language unknown and untranslatable, best labeled as gibberish. A minute will pass as the spirits contained within survey their visitor, formulating their decision as the sixtieth second ends. At this point in time the book with either remain forever mundane lest touched by another, or will begin to glow a bright yellow-white light. Exactly three seconds will pass before a spirit could be witnessed leaving the tome and entering into the beard of the individual holding the tome. While this process is taking place, that is, from the moment the book is picked up, the individual will be struck immobile, overcome with paralysis. Once the spirit, which appears like a tiny humanoid of indiscernible gender, has fully entered the beard the illumination will fade and the tome will crumble into dust that dissipates from existence before it hits the floor. At first, the individual will be struck with an overwhelming sense of total calmness that will stick with them for twenty-four IRL hours. This calmness aids in clarity in thought and action, however it will provide no serious benefit in combat beyond a slight aid in the shirking of unease or fear. This calmness will not aid in the coping with Shade magic, nor any other negative effects caused by magic of any kind. In addition to the calming effects, the affected individual will find themselves overcome with realization of bringing into the mortal realm an Eidolon of their own beckoning. If this individual, within this twenty-four IRL hour period, takes hold of any empty book they will find themselves compelled to write. This compulsion can be resisted and is by no means an overpowering feeling. Those who choose to give into the feeling will find themselves writing in a language they themselves do not understand, and after an hour long IRL period, a new tome will have been created. Once the ink has dried and the tome is closed it will start to glow a yellow-white light for six seconds before the light fades. This tome can be given to anyone who meets the prerequisites to bestow upon them the blessing of limb-life. Once done once this process can be repeated once more before the understanding of how to forge these tomes is lost within the individual’s mind forever. At the end of this period of calmness the individual will return to their usual feelings, and will be greeted by an unfamiliar and indescribable familiarity with a third arm-like limb. Their mind will find itself able to manipulate their beard as a whole, acting as if it were a limb they had known since birth, permitting full manipulation limited but by the length of the beard. In the event that the beard is removed totally, that is they are clean shaven, the spirit will flee the individual’s body, striking them forever unable to manipulate their beard. As if struck with amnesia, they will have lost all motor capability in the manipulation of any beard they might grow in the future. However, if the beard it cut but not clean shaven, the spirit will take a back seat to rest and recuperate from the extreme trauma of having its home all but decimated. This extreme trauma will never cease its plaguing of the spirit, and from that point on the individual’s manipulation of the beard will become difficult, like trying to use an arm with a bone once-broken that never healed properly. Obtaining a Tome: See the description of tome creation above. Additionally, random tomes may be found anywhere in the world, on rarer occasions appearing in populated areas. These tomes may be given out as loot in events or made as the objective of events themselves. Bear in mind that despite the random appearance of these tomes their appearance is rare and should not be commonplace. Emoting: Trumm’Lordak, or simply beard-manipulation in the common tongue, has an extremely simple process of emoting. The beard has no special properties, it needs no tell nor does it possess any inhuman strength or metamorphosing capabilities. Therefore, it can be manipulated like any other limb, primarily to be used like one might use an arm. The individual hairs of the beard cannot be manipulated, requiring the user to wrap the end of the beard around objects to lift them. Redlines: This is not a Magic, this is a Feat. Therefore, it does not take up nor can it ever take up any magic slots. The strength of the beard is limited to that of the user’s own strength. In the event that the beard is nearly totally cut off, but the user is not cleanly shaven, the beard’s strength will forever be half of the user’s own strength. It will be halved again and again every time this occurs until its strength is all but nonexistent. If this occurs five times the spirit will be cast out as if the user had become clean shaven, rendering them forever unable to re-obtain this feat. In the event that the user’s beard is removed and they are cleanly shaven they will forever become unable to possess this feat. The individual who picks up one of these tomes must be a natural race capable of growing a beard. The beard’s length must reach or exceed the individual’s waist. They must possess a true and genuine love for grooming and body care, and must have been and desire to continue to take good care of their beard. Finally, they must be physically weak or frail by their race’s standards. The spirit does not communicate with the user nor does it provide to the beard any form of sentience. The spirit cannot be contacted by any means, and cannot be cast out by any magic. The only way to totally remove the spirit is to cut off the beard and become clean shaven. If the tomes that provide to the individual who touches them the spirit’s life are destroyed by an outside force during the sixty three second process, the process will be stopped and the tome will crumble into dust that will fade out of existence before it touches the ground. This does not render the individual who destroys, or the individual who was holding the tome, unable to obtain this feat. The understanding of how to forge a new tome is something that comes without explanation, like an illuminating vision. It cannot be taught and the user cannot put into words an explanation for the language they are writing. They simply know it as that of The Eidolons, and that it will bring another into this world a spirit to bestow its gift upon the worthy. After creating one within the twenty-four hour IRL period of time, the understanding will remain within the individual till their spirit is removed or one more tome is created. Written by: Lukariatias
  4. Lukariatias

    ProDonutWrangler's Event Team Actor application

    Meaning you’re really new and possibly too unfamiliar, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be successful and it doesn’t mean you can’t get accepted.
  5. Lukariatias


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  8. Username Lukariatias Discord Luka#7126 Timezone EST What group/playerbase are you most involved with? Non-Race-Specific (Sutica & Dark Community) Staff History ET Director, ET Build & Actor Manager, ET Actor, ET Builder, Wiki-Moderator Ban History None Blacklist History: None Why do you want to join the Event Team? Now that college is coming to a close im interested in getting back into one of the only teams I have genuinely enjoyed being apart of (in addition to the Wiki Team, however I feel as though I can balance the work of both satisfactorily). Why should we accept you onto the Team? I believe that in the past I have done good work, hosted quality events/story lines and participated actively in the betterment of the community through immersive events and builds. I believe I can continue to do as I have done in the past with the intent of getting better. What kind of events do you aspire to create?: Im open to exploring all avenues of events, however I particularly enjoy smaller scale events surrounding creatures and magics, though I do from time to time enjoy running larger events that are sometimes more mundane. I also greatly enjoy non-combat events though they aren't all that I would be interested in running. What makes a good event? An event that appeals fairly to all players involved and that doesn't favor one group or location in particular. It should be lore compliant and immersive, providing a good story (simple or complex) that provides heightened enjoyment and interest in the server and roleplay. Create three in-depth event scenarios. I’m not looking for some prelude or whimsical idea here -- we want an indicator as to your talent and potential to be on the ET. You don’t need to write a word-for-word script, but we want a solid structure and plan as to how you’d organize and carry out an event: I.) A single or group of players would, in passing, come across a stationary or roaming character who told a grim tale of unusual and dark behavior deep within the snowy mountains. A tale of occult practices, chanting deep into the night, and of kidnapping and sacrifice to idols false and heretical to the highest degree. Oddly enough this strange tale-telling individual would play on the religion of those with whom he was speaking, seeming to pull the knowledge from thin air. Should they provide distaste or interest towards the cult being discussed, the tale-teller would pass along a lightly detailed map of the area with places of interest circled. Upon arrival at any of the three circled locations, should the time be night, the group would happen to interrupt or otherwise view while hiding a ritual underway. A number of red-robbed people would be seen to be dancing around a bonfire with a great bronze idol situated above the flame’s reach. A single elegantly dressed figure, his robes red and gold, speaking praise towards the idol. If the players remain stationary and hidden the cultists would bring out a bound and blinded captive who they would proceed to sacrifice to the idol. After which the elegantly robed cultist would begin to perform magic on the corpse, reanimating it and forcing it to perform strange motions towards and around the fire until the flames engulfed the body and rendered it useless. Should the players continue to watch those gathered would complete the ritual and take their leave, to return another night. If the players engage the group and slaughter the cultists they will come across no information of note save for the idol atop the fire. If a certain player takes and keeps the idol they will be visited by a series of strange occurrences over the next few IRL weeks/months. Unless the idol is touched by blood within two IRL months of it being taken, it will cease its haunting effects and become mundane. If blood touches the idol it will begin to glow red and summon a morghuul-like although horrific and alien creature that will engage those gathered. After it is killed this process will repeat until the two requisite months pass or the idol is destroyed. II.) A small opening would appear somewhere remote though near a commonly walked roadway or city. If neglected nature will start to grow out from the hole, a kind of rejuvenating effect taking over the nearby area. If it is stone, it will become sparsely overcome with grasses and shrubs. If grassy it will become more full with a variety of flora and small trees, and if it is a forest or the former it will become far greater and lush, expanding out all around the area. This will continue until the road by which the hole came to be becomes partially impassible, and a pathway through the greenery becomes obvious leading towards the opening. Should one or multiple seek to investigate the hole, which would begin being too small to pass through, would be easily made greater in size merely by forcing away the surrounding solid surfaces. Within, after walking through a tight passageway, would be a great circular chamber in which would be a beautiful grove sporting flora from all around the natural world. Giant mushrooms, sprawling trees, small and large animals all passive and happy in their little utopia. The waters would remain crystal clear, and free from any dirt or parasites. Should any dirty person pass through all parts of their form touched would be rendered free of small scars, bruises or rashes as well as having their clothes made to look as if they were new, permanently. Surprisingly, all dirt taken from these individuals wouldn’t be seen in the waters, seeming to vanish from existence. Within lives one sentient creature, a bryophite of Elven origin who keeps the grove and those within safe. He would remain happy to converse with any who enter on the nature of existence, the world and its natural aspects, as well as of the aspects themselves. He would remain quite vague of the grove itself, referring simply to the place as the utopia. Any who choose to stay in the utopia will not be stopped. However, if anyone remains in the grove in excess of one IRL day a calming effect will start to overwhelm them, and they will develop a sense of lethargy, not wanting to leave the place. This effect can be shrugged off and the player will find themselves able to leave lest they remain for an IRL week, after which their body will start to fail in its motor skills till they are utterly immobile. At which point the grasses of the grove will overtake and consume the body, returning its nutrients to the grove as a whole. If at any point the bryophite is killed, the grove will start to decay and die off, eventually becoming an empty grove. Any adept Druid can undo the growth of nature around the opening. III.) A great wyvern is seen flying over mountains far off to the north, said to have been engaging the few travelers brave enough to make the trek so far into otherwise impassable territory, and harassing the wildlife or otherwise instilling fear into any locals living near the mountain range. It would be the goal of a party of considerable size and experience, or one smaller and of very powerful individuals to try and slay the creature, taking the quest from a concerned well-to-do or otherwise. A rather straightforward and extremely dangerous task in which the players would be made to understand the sheer danger of the task of taking down a lesser natural dragon. The only loot the players might find themselves walking away with is that they manage to harvest from the creature itself, and the sum awarded to them for completing the task from the quest-giver.
  9. Lukariatias

    Jucktros's Wiki Team Application

    Username: Lukariatias Forum Name: Jucktros Discord Name and Tag: Luka#7126 How do you wish to work for the wiki? To refine and otherwise practice my own writing skill Have you worked on the Lord of the Craft Wiki, or any wiki before? Yes, I was a member of the WT in the past Which lore are you most familiar with? General server lore (History and etc...), and Magic lore Please provide an example of a wiki page you are not satisfied with and list aspects that could be improved https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Druid_Magic - Lacking in clear red-lines detailing the limitations of the listed capabilities - Wording is a little jumbled and could do to be reworked, jumbled in that it could be made more concise, and the flow could be improved Please provide an example of a wiki page you see as a model example and list your reasoning https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Elemental_Evocation - Concise and clear - Lacking in unnecessary filler information - Generally written well and in a comprehensible manner Please showcase your abilities with either A short writing on a subject of your choosing, or An example of an 'other' (Already completed wiki pages are a plus!) https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=High_Pontiff_Lucien_IV This is the only page I specifically recall writing, below is linked my contributions back when I was a member the first time around. https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Special:Contributions/Luka