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  1. If you post more, your title will change. Eventually, you’ll hit the posting number that allows you to have a custom forum title. I think it’s 500. Some people have custom titles with posts lower than 500, however that’s because it can be forcefully changed with Admin CP, but we do not do that for anyone who asks.
  2. Name: Fylkir Vanir Age: Thirty something? I forget. Race: Human (Hansei) Residence: Omeryn Do you consent to a simple mental and physical aptitude test? Yes. Do you have any currently unspent criminal convictions? No. Have you, in the last six years, been charged with any crime? No.
  3. “What a turbulent world.” Darcassan muttered, frowning as he read over this, the latest of the many, many unopened missives hand-delivered to his home-office at Dragur. “Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, good Sohaer.”
  4. Disclaimer: This creative writing piece is not designed to be an open roleplay death publication. It is designed to supplement later open roleplay publications, but otherwise simply serves as a literary piece for one’s OOC enjoyment, and as a formal confirmation of the character being PK’d. No character names (aside from my own), location names, notable geography, dialogue, or other roleplay-giving-away features are included. It is my desire, and the desire of those involved, for the details of the events to be discovered IRP, if discovered at all. A Cardinal’s Last Flight Cardinal Omeryn started off with a heavy sigh, a plume of air released to accompany his creaky, pained form, every movement sending a wave of discomfort across his body. At every joint, and every muscle, existed a knot, a series of pinching, stabbing pains, that ever plagued his aging person, an inescapable cosnistant torture. Nonetheless he moved onward, oft with the aid of a crook, but this day, of all days, he was feeling somewhat disinterested in his usual pomp, and thus sauntered unaided, boasting but a bespoke white and scarlet cassock, his usual regalia. The journey from A to B was a slow and steady one, one that the hoary bird had grown used to over the days of movement to and fro, traveling between domiciles and carrying out just work and operations. This eve’s walk, however, was an unusual one, interrupted by the arrival of an unfamiliar courier who had been dispatched to deliver an important, confidential letter. Much to the Cardinal’s surprise, he was come upon in the darkness of a particular stretch, taken aback, but not startled by the appearance of the looming figure, who quickly regarded him with a smile as to bring peace over the devolving circumstance. Their chat was brief, and off the courtier went to conclude their deliveries for the eve, what few, if any, likely remained. The Cardinal’s gaze fell upon the sealed parchment in his grasp, subtly wobbling, an involuntary movement, that hindered his ability to aptly break the seal, which boasted no arms nor insignia, and was eventually cast off with an annoyed huff. The confabulation was brief, altogether but three simple utterances, straight to the point and soon in their reference. Necessitating no response, the Cardinal changed pace and began down a side, connection path, between two main thoroughfares. As he moved he sped up his saunter, shifting into something of a reinvigorated trek, aiming, in his excitement, to arrive at his destination readily. Prior to arrival, and with the location within view, the Cardinal took a moment to step aside, slipping under a nearby series of low-hanging branches, to reread the letter. Once satisfied with his comprehension of its content, he folded the parchment into a model square, and slipped it into one of the silky interior pockets of his cassock. He then returned to the road, and took those few remaining steps to arrive at the aforementioned meeting point. When they finally came into view, the Cardinal graced them with a look of curious familiarity, accompanied by a verbalized sense of start, though ultimately disregarding what infinitesimal sense of surprise warranted the break in normal greeting. The Cardinal’s companion passed a wave then, and they broke off to travel further down the road. After a brief adjunct movement, the Cardinal and his companion breached an unfamiliar threshold. It was then that a sense of dread befell the bird, as a loud crash emitted from just behind his person. Without needing to look, he knew what had happened, and he was sealed, and betrayed, having naively waltzed right into a trap. But apology is what could be given, as his companion was ushered back, a troupe of fellows, each unique in their own ways, emerged from the nearby shadows, surrounding him, with weapons drawn. Knowing his sylphlike form could offer no retort, a cry so far from his veteran youth, the Cardinal stood still, and looked upon that being which was to do the deed. In an instant, and after meager words exchanged, that being took a sliding step forth, and cast its blade in a great arc, gliding with ease through the papery flesh of the Cardinal’s neck. He collapsed, with a natural urge prompting his hands to rise and clutch, powerless to cease the amaranth flood which stained his form and uniform. As what puny impetus remained was discharged from his body, the Cardinal collapsed onto his side, with his fingers flexing one final time, permitting that crimson which sought escape to flow without partial blockade. He twitched once, and twice, before sealing his cyclopean vision one final time, succumbing to quietus.
  5. Greetings creative people of LotC! The Community Staff are pleased to announce the third Battle of the Arts competition! As the title suggests, this is a competition where you -- our creative community members can enter your creations to earn prizes each month. The categories include Artwork, Skins, Creative Writing/Poetry, Music, and Building. A winner will be selected by the Community Staff from each of the categories, making a total of 4 winners. We hope you have fun with this and enjoy! The July Battle of the Arts had an impressive turn out with a lot of fantastic efforts put into each contribution submitted. It was great seeing all of the creative works members of the community had to offer. We would like to thank everyone who partook in the contests and wish to see more from everyone in the future contests. With that being said, we are pleased to announce the winners of the July Battle of the Arts Contest! Art - Numirya Writting - Matticated Music - Jenny_Bobbs Building - Factbutt Skinning - Beluved Congratulations to all of the winners! Along with the prizes, the winners of the competition will be featured on the official LotC Twitter Page. Make sure to shoot @TarreBear a message if you have not received your prizes within the next couple of days. We hope so many more members of the community to partake in the competition. If you need any ideas for future themes or need assistance don’t hesitate to contact a member of Community Staff. Either through the forums, the LoTC discord or by making a /creq. - Theme - Every month there will be an overarching theme. These themes may range from aspects of server lore, history, folklore, or even holidays and seasons. For the second month, we wanted to delve into the magical wonders of the community, everyone get ready to don your wizard hats. The next theme we’ll like to encourage is the art of Magic, feel free to adventure through the various magical establishments, seek out whimsical wizards or embrace your demons and embark in the dark arts. The theme for August will be Magic! [ Art by Christian Hadfield ] - Prize - The prize for the July Battle of the Arts Contest will be 7000 minas, 3 renames, a shulker box, and the Creative Wizard tag! (Prizes will vary contest to contest.) - Criteria - All content entered must coincide with the theme of the month Creative Writing is limited to around 1500 words. Creative Writing must have the google document linked to ensure the criteria above has been followed. (You can still paste the document in the post for all to read easily) You are allowed to submit up to 1 submission per each category Build submissions can be represented by screenshots To enter your content in the contest, please use the following format -Submission Format- Mcname: Category: (Art, Creative Writing, Music, Building) Attach Content: Due Date: 31 Aug. 2019 Special thanks to: TheIchorDruid, Jenny_Bobbs, SoulReapingWolf, Rwko and LotsofMuffins for working on this project!
  6. “Damn.” Muttered Cassian. “My mistake.”
  7. Release of the Sable Principality of Vira’Ker It is affirmed, by the authority of the Lord Regent of The Concord, and unanimous agreement of the Lordly Council of The Concord, that the points written hereafter are just and legal. The Sable Principality of Vira’ker shall be released from its suzerainty under The Concord, thereby rendering it totally independent of The Concord’s oversight. Vaelor Syllar shall be recognized by The Concord as the rightful heir to the throne of the Sable Principality of Vira’ker. The Concord shall in no way impede Vaelor Syllar’s ascent to the throne of the Sable Principality of Vira’ker. Alis Val’Ullr-Puerir shall be permitted to remain within the palace of the Sable Principality of Vira’ker’s capital as a resident, and the Val’Ullr-Puerir family shall be stripped of any recognition as rightful inheritors of the Sable Principality of Vira’ker by The Concord. Signed, His Eminence, Cassian Cardinal Omeryn Lord Regent of The Concord Her Ladyship, Nemir Valnelis Iyliar Lady Curator of The Concord Her Ladyship, Cyrene Riel Lady Overseer of The Concord His Highness, Vaelor of Clan Syllar High Prince of the Sable Principality of Vira’ker, Protector of Mali’ker and the Onyx Accordance
  8. (This post is a furtherance on the previous ‘A Response from the Lords’ statement) A Statement from the Lord Regent By order of the Lord Regent, Cassian Cardinal Omeryn, the illegal presence of the ‘spider cultists’ or ‘spider elves’ is to be acknowledged by the Omeryn constabulary. The Lord Arbiter and his men are tasked with their swift expulsion and permanent exile from the lands of The Concord. Should they refuse to move the military arm of the Echelon of Arbitration is to mobilize and oust them by any means necessary. Once their removal is assured, and the extent of the damage caused to the land they inhabited is repaired, the Princedom of Fenn will be permitted to claim and move into the system of caves they are occupying. We formally apologize for our negligence surrounding this issue. The Omeryn constabulary attempts to be as thorough as possible on its countryside patrols, however the movements of a gorilla, abominable and unwelcome force is not always easy to take note of. The extent of this issue is clear display to us that there needs to be an expansion on the extent of future patrols outside of the limits of the capital city, which will be personally overseen by our most experienced officers. The precise extent of the harm they caused is unknown to us, however we are aware, and fully comprehend, the existence of harm brought about by their wicked actions against the Fennic people, and we do sincerely apologize for this horrible series of events, something that should never be repeated. Additionally, should you still desire it, we would welcome a chance at further discussions surrounding the matter, and we will dispatch an Envoy to meet with your officials at a date to be determined. Signed, Cassian Cardinal Omeryn Lord Regent of The Concord
  9. A section would seek to be quoted, in an effort to provide clarity over the matter, should the inquiring individual welcome the attempt at clarity.
  10. (This post is a response to the Denouncement of Llyria post) A Public Statement to the Princedom of Fenn from the Lordly Council of The Concord Issued on the 10th of The Amber Cold, 1727 The Lordly Council of The Concord, the utmost governing body below the Empyrion, has been made aware of the circumstances surrounding the issues raised by officials of the Princedom of Fenn. Foremost, we seek to make it known that we were unaware of the presence of the entities known as ‘spider elves’ or ‘spider cultists’ within our borders. Their existence in our land is unofficial, unrecognized, and was unnoticed by any member of our government and constabulary, and went unnoticed or unreported by any one of our Denizens. We do not welcome foreign groups to settle in our land without our explicit permission. Recently, the Lordly Council and Empyrion unanimously agreed to implement a set of regulations pertaining to practitioners of the dark arts, and entities born of these arts. These regulations refer to what we call ‘Warlocks’, which are those folk who utilize dark powers and abilities, those defined as by nature bringing about harm, and the creatures created from such capabilities. Such individuals are strictly forbidden from using their capabilities in public, and face far harsher fines and punishments for violations of the Edicts than any other Denizen. We do not, nor will we ever, condone the free use of vile dark powers, nor the support of any entity or religion based around such powers. They are at most tolerated, and are otherwise widely prohibited. We guarantee the military forces of Fenn safe passage through The Concord’s borders in order to pursue these ‘Spider Cultists’, as to carry out whatever just revenge is deemed necessary by the government officials of Fenn. The Lordly Council and the Empyrion of The Concord seek to foster no ill will between the Princedom and our people. For the coming year, the officials of the Princedom of Fenn are welcome to approach the Lord Regent, Cassian Cardinal Omeryn (who will be standing in for the Empyrion in the coming year), to further discuss the issue of the ‘Spider Cultists’. We accept the terms of your statement, we are very sorry for your losses, and you are free to conduct just war against the ‘spider cultists’ that are illegally residing in our territory. Signed, His Serenity, Ithrendas I of House Regis Empyrion of The Concord, Suzerain of Llyria, Vira’Ker and the Jade Republic, Protector of Omeryn, Velusul, Jade, and Chi, Shield of the Mali’ker, Wayward, and the Hou-zi, Keeper of the Scions, Member of the Irongrinder Clan, Guardian of the Primordial, Paragon of the Ohric Will His Eminence, Cassian Cardinal Omeryn Lord Regent of The Concord The Lordly Council Her Majesty, Lyra Regis His Highness, Arik Regis His Lordship, Steven Vega Iyliar Her Ladyship, Nemir Valnelis Iyliar Her Ladyship, Cyrene Riel
  11. A Epulonistic View, and Llyria A Thought on the Church and Community Within Llyria Written by Cassian Cardinal Omeryn 11th of Tobias’s Bounty, 1726 The Concord, or simply Llyria, is, as of the coronation of the Empyrion (1726), an exceptionally diverse nation, with a majority of its population free from the distracting essence of the magics. Yet despite the amalgamation of individuals, and creatures, of diverse constitution, background, and opinion, the state manages to keep itself relatively civil, without permitting the slightest of cracks to form within its foundation. Why, you might ask? A great deal of care, compassion, and togetherness, with a drive to forward the mission on which all Llyrians walk, that of a bastion of paradise, a community of hardworking, intelligent, and considerate individuals. Yet, it remains the opinion of many, despite the growing flock of Llyrian Canonists, that the church itself is too plagued with a past of violence and fervor, unbecoming of these values, to be a viable option for one who seeks to adhere the “Llyrian way”. While the reality of the matter remains that there indeed have been those whose fervor has brought them to the extreme, they are rarely unjust in operation, fulfilling the will of GOD. Yet, justice need not always be bloody, nor aggressive in its carrying out. Just action can too be compassionate, and peaceful. It can occur amidst conversation and festivities, as much as it can amidst raids and violence against evil. Epulonism, or a epulonistic view, relates to a view of Canonism that centers around concepts of community, and togetherness, which align well with the views of the peoples of Llyria, in their pursuit of happiness, intellect, and purpose. Faith, or otherwise adherence to the doctrines and expectations of a good Canonist, need not be of strict, poor-emulating temperance lain atop a view of life that is grim, solemn, and filled with endless prayer and repentance. Rather, life exists to be enjoyed and experienced to its fullest, within the confines of what remains applicable to a well-rounded, and non-hedonistic person. Finding pleasure and joy in existence is not by itself sinful, just as partaking in the fun of a festival, or spending time within a tavern, are not by themselves sinful, but can act as slippery slopes into further debauchery. And so I would prompt you to look to the faiths you adhere, and to consider their aspects, expectations, and the beings whom you regard as divine, and worthy of your consideration and prayer. It is made known through the Scrolls of the being of the world, of how all came to be, and the origin of life . From the first man and woman were sired the four brothers, originators of the descendants about whom we live today. Yet it was not always so that the early lineages adhered to the word of GOD, but rather many fell to the temptations of Iblees, and slipped into the bottomless hole of debauchery and ignorance (Horen 7). Yet this fall was not without its notable facets, for enjoying wine is not drowning oneself in it, just as feasting on sweets is not gorging on sickening stuff to such an extent as that one’s being degrades into gluttony. To be a Canonist is not to single oneself out from the rest of society, nor is it to hate or become the essence of loathing, just as it is not to be rid of happiness and love, but rather only to limit the extent to which one experiences these things, as not to become lost in their ecstasy such that it becomes the sole focus of life. One who seeks to explore and experience the aspects of existence is not limited by the features and doctrines of the Canon faith, rather they are set on a path forward, understanding the origin of the things they see as a basis for research conducted. One who seeks to realize the existence of Aenguldaemonica is not limited by denial, for the Canon faith tells of Aenguldaemonica and its fundamental truths, which do not blockade one from further exploration into the extent and individuality of such beings. One is given the groundwork for a healthy and fulfilling life, going about the good and bad days with friends and family, safe within a community of caring, hard working people, who need not become engrossed in ignorance and hate as others do, while still understanding the reasoning and logic behind such utterances, based in reality and therefore hate but not ignorance, when directed against those who might be deemed as lesser, whether by their own action, or the condition of their birth. Thus, we come to abominations. A term religious, and not inherently utterly debasing. Rather, it is an assignment, a label to dictate and explain the nature of a being’s existence. Yet, given what it is, it can often be misconstrued as used to selfishly degrade another for one’s own amusement, or a sating of some great disdain, and this is not the case. For Aenguldaemonica to seek to replicate GOD is to blaspheme in action, for no one being can make themselves like GOD, and to seek to replicate the perfection that is life, the descendant races, is to attempt to make oneself like GOD, and therefore is to blaspheme foolishly. Yet do not hate yourself for being of such birth, nor allow yourself to come to self-loathing by the utterances of others, for they are not always seeking to drive you to depression, or suicide. Rather, seek to do the best by the life you have been provided, for it is not beyond the pale to tolerate the existence of an abomination, for one need not be so justly cruel as to cut one down at the sight of it. However, I digress. Look not to Canonism as the religion of sickening hatred and destruction, nor as the religion of limiting life to such an extent that it is unlivable, for these descriptions are not so. The actions of a few, ancient, or lone acting fervent individuals do not represent an entire group, just as a few bad apples do not spoil the bushel. Understand that Canonism is not simple in its doctrine and expectations, however simple in direction it may seem to be. There are many means by which to understand and live with faith, and it need not always be hate, but rather can work well with a positive, self-improving outlook, moving in tandem with justified ambition, pleasure, intellect, and insight.
  12. Once you’re accepted via our application process, you’ll have to use the command /freja in-game to sync your minecraft account with our discord. That will allow you to utilize our main discord, however you should still be able to join our New Player Discord. If you are having trouble accessing it entirely, follow the link found on this page of our wiki: https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Not_the_Front_Page If you’ve already posted your application, and are in need of assistance, please contact whomever is handling it. Otherwise, you are welcome to PM any member of Community Staff on the forums, or on discord, to ask for assistance.
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