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  1. Lukariatias

    [Magic Lore] -- Weirhency

    Wights are undead beings. So are Morghuuls, and Liches, and Darkstalkers, and Dreadknights, in a very basic sense. Therefore, Wights, like Morghuuls, and Liches, and Darkstalkers, and Dreadknights, and so on, fit under the umbrella term of ‘Undead beings’.
  2. Lukariatias

    [Magic Lore] -- Weirhency

    I am aware of what a Wight is. I originally listed it seperately, but opeted to go with ‘Undead Beings’ due to the pending Necro rewrites. Is this a joke? It’s limited in what magics it can be used with, hardly by races, and the races (Hou-zi/Kha) that it is inaccessible to may get changed.
  3. Lukariatias

    [Magic Lore] -- Weirhency

    For the record that was never my mindset. I specifically structured this to try and be something easily sharable and accessable. Greater Souls, the ability to use magic. I spoke with a few people and I believe my understanding of how that works applies here, correct me if im wrong. Feedback noted, I have a lot of ideas in mind for how to improve based upon this. I’ll roll out some changes today once I feel they’re satisfactory. They’ll be noted under the changelog when done.
  4. Lukariatias

    [Magic Lore] -- Weirhency

    - Weirhency; Primeval Communion with Nature - The Way of Man and Nature Nature free of control is natural, it is bloody and recurrent, a never ending shift in territory and health. To suggest that this is something to be made caged and manipulated is to say that all that was up is now down, all that was right is now left. It is the primeval way, the truest and most natural way of nature to find itself preserved, free of the authoritarian desires of outsiders influenced by deific means, and as such it has always maintained its own independent flow, the essence through which it thrives and inter-communicates. This is the essence tapped into, the quintessence, once discovered, that birthed for one longing and discontent Druid the ways of Weirhency, crudely nicknamed ‘Dark Druidism’. Ctuthrhog was the first to break free from the filter of the Aspects, to cast aside the idea that control over nature was righteous and just, that they were the protectors of the natural world, and conducted such protection through the otherworldly influence of, and communication with, plants and animals. It was that Elf’s vision, of a manner of protection and furtherance truer to the way in which nature defaultly acts, unbridled and chaotic in a non-malevolent manner. Death is not evil in nature lest it is selfish and for one’s own pleasure, for that degree of homicidal lust is product of unnatural mental lesion. Ctuthrhog cast himself out of the budding order of Druids of his day, to spend the passing years in careful study and meditation, engrossed deep within the untamed wilds of the land. It was through this process, of living out his days kilometers from the most remote aspects of civilization, that he found a calling deep within his mind. In a session of meditation and contemplation, Ctuthrhog was the first and only to unlock naturally the journey of Attunement otherwise solely accessed through the consumption of his brew, aptly named and taught to Ctuthrhog through his own sojourn through the overwhelming observation of the essence of nature. From then on, following a period of calming and consideration, Ctuthrhog became set and took utterly to the perpetuation of the chaos of nature. For, he claimed, “To free nature from the controlling clutches of otherworldly slaving influences, Man must become united with the flowing essence of nature as to perpetuate its existence in its most primal form. Free of control, free of order, free of false concepts of life preservation and malformed flora. It is Druidism truest to the darkness from which Man was born, darkness that is natural and righteous.” Attunement Journey To truly feel the ebb and flow of the natural world is nigh-incomprehensible to Man, rather an inborn and untapped capability within each and every descendant. One need not the influence of otherworldly beings to bring into the light of the eyes this form, as it rather brings one closer to the darkness Man was rightly and justly born into, and created out of. Rather than through mystical, magical, means, Attunement to the flow of nature is through a voyage set off with the consumption of Ctuthrhog’s brew. First, however, an ideal climate must be secured to ensure success in this lengthy, and dangerously emotional, ritual. It is optimal for one to be of sound mind and body, free from the influencing factors of physical ailments, mental disorders, and religion. One’s surroundings must be free of objects frightful and godly, for Aenguldaemonica have no part in the connection to the flow of nature, and therefore must be set far, far aside from those who walk the journey. [The brew’s recipe will be submitted privately] The effects of Ctuthrhog’s brew set in almost immediately, and the individual must be made to lie down and close their eyes. At this point their consciousness, as we know it, will be elevated to an echelon otherwise incomprehensible, and unexplainable. It will be as if they are rocketed out of their very body, thrown into the very flow of nature, eyes open to the unseen gears of the natural world. Each experience is one’s own, what one sees, hears, smells, feels, and tastes are utterly unique. The sensations brought on while flowing down life’s stream are indescribable, colour given taste, numbers given sound, the very shapes we comprehend as mortal Men in the normal world are taken to degrees beyond that which we have the capacity to imagine. What is displayed to one on their journey is the very unseen essence of the natural world, it is the dark from which the descendants and their world were made. Free from the influencing hand of Aenguldameonica, therefore in its purest form. Fighting the flow one is thrown into is an extremely dangerous action, for it will cause a dramatic shift in the otherwise chaotic, though not necessarily inherently frightful, setting, turning it into a nightmarish scenario that is sure to leave the individual scarred for life. Though assuredly discomforting, this experience is not altogether terror inducing, despite its alien design. One of sound mind is capable of reasoning with themselves, therefore capable of remaining calm along their journey. Once fifteen Elven minutes have passed, the individual undergoing the ritual will see a sudden, speedy shift in their visions, becoming more luminescent and vibrant, an overwhelming amalgamation of colours and lights. To those watching, the closed eyes of the individual will begin to glow a bright gold, signaling the successful completion of their journey. It is at this point that the presiding Weirhent teacher must carry out the Shepherding Ritual. Upon the successful departure from the journey, the newly awoken Weirhent will suffer a series of negative, and neutral, physical changes. Foremost they will be overwhelmed with a short lived, although severe and discomforting, pain in their abdomen that ceases upon the vomiting of the consumed brew. Their eyes will have changed fundamentally, becoming in their entirety a milky off-white. Not blinding the Weirhent, this rather brings to light the removed necessity for normal vision, as the Weirhent will have awoken their Mind’s Eye, which permits a new kind of sight, described under ‘Dark Communion T1’. Emoting: Five emotes in total. Individual consumes the brew > They are made to lie down and the journey begins > The individual shakes softly and sweats, possibly groaning or otherwise > The individual’s eyes glow a bright gold (if successful) > the teacher guides them out of the journey. Mechanics: The x ingredients involved in the creation of the brew must be gathered in-character, that is through roleplay, and cannot just be said to be possessed. The x ingredients must be ground and crushed as fine as is possible, then added to the boiling water. Once suitably cooked, the brew must be left to cool before being consumed. The Weirhent’s eyes will appear like a sea of milky whiteness. However, despite the assumption of blindness the individual will remain able to see with perfect vision, simply having gained the added ability to see the flow of nature’s energies. Redlines: The Attunement journey does not, and cannot, reveal information about existing characters, Aenguls, Daemons, patrons, or any other manner of sentient existing being. The journey lasts fifteen IRL minutes, and cannot be sped up or slowed down. Characters who have a negative reaction to the journey risk suffering irreversible psychosis, paranoia, and et cetera. This will render them forever unable to Attune in the future, due to the unsound state of their mind. Characters of unsound mind will suffer a negative experience and fail to Attune. An unsound mind is one that is plagued by Mental Illness, curses that affect emotion and thought processes/decision making, and other otherworldly situations that affect emotion and thought processes/decision making. The carrying out of the T5 guiding-out-of-the-journey must be emoted fully and properly lest it fail and the individual’s attunement be severed. This scenario will not render the individual unable to be Attuned ever again, but rather will render them unable to be Attuned for two IRL weeks. Dark Communion - The unification of one with nature - Tier 1: Achieved immediately upon a successful Attunement. Over-stimulation would be an appropriate descriptor. As the Weirhent emerges from their Attunement journey, their drowsiness and sickness would soon find itself replaced by a tidal wave of sensations, as if brought home from the journey itself. The world around will appear radically different to the Weirhent, who will find themselves observing the very flowing of lifeforce through nature. Its colour, shape, and design are alien to one’s knowledge, and therefore are indescribable to others. With this, what once might have been described as a weight upon the mind will have been lifted, permitting a feeling of floating of the consciousness of the newly attuned Weirhent. This evokes a certain sense of tranquility with the universe, a sense of connectedness and unity, from the most finite of pebbles to the most ferocious of bears. This outlook fundamentally changes the previous personality of the Weirhent, bringing into the fold a more stable emotional state, bringing about a desire to remain calm and in search of peace. Mechanics: The Weirhent will undergo a noticeable personality change. Their emotions are leveled, and any previously influential aggressive passions will be lessened and become nearer stability. This tends to bring about a more tranquil sense of being, therefore making it more difficult to cause the Weirhent to become riled up, and emotional. Redlines: No magical skills or abilities are achieved at this stage. Vision is detailed under ‘The Mind’s eye’. The ‘stable emotional change’ is not to suggest that one is capable of shrugging off serious, primal, emotions, such as a negative reaction to the loss of a loved one, or anger evoked following the destruction of something deeply cared for. Tier 2: Achieved after two (2) total IRL weeks of careful meditation and contemplation on nature. While at first seeming far off, the day eventually arrives upon which one is freed from the painful burden of over-stimulation. The parade of new simulations will have had a presence within one’s attention for so long that they have become normal. With this one will find themselves capable of focusing more intently on the nuances of the flow of nature through living objects, flora and fauna. Taking note that it adopts a far more complicated and web-like appearance, permitting the varying and unique internal function of living creatures and plants. Once arrived at, the Weirhent will have taken their first full step in engrossing themselves with the essence of nature, having become nearer true unity with the natural forces of the wilds. This permits a change in the manner by which the inhabitants of the wilds view, and interact, with the Weirhent. Rather than as a foreign piece of the puzzle, the Weirhent will become viewed as a more natural, integral, and purposeless piece of the world, walking with the very flow that breathes life into this unkempt world. Mechanics: The Weirhent will be freed of the headache inducing and tiring over-stimulation initially brought about with the coming on of this torrent of new sensations. This permits the Weirhent to have a clearer view of the flow of nature itself, allowing them to focus in on its more minute actions within living creatures and plants. The Weirhent will find themselves regarded as welcome within nature. Such that they will become relieved from the worry of danger when passing otherwise aggressive animals, who, unless provoked, will simply ignore the presence of the passing individual. The Weirhent gains the ability to make use of Influence. Redlines: This does not permit communication with or comprehension of plants and animals. This is due to the lack of the filter of the Aspects, which permits direct communication with flora and fauna. Attacking, teasing, or thieving from an animal is considered provocation, and will cause that animal to regard you as a threat, and attack you. Tier 3: Achieved after six (6) total IRL weeks of careful meditation and contemplation on nature. In time and with intense study of the heavily detailed and specific aspects of the internal functions of the flow of nature, the Weirhent will have opened their eyes to the the largely unforeseen pushing and pulling forces of the natural world. The very forces placed within the world upon its inception, free of the influence of deities whose true place is not to stir the pot. This is the second genuine step of four, towards the heart that is unity with nature and its inhabitants, through that it is unity with the very natural world on which all descendants live, and die. Mechanics: The Weirhent will undergo a further balancing of their personality. Previously intensely lawful inclinations will find themselves erridicated over time and replaced with those more in tune with the natural world, being those that are chaotic in the non-malevolent sense. This brings the Weirhent nearer their true Id, instilling a more intense, unignorable, feeling of tranquility, going with the flow, and rolling with the punches, as they say. Not being the one forcing the river to change its path, nor being the one to throw the zealous punches. Animals will further their acceptance of your place within the natural world by regarding you more as a calming influence than something to be ignored. The Weirhent may find themselves accompanied by passing animals who will do naught but move beside you, or rest, or sleep beside you, as they gain a sense of placidity in your presence. The Weirhent gains the ability to make use of Extirpation. Redlines: The Weirhent will lose any unduly aggressive, selfishly homicidal, orderly, or controlling tendencies, adopting a more laissez-faire view on the things going on around them. However, should the natural world find itself unduly disrupted, his hands-off attitude will subside in place of fitting reversal, or resetting, of damage done. Tier 4: Achieved after ten (10) total IRL weeks of careful meditation and contemplation on nature. At this stage the Weirhent will have been contemplating and experiencing the true nature of the wilds for an entire decade, a significant portion of Man’s life dedicated to the observation of the manner by which the natural world rightly functions, and dedicated to the preservation of this function. This is the stage at which one is but a step away from true unity with the natural world, the blissful feeling of purposelessness, meaning not “why live” but “this is living”, sitting front and center in your mind. The connection achieved by the Weirhent is so strong that it is almost a second nature to them, a well and true part of their very being. As such they will begin to share in the emotions experienced by the wilds in which they happen to be walking, or living, in. They are the land, the trees, and the birds. They are the flora and fauna of the wilds, the creations simple minded and truest to the darkness of Man’s realm. Darkness, not in evil, but in chaos, righteous and natural. Mechanics: The Weirhent will begin to experience the emotions expressed by creatures and plantlife in the vicinity of their present position within the wilderness. Whether this is anger evoked at someone’s or something’s trespass upon marked territory, the cries of pain for freedom from a fly within the mouth of a trap, or the wailing horror of a burning oak. The Weirhent gains the ability to make use of Metamorphosis. Redlines: These shared experiences are not attention demanding and therefore require focus. The effects of this sharing is limited to twenty (20) meters around the Weirhent within the wilderness. Tier 5: Achieved after sixteen (16) total IRL weeks of careful meditation and contemplation on nature. Union with the heart of the flow of nature is one suddenly and immensely overwhelming, a rush of energy and focus and will tear one from the deepest of sleep. Such is achieved, a kind of Arcadia, one might say, to live in utter bliss and contentment, to live with understanding for the natural world and its inhabitants, and to understanding that you are one of them. This is the ‘divine’ experience, the coming into uninterrupted connection with the very chaotic natural forces of nature. It is here that one’s influence reaches its peak, for to go further would be to control, which is a course of action most unnatural for a Weirhent, for it is suggestive of the authority demanded by the Aspects. The creatures with which you share the wilds will develop too an uninterrupted connection with the Weirhent, should they be within that creature’s vicinity, sharing a speechless understanding that permits a rudimentary degree of so-called communication. Not speech, not a conversation, but an expression of emotion and desire. The calf may express fear at the loss of its Mother, such an expression suggesting its desire for guidance which you may then choose to afford it. The mother bird may express anxiety and stress at the construction of a home, a task you may very well aid it with. And in turn so too may the animals comprehend your own emotions, for having a level consciousness does not render one unable to experience the very natural emotions of Man, be them sadness, anger, lust, and et cetera. Therefore should they desire it they may be there for you, to provide companionship, understanding, and in situations of danger, defense. Mechanics: The Weirhent will gain an enhanced connection with the natural world around them, bolstering the previous sharing of emotion experienced at Tier 4. With this the Weirhent will find themselves able to project their own emotions and understandings upon the creatures with which they share the wilds, and so too will these creatures better share their emotions and understandings with the Weirhent. The Weirhent gains the ability to carry out the Shepherding and Enosis Rituals. Redlines: These shared experiences become natural and do not require focus. The effects of this sharing is limited to forty (40) meters around the Weirhent within the wilderness. Abilities/Powers/Effects The Mind’s Eye Automatically gained at T1 A new manner by which to observe the world around you, through not the orbs planted on your visage but through that metaphysical and otherwise unknown and unseen, through which the truth of the essence of the world around can be viewed. All that you have known is not null, but applied. Your previous understanding combined with the truth of the third eye. There are no real ‘powers’ gained through the unleashing of the Mind’s Eye, for it is but the foundation for all that follows. Without this ability, a Weirhent would never be able to study and practice the various powers of the natural world, the influence and emotional sharing of the essence of the wilds. What is seen upon the completion of the Attunement ritual is in all reality indescribable, for these are essences otherwise unobservable and unlike all which is known, taught, and described, by and large. Pictured above is a rudimentary and semi-accurate representation of what this state is permanently like. Influence Automatically gained at T2 Once recognized, and understood, the forces of nature can be manipulated and influenced, not controlled. A Weirhent is one with nature, and therefore moves as the river of lifeforce does, merely shifting in their place within the river to evoke certain responses from the flora and fauna around them. Therefore it is not the Weirhent who controls nature, rather it is nature that recognizes and responds to the emotions and desires of he who asks, reacting in accordance. Functions/Abilities & Descriptions Shillelagh: Fallen branches, driftwood, and even the leg of a chair can be influenced in their design. The Weirhent simply affixes their attention upon what remains of the length of wood, drawing from the flowing essences within themselves to instill the piece of wood with more primal properties, causing a surge of life within that hardens its structure, and sprouts a series of thorns and jagged edges. Floral Sway: The great roots, branches, and vines of trees can be influenced with frenzy set off at the calling of the Weirhent, manipulated upon request to impede the movement of one in combat with the Weirhent. They can be made to rise from the earth to trip, lower further from their low-hanging post on trees to strike bluntly at foes, or to shoot out and wrap around tightly to bind, respectively. Flora small and large can be instilled with frenzy quite like that instilled within great trees, though to an ultimately different end. These plants can be made to bend and twist in their place, to grab a hold of and to overwhelm one caught passing in a thicket of green. Faunal Sway: Non-Predatory animals, such as small birds, fish, squirrels, and other small animal life can rarely be influenced beyond highly simplistic requests, such as keeping watch over a particular nearby area, or delivering written messages. Often, however, these animals will expect in return the Weirhent’s assistance in tasks of their own, such as the construction of a nest or the watching of a youngling. Generally predatory animals, such as wolves, bears, foxes, large birds, and even some non-predatory but potentially aggressive animals, such as elk and wild horses, can be influenced with fervor and passion to be called upon for the defence of the wilds, not the self. That is, they can be called upon when their homes are in danger, and it is you who is standing ready to defend it. Primal Fervor: In moments of intense emotion brought about from the experience of an extremely traumatic event, the raw and primal feelings evoked within a Weirhent are so great as that it permits the violent expression of these through recognition from the wilds around them. If engaged with, or engaging, one who seeks to harm the Weirhent, or the wilds, the Weirhent may influence nature in an deeply chaotic fashion, focusing their attention upon a great oak such that they uproot its very form, causing the tree to collapse in a particular direction, or that they instill hanging vines with such raw fervor that they wrap and wrap, lashing out in a violent and random fashion, or even that they focus in on the flowing lifeforce within the earth below, causing intense shattering vibrations to quite literally tear the ground in twain about their person. So too can animals find themselves influenced to a greater extent, instilled with a primal frenzy that evokes total, unfocused rage, causing those affected to attack whatever lies in their path, whether foe or Weirhent. Emoting Examples: Four emotes in total. The Weirhent pauses to focus in on the flow of lifeforce through nature, causing their eyes to begin to glow a faint gold > The Weirhent re-attunes their attention on a nearby slurry of hanging vines > The vines begin to shift and lift, shooting out to start to wrap around an unsuspecting man > The vines wrap and wrap until the man is utterly bound in their grip. Or, continuing after “...focuses in on the flow…” > The Weirhent re-attunes their attention on a nearby wolf that had been accompanying them in their travels > The wolf’s head could be observed to tilt, as its eyes locked upon a Mystic in the process of spreading corruption upon the woodland > In a sudden break from its previously stationary position, the Wolf, and Wierhent, charge the Mystic, the former’s maw wide and seeking flesh in which to sink its teeth. Or, continuing after “...focuses in on the flow…” > The Weirhent, awash in sudden extreme rage at the setting of a great fire upon his woodland home, turns his immediate attention to a great and ancient oak, ablaze > With arms lifted and muscle flexing, the great oak begins to vibrate and crack, the ground exploding out as web of roots too thick to see through starts to break free from the earth > In a moment of silence, the great oak would be ripped from its place in the ground, and made to fall in a particular direction, it’s titanic body crushing everything in its path. Mechanics: Influence does not require focus beyond a simple connection to the flowing essence of the wilds, such that it does not require meditation, nor does it impede the Weirhent’s ability to move, fight, or speak. Redlines: Blunt strikes, large lacerations, exhaustion, and traumatic events will break one’s connection to the flowing essence of the wilds. The sole exception to this concerns ‘traumatic events’, which might set off a passionate reaction as detailed in the last bullet of the ‘Abilities’ section. The strength of the influenced lesser flora is less than the strength of a less-than-average Human, and therefore while surprising at first, can, with the whole of one’s strength, assuming one is not frail, be overcome. Animals small and large cannot be abused or expected to act as servile figures. They maintain their free will and are in no way, shape, or form willing to bend the knee to the Weirhent. To expect this is to violate the very essence of this magic, one is in union with the flow of the essence of the wilds, not its selfish controller. The listed animals that can be called upon to perform combative tasks will only do so if it is in the defence of the destruction of the wilds. This means that they cannot be called to defend a Weirhent should they get ambushed by bandits, or get involved in conflict outside of a city. Fey Creatures are unnatural creations of the Aspects and cannot be influenced. An ‘extremely traumatic event’ varies from person to person, however it is often something along the lines of the utter destruction of a forest, selfishly pleasurable murder of innocent animals, selfishly pleasurable murder of one’s spouse, and et cetera. Abuse of these special, emotional, abilities will be seen as disregarding a core, and key, aspect of the magic. The felling of great trees, making frenzies multiple animals, and shaking of the ground around, that is within ten (10) meters of the Weirhent, is extremely taxing and cannot carry on for any more than fifteen emotes lest the Weirhent keel over and die. Extirpation Automatically gained at T3 Blight, taint, corruption, and magical ‘disease’ share the common origin of being brought to ruin the essence of nature in a particular area of the wilderness, unnaturally. To revert and banish these forces is to presume the ability to control these very forces, whether innately or through divine channeling, and therefore is immoral and wrong. To truly banish the taint from the wilds is to destroy all that has been corrupted, and to allow the forces of nature to reclaim the land once more from scratch. Function/Ability & Description A Weirhent can summon forth from the forces of nature’s raw, destructive, and consuming chaos that takes the form of ever shifting and imploding orange-grey smog. This smog is brought forth from within one’s hand to be cast out over an area, object, or being, of unnatural taint, corruption, or blight. Upon connecting with the corruption, the chaotic energies will have a varying effect, dependant upon what it is that they come into contact with. Emoting Examples: Five emotes in total. The Weirhent pauses to focus in on the flow of lifeforce through nature, causing their eyes to begin to glow a faint gold > While otherwise unmoving, the Weirhent extends their left arm out, with hand open and palm upwards > The Weirhent calls upon the chaotic forces of nature and summons a cloud of orange-grey smog from within their person, appearing above their hand > the Weirhent then casts the ball of smog at an unsuspecting Atronach > Upon connection the chaotic forces of the ball causes a small explosion that tears some of the lifeforce from the Atronach, rendering it weakened, dazed, and scarred. Or, continuing after “...calls upon the chaotic forces…” > the Weirhent then casts the smog out in a wave, washing over the corrupted tree and grasses > upon the connection an orange-grey fire would appear, rapidly eating away at the taint > After some time the fire will utterly destroy all contained within the area it was cast over > Eventually dissipating, all that would be left in its wake would appear to be a patch of pale, dead dirt to be later reclaimed by nature. Mechanics: Once a connection is established, the Weirhent focuses on and summons forth raw chaotic energy from the lifeforce of nature. This appears as ever-shifting orange-grey smog floating above the hand that the Weirhent summoned it from. It can then be cast, either thrown (like a ball), or sent forth (like a wave) to coat an area. Redlines: Movement of any kind, or physical contact will break the Weirhent’s connection. If this occurs after the smog has been summoned, the chaotic forces will implode and will have a burning-like effect on the hand of the caster, scarring them. To be summoned in the first place, the Weirhent must be within fifteen (15) meters of the corrupted area, object, or being. The forces of nature respond to both the truth of the situation, and the desires and comprehension of the Weirhent seeking to evoke these chaotic forces. Therefore, this ability will fail if the taint the Weirhent seeks to remove is natural, like fungi. Corruption or taint is defined as being: Mysticism’s hindering (upon land, objects, or animals) Mysticism’s hexing (upon land, or objects) Voidal connections If being done or having been done within the last narrative hour. Arcane enchantments (upon land, objects, or constructs) Deific blessings (upon land, objects, or animals such as shamanic blessings, or holy wards) Druidic control (in malformation, or growth of, plants that would not otherwise act, or exist, as such) If cast over an area, such as one affected by Druidic malformation or Mysticism's hindrance, the area will appear to be overcome by a great orange-grey fire, erupting from the point of initial contact by the released chaotic energies. Over the next five emotes, this “fire” will eat away at the very lifeforce of the area of corruption, and two meters around it, leaving a wasteland of scarred dirt in its place. Nature will eventually reclaim the area, naturally. If cast at a living being, such as a casting voidal mage, the ball of chaotic energy will sap and destroy a fourth of their lifeforce, rendering them pained and stripped of a noticeable portion of their energy, and will leave the area of flesh contacted scarred as if it had been badly burned. If cast at an object, such as an enchanted sword, holy ward, or other unnaturally magical trinket, the chaotic energies will attach to the object and cause it to shatter, sending the pieces flying in all directions at a non-lethal speed, and therefore dispelling the magical alteration. Metamorphosis Automatically gained at T4 Although study of the internal function and flow of sentient life is given early, it is not until a Weirhent is but a step away from union with the heart of the essence of nature that the ability to utilize the structure of the abilities of creatures becomes usable knowledge. This, this manipulation of the flow of the forces of nature is one that is internal, it is a temporary and exhausting change in the manner by which the essence of nature interacts with your own form. Functions/Abilities & Descriptions The Weirhent can, drawing from the studied formations of the lifeforce within a creature, and how it affects and causes that creature to function, influence the flow of the essence of nature within themselves to impact the area just about their person. In doing so the Weirhent can create an Ethereal form around themselves, taking on the properties of that animal. Following its creation, the Weirhent will cease all movement as their mind refocuses itself through the eyes of the Ethereal creature, controlling it with such ease as that as if it had always been one’s form. The claws of a bear may slash, or its maw tear flesh from arm, the fangs of a snake may impale, or the flippers of a penguin swim. Emoting Examples: Four emotes in total. The Weirhent pauses to focus in on the flow of lifeforce through nature, causing their eyes to begin to glow a faint gold > With attention set inward, and upon the flow of the essence of nature within oneself, the Weirhent looks to their knowledge of the function of the animals they have encountered > They would then begin to glow a faint green across their entire body, this ethereal essence shifting out and around them, or on the ground before them > The wisps of green would begin to darken and take shape, forming into the animal of the Weirhent’s choosing that they would thereafter mentally take control of, rendering their body immobile. Mechanics: Once a connection is established, the Weirhent can form an Ethereal animal within, or before, their own body. Once formed their conscious control is transferred temporarily to the Ethereal animal, that will then fall under their total control. Redlines: The Ethereal animal suffers the same limitations and wounds as the normal animal might. Meaning that an arrow impaled in a wolf will be just as deadly and painful, and the whole of the suffering will too be felt by the controlling Weirhent. If the Ethereal animal is killed, the Weirhent will have their consciousness returned, and will suffer a great pain about their whole body that renders them tired and physically weakened. These effects cannot be shrugged off, and will require rest to recuperate from. While in this form the Weirhent’s body is immobile and cannot defend itself, and therefore is totally vulnerable. If the Weirhent is struck unconscious or killed, the Ethereal form will immediately dissipate. This form can be maintained for as long as the Weirhent’s body can naturally survive immobile and uncontrolled, that is to go without sleep, food, or water. The Ethereal form heals itself as naturally as the wounds delt would otherwise be naturally healed by the actual animal. The Ethereal form cannot be controlled any further than one hundred (100) meters from the Weirhent’s body. Shepherding Ritual Automatically gained at T5 The ultimate, innately learned, manner by which to share the gifts and understanding of Weirhency. It is the core part of a successful Attunement ritual, for without the guidance of an elder, a budding Weirhent to be would never see success in their connection with the forces of nature. Upon reaching this level of experience and understanding, the essence of nature itself will be the agent that gifts this process upon the Weirhent, now teacher. Function/Ability & Description A connection of consciousness, between one united with the essence of nature, and one budding, newly connected. The Weirhent teacher is to kneel before the head of the Weirhent-to-be, with hands above their face, fingers splayed, with pointer and thumb touching. The Weirhent will then lift their gaze comfortably towards the sky, closing their eyes to then enter a deep, meditative state, with the entirely of their attention centered upon the flow of the forces of nature. In doing so the Weirhent opens their mind to the forces of nature, to locate the journeying mind awash with the wonder of the images revealed to them. They must connect, then, to take control of the steering as to bring ashore the Weirhent, freeing them from their connection with the heart of nature to begin their journey, truly. Emoting Examples: Five emotes in total. The Weirhent teacher pauses to focus in on the flow of lifeforce through nature, causing their eyes to begin to glow a faint gold > The teacher then kneels before the head of the prone journeying individual, placing their hands above their face > The open circle created between their touching pointer fingers and thumbs forms the appearance of a portal whose center links down between the eyes of the journeying individual > The teacher then, with consciousness now connected, proceeds to internally guide the journeying individual out of the psychedelic state > Once successfully guided out, the connection is broken and glow ceases, the teacher stripped of all of their energy. Mechanics: Upon reaching Tier 5, this ritual becomes innately understood and permits the player to apply for, and receive, a Teaching Application. All steps in entering into the position, entering the meditative state, locating, and then guiding the mind, must be emoted in detail for this ritual to be successful. Redlines: This ritual is only capable of being performed during the end stage of an Attunement Journey. This ritual is extremely taxing on the Weirhent carrying it out, and will tear every drop of energy from their form once completed, rendering them in need of immediate rest and sleep. Enosis Ritual Can be taught at T5, not automatically gained A complicated and transcendent step, it is a means by which to utterly shirk the seeking hand of Aenguldaemonica to free oneself from the norm of afterlives. It is the utter surrendering of the mortal self and the acceptance unconditionally of the essence of nature, brought into the self and the soul to bring about a total transformation, the crowning point of one’s unification with the heart of nature’s quintessence. The function of this ritual must be taught, as it does not come innately. The knowledge of this ritual was first entrusted to Ctuthrhog whom was regarded as the post pure in understanding of the ways of the essence of nature. It was therefore his understanding that this ritual should only be taught to those worthy of bringing themselves into direct link with the heart of nature. Function/Ability & Description Within the heart of any great natural landmass (forest, desert, swamp, etc...), a Weirhent must venture alone to locate and settle themselves within a comfortable location. Here they must then sit in utter silent and contemplation, entering into a deep meditative trance in which they hone in their familiarity with the lifeforce around them. Should their desire be true, and will to surrender their mortal life to connect with the forces of nature be genuine, their entire form will begin to glow gold. From this point on their flesh and muscle will begin to liquify, and melt off of their body, sinking into the ground below, whether dirt, stone, or liquid. In the moments thereafter their body, now a skeleton, will collapse and lose form, becoming a pile upon the ground. A moment of silence will then ensue, and then, nothing. Over the course of the next three IRL days a flawless magenta lotus will grow in the center of the pile of bones. Upon the time in which the flower blooms, the previously ‘dreaming’ Weirhent will awaken in the form of a Wechuge, then pulling themselves from the stone, earth, or water, below. Emoting Examples: Six emotes in total. The Weirhent, alone and deep within the wilderness, locates and comes to sit within a semi-clear area > With legs crossed and a closed-eye gaze skyward, the Weirhent calms their breathing and enters a meditative state > The Weirhent then brings their attention to the flow of the lifeforce of nature around them, studying its nuances and direction > After a narrative hour or so the Weirhent’s closed eyes will begin to glow a faint gold, and their mind will find itself probed by nature itself > Should their Weithent’s desire to further raw nature be genuine, their entire form will begin to glow a faint Gold, and their flesh and muscle will begin to melt away > Once stripped down to bone, the skeletal form of the Weirhent will collapse, and the process of the growing of the Lotus flower will begin. Mechanics: Upon the completion of this ritual, the player must apply for a Wechuge CA. The Lotus flower has twelve petals, each representing a chance at redemption and further service. Each time the Wechuge is killed a single petal will fall off of the flower and rot away upon the earth. Should all twelve petals fall, the Wechuge will cease to function, collapse, and be permanently killed. Upon PK the soul of the Wechuge will be pulled into the flow of the essence of nature, and they will enter into a permanent cycle of reincarnation as a variety of flora. Redlines: Interruption of the ritual yields no ill effect on the Weirhent, and simply must be repeated. Interruption is defined as the breaking of their meditative focus, brought about by screaming or physical contact, whether aggressive or passive. If the Lotus is at any point destroyed by any means (it’s a flower so this isn’t hard) the Wechuge will be brought down to living their final life, and if killed will be permanently killed. The flower cannot be regrown, reformed, or remade in any fashion. The Lotus must be in an accessible, natural location, and cannot be protected by any form of locked door, gate, or mechanism. This does not mean that the Lotus need be in an obvious or visible location. However, the Lotus must have a direct source of sunlight, meaning that it cannot be placed deep within labyrinthine cave systems. The Wechuge Gained upon the completion of the Enosis Ritual The primal essence and understanding of nature made physical, one whole and utterly united being whose existence is made clear with the heart of nature, and its acceptance of cardinal death. A being born to elevate the work of a Weirhent, to further the furtherance perpetuated by those whose beings are connected with the lifeforce of nature by taking that connection to its most stable and uninterrupted point, that is a direct line to the beating presence within everything. Physical Description: The Wechuge is a humanoid-looking amalgamation of bone, wood, vines, and what is best described as moss, or lichen. These creatures stand at a height between 5’ 10” and 6’ 5”, being no larger or shorter as they do not grow or shrink throughout their lives. The head of this creature rests amidst a mane of jagged and intertwined sticks, and appears as the skull of a great Elk with antlers sprouting out both sides. Their hands and feet are normal, functioning as they would for a humanoid yet merely appearing as was previously described. Functions/Abilities & Description: Caterwaul: A shriek much like that of a banshee, a Wechuge’s sole addition to their combative arsenal. This releasing of a high-pitched wail is sudden and surprising, dazing all beings within twenty meters of the Wechuge, friend or foe, descendant or animal. Convalescence: Due to the potential to survive a physical encounter, a Wechuge’s means of healing involves meditation and recuperation, the focusing in on and harnessing of the lifeforce of nature to repair and mend shattered or broken bone and bark. Telepathy: A Wechuge has no other means by which to communicate aside from telepathy, as all they cannot muster any verbal utterances. Emoting Examples: Three emotes to shriek, three to five emotes to heal. Communication is instant. The Wechuge halts all movement to lower its gaze to the ground, the abyss of darkness that is their eye-holes releasing a sudden golden glow > They then lift their head to the sky in one brief sweeping motion, the glow fading > In an instant the Wechuge cranks their gaze back to a level position as a sudden wave of orange-grey energy erupts from their form, accompanying it an ear-piercing and dazing shriek. The Wechuge plants its wounded form in a quiet and secluded section of the wilderness > They then cross their legs and take on a meditative position with gaze lifted to the sky > As this occurs the Wechuge will attune their focus upon the flow of lifeforce around them, utilizing its function to mend damage in its form. Simple cracks and light damage requires three emotes. Heavy damage, large cracks and missing pieces of bone/bark requires four emotes. Missing limbs and generally severe damage requires five emotes. Mechanics: A Wechuge’s strength is equal to that of an athletic male Orc. A Wechuge’s speed and agility is slightly greater than that of an athletic male Elf. A Wechuge does not need to, and cannot, eat, drink, sleep, or breathe, and takes double the time it would otherwise take an athletic male Human to become tired while exerting themselves. A Wechuge is immortal, and will live until their Lotus is destroyed or runs out of petals. A Wechuge can use Wierhency normally. The abilities involved with the magic function in the same aforementioned fashions. Redlines: Telepathic communication allows the Wechuge to communicate properly with plants and animals, something previously unobtainable, however this makes these plants and animals no more receptive or willing to carry out basic verbal or emotional requests. This communication cannot forcefully bypass mental barriers, such as those brought about due to Mental Magic, Cognatism, or Magical Artifacts. This communication suffers the same pains brought about from attempting to communicate with a Shade through Mental Magic. This communication is limited to beings within a Wechuge’s line of sight. Wechuges are extremely susceptible to fire, whether evoked or natural, which can cause their entire body to become quickly consumed and utterly destroyed. The wrappings of bone and bark are as strong as these materials are normally, meaning that these creatures have no special ressilliance or magically stronger ‘armour’. The ‘heart’ of a Wechuge, contained within its chest, if destroyed (by crushing or impaling) will cause their immediate death. The heart is as soft as any humanoid organ, and appears like a light green sphere. Therefore it is easy to crush or impale, assuming one can work a blade, axe, or hammer through the layers of bone and bark protecting it. Upon death a Wechuge will reform at their Lotus thirty IRL minutes later. Magic Cohesion Can be used with and by: Blood Magic Kani* Dark Shamanism Mysticism Humans Orcs Elves Dwarves Halflings *A Wechuge cannot use Kani as they do not breathe. Cannot be used with or by: All Voidal Magics Druidism Shade Ascended Paladinism Shamanism Runesmithing Chi Manipulation Naztherak Zar’akal Fjarriauga Machine Spirits Undead Creatures Soul Trees Strigae Afflicted Izkuthii Azdrazi Fey Beings Non-Descendants Kharajyr Hou-zi Etc… Terminology Ctuthrhog: The Elven founder of Weirhency. Long since deceased. Weirhent: True term for a practitioner of Weirhency. Dark Druid: Layman’s term for a practitioner of Weirhency. Wechuge: A Wierhent who has unified with the heart of the essence of nature. Focus: The one emote action that is the connection with the flow of nature’s essence. Man: The descendant races. Meter: One block. Notes This is a two slot magic. You cannot opt to have it take up one, it always takes up two. If changes are made they will be detailed in a change log at the bottom of this post. Although coming innately, all abilities must be explained and displayed in a teaching environment lest one fail to excel beyond a rudimentary understanding of their use. Credit Lukariatias, Writer. Mordu, Assistance with lore, ideas, & structure. Zarsies, Ideas & concepts drawn from his Wardens lore piece. Swgrclan, Ideas & concepts drawn from his Theulean Druidism and Xionist lore pieces. Changelog Placeholder
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