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    My character preferred to be called by his nickname, Max rather than his full name. He is born at the year 1602, and experienced the great escape to Atlas at the year 1642. He’s was born in the Dominion Of Malin and currently also resides there as it’s a hub for elves. At the new land, he became an adventurer and seek out the secrets scattered around the land covered in the ruins. Due to the years of excavating in ruins, he picked up a profession of mining and also learned how to move around undetected and track down his targets. Due to his fragile body and a sad past event, he can hardly handle and refuses to use any heavy close quarter combat weapons such as swords,axes and etc, the only two exceptions are a dagger and a knife. As he’s a loner and bad at communicating with others, he tend to avoid crowded places unless need to or it’s a ruin that contains treasures. Max gets motivated when he discover new stuff when exploring the ruins and demotivated when someone else defeats him in archery. Even so, his high confidence level puts him back in shape quite fast. His greatest fear is surprisingly, seeing his close ones being killed with a sword as this brings out the past memory of where his adopted father, a banished drawf was killed with a blade protecting him. Sad Life...