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  1. A cloaked persona would stare at the battlefield from a far mountain. He would stand silently for a moment, before tossing a dwarven knife into the depths below. ”Farewell, my possible, relatives.” The cloaked persona would plainly walk away after that, only leaving a trail of footsteps behind on the mountains’ top that will soon be covered again by snow.
  2. The Armitage Institute, Reborn The Researchers And Innovators For A Better Tomorrow, A Better Future The Catalog (Menu) -Story & Background -Research & Studies -Ranks & Roles -What We Seek (Goals/Expectations/Requirements) -Payment & Punishment -Application Story & Background ~2nd of Snow's Maiden, 1708~ On this day, a person named Kuvira Percy has given him/herself a new title unheard by the world, “CEO”. And with the kind help and funding of a steward of Adria and Olbrecht Von Denhardt along with the X-CEO’s self entrusted title and honor, has established a new guild with the name of “The Armitage Institute”. An institute where biological warfare, viruses, mutational modification and medicine shall be explored to their full potential and used for the better good against all evil that delves and hides in the Realms Of Arcas. With that resolve, he/she started his short journey that soon came to his/her end. ~Unknown~ Facts were hidden,were lost, or perhaps washed away by time that is unforgiving. But on this day the founding members who are truly royal to the Institute has their heart broken, even shattered to pieces and grind to dust as they knew, their X-CEO no longer walked the same plane as them. The only things remained behind that is known by the members are the remains of the original “The Armitage Institute” and his/her resolve to explore all that is considered unknown,dangerous and unacceptable by other beings for the greater good, a better life for all descendants in Arcas, and to be the first one to make change. ~15th of The First Seed, 1715~ After much discussions and meetings held by the remaining members, an Executive (a rank in the Institute) with the alias, E. M. Bow-Blackmaer steps up and takes the role as CEO. As a new CEO is born, The Armitage Institute is officially back and hopes to lead everyone that believes in the Institute to one of the many possible futures that lies ahead. Along with that, changes have been made to see to The Armitage Institute’s better development and contribution to the realm of Arcas. Research & Studies There will be 3 branches of research & studies, based on the three adjectives, “Unacceptable”,”Dangerous” and “Unknown” that can be chosen from upon joining the Institute. If you want to focus on a more specific sub-branch, please do so after you’ve been enlisted into the Institute and consult the head researchers of each respective field, Executives who bears responsibility for said branch or straight to the CEO if you have evidence that prove you will be better off focusing on that particular sub-branch instead of the whole. A person can only be enlisted into 2 branches by most, unless deemed qualified by the CEO or half of the Executive members. ~Botany, The Unacceptable~ The study that revolves around plants. Members in this branch will learn and record characteristics, growth condition and etc of both known and unknown plants that exist in the realm of Arcas so we have more knowledge about plants that can be used in the near future. ~Zoology, The Dangerous~ The study that revolves around animals. Members of this branch are required to observe and gain information about all animals that exist in the realm whether they’re known or not because there is a chance that animals evolve and have different behaviour as they’ve moved from one realm to another. ~Geology, The Unknown~ The study that revolves around minerals. Members from this branch shall research and explore the underworld, consisting of underground ravines, caves and many more to record and make a list of ores and rocks found in their respective areas and zones. ~More To Come~ Ranks & Roles The ranks system that is implemented in the Institute are very simple as they are based on each individual’s level of access which are number coded. Starting from Level 1, which is the lowest until Level 3, the highest a person can obtain at the moment.This is said so because only the Leader of the Institute owns a Level 4 Access. ~Chief Executive Officer (CEO)~ Level 4, The only individual with near absolute power over the Institute, he/she will be the one in control of the main flow of the Institute’s development. This individual will oversee all Executives and make sure they’re doing their jobs efficiently and accurately, also the one that decides who can take the role of Executive that will aid and advice him on managing the Institute. ~Executives~ Level 3, Members who have contributed a lot to the Institute, they report directly to the CEO and are able overthrow him/reject his decisions when needed during the elven monthly meeting. They will voice the CEO’s desires and notices and enforces all contractors and researchers to follow the flow of development that the CEO has set. ~Diplomats~ Level 3, They are a group of members that are trusted by both the CEO and half of the active Executives. Anyone who hold this role should be proud of themselves as they’re entrusted with all the information that the Institute hold. Their job is to ensure friendly diplomatic relationship with all nations, whether it is big or small and tries to seek cooperation and help from all other guilds that also strive to maintain Arcas’ safety and peace. They are also tasked with keeping the Institute funded with money and materials so research and experiments can go smoothly. ~Enforcers~ Level 2.5, Skilled fighters that are royal to the Institute. These members will be expected to give up their all, including their own lifes (But not their treasured ones) especially when they’re ordered to eliminate abnormalities that can threaten the peace of the realm or traitors that got their hands on dangerous assets. They are also tasked to protect the VIPs (Very Important Poeple) from harm’s way and are in charge of the Institute’s security and military force. ~Contractors~ Level 2.5, They are the hands of the Institute, they are entrusted with the making and maintainance of devices, equipment and instruments that are needed for experiments and research. Their other jobs includes but not limited to expanding the laboratory, making sure all security measures are always in order, repairing and upgrading the gears used by the Institute’s security or military force. ~Guards/Militants~ Level 2, Swords and shields of the Institute. They are the only personnel excluding Enforces that are entrusted with weapons in the Institute. The guards are needed to be always be on guard to stop raiders from invading the Institute, maintain order and discipline aswell as prevent traitors and test subjects from escaping out of the Institute building. Whereas militants are required to show themselves when called upon to eliminate threats that show themselves in the realm and cooperate with other guilds with elimination and/or capture of hazardous mystical beasts. ~Researchers~ Level 2, The smarts of the Institute. They have devoted themselves into research and analysis of what they’re tasked with, according to their branch or higher ups’ wishes and orders. Making sure that we have the most up to date information on everything they have gathered over the time. They’re also in charge of what courses the teacher will teach to the newly recruited and or students that wish to learn more about a particular subject. ~Teachers~ Level 1.5, Members who are tasked with enlisting students into the Institute. They will also teach the students they have under them knowledge that is approved by the researchers,Executives and CEO. They will also take responsibility for the group of students that learn under his/her wing and report any findings on behalf of their students. ~Students~ Level 1, Those who are newly recruited or seek to learn knowledge about their particular branches. These members will be divided into small groups and put under experienced teachers’ wing. They will slowly but surely build their foundation here and know more about the Institute as they decide if they would want to leave with their obtained knowledge or countinue to serve the Institute. What We Seek (Goals/Expectation/Requirements) ~From All Individual Members (Students)~ One, to always follow your higher up’s orders and execute them as commanded. Two, to always treasure the knowledge learned and use them for good. ~From All Research Groups (Teachers)~ One, to guide the students under their wing through the whole basic course diligently. Two, invite and recruit potential students and members that are interested in our studies. ~From All Fields of Studies (Researchers)~ One, to provide the teachers and their higher up the most recent reports on the information they’ve gathered. Two, to confirm that their research bears fruit and none of them is leaked out to those who shouldn’t get their hands on it. ~From All Enforcers/Guards/Militants~ One, to be ready to sacrifice everything in possession to eliminate threats and traitors that would bring harm to the realm. Two, to stay on alert and physically fit at all times so they can execute their task efficiently. ~From All Executives/Diplomats~ One, to always think of the realm and the Institute’s benefit before oneself to avoid badly made decisions. Two, to give everyone a good impression of the Institute and make good relationship with all nations and guilds. Payment & Punishments ~Coming Soon, Haven’t Been Decided~ Application Roleplay Name: Race: Age: Desired role(s): Desired study(ies): Reason for enlistment: Do you swear to live up to the Institute’s expectation: OOC Username: Age (Optional): Discord Tag (Example#1996):
  3. MaxSoulBoyz

    The Huntsmen

    Roleplay Name: Michael Roland Race: Heartlander Age: 19 Desired role: Medic(Main)~Hunter(Support)~Contractor(Support) Reason for enlistment: Medic: I’m considered a caring person by myself and also those who are familiar with me. I can’t stand innocent poeple getting harmed, not to mention brave heroes who contribute to the safety of Arcas. So I would like to lend my helping hand and my medical knowledge to those who need it. Hunter: As a field medic, I personally think that I shouldn’t just be able to heal those who are wounded on the battleground fighting against the mystical beasts and forced to rely solely on others to ensure my safety even though their hand is full. Thus, I’ve trained myself in the arts of combat so I can strike when needed to provide cover or distraction for a better outcome in every battle I join. Contractor: I’m interested in most stuff I’ve came across in my life, I guess I’m just a curious person.Not just that, everything except for maybe a few random stuff, I’ve managed to learn and use quite a lot. So I also wish to research and develop new technology, especially in potions so I can heal the wounded more efficiently when I’m out in the field. When I get the chance, I would also like to try out weapon smithing since I’ve all the basic knowledge, just never a place to try it with my own hands. OOC Username: MaxSoulBoyz Discord Tag (Example#3333): MaxSoulBoyz#8455 Timezone: GMT+8 Personal Request(Optional): I wish to learn water evocation under a teacher while providing service and royalty to the Huntsmen. This is solely a request, I’m still willing to join the Huntsmen even if it’s declined.
  4. Max Keamaer would look at the poster then shakes his head. “A party when declaration of emergency is still in effect... Looks like the Legionnaire will have their hands full.”
  5. MaxSoulBoyz


    My character preferred to be called by his nickname, Max rather than his full name. He is born at the year 1602, and experienced the great escape to Atlas at the year 1642. He’s was born in the Dominion Of Malin and currently also resides there as it’s a hub for elves. At the new land, he became an adventurer and seek out the secrets scattered around the land covered in the ruins. Due to the years of excavating in ruins, he picked up a profession of mining and also learned how to move around undetected and track down his targets. Due to his fragile body and a sad past event, he can hardly handle and refuses to use any heavy close quarter combat weapons such as swords,axes and etc, the only two exceptions are a dagger and a knife. As he’s a loner and bad at communicating with others, he tend to avoid crowded places unless need to or it’s a ruin that contains treasures. Max gets motivated when he discover new stuff when exploring the ruins and demotivated when someone else defeats him in archery. Even so, his high confidence level puts him back in shape quite fast. His greatest fear is surprisingly, seeing his close ones being killed with a sword as this brings out the past memory of where his adopted father, a banished drawf was killed with a blade protecting him. Sad Life...
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