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  1. IGN: Distraction_ Character Name: Martin Kortrevich Age: 56 Place of Residence [Street / County Address]: 9 Marian Blvd. Position: Alderman
  2. Martin Kortrevich, an Alderman present at the session and voted ‘nay,’ Remembers the duma session and his reason quite clearly – WE WANTED TO SPEND MORE! Particularly on the military.
  3. IGN: Distraction_ Character Name: Martin Kortrevich Age: 49 Position: Alderman
  4. Full Name: Martin Kortrevich Age: 36  City of Residency: Reza Occupation: Captain of Haensetian Royal Army Would you be interested in becoming a Blue Beret?: Yes
  5. IGN: Distraction_ Character Name: Martin Kortrevich Age: 34
  6. NAME: Martin Kortrevich AGE: 31 Date Of Birth: 1679 Place Of Birth: Markev RACE (Including Ethnicity): Human – Highlander PAST MILITARY EXPERIENCE: Currently serving as Captain SIGNATURE: Martin Kortrevich
  7. Name/(OOC Name): Martin Kortrevich (Distraction_) Age: 29 Race: Human Residence: 4 Sigmund’s End
  8. Mcname: Distraction_  IC Name: Martin Kortrevich Residancy/ Street name, number: 4 Sigmund’s End  Class/ Title: Military / Master at Arms
  9. Distraction_


    Martin was an only child and grew up in a cabin near Krugmar, nearby to a camp where his uncle and cousins lived. His father’s relationship with Martin’s alcoholic uncle was never great, and as a result he wouldn’t meet his cousins until Martin left his parent’s cabin after learning that fighting for gold was a way of living. He spent much of his time fishing at a small lake where he obtained a great amount of patience. He also spent hunting and learning archery. There was never anything remarkable about him or his parents, he never met many people in general during his childhood. This made him a relatively quiet person and would almost never speak unless spoken to, along with this he never learned much about religion such as the Red Faith which was common in Nordengrad. Martin lives day to day, only thinking about how he’ll get by tomorrow.
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