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  1. can i still be saved pls

  2. Darth Caius rises
  3. Adolphus cuts himself on the edge of the paper. "Ouch!"
  4. boku no pico
  5. Adolphus and Katherine head to Rytsburg to spend some quality time in lord's quarters of the manor.
  6. Picky and That Guy Who Is Always on the Forums But Never On the Server You're using a lot of uppercase letters and its ruining my immersion
  7. less people fighting
  8. ((reserved))
  9. "save me"
  10. "Why would you sell plots for keeps to peasants in the first place." comments a nobleman before spitting on the peasant.
  11. I'm confused
  12. "Anyone who betrays Haense in order to get what they want loses all my respect, be it family or not." comments Adolphus Vyronov. "A stain on the good Ruthern name."
  13. You've come to the right place
  14. Adolphus welcomes his cousin home.
  15. As Adolphus Vyronov reads about the brutal death of his cousin, silent tears would form in his eyes before he slams the table. "These damned Stauntonites! May the Creator strike them down!" He curses.