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  1. Julius, I wish you the absolute best. Some of my fondest memories of lotc involved you. If you hadn't given me such a warm welcome when I made my return I probably wouldn't have stayed around as long as I did. I hope it goes without saying that if you ever need to talk to someone my messages are always open for you.
  2. Lerald turns in his grave as the progeny of the King he assisted the last twelve years of his life not only bends over for Baruch and Kovachev, but also defiles his legacy.
  3. Jan prays for Isaak after hearing of the letter that was sent to the crown. He prepares to speak with the Lord Palatine to discuss the retrieval of his cousin’s body.
  4. “I like this new Lord Palatine, he isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. “ Jan nods in approval after receiving news of the execution. “He just needs to drop his centralist delusions..."
  5. “Everyone remain calm!” Jan exclaims as the old renatians are fuming. “Remember the old saying about sticks and stones!”
  6. IGN: Flapman Character Name: Jan Rudolph Vyronov Age: 22 Place of Residence [Street / County Address]: Kingsway 2
  7. The information posts haven’t been updated. I’m not able to follow every single thing that gets posted, that’s why there are information threads to check.
  8. Bruh moment Would be nice if moderation actually updated information...
  9. Name of your Charter: Graiswald Owner's Username: Kiiwikilla Owner's Roleplay Name: Karl Gustav Vyronov Location (XYZ): 174, 89, -2582 Tier applying for: Tier 1
  10. A Wolf's Last Howl 10th Wzuvar and Byvca, ES 285 It looked like a ghost was laying in Lerald’s bed. His pale skin was amplified by the moonlight falling through the window and his characteristic mustache left unkempt. Every breath that was taken caused a wheezing sound to fill the room alternated by the odd weak cough. Multiple physicians had paid him a visit over the past few days, but none could do anything but give him something for the pain. The news of the death of his pregnant daughter had left him weakened and illness was able to take him. His family told him to stay strong and that he would be fine. He knew better. He felt the grip of death growing ever stronger and this time there would be no escaping it. He thought about his past life and the people of Haense who he always tried to serve. Some loved him, some hated him, most feared him. Nobody ever dared to say it to his face, but he knew what people were saying behind his back. “Plotter, murderer, traitor.” He never cared. The people feared him and that had been useful, but deep down he felt resentment. Had he not stepped up when the realm was in danger of being decimated? Had he not worked tirelessly to bring Haense back to its former glory? Had he not sacrificed his family life for the people of Haense? No. It was the Vyronov Conspiracy that the people talked about. As the fever took over his mind forming coherent thoughts became increasingly difficult. Images spun through his mind, he saw Koeng Marius II shouting in anger before his vision turned and he walked out the doors of the Prikaz. He saw the body of Georg Alimar. The body of his brother Ulric, who lay at the bottom of the stairs. “I... I didn't... I didn’t... do it...” His breath sped up and the wheezing intensified before stopping completely. Lerald Vyronov, Lord Palatine of Haense and Duke of Carnatia, was dead.
  11. “May this lead to closer ties between Haense and Suffonia.” Lerald smiles as he receives the invitation.
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