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  1. Full Name: Adolphus Gustavus Vyronov House Name: Vyronov Status of Blood [Royalty, Nobility, Gentry, etc.]: Nobility Titles [King or Queen, Prince or Princess, Archduke or Archduchess, Duke or Duchess, Marquise or Marchioness, Margrave or Margravine, Count or Countess, Viscount or Viscountess, Baron or Baroness, Knight or Dame]: Baron of Rytsburg Direct Liege’s Name: King Stephen of Haense Amount of Levied Men: N/A, royal army of Haense Number of Citizens inhabiting any Fiefdoms: 5 Goods produced within your Lands: Wheat, barley, horses, milk, meat. The reasonable amount of Wealth or Assets you would be able to raise for Taxation: 2,000 minas in treasury Do you, by this document, swear loyalty to the Emperor, Peter II Sigismund, and the Holy Orenian Empire until death? Do you hereby accept that treason and betrayal will be met with no clemency and that your lands shall be forfeit and repossessed by His Imperial Majesty should such action be taken?: Yes
  2. Gridlock is free!


    Now Nathan...

  3. #freemyboinathan



    Stop deleting random ****.

  4. rip chorale

    1. Potts244


      no 1 cares about Fedora. r e k t

  5. WTF? Free my boi nathan? @LadyRebecca

  6. Hello can someone stop deleting everything nathan barnett posts, that **** is retarded. He's not breaking any rules.

  7. oh boi we won


    Free my boi gridlock tho



  10. I can't think of anyone better fit to be a gm. +1
  11. He's perfect for the job. +1
  12. Lotc in a nutshell: 


    1. The North

      The North

      lotc in a nutshell: dunamis godclickmaster organization LTD
      Related image

  13. can i still be saved pls

  14. Max would do a great job as a forum moderator! +1