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  1. Lerald welcomes Konrad into the seven skies. “Took you long enough...”
  2. SUBPOENA 12th of the First Seed, 1778 THE CROWN OFFICE OF THE HIGH JUSTICIAR SIR WILHELM VYRONOV DESIRES TO SUMMON THE FOLLOWING PARTY BEFORE THE CIRCUIT; SIEGMUND CORBISH @Nathan_Barnett36 ON THE BASIS OF THE FOLLOWING PRINCIPLE(S), DOCTRINE(S), EDICT(S) OR ARTICLES OF LAW: 202.011 - Where an individual intentionally makes an unlawful attempt, coupled with a present ability, to commit a violent injury on the person of another, this shall be assault, a misdemeanor. 202.062 - Where an individual intentionally abducts, restrains, or confines another individual against their will, and in the course of this brings about physical harm or endangerment of the victim, this shall be kidnapping in the first degree, a felony. On the 9th of the First Seed, 1778, the accused took the young Fiske Vanir, Margrave of Vasiland, who was nine years old at the time, into a secluded section of the tavern in New Reza. There he beat the child, resulting in a visibly bleeding nose. Upon hearing the screams of the child, HRA soldiers rushed to the scene and found the accused with the child in hand. When confronted by his actions the accused claimed that the child drew a sword on him and insulted the king. The soldiers claim they witnessed that the child’s sword was sheathed when they found the young margrave. The distressed and fearful child ran into the arms of one of the soldiers, cleary afraid of the accused. After being brought to the Lord Regent the accused kept up hostility and showed no signs of remorse. WITH THE PRESENCE OF THE FOLLOWING RELEVANT PARTY OR PARTIES: Manfred Barclay, Witness @Coolcod77 Fiske Vanir, Witness @Sander Astoro Jovanosk, Witness @Drew_clone Lamik Fillestar, Witness @novus ON THE DESIRED DATE OF: ((To be arranged OOC)) YOURS HUMBLY, Sir Wilhelm Vyronov High Justiciar of Haense King’s Way 3, Reza [[Flapman#1453]]
  3. Wilhelm squints his eyes in a futile attempt at reading Bucknoos
  4. Zulom reads the Evardine paper with a smile. “It’s very good to see politicians openly discussing our rights.” He softly chuckles as he thinks about the two different wonks mentioned that were actually both him.
  5. “Rubern delenda est.” whispers Wilhelm to himself
  6. “I was unaware my race is listed as Anurians! Thank you for the correction!” croaks Toadicus
  7. To the honorable members of the House of Commons, Would a mindless beast be able to write a letter, let alone rationally argue a point? It is this question that I would ask you to consider as servants of the empire and its people. What is it that separates people from beasts? Some of you may answer intelligence or compassion, others might say honor. I say it might be the combination of all of these traits. I do not just ask this question out of simple curiosity. As a wonk I am not considered a person in this empire I live in and contribute to. The Imperial Personhood Act of 1754 gives personhood and its rights only to to members of the four primary Descendent races: Human, elf, dwarf and orc. Other intelligent races are given a different legal status according to the Paddington Act of 1756. Kharajyr, for example, are only considered to be “intelligent non-persons”, lacking several important rights that are enjoyed by those with full personhood. Non-persons may not vote in Imperial Senate Elections, hold government positions or freely acquire property. Even those paying taxes and actively contributing to the empire. What is even more disturbing is the inability of non-persons to defend themself in legal matters. They are required to have a legal guardian with full personhood, non-persons without connections to a legal guardian may be tried without being able to defend themself. What was even more shocking to me is what I recently found while reading through the Oren Revised Code. As a wonk I am considered to be neither a person nor an “intelligent non-person”, there is no legal distinction between a wonk and an animal. This brings me back to the start of my letter: Would a mindless beast be able to write a letter, let alone rationally argue a point? Am I, despite paying taxes and contributing to the culture of the empire by working in Reza's museum, not a person? Am I not even considered to have any resemblance of intelligence? I humbly ask the honorable members of the House of Commons to contemplate these questions and to reconsider the legislation regarding personhood and non-persons. Yours truly, Zulom Toadicus
  8. Mister Toadicus commends Mister Stalistena for his incredible work, painstakingly visiting the many nations over the past years to collect valuable information and sometimes even being met with extreme hostilities and violence! “Mister Stalistena, if parties from opposite allignments both complain about the map being biased, that means you succeeded in creating an independent map!
  9. Wilhelm clears his agenda to attend the retirement party.
  10. Hey! Welcome to the server! If you have any particular questions about humanity feel free to add me on discord, I’ll be glad to answer them. Flapman#1453
  11. Wilhelm raises his thumb in approval of this act
  12. Wilhelm signs the lorraine cross for Jakob’s phallus
  13. “What the actual ****" says Zulom Toadicus
  14. Ruling of The Crown v. Dante Reza, 8th of Snow’s Maiden, 1766 Presiding Justice: Wilhelm Wald, J.D. SSE Prosecution: Erwin Barclay Defendant: Dante Witnesses: Aerielle Palmer Reed Charges: Verdict: The accused, Dante, is found guilty on the charges of blasphemy (205.011), attempted murder (209.031, 202.023), deviancy (206.031), and disturbing the peace (207.051), but found innocent on the charges of treason (204.01). The accused is sentenced to death by hanging. Signed, Wilhelm Wald, J.D. SSE
  15. Ruling of The Crown v. Marianne, 1765 Reza, 19th of the Sun’s Smile Presiding Justice: Wilhelm Wald, J.D. SSE Prosecution: Demetrius Ruthern Defendant: Marianne Humphrey, Defense Attorney Witnesses: Tatyana vas Ruthern Alexandria Karina Barbanov Marianne Natalya Eliza Halcourt The presiding judge was unable to create a jury of peers due to the unknown origins of the accused and the lack of unbiased candidates, therefore the presiding judge took on the role of jury. Charges: Verdict: The accused, Marianne, is found guilty on the charges of assault (202.013) and disturbing the peace (207.051), but found innocent on the charges of manslaughter (202.022). The judge recognizes that were Marianne not a minor she would have been sentenced to death by hanging, but due to the fact that she is a minor and lacks proper parental guidance she will be sentenced to twelve years of designated service to the faith. If she attempts to avoid or escape this service she will be treated as an adult and hanged. The HRA is tasked with bringing Marianne to Bishop Anton Barclay. Signed, Wilhelm Wald, J.D. SSE
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