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  1. "Da, very good." comments Adolphus.
  2. Adolphus rises from his seat and steps forward. "My lords, I, Adolphus of House Vyronov, will put myself forward as candidate for the most responsible role as monarch of our Apostolic Kingdom of Ruska." He clears his throat. "Pardon me." He continues, looking around at the gathered lords. "These lands have seen better days, my lords. During the occupation of the Stauntons, the lands have become tainted with the scars inflicted by those usurpers. It pains me to see our land in such a condition. I long for the glory days of the Kingdom of Haense and I know many do with me. I am the leader to lead us back to our roots and make the Kingdom of Ruska into what Haense once was... And better!" He'd pause for a moment, before continuing. "I have noticed an increasing level of tension between our nobility, perhaps it is the foresight of these important elections. However, I have spoken to many lords and heard their concerns, I've come to find that many of the so-called "lesser Houses" feel excluded and subordinated, including myself. I've heard plans of other candidates to decrease the amount of noble estates in our lands, essentially chasing away our most loyal houses that happen to be smaller. Not only would this be a disaster for our military capacity, it would also severely injure the infrastructure. We depend on our smaller lords to lead their farms and produce for the Kingdom. Driving these nobles away would not only hurt us, it would also strengthen our enemies. These will be ready to welcome our lords with open arms. As the King of Ruska, I would go back to the same system that was used during the times of Haense with many smaller noble houses, that were often the most loyal." After looking around the Duma, he would turn to the Clerical Peerage. "It is also my highest priority to preserve our faith. With many people turning their back on Canonism, it's of the utmost importance to preserve the faith as it was meant to be. I believe in more rights for our church and an active role for them spreading our faith, with any help the Kingdom could possibly offer. I thank you all for listening." Adolphus would bow before returning to his seat, awaiting the next candidate.
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  14. The heinous acts comitted by the usurpers of the North can no longer go unpunished. After the recent murder of my nephew, the young Count of Metterden, I can no longer pemit myself to sit idly while my lands and family are being violated. Again and again the people of Courland show their vile nature, not even shying away from the murder of infants. The time has come for them to pay for their crimes. Spreading lies will not save you now. The House of Vyronov declares its support for House Ruthern in their rightful rebellion. Courlandia Delenda Est Signed, His lordship, Adolphus of House Vyronov, Baron of Rytsburg.
  15. Lotc in a nutshell: 


    1. The North

      The North

      lotc in a nutshell: dunamis godclickmaster organization LTD
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