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  1. [!] A message is posted in settlements across Failor ==================================================================================== Today the builders of the Masjid Qalb al-Waha Complex have decided to open the Rapid Transit System from Christmantown to March of Lecho Raev. Previously, the system was only open for private use. However, as of now, all who have made their home in Failor may use it free of charge. Please exercise cleanliness when using the system! Littering and sacrificial rituals will not be tolerated! ==================================================================================== -A drawing pointing out Christmantown Station- https://imgur.com/a/AY6q3XI -A drawing pointing out March of Lecho-Raev Station- https://imgur.com/a/Vr561xK
  2. As long as the area has no rules, people are gonna be pvp gremlins. A lot of people wanted to have a freebuild rp area for a week, so having that many people hide underground like earthworms while a few pvpers own the surface (the only place with actual rp options) is just dumb. I liked the idea of making the underdark pvp and the surface world gets returned to the rpers.
  3. [! Near the entrances to the nation hubs, a note is pinned] [! A drawing of a worn key, colored pink and blue] To the bearer of the other key, I have obtained what you seek. It is in our best interests to work together. I propose a partnership, so we may complete our shared goal and solve this mystery. We have already accomplished the hard part, all we must do now is find one another. Contact me. -Singh
  4. everybody laughing until all the forum posts disappear on April 1st but for real if this was an actual problem the team could just make an announcement and multiple people would help pay for the storage
  5. This is an interesting idea. When I first joined lotc I just happened to choose an inactive city, and my friend chose an active one. My friend had to convince me to come back to the server and just go to his city, because I had already left. This idea would create the problem of having new players directed to already popular cities which denies inactive ones of new blood, but I feel like having new players at all would be worth it regardless of where they get sent to. Eventually as new players become regulars they can go improve the inactive cities, or the inactive cities should just be removed if nobody wants to be in them. Adding on to what @argonian said, CT should also be smaller to condense activity to around where the player would be. Right now it's huge and empty, new players are likely to miss the small amount of rp and activity that currently happens there. CT is unnecessarily large complicated for a new player who would already be confused and have no idea what's going on, it's a bad first impression.
  6. Exactly, free build was great for new players, because people typically don't want to be forced into a stagnant prebuilt world. Right now new players are usually forced into a specific way of playing for their foreseeable future, and the only ways to get out of it seem unattainable. When I first joined a couple years ago, one of the few things that kept me on the server at the time was freebuild wildlands, because it was easy to find, fun rp that gave you the ability to create your own unique rp environment. Maybe a player wants to be a hunter living in a secluded woodland cabin, maybe they want to be a roadside tavern owner, these are reasonable characters that players come in expecting to be able to play as, but get rammed into a brick wall of systems.
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    Born in a drafty hut on a snowy day, Ugurd Krarx was born to an impoverished and isolated family, dwelling west of the Frozen Pines. She was rejected and largely accepted to be the “mistake” by her family. Moreover, Ugurd showed an uncanny resemblance, in appearance and curiosity, to her grandfather; the sole cause of her family’s current predicament. For her family, the Krarx, were exiled from Sanjezal, over 160 years ago due to her grandfather’s dangerous and uncontrollable experiments. Ugurd learned quickly, teaching herself the intricacies of chemistry, biology, and some basic fighting techniques. This continued for 18 years, until Ugurd found a shred of paper half buried in the snow, dropped by a traveling merchant days before. It was an announcement from Carolustadt, offering handsome payment to skilled assassins and hitmen in the area. Ugurd desperately wanted to answer the call, but knew her family would prevent her from leaving at any cost, for as much as they complained, her trapping skills were necessary to their survival. So Ugurd hatched a fiendish plan, a plan to take revenge on her oppressors and allow her to live her life as she chose. Under the cover of darkness, she suffocated her family with a large piece of mammoth hide, one by one, their muffled screams barely penetrating the frozen walls of the family’s hut. She adorned assorted furs and articles of clothing from the house, covering her face, muffling her voice, and hiding her species from prying eyes. Unless one payed close attention, they would not know she was anything but a human woman. From this point, Ugurd renamed herself to Snaga, which roughly translates to “slave”, after the nickname her siblings gave her. Years passed in service to the Carolustadt nobility, until one night she and her coworkers were sent to assassinate a wealthy family leaving the city. But, instead of completing the job, she took pity on a young boy. She accompanied him to Sutica, offering protection, in exchange for a large salary. Currently resides in Sutica, taking odd jobs to intimidate, perhaps even kill, and when times are tough, she steals what she needs.
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