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  1. dripstone and it's variants, water if possible, blackstone and it's variants, tuff, raw iron/copper/gold as those are often used in place of regular rocks, all flowers since you can get them from CT pretty easily and are considered natural, and lastly logs + woods (woods are logs but with bark on all faces) for trees.
  2. gotta love gradually watching all the alternative extraction methods become useless over time as all recipes are forced to become mundane a change should be done with herbs to include more sign/symbol combos, not the recipes- but until then, this is necessary.
  3. There's literally no reason that Azdromoth should realistically be allowed to fly, he's too fat
  4. ...i guess magic missile will stay out of housemagery... :(
  5. Armor Tldr: You want RP quality, not armor nerfs. Not an issue as far as I've seen. armors good as is, and i think implementing a new 'system' for armor would be tedious. When people complain about plate armor, in my experience its always been because of people who rp it poorly. You don't want plate armor to be nerfed, you want to have a fair fight. changing movement would also be far too much of a detriment to use plate armor- that should only be reserved for especially heavy sets like carabrum or stone blood magic armors which we do already have. Then again I haven't really come across toxic crpers who 'abuse' heavy armor. Ranged Weapons Tldr: Range builds are fine, just use the right tool for the right job. Bows don't work on everything just like how maces or axes don't. ranged weapons don't have much of an issue either, they are pretty decent and throwing weapons have potential to be very good against all sorts of armored opponents. We don't need to add full on crossbows/bows to that list since some can already punch through certain types of armor. Being shot at by a crossbow hurts and will probably push you when you are in plate armor, even if it does no immediate damage. Even then- use a SLING (ranged blunt damage, only fell out of use IRL because it's hard to use- not because it's ineffective) or BOLAS (wraps around a target, ensnaring them usually) or another ranged weapon that takes advantage of the fact that the target is armored. You wouldn't want to use a mace against an unarmored target, for example. It might damage them still, but an axe or something sharp would work better. Balancing Schizophrenia Tldr: I don't think the issue exists. Magic is just strong, and makes rangers look weak. the magic crp meta is definitely having an impact on these things though, pretty much every voidal mage minmaxxes their magics nowadays. why shoot arrows when you can yeet explosive fireballs, throw three warhammer-force spikes at arrow speed, spam air sweep/air evo spells to stun lock, summon 3 200-pound pets to maul their enemies, or teleport anywhere in sight. It isn't that ranger builds are weak, magic is just... really strong. Rangers/Throwing Weapon spammers are the only mundane semi-counter to them with their on average faster attack speed increasing their odds of interrupting a cast, but only if they don't have translocation or arent a scion (which they will have, if they are confident in fighting)- and interrupting a cast sometimes doesn't even expend mana in certain situations, making it only a small mistake on the mage's part rather than an actual blunder. Therefor i don't think this issue exists, mages are just jacked as heck man. If I struggled for 5 seconds trying to open a pickle jar, then watched a video of someone doing it in 1 i'd think i'd have weak hands too. Same applies to archers to mages- it takes a lot more effort for an archer to take down an armored foe compared to say, a walking talking M121A3 Commando mortor.
  6. powermancy lets fuckin gooooooooooooooooooo completely agree with Unwillingly, & maybe add some more flavor non-combat spells or traits. Give it a distinct identity other than 'ranger that shoot good'. Maybe you could go for a wendigo-like appearance, & as they go through the tiers these effects intensify? Think that'd be perfect for a fantasy-forest-magic-hunter instead of just a list of mental side effects & forced personality traits, & gives freedom for people to completely delve into it and possibly go 'evil'. To prevent this from being forced, give them the option of when to stop advancing in the Magic. Speaking of mental side effects, a desire to have a carnivorous diet would also fit well, and give freedom to the MA/FA holder on what kind of vibe they want with their hunter alongside any other flavorful, specific traits you might have in mind. Again, these effects could intensify as the person dives deeper and deeper and gains tiers- making an interesting story for both the person with the MA and those who IRPly know the MA user. Lastly, Camouflage the spell is literally just an Adunic-Alchemy Bowie Cloak but magic. Maybe get rid of that one.
  7. man if i actually took rp seriously this would fit lmfao v good pick!
  8. Thanks for your feedback! I tried to use magegold as the base metal to try sort of explain how the metal is superior to it's mundane glass equivalent, while leaving it vague enough for player interpretation on how the specifics of it work. If you have a suggestion to fix it up, please dm me on discord and i'll work with it.
  9. - Animatii Addition - Automaton ‘Nervous Systems’ — An Ingot of Photite, ready to be worked! — Lore Treating Cat’s Eye, Heat Sight, & Arcana Flow to certain metals allows the heightening of touch for Animatii-based Prosthetics & Automatons. Due to the limitations on what metals are able to take on properties from the potions below, it’s often worked into a thin mesh to wrap the plates of the automaton or construct- though making an automaton’s plating out of these metals entirely is possible. These materials will work so long as it’s somehow connected to a Gearheart or Intelligence Module, often in the form of wiring in a manner that crudely mimics the nervous system. — General Usage These metals must be implemented in an Automaton machine or prosthetic to serve their function by being wired to the Gearheart/Intelligence Module in some manner. While implementing them on smaller automaton devices is possible, they require an external means of communicating their state in order to be useful like an automaton's voicebox alongside being linked to a Gearheart or Intelligence Module. The potency of the Intelligence Module may also limit how much the device can communicate, following the official Animatii post's Tier system. They also must be exposed in some manner to work, meaning clothing or armor will impede a construct’s or prosthetic’s ability to feel much like a regular person nor can they be placed on the interior of a construct’s plating to feel things outside. It may be necessary to run a wire along the interior of the craft, however, to link up with the Gearheart or Intelligence Module. They also share their parent metal’s weight and durability, making Neuroum the weakest given it’s magegold base, & Photite Metal the toughest of the three being mainly composed of nickel. — Creation The creation of these metals is a simple process- simply heat up the metal once you have made it into a part that is suitable and quench it in its corresponding potion- letting it sit there for a narrative day. Reforging is possible, but will follow standard reforging rules found in the Official Material Compendium. Colorstone may also be added to dye it, though must be applied prior to quenching. A single potion’s worth of Cat’s Eye/Heat Sight/Arcana Flow will be enough to make a single limb’s worth of metal. If worked into a mesh, one potion’s worth can be used to cover an entire automaton. If used on T1-T2 Automatons, it can be used on up to 4 separate creations. Redlines - 1 potion’s worth of Cat’s Eye, Heat Sight, or Arcana Flow will be enough to make 1 automaton limb’s worth of plating/wiring. If worked purely into a mesh, it may be used to cover a full automaton. If used on T1-T2 Automatons, 1 potion can be enough to be used in 4 separate constructs EXCLUDING prosthetics. - Requires an active Alchemy FA to be made, and an active Animatii Smithing FA to be applied to an automaton. - It can exist on it's own, but must be soldered to an automaton's functioning gearheart or intelligence module in order to work. Otherwise they are just expensive variants of their base materials. - If any potions used in the creation process are shelved, the corresponding metal will no longer be able to be forged. — Photite - Photosensitive Metal [Common] Nickel quenched in Cat’s Eye Potion - (Light-Dependant Touch) — Thermaldite - Thermosensitive Alloy [Common] Bronze quenched in Heat Sight Potion (Temperature, Heat-Dependant Touch) — Neuroum - Neuro-sensitive Composite [Rare] Magegold quenched in Arcana Flow Potion (Magic-Dependant Touch) — OOC Reasoning References Credits PrimaQuorum - Gave valuable input on Neuorum, suggested that it should test not the category of a magical item but rather the potency of the magic in it (tiers).
  10. Slith, you know him. Helmed geezer thats probably 85% metal by now who likes automatons, science experiments, & lightly bullying the youth.
  11. Berries cull the weak. Berries leave the strong. Therefor, berry good.
  12. A helmed geezer shuffled in their chair as they squinted at the missive, his arid lungs rasping for breath. "...Do they do veterans?" Slith queried to no one in particular, looking out of their window with a hum.
  13. A bald, earless, and fat nosed ker hummed for a while as he looked at the missive, looking down at their damaged half-plate and worn down crossbow with a nasally powered "Hurh... Perhaps, this will be better for us."
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