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  1. [!] A striking purple note with a regal golden header, showcasing an elegant and vibrant design. The black text conveys the essential details for what seems to be an upcoming pop-up marketplace event in Hohkmat! Hohkmati Pop-Up Shop Fest! (+ Open Auction!) _______ Come one, come all to the Grand Pop-up Fest of Hohkmat! Customers shall enjoy a vast and wide selection of trinkets, products & services both arcane and not to select from, while merchants may rent out a stall & get their business out to the public for an upfront fee of only 1 mina! After the event is held, stands shall return to their usual rates. _______ After the initial opening of the event, we shall move up to the Chamber of Lord-Magisters to host a long awaited Auction! For this Auction, all are welcome to display their goods & services for a set price towards the crowd. In exchange, Hohkmat will receive 10% of any revenue made when the item is sold. If you would like your goods to be up for sale during this auction, please send a letter (Forum Post's Comments) with the following format: We hope to see you there at the Pop-Up Bazaar & Auction! Have a lovely day now! _______ - Slith Cobbett, Grand Sanfi of Hohkmat [OOC NOTE: Event begins on Saturday Nov 11, 6pm EST in Hohkmat!] [Bazaar is found in the City at the Coords 1573, 80, -24. Nearest CT pillar is the Lowlands one.]
  2. RAM RUMBLE Registration MC name: _Helmet_ Wrestling name: The Iron Man Discord: DoinDahTing (previously DoinDaTing#1770) Can you do a cartwheel? No, but I can do backflips.
  3. Ngl, that'd be pretty great the best of both worlds would be present convenience for the customers and merchant RP/proper competition for the sellers
  4. +1 Friendships & the Bro Code over romance RP & hoes Not sure why klones/tawkins is removed but im not necro-brained enough to understand
  5. literally the polar opposite to the paladins get-out-of-jail retreat spell love it
  6. Slith starts getting the popcorn ready.
  7. incredibly belated but godspeed bro
  8. ...You guys get people to approach you and interact with you without doing anything? Damn
  9. If BARON DISTRUGERE has a million fans, then I am one of them. If BARON DISTRUGERE has ten fans, then I am one of them. If BARON DISTRUGERE has only one fan then that is me. If BARON DISTRUGERE has no fans, then that means I am no longer on earth. If the world is against BARON DISTRUGERE, then I am against the world.
  10. +1, but only because orcs gonna enjoy wagh round 2
  11. A helmed man gripped the missive closely, coarsely laughing within their home in the Horde's capital. "Now they have to do somethin 'bout those murder-hobo freaks... Not sure whai they aven't been whitewashed already!"
  12. It was the beginning. anyways saunnie guy, what lore is most confusing to you mister man whos most educated on the subject(s)
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