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  1. History videos may be pretty neat, but that tailors towards veteran players who have a decent grasp on the world's lore and happenings. While this isn't a bad thing, I feel as though it can be somewhat limiting to the amount of attention CT may get. Myself, as a player who doesn't really have a direct bond with many of the big nations- will not be very interested in big old history lessons hearing names i've never heard of in a video talking about "The war/battle for the new age between Horkonicus and Jerfilkium". Smaller lore videos that are still interesting to talk about, on the other hand, may interest both veteran players and newer ones as it makes the lore as a whole easier to process, and people may simply go back to watch it again just to freshen up on lore every once in a while. For example, you could take a look at the creatures found irp or in the world (With the forum post writer's permission, ofc)- Effectively just making the lotc equivalent of LOTC National Geographic, or just explain common feats/magics in a video format. It'd allow newer players to get an understanding on what these magics and feats are about without reading the 3000 page book that is the Accepted Lore forums.
  2. A certain helmed fellow sniffed the air as he read the missive, shaking his helmet slowly side to side out of shame. "Oh nae... it startin tu smell like [b-word] in heeyah." They nabbed the post off of where it once laid, pocketing it for later.
  3. Application OOC ((MC Name: SlitheryE)) ((Discord: DoinDaTing#1770)) ((Timezone: EST)) IN-CHARACTER What is your name?: Slith Which position best suits you?: Wings When should you be contacted for an interview?: Send me a bird whenever such a thing would be convenient regarding whatever time.
  4. if i win im spending it all on gender pearls and soulbinds
  5. Roleplay Name: Slith 'Azh Arm' Username: SlitheryE Discord: DoinDaTing#1770 What you want: a football or sports-related object that I'll definitely be able to use
  6. good idea, finally something not voidal. since i do want to see this actually come into existence, gonna say my two cents on how you can improve the post. Do note that I'm not an expert nor experienced myself when it comes to writing lore posts, so do take things with just a smidge of salt (and feel free to correct me other peeps reading this!). Might wanna split the tiers and spell blobs into proper spell sections for the sake of redlining, so that it is easier to understand how to roleplay the magic without powergaming by including emote guides, (For example: Activate > Charge > Focus > Release) what the consequences of getting struck is, (what would an electric attack do in terms of crp mechanics? Would the fire released cause second degree or third degree burns?) and what limits the dynamancer has (what stops someone from just spamming electric/fire attacks all around themselves? Does armor interfere with dynamancy as a whole, or specific spells like ones of lightning?). also most importantly, how many spell slots would this take? I want to guess around two to three, since it seems capable of quite a large variety of things, and has access to lightning/electricity (Which was removed from voidal magics because dat stuff was op as heck), and would this just be a 'better' voidal fire evo magic (Which isn't good)? Pls rewrite and post it as a finished piece, me like concept and lightning, fire, and yelling real loud.
  7. A certain man wearing an olog-marked helm grabbed the missive with their mechanical hand, squinting at the paper. "...Where did they get such infermation? Wot is dah evidence?" "Why would th'most accursed by Iblees turn to him fer shelter?" "And d'they even know wot dey do t'darkspawn in th'present day...?" "So many contradictions..." They sighed, thinking for a moment before finally saying "This makes me feel loike a third party is at play, manipulating th'info. These claims are ridiculous."
  8. For Charity! Fix the Loc, Fix the World! [!] A sketch of what is left of Du Loc, the old city crumbling away with fungal growths and decay plaguing it. (Screenshots taken by PufferfishTrash!) The once great city known as Du Loc, as you all know, has fallen. Still, it’s citizens cling onto the past, weaving through the horrid circumstances loyally in search of what little good is left of the town- despite waiting, searching, and surviving within the walls. Some keep their grip firm on the ruins out of loyalty. Others, simply because they have no choice. And how horrible the conditions have become! Ever since the town’s leadership has collapsed, the walls crumbled and continue to crumble to this day, beasts long banished and forgotten to the Du Locians have made their horrid returns, terrorizing and preying on those unfortunate enough to be sighted by them. The majority of ourselves are quite well off. We can help them. We can make a difference. All it takes is a small spark to start the flame. ._________________. We can fix this. We can have an impact on this world. Together, we can help it. We just need you to light that spark. ._________________. All forms of charity, whether it be helping us clear the Loc of villains (Cough, glory hunters & loot gremlins, cough), volunteering to help us rebuild or just simply donating materials and food will all be deeply appreciated! Let us give these people the home they once had and rightfully deserve! For Charity! And what’s better is that if we are to exceed the required supplies needed to bring back Du Loc to it’s former glory, we shall move outwards to help those who need it most outside the city’s great walls! First the Loc, then the realm! So whether you are here for adventure, putting some baddies to the ground, Helping us in rebuilding the city and those to come, or just donating to help our movement, The Loc welcomes you all! ._________________. Directions to Du Loc can be found at the Eastern Fleet. Specifically found along the road between Lucsiensberg and Yong Ping. A donation bin, if you are simply stashing supplies will be present at both entrances into Du Loc! See you there! And if you do not like the idea of running over to a new, unfamiliar realm, us members of Charity's Hand will come visit you in your own local town, city or village in due time. Thank you for reading! ._________________. - Slith ‘Azh Arm’, Representative of Charity’s Hand
  9. "And dat's dah problem," They sighed, rubbing the 'forehead' of their helmet.
  10. A man wearing a marked helm let out a small chuckle at the missive. "This doesn't mattah, th'damage has been done and Celianor's still a spook town."
  11. I'm -1ing this, only because the Vale exists
  12. Slith 'Azh Arm' brings the missive up towards his helmet, skimming it over. "...Awwwhh... that Lukas was a rather kind young lad..." They thought in silence, shaking their helm side to side. The marked helm tilted to the side upon reading the rest of the parchment, eyeing the words 'THE MAD BUTCHER' specifically. "...Curious," He spoke in their own head. "...Seems like a baseless accusation... Are we really just blaming Zenna fer all of our problems now?" He pondered with a faint, dry chuckle at his own unspoken joke, folding the paper up and tucking it away in his pocket.
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