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Found 23 results

  1. devvy

    [Pending]Devvy's LT App

    Minecraft Account Name(s): Devvy Skype: devvoodoo How long have you played on LotC?: 2 years or somewhere around that. Time zone and availability: EST and I'm available whenever needed, most of the time if I'm not at my laptop, I'm on my phone. What lore are you versed in most?: A bit on humans, but I'm mostly looking to provide assistance in the form of writing and learn more lore along the way. Give a summary of any staff positions you have held on LoTC: None and I don't plan on applying for any other position. Have you ever written lore for LoTC? (this will not augment your chances at obtaining the position of LM.): Nope. Have you ever received a blacklist or ban?: Nope. Who do you not get along with on the Lore Team?: I get along with everyone because I'm a reformed and wholesome person. Having drama on minecraft is unnecessary and we all should just be positive and get along.
  2. Minecraft Name (s): ww2buff99 / AveHerendul Blacklist Reason: Bad villainy rp. Link to blacklist: Individuals Involved: Individuals listed on this report here: Event Details: Event details are all explained in the above report, including arguments from both sides. Why should you be unblacklisted?: In my time since my blacklist, I've put far more emphasis into RP than PvP - and from that I've learned that I need to step up my villainy rp. Sometimes it takes a blacklist to remind you that this is an RP server, rather than a PvP server. I'd like to apologize to all those my poor villainy rp affected, and hope that in the future I can provide some RP that's fun for all participants and less focused on the PvP. Additional Screenshots/Videos: (Link, if applicable) Also I hope it's ok but I just used the ban appeal format with some words changed around, since there really isn't a format for villainy blacklist appeals.
  3. Minecraft names: CloudsOnMars, OwOwotstis. Age: 16 Timezone: GMT+1 Skype/Discord: gustav.arentoft & GusanoArentonio#2557 What is your availability: Around 9+ hours on weekdays and more on weekends. Weekday hours are predominantly 3:00PM to 00:00AM (My time). Tell us an issue you currently experience on the server: The absolutely horror that is knowing who the primary region owner and tile owner are. It’s extremely messy and not a thing that’s properly kept track of. This is a huge problem for both staff and players, and it needs to be fixed very soon. How do you feel individual GMs should present themselves?: I don’t believe that GMs have to act overly professional around the playerbase. It’s better to portray yourself in a more casual way to the players, as to not make yourself seem like a corporate goon, and more like a real person. How do you feel the GM team collectively should present itself?: Mostly the same as above, the GM team should not present itself as overly professional corporate goons. They have to be casual with the players and actively seek out what issues the players have, where they also need to heavily listen to the players, the players will usually knows an issue better than staff simply due to them being the primary victims of it. The team also needs to work very well together for it to really properly function, without cooperation it won’t get anywhere. Please list three four players who will vouch for you: Angmarzku. Cablam. Kincaid. Cal has also volunteered for this wonderful thing. What is your relationship with the members of the current GM Team?: I have no disputes or disagreements with any of the current GMs, we got along just fine. And I believe I could work well with any GM honestly, though specifically I believe I would do fantastic work in the company of Ang. I only believe that my current relationship with the GM team will allow me to easily fit in with the team, and thus work with them. What are you finest and worst traits?: Patient: I’m very patient when it comes to most things, and will not get angry or stressed over any situation that should occur. It gives me the opportunity to get a clear judgement. Diligent: I work very hard, I always do my best to put out a good piece of work instead of something mediocre, even if it takes a huge amount of time. This and patience tend to go very well together, making it so I can provide my best work. Lax: I have a lax attitude. I am not very strict, I believe this helps me get a perspective from both sides before I make a judgement, instead of going strictly by the book without no understanding of the situation whatsoever. Overly worried: I have a tendency to become extremely worried after I’ve made a decision, usually about whether I did the right thing or not. This also leaves me to overthink decision before I make them. Easily distracted: I easily get distracted, even if I find the thing I’m doing extremely interesting, it’s likely that something will come by and steal my attention. Though, the former task can steal my attention back as easily as it was taken. Lacks seriousness: I don’t have a very serious attitude towards a lot of things, and tend to mostly joke about things than treat them seriously. It mostly tends to be things about myself, or things such as the recent GM purge. Tell us about your time on Lord of the Craft: I was invited onto the server by a friend, in March 2016, who I know from two other servers I’ve played on. I wouldn’t say that I’ve specifically played with one player group on the time I’ve been here, though the Warhawkes have been the most player group I’ve been in. When it comes to staff teams, I was accepted onto the Application Team in late August and promoted to Manager in October, I’ve also been on the Wiki Team (Though, I was rather inactive there), and finally I was on the GM team from November until very recently. Being staff has by far been some of the most memorable time on the server for me, I’ve honestly enjoyed helping people a lot, whether it was when I was on the AT or the GM team. What parts of the server are you most interested in?: Well, I’m very interested in helping the server and the players whenever needed. Doing their modreqs, working to improve the server, all of that. Another factor for me keeping my interest is primarily just the great friends that I have on this server. Other than yourself, who of the current applicants would you like to see on the GM Team? I would like to see most of my former comrades return, they're all good people. Link me a good song:
  4. Builder Application: Minecraft name: Gargerad Skype ID: trielerisepic Timezone: Pacific Daylight Time Do you hold any other staff positions? No. Why do you want to be a builder for the ED? Who doesn't. What are some of your most treasured builds (screenshots if possible)? http://imgur.com/a/zvjAE these aren't my most treasured its just some. What MMORPG/video games do you play? ESO, Kingdom Come Deliverance, Witcher Series, Elder Scrolls Series, Mount & Blade Series, Pick three of the following building styles, and show us a build, of yours, that corresponds to each choice: terraforming, organic, medieval, high fantasy, underground. Terraforming, Medieval, and Underground. Are you an independent builder, and are you capable of handling all aspects of a build? I can do both, but I don't like building memes. Do you know much about redstone? Nope How long does it take for you to complete a build? This took three days, http://imgur.com/a/OKkjl Additional details (Do you know how to Voxel, World Edit, Craftbook, etc...): I know how to use basic World Edit. Tell me a trick about building (eg: floating torches, custom heads): Put string under carpet for awnings. Tell me a joke! I don't have time for jokes. yer welcome
  5. MrJoshy

    MrJoshy's LM App

    Minecraft Account Name(s): MrJoshy Skype: bebopxxx How long have you played on LotC?: 3 years. Time zone and availability: EST. Most week nights and weekends. What subgenre (refer to LM specifications list) are you versed in most?: aHistory, most magicks that are available to the public, creature lore, as well as general lore knowledge of Aenguls, Daemons, and past protagonists. Druidism especially is one of my fortes, as I have been with the druids for over a solid year now; but have studied the magic since early Anthos. Give a summary of any staff positions you have held on LoTC: I have held ET once in the past before, and this is my second time on it. the first time I was purged because of schoolwork, and as of late I have not had that worry at all. Have you ever written lore for LoTC? (this will not augment your chances at obtaining the position of LM.): I have not written lore specifically for LotC, but I have written familial lore for a clan that I was originally going to host, but it failed afterward the lore was written. Have you ever received a blacklist or ban?: No. Who do you not get along with on the Lore Team?: I get along with everyone on the team currently. If there is a discrepancy between anyone there and myself, I'd ask that they'd privately message me either over Skype, or the forums. I do not seek to be a "Druid LM" or anything, but I understand the magic and the lore better than most others.
  6. Destroyer_Bravo

    [Complete]Valein'tehral Ass Repository

  7. Trial Application Minecraft name/s: Gorgemel, Yuprp Age: 19 Time zone and availability: EST Late Afternoons to midnight Skype: Ya’ll have it! What is something you have always wanted to change on the server?: I’ve always wanted a more connected playerbase, some kind of PR stuff you know?Get people excited to come on and play, attract more to the server and get them online for more than just some pvp or some grind-time. What is something you would like to change on the game moderator team?: Connection to community and overall presence. It seems as if the gm team has little to no pull over the server anymore, having been heavily subdued. Could be wrong about that, but it's what i see. What are your finest qualities?: I am a creative individual who knows how to get stuff done. Any project I start, I make sure I finish and do it to the highest quality that is possible. I’m also way more chill and level-minded compared to my previous stint on the team. I also have experience in nearly all of the staff teams that exist today, having been an ET, ET Lead, FM, and a GM. Granted, I have a less than ideal history revolving around my time as a GM, I believe my experience taught me not to act in the immature way that I did. What are your worst qualities, and how could you improve these aspects?: I’m mischievous ;). Nah but I like to joke around a lot and don’t take stuff that seriously, both a bad thing and a potential good thing. Depends how you look at it, I guess. What members of the current staff could you look to for guidance?: Dizzy771 cruzazul8 Harold Beast720 and croleo Who do you not get along with on the current team?: More recently, I’m a pretty agreeable guy, don’t really care too much about getting spiteful at people over a game. TBH tho **** cruzazul8. How much free time do you have? Will this change in the foreseeable future?: In the next week? Not much in fairness, gonna be moving into my 2nd year of uni this thursday, and will be partaking in some ‘activities’ until monday or so. After that tho, I’ll be available in the afternoons and the weekends. Gonna be a pretty reliable schedule for the first sem, after that will have to see what classes i take in 2nd sem.
  8. FlamboyantNewEra

    Conduits of Enlightenment: Co-Op Edition

    Conduits of Enlightenment: Co-Op Edition LM CLARIFICATION, PLEASE READ JISTUMA (FIGHT ME): Background Link to the original lore piece: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/121243-lore-conduits-of-enlightenment/ The mage sat across from his student, taking a few breathes to focus himself. As his mind cleared, he reached out through the void towards his student. However, unlike the process of mental magic, he did not fully “connect” with his student’s mind. Instead, a less direct link was temporarily formed. Upon doing this, the mage then entered a new state of meditation. It didn’t take long for the experienced caster to once again find himself within the realm where he had spent much of his time recently. A realm that could be changed with a single thought, excellent for all sorts of teaching experiences. However, unlike the previous times where he was alone, the link that was established with his student allowed for the student’s consciousness to be brought along. Ability Essentially, this is a fix for the lore that booklight originally wrote, as it was meant to be able to be done with another willing person. All red lines and drawbacks that were originally proposed will be used for this. If this is accepted, then the conduits of enlightenment is now able to bring a secondary person in with the person meditating. This is done by reaching out to another person's mind through the void and creating a link. This link is not a full connection as a mental mage is capable of doing and only allows for a small part of both the caster's and secondary person's conscience to be connected. This does not require much thought and only requires someone to be able to connect to the void and do what a Tier Zero person in mental magic is able to do (look for a mind in the void). Those who don't know how to connect to the void will be unable to perform this. This is not an entirely new magic, but more akin to a magic ritual (such as learning the process for creating a portal). Red Line (Copied from original lore + a new one). - You cannot force others to meditate in this state with you. - You must have a clear state of mind while doing this as it takes a while ICly, so you cannot enter this when being tortured, under much stress, injured, etc. - You cannot actually harm or kill people in this "lucid dream" like state, you can feel slight touch, but you cannot actually feel pain as it’s not meant to be aggressive or harmful in any way. Though, it is possible to train or spar. - Nothing while in the meditation will affect the real world, only the world you think up in your mind can you change. Though when enlightened which is a permanent thing you tend feel slightly more mellow, as this is for non aggressive purposes, and people. - Can't use this to read thoughts, look at memories, or do anything that a mental mage would be able to do to gain insight on another person.
  9. #Minecraft name/s: Jaybleezy, The_Cyberbot. #Age: Sixteen. #Time zone and availability: I live in PST, and I'm available(usually) after 3:30 pm to 10 pm(except on Tuesdays). #Skype: baronvondippschitte #What is something you have always wanted to change on the server?: I've always felt like staff/player communication has been subpar. Also, response time for modreqs? Fuh'get about it. #What are your finest qualities?: Goes hand in hand with what I'd like to change. I'm a great communicator, especially when it matters the most. If there's an argument going on, and it's been going on for a while, and it's wholly unnecessary, I will do my best to put it to rest. Most of the time, arguments between myself and others are prevented by a lack of anger or frustration on my part. I just don't get mad at someone trying to prove a point, which is a fatal flaw I see in quite a few staff members. If I did that, I'd be the worst kind of hypocrite. I'm also a quick typer, and a quick responder. If somebody makes a modreq to unstick them from a cart they teleported into, I'll be right there, teleporting them out and even healing them. #What are your worst qualities, and how could you improve these aspects?: I'm not really the most patient of people. While I won't get very angry, I suppose I am easy to provoke and quick to snap at someone who knows just how to push my buttons. Solving this problem wouldn't be too difficult, of course, and with the responsibility of a moderator, I'd have to. A good way to rid myself of my short fuse would be to literally step away. Go to the bathroom real quick. Get my hair wet. Come back. Solve the problem. I've never had the motivation to do such, aside from self betterment, and that's always a secondary to solving the here and now. I suppose that's a problem, too, and something I need to fix. Shouldn't be that hard, either, I think I'd just need to imagine what I could be versus what I am and strive for the better of the two. #What members of the Staff could you look to for guidance?: Tsuyose. I know for a fact that Tsuyose and I could engage in pleasant conversation at nearly any time, unless he's busy with his duties or just not feeling too hot. I suppose DiscoLiquid, also, could be a font of wisdom in my endeavors, with her experience being a staff member and general friendly personality. Aerialkebab and I are kind of buds. We have our disagreements, and our arguments, but for the most part, he and I get along, and I know that he has plenty of experience and will help if I need him to. There are a couple more people who are ex-staff, themselves having previous experience in GM-hood or even adminship, but I don't suppose they count. #Who do you not get along with on the current team?: I really don't know. I have only acquaintances in the staff, besides those mentioned above. #How much free time do you have? Will this change in the foreseeable future?: I have plenty of free time. Ingame, I'd be willing to put a hold on RP to assist with a modreq, and out of game, I'm almost always on the forums. I don't know how this will change in the future. I'm looking for a job at the moment, and it'll range from four days a week of free time to one or two, depending on when I need to work.
  10. Ban Report/Banning GM (if applicable, please provide a link): No report made Minecraft Name(s) (at the time of your ban):Erik0821 Rule Broken/Disputed (multikilling, Griefing, Xray, ect. Be specific): Breaking war rules Character Witnesses (Name(s)): Erik0821 Event Details (reason for actions, apology, ect):I used a item that wasn't allowed in the warclaim. I wasn't aware of this rule prior to the warclaim. I should've checked the rules thoroughly before participating. I am sorry if I upset or killed anyone by using this item. Screenshots/Vids (Link):
  11. Heff

    [Actor] Heff's Re-application

    Minecraft name(s): ryanheff74, Karling Skype ID: ryan.heffron74 Time zone: EST Have you ever been banned or received a strike? If so, link the report: Banned for metagaming awhile back. While I still maintain that I didn’t act on said metagamed info, the ban was just and I did deserve punishment for causing said situation. There was no report. Do you hold / have you held any other staff positions? I have held the positions of ET and AT, as well as Guide. What MMORPG/video games have you / do you play? (Past and Present) Steam: https://gyazo.com/352a3316ea3aac16b7dca26f8d4e82b1 As well as Total War. Xbox: Fallout, Halo Series, GTA, Battlefield, CoD (Only up to MW3), Madden, NHL, Skyrim, and many more. Getting Witcher 3 for Xmas. What are your characters? Are you willing to sacrifice any to become a Event member? AT the moment only Lucien III. No I am not, but it’s only one so I doubt I’d have to sacrifice him. What race / group do you think your events would best cater to? If none in particular, give an example of the type of group that your events would entertain. I think I best cater to humans and halflings. However, in my first run as an ET member I did a very good event line (imo) for the elves and it got great reviews. What do you believe are key factors for a successful event? There are a few major points needed to be addressed for an event. However, there are two types of events (imo) and they both require different things. I will provide three major points for each. A Pre-Planned Event/Event Line: Proper Announcement When you have a major event, (especially one that is key to an event line) you must properly announce such. Don’t just spread it in skype chats or do a really vague post. Make a post, updated if there is a change of schedule, with recommended gear, who exactly the event is directed at, etc. It truly kills an event when it is supposed to majorly affect world history when only 10 people actually show up. Proper Plot Pyramid Remember in middle school when you learned about the plot pyramid? It’s the way a story goes (exposition, rising actions, climax, falling action, resolution). When an event is going to be majorly involving a player base as a big battle, a long event line, etc. you will want to make sure that there is a proper rise to the climax. Don’t have a sudden siege on the capital by a barbarian horde with no hint beforehand besides a post announcing the time and date. Don’t have a spectre suddenly possess the Emperor without RP beforehand (I.e, hauntings, minor appearances,). Proper Audience/Include Your Audience This one is pretty simple. If you plan on doing a barbarian horde invasion, don’t attack the halfings. If you’re doing a long and winded puzzle, maybe the orcs (who are warlike and impatient) are not a great subject! Not saying they will not enjoy it, but ensure your events are tailored to the group you are directing it at (if at all). For example, if you did do a puzzle for the orcs make sure it includes some shamanastic features and some other exciting things that will involve the orcs personally, not have them sit back while two ET members explain lore in a 1v1 conversation while they watch like spectators. Impromptu/Minor Event: Proper timing The worst is when one or two event team members have a great idea for an impromptu monster hunt/puzzle/zombie attack/etc. and there are few players on because of timing. Always make sure there are a proper amount of players online. Proper size When you do an impromptu event, you don’t want to find an oversized group of people. For example, if I did a quick event where I have someone announce there is a bear terrorizing the road, I don’t want to have 15 guys show up and just massacre the poor bear. It's just not really fun for anyone. You want to find a proper amount. A good case is if I do the bear hunt, and find a good two or three people. Five at most. But if it's a mob-wave event (for example a sudden bandit ambush), you want at least 5 people. Proper Audience Refer to the Above Point When was the last time you saw a event? A really well done one actually! Aerialkebab (I think) sung me and a few churchgoers to sleep, before teleporting us to another world where we saw a series of visions. While it didn’t involve any conflict or direct goal, it really added to our roleplay and characters. What strengths could you contribute to the Event Team? Are you knowledgeable in lore or great at organizing? Why do you want to be part of the ET? I loved my last time as an ET and was very shocked when I got removed. While I don’t fault the managers, I was never told as to why I got removed. However, I believe it was because I was acting very trolly/in opposition to the staff. I still have my moments, but I’m trying to clean up my act. With this new direction in my time on LOTC, I want to join up once more and provide fun for all. Create three distinct RP scenarios/events based on LOTC lore that you would organize. These are pitches to the Managers, not to the community. Note: Not all of the group must be handled at once. Eg: 20+ people via 5 person increments in a dungeon. I’ll be detailing an event line that I’ve thought up in this section. 1) For 1-3 person In the north of Oren, near the city of Kvaz in Carnatia, a haggard old man rides into town. He comes covered in blood, towing behind him a wagon peppered with arrow holes. Finding a few citizens, he tells them tales of a group of bandits a ways from the city. Without telling them much, he tries to convince them that if they help him get his goods back he will give them unimaginable treasures from beyond the sea. If they tag along he will lead them further northward. Upon their arrival to the outskirts of their destination, they see some men mulling about a camp fire. The merchant explains that these men are barbarians and there will be no mercy if they are captured. If the citizens agree to try and fight, they will engage with the men. Depending on whether or not they kill the bandits or they are captured, there will be further details. If they fail to fight and are captured, they will be imprisoned by the bandits. The merchant, if still alive, is tied to four horses, drawn, and quartered. The surviving players will be placed in a pen like animals, tied and kept as prisoners. However, they will find a knife and a part of the fence that is in disrepair allowing escape. If they decide to escape they can return to Kvaz. If they manage to surprise and kill the bandits. They will discover the merchant’s stolen goods and he will reward them with the horses of the bandits, as well as assorted prizes from his stock. They will discover a strange banner in the camp, on it a horse with horns of a devil, a demon horseman with a bow riding atop. 2) For a group of 5-10 The survivors of the conflict will return to Kvaz, depending on the outcome of the earlier event with or without the merchant. Assuming they inform the populace of their adventure, it is up to the citizens of the group to decide what to do. However, one way or another a meeting will be arranged (whether by messenger or requested by the Kvazians it is to be decided by the players). A group of riders will descend upon Kvaz in the night, bearing a green standard with a horned horse. They will bring the citizens (5-10 or more if they wish) far north where a large cluster of tents is found. A man named Khan Zuren will greet the visitors, however he will be flanked by mounted horselords (actors and recruited player-actors). Here is an opportunity for the larger part of the population to converse with the horsemen and learn about the events to come. There will be an ultimatum presented to Kvaz, “Throw down your weapons and kneel or be sent to your pretender ‘GOD’ .” If a conflict happens, the horselord army will be represented with pigmen and skeleton archers. 3) For a group of 20+ A post will be made, after several smaller events and conflicts involving the horde vs. the Kvazians + Orenians, declaring that a thunder of hooves can be heard in the snowy forests of the north. A large host of horsemen and slave-infantry will be advancing to sack Kvaz, assuming the Duke has declared he will not bend to the Khan (obviously). In the forest the Orenians will come upon a large host of archers and infantry-men, as well as actors/player-actors mounted on horses and playing horselords. A battle will ensue, with minor effects such as trees falling and causing peril for the players, and assorted horselords falling in battle. Depending on the victor, either an event where the horde marches on Kvaz or where the Carnatians mount an assault on the horde’s tent city will occur. How long do you plan to stay in the ET? As long as I am active and enjoying myself! Tell me a joke: EddyTheBrave’s Eyebrows.
  12. FlowUster

    Eastin Dia Trading Co.

    Born after the exodus of Athera, Eastin Dia Trading Company specializes in buying, selling and shipping goods across Vailor. What We Do -=~*~=- Have mass amounts of goods that need delivering but you don't want to deliver them yourself? Entrust in us to ensure the safe delivery of said goods to wherever their destination may be. Armed with a fleet of ships, countless ballistas and a crew of mages and trained swordsmen we are prepared to fight tooth and nail to ensure the safe voyage of your goods across the Isles of Vailor. Send Ayche Raven'kor or Alugor Arktis a bird if you'd like to do business with us. ((Draxagon or FlowUster)) Our Vessels -=~*~=- "The Tailor" "Frigate" Eastin Dia Crew -=~*~=- Ayche Raven'kor - Captain Alugor Arktis - First Mate and Head Boatswain Beltran - Quartermaster and Boatswain Amarie Deathsbane - Helmsman Glacio Nereus - Communications Officer Katari Stirling - Head of Security ​Sam - Administrative Director Interested in joining our crew? Fill out our application and we'll review it as soon as possible. Application If you have any questions or concerns reguarding the Eastin Dia Trading Company please feel free to send us a bird. ~Happy sailing~
  13. Ban Report/Banning GM (if applicable, please provide a link): No report, just a blacklist. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/133626-ryanheff74-villainy-blacklist/ Arzota Minecraft Name(s) (at the time of your ban): ryanheff74 Rule Broken/Disputed (multikilling, Griefing, Xray, ect. Be specific): Metagaming Character Witnesses (Name(s)): Sour Alyn (No_Step_Back), Romlyn Indras (Erik0281). Eres (xZaebos) Event Details (reason for actions, apology, ect): Over the past week or so before the ban my character, Shadrik Indras, had been jumped by rival drug dealers and enemies while dealing. So, now whenever he sold something to a client, he had No_Step_Back's character hide and attack if something goes wrong. I told Eres that I was already suspicious (however I didn't even know she was a frost witch oocly yet), until in TS someone said "Heff haha your about to get eaten by a frost witch." My bodyguard, No_Step_Back was also in the TS. He began to walk up the stairs, with sword in hand. In which I messaged him this: https://gyazo.com/d3c8fe939f872c57c24d0e1cb41b9510 . Although I seemed vulgar and ill-intentioned, it literally was telling him to not metagame, to not kill her on sight with no RP, but to wait until some RP happened in which I was harmed and would yell. The point is that he was in the first floor the whole time (with Eres insisting that we did the drug deal upstairs, she requested a MASSIVE, like absolutely unreal, amount of cactus green, already tipping off my hidden bodyguard that something was wrong. But the case still stands, I should not have used PMs to tell him what to do, even if it was to wait to attack. I accept that I shouldnt have acted such, and have learned my lesson. Never again will I even borderline metagame, I will always make sure to communicate in RP and only in RP, to be fair for all rp-ers involved. I apologize to xZaebos who's character was killed in this whole mess and to my friends Romanen and Erik who were also banned because of this whole thing. As well as to Arzota, for getting angry in skype. The appeal time is in exactly a week, but I decided to just post it a little early. Screenshots/Vids (Link): https://gyazo.com/d3c8fe939f872c57c24d0e1cb41b9510
  14. Star Platinum

    Jaybleezy's Actor Et App

    Note: This is somewhat of a repeat application. I applied once before and it was put into the archive and forgotten, so, at the advice of a few of my Drood pals and Ramza, I'm making another one. Here goes. Minecraft name(s): Jaybleezy Skype ID: BaronvonDippschitte Time zone: Pacific Standard Time Have you ever been banned or received a strike? If so, link the report: I have a warning point for making a KKK joke. Do you hold / have you held any other staff positions? No. What MMORPG/video games have you / do you play? (Past and Present) Skyrim, Fallout (3 & NV), Terraria, WoW, Dota 2, League of Legends, Final Fantasy X through XIII, Chrono Trigger, The Legend of Zelda (all except Link to the Past, Spirit Tracks, and The Unmentionable), and various other games. What are your characters? Are you willing to sacrifice any to become a Event member? Raine Winterleaf, the Oak Dryad Katavasi, and Elizier Beaudevard. Eli's pretty new, so likely Eli. Not Raine, though, I've spent a while on her. What race / group do you think your events would best cater to? If none in particular, give an example of the type of group that your events would entertain: I would say any race, really. I prefers elves, only for cyb0rz, though. ;) What do you believe are key factors for a successful event? Well, the event has to be unique. It can't be the same, 'fight through waves of sp00ks until you reach the main sp00k and kill it.' It's gotta involve characters, too. Be fluid, y'know? A guy can change the way a story plays out, it's not a static thing. Do they like it? With my events, I'll always get feedback from the particpants, ask 'em what they liked, what they didn't like, and just overall how to improve next time. Staff/player interaction's important, y'know? When was the last time you saw a event? Treshure's forest troll that stomped through the Grove and kicked my char into a tree. Wasn't too great. What strengths could you contribute to the Event Team? Are you knowledgeable in lore or great at organizing? I'm pretty good at finding interesting tidbits of lore that most would ignore, and I feel as though I could incorporate these into an event to make said lesser-remembered bit more important in the RP. Why do you want to be part of the ET? I want to relieve as many people as I can of boredom. I, myself, find having to emote farming, of all things, to keep yourself entertained as complete and utter crap. I want to give people a sweeping experience that they can, at any time, shape and be a part of, and I want as many people to be in on it as can be. Create three distinct RP scenarios/events based on LOTC lore that you would organize. These are pitches to the Managers and Ouity, not to the community. Note: Not all of the group must be handled at once. Eg: 20+ people via 5 person increments in a dungeon. 1) Pumpkins. Carved pumpkins, everywhere. All over Laureh'lin, pumpkins pop from the unlikeliest of places. There's a new fellow in town, as well. He takes the pumpkins down, and then he wears them as he leaves. Not long after the man shows up, the pumpkins now are filled with blood and body parts. The man no longer comes and collects them, and, if not disposed of, they start to rot. Should the Sirame(or anyone, really) try to investigate the island, they would likely find a small shack far to the south. The shack looks innocent enough, but beneath a bed in the basement lies a tunnel. The tunnel leads to a shrine to Knox(duh), and inside is the pumpkin collector, wearing toe necklaces and bracelets and splashing about old, congealed blood. Upon spotting the intruders, the Knoxist attacks, using a multitude of traps throughout the room. Should the Knoxist somehow win, the event starts from the beginning. 2) A woman comes to the Marked Men claiming to be a Fjarriauga, a Frost Witch. Her hair is white and her skin is grey, and her teeth have been filed to sharpness, but she is not actually a Frost Witch, though she does know a bit of frost evocation. She asks that her and her coven be purged, as she no longer wishes for her and her sisters to suffer as they do. She likely enlists the help of fire evocationists as well, and she leads them to a cave to the east of Adria. Once there, she reveals that she isn't a frost witch, and releases a large amount of raised corpses into the chamber, which is now closed. Depending on how many people came along, there are between 100 and 500 sp00ks. If they're defeated, the woman fights the remainders herself, likely losing. A lever sits upon a pedestal, which opens the way out. If the woman and the sp00ks win, like the other event, she approaches another group, likely the Sirame or Amyas. 3) A circus rolls into the area by the Caliphate. With amazing tricks, wonderful fireworks displays, and even a bearded lady(not a dwarf, that's too easy), they amaze most crowds. No bad guys here, just a fun circus that stays in the area for about two elven weeks and comes back around every once in a while. Some positions are open and can be filled temporarily, which will earn the participants a hefty pay! How long do you plan to stay in the ET? At least six months. At most, 2 years. This should be plenty of time to create some great events. Tell me a joke Who's the creepiest guy around? Tythus.
  15. Ban Report/Banning GM (if applicable, please provide a link): SupremacyOps Minecraft Name(s) (at the time of your ban): Onslaughted, Pito444, DaRial, needgear Rule Broken/Disputed (multikilling, Griefing, Xray, ect. Be specific): Duping, having illegal items Character Witnesses (Name(s)): Supremacy ops and any other staff present during the investigation Event Details (reason for actions, apology, ect): Well in truth, its hard to begin . . I suppose we should start with the duping. I will admit that at the time, our chests had an abundance of items, both seemingly duped and as well as items having banned items (The items I'm referring to is the weightless diamond armor and potions.) I do admit we did have duped items, but I can explain it. We did not discover a dupe glitch/bug to gain said items, but we did withhold from telling anyone of an incident regarding a staff error. I, as well as the rest of my group, greatly apologize for such. I'll go more into detail... Back in Athera, when we were The horde of Dunamis, we were contracted by the dwarves to fight the high elves. We had made a road side fort to hide in whenever things got a bit hairy outside. In the end, the fort got utterly demolished, but was first copied and pasted someplace else to ensure we didn't lose our things. This is where we ended up getting doubles of our items, for while the fort was exploding, we tried to grab as much items as we could before the Orenians could get into our chests and take it for themselves, logging out with it all as the fort shattered to pieces. We honestly didn't think that our stuff was going to be copied over, so when we were tp'd over to our copied chests to take our items back, we were gifted with an extra dread bringer (An OP bow we had) and doubled iron, diamond armor, and all the likes. (We ended up again with two more dread bringers in the future from a rollback as well.) This is something we should have definitely told the staff about. I do wish we had done the right thing and given it all back, and in all honesty I do not think a simple sorry will cover it. We were a group that were quite an annoyance to staff I am sure, and truly I apologize for that, along with Pito, Darial, and needgear. We have no excuse for being rude to the staff for just doing their jobs, it was very much out of line. We are truly sorry. Most of the items we had in our chests were illegal and duped, we admit that fully. But, we did not dupe it through any sort of bug or the likes, we merely took an advantage over a staff slip up. The other items that were banned were acquired through the countless skirmishes and raids we partook in. I do believe a few staff members recall having to tp constantly to announce the skirmish/raid was off. We had fought Oren probably about 6 times a day at max, always ending off the day with either a loss in loot, or at most times gained some crazy OP items (such as strength potions, weightless diamond a few times, REALLY OP diamond axes and swords, and whatever else was dropped.) In the end thats what happened. We broke rules by having banned and duped items and kept it a secret from staff. Such a thing is wrong, and it is something we will not do again. We have learned our mistakes and hope that you may forgive us for what we've done. Thank you. Screenshots/Vids (Link): None really.
  16. Minecraft name(s): serpaulryan Skype ID: ryaneseverance Time zone: UTC/GMT -4 Have you ever been banned or received a strike? If so, link the report: Nope Do you hold / have you held any other staff positions? Nope What MMORPG/video games have you / do you play? (Past and Present) What are your characters? Are you willing to sacrifice any to become a Event member? Arik Vanir – The brother of Duke Vasili Vanir, Arik is the former Lord Steward of the Kingdom of Akovia, and, later, the Reformed Kingdom of Oren. He primarily oversaw the running of the Kingdom of Akovia during the days of the Great Schism War, and helped facilitate the removal of the Mad King Varon Kovachev, for the good of his people. Now, he resides in Port Vydrik, and helps manage his brother’s ducal holdings, governing the people of Vanaheim. Ser Paul Jr – Son and sole heir of the renowned Ser Paul Ryan, Ser Paul Jr. is the realm-famous owner and operator of Paul’s Pals™, a roving band of adventurers that seeks to help those in trouble and also like more or less anyone who they happen to see. Handsome, charming, and suffering from severe schizophrenia and a rare bipolar disorder, he travels the land making friends selling odds and ends. I am of course willing to sacrifice either character should it, for some reason, be deemed necessary. What race / group do you think your events would best cater to? If none in particular, give an example of the type of group that your events would entertain. Many of my events would focus primarily on Humans, the largest playing faction of the server. Having played a human/Subhuman for the entirety of my time on LOTC, and experiencing everything from the enlisted ranks of various military orders to the ranks of the privy council IC and OOCly, I’ve developed an extensive understanding of the human playerbase, know many who call it home, and have had many varied roleplay experiences with humans. As well as this, I have also travelled extensively across the map IRP, both as “Ser Paul Ryan” and “Ser Paul Jr.”, taking on roles as a traveling merchant, raving lunatic, highway brigand, royal inspector, etc, and frequently interacting with players from each major race and many minor factions, providing events that can be enjoyed regardless of character’s race, background or allegiances. I’ve been contacted multiple times by players from many different backgrounds after a roleplay session in which they complimented the unique, funny and enjoyable experience which just occurred, which has largely inspired my desires to join the ET team and continue this tradition. What do you believe are key factors for a successful event? The absolutely key point to any event is player interaction, involvement, and enjoyability. The players must feel immersed and as if they are part of the events taking place, not as though they are simply bystanders witnessing it happen. I find direct communication and involvement with individuals in crowds often allows for a unique experience that is enjoyable for everyone. It’s important to insure that the event is note on an entirely linear timeline, and to allow the players the opportunity to alter your (hopefully flexible) event by banding together and taking action, and enjoy themselves. When was the last time you saw a event? The major map transition into 4.5/Vailor was the last event I saw/partook in. What strengths could you contribute to the Event Team? Are you knowledgeable in lore or great at organizing? I have a fairly decent handle on the LOTC lore and history, and a strong talent for creative writing, organization and policy making. I've helped draft in-character resolutions for roleplay and out of character responses to major policy changes/server events, and have for many months/years now been in a leadership position OOCly and RPly. Why do you want to be part of the ET? For a long time, I've traveled around the map on gimmick characters, constantly changing my role from day to day. On Monday, I would be a travelling salesman, offering my “enchanted youth powder” that was really just glowstone dust at cheap, unbeatable prices to each person I saw on the road. On Tuesday, I would declare myself royal tax collector or inspector, and demand access to a private fortress of home so I could scrutinize its contents. So on, and so forth. This has led to innumerable situations, including the causation of the great chicken plague of siegrad (2015-2015), the crashing of Queen Ceriwyn’s family tea party, and, somehow, my execution on only one occasion. I honestly believe that small scale events that brighten only one or two players days at a time are what make this server amazing, and I've had a hell of a time creating my own for some time now. Massive staff-led events can be incredibly enjoyable and open to everyone, but sometimes, a small one on one interaction with a travelling actor can be all you need to get back into the vibrant roleplay experience you've missed for a long time. To be able to join the ET team and actively contribute towards creating a more enjoyable experience to a broader base of players, and to directly be a part of the staff team which (I admit) I often criticize is something I am looking forward to having the chance of. Create three distinct RP scenarios/events based on LOTC lore that you would organize. These are pitches to the Managers and Freema, not to the community. Note: Not all of the group must be handled at once. Eg: 20+ people via 5 person increments in a dungeon. 1) For 1-3 person 2) For a group of 5-10 ​ 3) For a group of 20+ How long do you plan to stay in the ET? Until democracy has been spread across the globe, fam, and freedom rings from sea to shining sea once more. Tell me a joke https://www.healthcare.gov/
  17. Aislin

    [Denied] Aislin Fm Application

    Real Name: Alexander B. (B for Barrow?) Ingame Name: _Aislin_ (this may soon be changed) RP Name: Viktor Carrion Time Zone: EST (GMT-5) How long will you be online per week: At least 2 hours per day. Experience: I've been a GM on here twice. FM. ET. AT. VAT. Guide. Mentor. Lot of experience with forums (both Minecraft and not) as well as this server's forum, specifically. Previous Forums: Used to be a moderator for Ultimate Guitar, currently at 8.9 million registered members on the forums. Also ran my own forums for servers and stuff. Why I should be a FM: As much as people like to brand me a troll, in reality I've had a pretty good track record on the server (or so I like to think). As a GM I worked pretty hard to ensure fairness and enjoyment for the players, while I was always active and diligent in all teams I was involved in. When moderating the forums, I had a pretty laissez-faire approach to moderation unless it was direly needed--as a mod, I learnt to let players solve their own problems and arbitrate on their behalf, both on the forums or in game. I think a more trusting attitude towards the players is imperative in the staff right now, and I think I could bring that. Other Info: In terms of my recent permaban, I think both players and staff alike can agree on the silliness of its premise.
  18. Wolf Druid Ouity

    Ouity's Other Appeal

    Minecraft Name: Ouity Rule Broken/Disputed (Multikill, Griefing, Xray, Etc. Be specific.): Griefing Character Witnesses (Name(s)): Capt0z, Viper3x, Kowaman Event Details (Reason for actions. Apology. Etc.): Hi, me again. So, I understand this didn't really work out the last time. Bear with me, if you would. I like to think I'm not a bad guy. When I joined the ET, it was with only good intentions. I spent more than a few nights up until 4 AM playing a character I didn't really enjoy for the Golden Lance so I could pull the Scourge's reputation out of the sad, sewage infested gutter it was caught in. When I applied for GM, it was with the vision that I could be an active participant in the renewing of the community- in creating meaningful change both internally and externally that would lead to a positive growth. Well, I was wrong. I don't think any of my grand schemes really ever came to fruition. Even after the immense frustration I've experienced, I've done my very best to maintain a civil bearing on the forums. In fact, the only time I've ever directly lashed out at any staff member was completely unrelated to this incident. I really have tried to be a civil person. If you don't believe anything else about me, please let it be that. Right up until the moment I decided I couldn't be on staff anymore, I only ever had the best interest of the server at heart, and even since Aegis, I have volunteered countless hours of my life keeping it tidy in one way or another. I'm not asking for my GM role back (you can keep it...) or even for the ET, or AT, or any position of power. All I'm asking for is that you evaluate the contributions I've made here against my transgressions (and the transgressions of all the other Ex-GMs running around out there -_-) and judge me fairly; not on some pedestal of shame. I can't even bring myself to believe that any of you evaluating this think that I did what I did out of malice. For one thing, I would hope you know me better than that after like six months, and for another, you and I both know that with the tools at the GM team's disposal, far more damage could have been done than a localized rollback could handle. I was ET lead, I know my command blocks. Anyway, I suppose you'll wonder why, after my dramatic exit I would want to come back. Essentially, I'm not happy with how I left certain things. There are a lot of problems still unsolved that weigh on my mind. Lore stuff, community stuff, Druid stuff. I want to set things right, I want to regain a little peace of mind, and I want to ditch this bitter-ex-GM vibe I've got going on. I used to be a lot better at controlling my temper; call this therapy. I do sincerely promise that if I'm invited back, I will not stir any pots. I won't throw feces, complain senselessly, create drama, or in any other way emulate Cyndikate. In other words, I will continue to do my best to be calm, reasonable, understanding, and kind, just as I have always been. Update: Looking back at this post, and taking the time to read it, I realize that I came off as incredibly condescending and arrogant. Please let the record show that I didn't intend for my appeal to read with that tone whatsoever, and I would like to take this moment to say I am very apologetic about what I did. Before I decided to grace Petrus with a Druidic blessing, I was always very keen on being a voice of reason and fair play, and I threw away any credibility I had in a few moments of thoughtlessness. On top of the hypocrisy against my own principals, I also unintentionally caused a great amount of grief among the players of Petrus. To you guys, I apologize most of all. I thought your items would be saved in the rollback, and I really, really feel miserable about the loss. I hope you guys can find it in your hearts to forgive me someday, though I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't. To the staff and players who had to bear with whatever downtime and sweeping up that it took to undo what I did, I offer my sincerest and deepest apologies. All I can say is that I regret my actions, and am willing to do whatever I can to make up for my transgressions.
  19. Raomir

    Raomir's Ban Appeal

    Player Report (If applicable, please provide a link): n/a Minecraft Name: Raomir Rule Broken/Disputed (Multikill, Griefing, Xray, Etc. Be specific.): Griefing and No-RP Character Witnesses (Name(s)): N/A Event Details (Reason for actions. Apology. Etc.): So there's this farm by the town of Ayr up in the North, and the farm is in free-build land, so I got into the farm by jumping into it from a cliff and I took all the wheat and did not re-plant the seeds. I then left a sign saying something along those lines. I am really sorry that I did that and I thought it was ok to harvest fields in free-build land and just leave an RP sign. Sorry about that, once again. PS: If 501 could please add me on skype, raomir123. I just wanna chat with him. Thanks! Screenshots/Vids (Link):
  20. Aagaron

    Aep's Ban Apple

    Player Report (If applicable, please provide a link): N/A Minecraft Name: aagaron_ Rule Broken/Disputed (Multikill, Griefing, Xray, Etc. Be specific.): Abusive and foul language. Character Witnesses (Name(s)): _Cappy_ and TapeSauce Event Details (Reason for actions. Apology. Etc.): It was early in the morning, about a week ago that TapeSauce and I were walking around in CT just sending PMs back and forth, when we jocularly came to suggesting names for GoT characters. I sent Tape a message containing the name 'Circumcision Lannister' and I was kicked from the server. I quickly logged back in, wondering if this was an automated response to a flag word, so I typed it again and sent it to TapeSauce. I was then kicked for reason: 'Don't test me.' Once again, I logged back in and checked the Tab list, seeing that Cappy was online. Tape and I then started to test other words to see if they would set off flags, until I typed the message that would lead to my ban (pictures attached). This leads me to my reasoning for this incident and my apology. I would like to say first and foremost that this incident was no one's fault but my own, and that this was not an attempt to exacerbate anyone or thing. It was merely a lapse in my judgement, failing to gauge what the consequences would be for doing something like this. I feel that my punishment was justified, and I would like to offer my sincerest condolences to Cappy along with my word that a transgression of this nature will never occur again. Screenshots/Vids (Link): http://gyazo.com/9e76e3a2a0e383df4e3cab365d4ce519 This is what I said in whisper in CT with no one else around to hear except TapeSauce. http://gyazo.com/1bf78b12fdb3f39bf07b9a7f5bae9257 My subsequent ban. Edit: My ban terms were changed about an hour later to 'Banned: Abusive, foul language. Appeal in one week.' (I do not have a picture, but at some point I came across a picture of what the flag plugin showed Cappy. For all I know, it could've said that I shouted it in the middle of Petrus, but the first picture taken by Tape shows otherwise.)
  21. Minecraft name: Goldensword2 Skype ID: goldensword21 Time zone: CST (GMT -6) Have you ever been banned or received a strike? If so, link the report: Nope, clear history. Do you hold any other staff positions?: Yes, I'm currently on the AT, which I have been on for about 4 months now. What are your characters? Are you willing to sacrifice any to become a Event member?: My full list of characters is Do'Rameethar, who is my main, Ja'Karath, Keinel Grandaxe, Dongrim, and Cormack McCullock, all of which are side characters. I'd be willing to sacrifice any of them except Rameethar.. All the others I don't play at all anymore, really. Rameethar is a loyalist hunter for the Kharajyr, who is soon to become a Moonblade, one of the personal bodyguards of the Tlatlanni. I wouldn't be willing to give him up because he's really my favorite, most developed character, not to mention a lot of people need him. What race/group do you think your events would best cater to?: While I'm willing to create events for any race, as I've a firm grip on the lore of all of them, I believe I'd be at the best of my abilities creating an event for or related to the Kha', due to the fact I'm overall familiar with their lore, and I know everyone in the Kharajyr. I do believe I'm one of the few people who are applying for/on the ET that actually do play a Kha'. That's not to say the others don't have knowledge of them, but I have my reasons for wanting to make events for them. We're not thriving as well as we could be, everyone knows that. And I think at this point, what could save the Kharajyr is more events. Again, I'm not saying I want to serve them exclusively, I won't. But someone who understands the Kha', has stayed with them for so long, would be a great event team member to bring them together in a successful event. What do you believe are key factors for a successful event?: I have several key factors I find to be important to a successful event, and here I go listing them off. . . Organization: First and foremost, it's important in an event that everyone knows what they are doing, what they have to do, and what they're there for. For example, if it's an adventure to a ruin of sorts, the event team must know what they have to build and say for when the participants arrive, and the participants must know where they are going. Without organization, an event will fall into chaos, and will simply not be fun anymore. Enjoyment: Perhaps the most obvious of the necessities for a successful event is the fact it must be fun for everyone participating. If it is not enjoyable, no one will remember it, nor want to have another event in the future. Enjoyment is simply a must-have for a successful event. Uniqueness: Along with organization it is important that an event is unique, so that it is something that may surprise the participants, add more fun to the event, make it memorable. Player Cooperation: Along with the Event Team, the players need to do their job too. If the players do not cooperate to allow the event to play out smoothly as intended, it can simply not do so. Rewards: Give the participants a reason to want to come to the event, whether it be useful items or just a trophy. For example, if the event is to kill a troll, then the participants can have some of the bones of the troll. Lore Inclusion: Something everyone can benefit from in an event is lore being revealed or reviewed. For example, if in a ruin a group is exploring, there is a library, the event team could include some lore books in the bookshelves of the library. It is always interesting to find things like that for those who are interested in lore. When was the last time you saw a event?: Just a couple nights ago actually. My guild went hunting for an ice troll, which was played by Dizzy. My character Rameethar got hit with a half eaten cow, then got hit with another person. Literally, picked up my characters friend and beat him with it. One of the more enjoyable events I've had. (Kudos to you, Dizzy, if you read this.) What strengths could you contribute to the Event Team? Are you knowledgeable in lore or great at organizing? Tell us!: Well, I have a few things that might set me apart from others on the event team. I am knowledgeable in lore, due to the fact I've had to study it for my time on the application team. I've only been around since Elysium, but I have looked back on lore that happened during Aegis and Asulon. Along with my knowledge on lore, I do believe I am a good organizer, due to the fact I help organize events for my NJROTC (Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps) unit. By events, I mean community service events and such. But that still requires organization with those who participate. This also helps with the factor of working within a set timeframe, as usually schedules are frantic for such things. The last thing that I consider higher than these other two is my creativity. I have written quite a few short stories in sci-fi, fantasy, or modern style. I tend to stretch my brain, so to speak, and think of some unique things. I think this would be my most useful asset for the event team. Why do you want to be part of the ET?: For the same reason I wanted to join the AT. I've wanted to help people, new and old, on LotC for a while, and my time on the AT has helped me do so. I just have something about me that really enjoys helping people and cooperating with them, trying to make them have fun, even if I do not. I think the ET would be a fantastic opportunity for this, and I sincerely hope I can get that opportunity. And not only is it an opportunity for this, it is an opportunity to bring myself to a higher understanding of what I can create, what I can produce for other people. I like to challenge myself, physically, mentally, all such ways. And mentally, I believe the ET will show me what my limits are, or how I can break them to produce things that I would never have thought of before. Create three distinct RP scenarios/events that you would organize. How long do you plan to stay in the ET?: As long as I'm on the server, or as long as I'm allowed. I'm quite good at managing priorities and getting my time on LotC as well, and that is something I enjoy. So you won't really have to worry about inactivity or life interruptions from me, at least for 3-4 years when I go into the military. Tell me what you want from the ET.: I want the opportunity to meet some great people, and provide them the same fun that some of the ET has provided me. I hope it to be a unique, enjoyable experience, and I don't doubt that it will be.
  22. Gaia_

    The Lord Of Bagel's Et App

    Minecraft name: xXVenomCastXx / legoman315 Skype ID: destoryer900583 Time zone: Mountain standard What do you believe are key factors for a successful event?: Involvment-Whats the point of having an event if no one enjoys it? The amount of people involved in a event can greatly change the outcome of said event. Like if you're having a festival. If theres no one there but you its not a festival. Scene- The event needs to tie in with the scenery. To Flow like a weaved basket. The scene needs to be just right for a specific event, an example of a bad event would be a riot on a peaceful mountain. An example of a good event would be a Summer festival in Lenfarthing. Reasoning- If you have an event there has to be a reason. you can't just have random riot(Idk why Im using rioting as an example) in Abresi for no reason except to riot. You need to be there for a specific purpose. If you have a festival in Lenfarthing It ties in because 1. Halflings are good people 2. The halflings are known for their food and Ale. 3. Lenfarthing is a beautiful place and seems to sprout joy and happiness. Enjoyment- If no one likes the event, then whats the point of having it! I believe that all should love the events they take part in. People do much better things when they are enjoying what they're doing. What type of events are you most interested in creating? I am interested in creating Medium to small events. My Events will usually invole happiness What strengths could you contribute to the Event Team? My imagination. My Patience. And My willingness to change things I come up with. Create three distinct RP scenarios/events that you, as an actor, could create for others (one paragraph each): A Peculiar Ordeal- In the city of Leumaelin, a group of friends is interupted by a young girl, She is panting and manages to say "Come quick, papas being attacked!" She leads the group to a small clearing in the middle of the woods, with nobody in sight. A group of 5 bandits jump out of the trees surrounding the group. They demand for their mina pouches. The players are left to either give up their minas, fight, or try to flee. Ruin- someone comes across a ruin. The small enterance is very dark and covered with skulls. A deep moaning can be heard from inside. If the group/person decides to go in, Then they will be greeted with many booby-traps. Non-deadly things such as loud noises and small rocks falling from the ceiling. Deeper into the ruin, a creature would be spotted, if the group/person brought a light source. A human, crying over a skeleton and he is not hostile. The Group chooses what to do next. A peice of paper- A peice of paper is lying on the side of the road. Should one pick the paper up, it would be not just any ordinary paper, but a map. Leading the person into the woods of malinor. Under a tree is where the map ends. A small pile of disturbed dirt rests on the ground. Should one unbury it, A small box would eventually be unearthed, two feet underground. when opened its contents are revealed. A small pile of 100 minas, A page with very odd symbols on it, and a shiny white stone. The player can choose what to do with the contents. Edit: I would just like to note that I have Loads of spare time(in fact I have /way/ to much), and people can tell you, that when I set my mind to it, it gets done.
  23. emberhard

    [Accepted]Emberhard's Gm App

    By filling out this application I fully understand that it is an application for the purpose of applying for the role of Game Master and nothing else. I understand that this application does not and will not count as a Forum Moderator Application or a Whitelisting Application of any sort for the Lord of the Craft server. You also understand that you must resign from any 'high-ranking' in-game leadership positions e.g. Kingship, Military Commanders upon acceptance. 

Real Name: -snip- 

Roleplaying Name:

 Emberhard MineCraft Name:

 emberhard Joined Server: October 2011 


 18 Time Zone: EST 

Hours Available: ~2-6 depending on the day. 

Do you assume any leadership roles in game?

 I was a mayor twice, military commander, prince of Malinor, and captain of a ship. All roles of which save for being captain I no longer hold. Experience:

 I have been an admin on two public servers, one of which I owned and was just a free build sort of thing, the other which was a PVP faction sort of server (both no longer existing). I will also frequently boot up my own personal server when I want to play with a few friends so I am quite experienced with buckkit plugins, commands, regions, world edit, etc. I was also dev builder for 3.0, myself being one of the primary builders for Malinor, and that along with being a prince for a very long time I had the pleasure of working very closely with a lot of server staff. Reasons to be a Game Moderator:

 So, to put it simply I would like to help the server and Rpers within. Those who know me will know that I do not go out and actively strive for positions of power, yet I will gladly assume one if it is wished of me or I if see myself capable and a need to be filled. I would like to think myself as a patient person with the ability to control myself and be unbiased. A happy disposition is something I think very important among the staff and that is something I think I hold. As I said before, I see myself as capable, with the knowledge of server dynamics and the healthy distance of patient unbiased aspects a GM should hold. As a GM, what area's would you like to focus on? I personally think I would be best suited for taking care of modreqs. Specifically ones concerning server mechanics such as LWC, regioning, falsebook/craftbook, and anything else of that nature that I can offer my expertise on. Though I would be open to all the server I would like to specifically offer myself to Malinor, not to be a biased, pet GM, but since the loss of Oceas it has suffered greatly in getting small, trivial GM-y things done such as regioning homes. 

Players which you conflict with: 

 I did once have a bit of a falling out with Decolamb and others whom no longer play, but I believe we have moved passed that and its all water under the bridge now. A sever experience I would like to say I learned a valuable lesson from. I was a dreadful newb when I first joined and I did rub some of the Dark Brotherhood the wrong way, though just as above all water under the bridge, lesson learned. Any other information you would like to share: I know you fine folk like to see something long and well thought out for applications, it shows responsibility, dedication, professionalism, but I am not a man of many words. Though with that I can assure you that I take care with the thoughts I do bother to publish and that a finite sentence holds just as much meaning as a big fluffy paragraph would. I’m also fairly handsome. (I was told that all apps were denied to clean out this forum. So I just copy-pastad this since seemingly no real verdict was given. If it is otherwise PM me and I will handle it accordingly)