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Found 7 results

  1. This message is written in Ilzakarn - The Inferis Language Greetings, Infernals wandering the mortal plane, devouring the souls of the lessers. This message I have written in hopes of arranging some, Let's say some fun activities, as many of you know we all do exist but not many have seen each other before, for the sake of our interests and making new contacts, I suggest a tournament, one to determine who is the meanest, strongest and most Huk-akal, A place for enemies to be slain, alliances to be made, Bonds to be created through the blood of their fallen. This infernal Get-together has been arranged with the blessing of the "Gashakoduro," The infernal Lich. Participation in the violence will be optional but heavily encouraged; feel free to bring artifacts to sell; consider it a festival of sorts. Where the winner will gain the title of "Vuhd-akal," hold the name with pride, and gain the reputation as the strongest of the demons walking on the mortal plane; one could call this demon Iblees strongest warrior if you want to. Before I reveal the location, I want to say a few words for the more treasures of our kind, and if we find someone led by a bunch of holy xan shitters or other, quote on quote, Noble heroes wannabes, we will swiftly banish you to Azdromozas darkest parts, and make sure all the patrons and below will know of your betrayal which will lead to an internal torment. So keep that in mind. And one more thing, we suggest you bring your mortal souls, where we can hold a sports hunt where the demon gets to devour the souls they catch. Now for the location...[describes location] For the actual location, contact dreameater145 in Discord. Ideally, let your cult leader or king or whatever your representing head person call themself irp, and contact me, and they will tell you guys when and lead you to the place on the day of the event. [This poster can be found in every dark corner of Aevos for all to encounter, but for some to read]
  2. Year 119 of the Second Age, 11th of the Amber Cold. It was a cold, foggy evening in the city of Karosgrad. An unease could be felt in the city coming from the direction of the docks. Lord Marshal Sebastian Bishop has received a report of beasts rising from the depths, terrorizing people at night who traveled the docks of Karosgrad. He rallied his forces at the Brotherhood of Saint Karl barracks and gave them a report of the situation, alongside a speech to remind them what they have sworn to do. Soon, the brave men and women of the Brotherhood marched towards the docks, ready to face any enemy to send them back to their watery graves. [!] A depiction of the brave men and women of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl. Lord Marshal Sebastian Bishop led his Brotherhood of Saint Karl soldiers towards the docks and pier, as his force noticed bubbles arising from the depths below. the Lord Marshal ordered Sergeant Weiss and Lieutenant Barclay to form a squad and take the right and left flank respectively. The Lord Marshal led the group on the pier with a squad consisting of Juan-Augosto del Sol Naciente, Cadet Vander, A’lia Vershar Kervallen, Armsman Onon and Viktor var Ruthern to engage the skeletons on the pier. The Lord Marshal led first, slaying one of the foul undead with a great strike of his massive greatsword. Armsman Onon assisted Cadet Vander as the group mowed through the undead, finishing them off with the efficiency of a well-oiled machine. The left flank led by Lieutenant Barclay, consisting of himself, Wilhelm Von Berkhoven and Initiate Merce had a rougher fight ahead of them, an outnumbered fight against undead skeleton sailors! Yet they persisted, led by their Lieutenant all soldiers fought valiantly as Footman Kortrevich later joined them, truly turning the tide against the undead threat as too they soon got bested by the detachment of the Brotherhood. Meanwhile on the right flank led by Sergeant Weiss, they too fought a tough battle. Cleverly commanded by Sergeant Weiss, they began hacking through the undead with Initiate Skaul, Ki’el and Aries Kruk at the front. They fought like true beasts, showing the skeletons what metal they were made of. Soon the last skeletons had been bested by these brave men of the Brotherhood. As the battle raged on, all the undead had been dealt with before the roar of battle soon turned into an eruption of patriotic cheers from the brave men and women of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl, from the insides of the city these cries could be heard for quite some time before they proudly marched back into the barracks.
  3. Listen closely, young hunters, and hear the tale of the Black Dawn's Rise, as told to me by my mother when I was but a child. In a time long ago, the world was plagued by an unrelenting darkness, an evil that seemed unstoppable. Beasts prowled the land, monsters lurked in the shadows, and demons and dragons ravaged the skies. It was a time of despair, a time when all hope seemed lost. The people of the world lived in fear, for they were powerless against the darkness that threatened to consume them. They prayed to the gods for salvation, but their prayers went unanswered. The darkness grew stronger with each passing day, and it seemed that the world was doomed to eternal night. But then, the Black Dawn rose in the sky, a sign of hope and redemption. The people of the world saw the Black Dawn and knew that they had not been abandoned by the gods. The Black Dawn was a powerful entity, and it sent forth its children, the greatest hunters of the land, to ride forth on horseback and do battle with the evil that threatened to consume the world. These hunters were the bravest and most skilled in the land, but even they were afraid. They knew that they faced terrible odds, for the creatures of darkness were many and their powers were great. The hunters rode out with heavy hearts, knowing that they might not return. But the hunters were not deterred, for they knew that the fate of the world rested on their shoulders. They rode forth with grim determination, facing their fears and steeling themselves for the battles to come. They fought bravely and tirelessly, day and night, never giving up even when it seemed that all was lost. At first, the hunters faced terrible odds, and many of them fell in battle. The darkness seemed overwhelming, and it was easy to lose hope. But the hunters persevered, for they knew that they had no choice but to fight. They battled demons and dragons, outwitted beasts and monsters, and saved countless lives in the process. And so it was that the hunters, with the blessings of the Black Dawn, saved the world from the darkness that threatened to consume it. They were hailed as heroes, and their deeds were remembered for generations to come. Remember this story, young hunters, and never forget the despair that once consumed the world. But also remember that even in the darkest of times, there is always hope. The Black Dawn's Rise reminds us that we can overcome even the greatest of evils, so long as we have the courage and determination to do so. Told by (Kaelin Keldor, the first grand warden of The Black Dawn Hunters association) Join ous today: https://discord.gg/zX2pADZJ
  4. Frenrir Ireheart, a new fresh 31 year old dwarf, with a lot of adventure, in just one irl day. Frenrir is a new dwarf. He was born into the Irehearts and finally decided to do his trials and start his journey. He begun with going to Du Loc, as he heard his fellow bretheren were there. But at his surprise, a dragon was there. Frenrir with the dragon slaying clan in his blood, began to get furious that the Du Loc Guard would not let him in. Instead, a large ugly Oolog stood in his way and kept the gate shut, while calling him gay. Frenrir began to be furious, and asked two people behind him to go on a plan, however they did not follow up on it, and he got even more enranged, to the point that he got ready, thumped the ground and rushed towards the gates with his baldspot first. He hit the gate, making a loud clang but the gate did not leave a dent, and he was sent backwards and landed on his back. This however did not stop Frenrir, he continued to harass the dragon with words and bang on the gate. Eventually the dragon left and this made Frenrir rage in anger and leave, cursing Du Loc for not letting him in. Frenrir rode into the sun, and towards his home Urguan. Upon arrival, he was greeted by Garrond 'Orcbane' Frostbeard. They had a little convo, and it led to the topic of Bravery. Garrond challenged Frenrir to a test of Bravery where Frenrir was stand onto a wall, and Garrond was to throw an axe over his head, you were not allowed to flinch or duck, or you would lose the game. Garrond threw the axe, and Frenrir swallowed fear whole, and did not flinch. The axe went right over his head and he was safe and sound. The game attracted some folk, including another Ireheart. They all had turns, and eventually it came to someone else throwing the axe. Frenrir volunteered, and as he threw the axe, it was starting to fly towards Garrond, which made him duck, losing the game. Garrond called for another try and as he did, Frenrir threw an axe, which cut into Garronds head a little, but Garrond did not duck, nor flinch during the throw. As Frenrir thought it was fair for him to go up next, because of him hurting Garrond, The other Ireheart volunteered to throw. The Ireheart stepped back and gave the axe a good throw, it would hurl towards Frenrir, and knowingly it would be to low, Frenrir called for the gods as it his into his ear, splitting it almost full in half. Frenrir gave a good laugh and put a cloth around it, allowing it to be healed overtime. After a while of chilling in Urguan, another Ireheart came by, they talked about each others trials, which gave Frenrir the idea to go for them, along with the other Ireheart beardling. Garrond came along as they decided to go towards Krugmar. However, no one would open the gate, and they left. After a lot of chilling around Urguan, Frenrir decided to pay a visit to Elysium. Upon arrival, he was greeted with a large gate, after a while of shouting for someone to get it, a woman in large white armor came by, she called for Frenrir and asked him a couple of questions, which Frenrir answered with no hesitation. Then she called upon him to leave his weapons in a nearby chest. Frenrir, hesitant and cautious tried to negotiate, however it went nowhere, to the point a drunkard was having fun of the conversation. As the conversation lead on, and the persuasion was going nowhere, 3 unusual people came by, they said they came from "Yong Pink" apparently the town was called something else, and there was an argument about it, but the group was in red unusual armor, they were let in and left their weapons in the chest. Frenrir had a lot of insults at them and they threw insults back, there was many arguments, but eventually they all decided to get a drink. Finding no bartender and no one to pass them drinks, they just talked at the tavern, until more guards came along. After Frenrir shouted towards them, they came to Frenrir and the group of strange people. They called upon 2 of them. However, the two did not want to go and it turned into an argument. Frenrir was watching from the sidelines, when a woman came in and started giving out drinks. Frenrir won a bet against one of the strange men and got a free drink, which he slowly drank and slowly begun to get somewhat drunk. Frenrir flirted with a dark elf, which eventually slapped his face, and continued to flirt with him after. Everything eventually died down, and the strange group of people left, after dabbing Frenrir up. Frenrir followed and they left the gates of Elysium before, Frenrir noticed an Orc at the gates. He was a large Orc with red skin. And Frenrir challenged him to a duel. Frenrir and the Orc had a negotiation, and an argument about what happens when the other loses. It went from giving each other their balls, to giving each other their tusk, beard, skin, and eventually the Orc asked Frenrir to follow him. They went to the side of the walls and the Orc asked the elf for a knife. The elf passed him a knife and Frenrir knew what was coming. The Orc would give him the skin he wished for. Frenrir called him out and asked him not to but the Orc had lifted a middle finger at him, and then sliced it off. The finger would fall onto the ground and Frenrir, expecting this to happen, slice off his ear that was injured previously. As it fell, he held it, and the 2 complimented each other for being so tough. The Orc healed the dwarf with shaman magic, and then begun the duel. Both sides fought bravely and full of strength, but the Orc was the one who fell at the end. The Orc called it a good fight and so did the dwarf as he picked him up. They both dabbed up, and gave each other their 'sacrifices.' The Orc kept the ear and Frenrir kept the finger for his trials. Frenrir left Elysium happy that day, he met new friends, flirted and won a duel. just something fun to write about, im bored idk lol
  5. Conduits of Enlightenment: Co-Op Edition LM CLARIFICATION, PLEASE READ JISTUMA (FIGHT ME): Background Link to the original lore piece: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/121243-lore-conduits-of-enlightenment/ The mage sat across from his student, taking a few breathes to focus himself. As his mind cleared, he reached out through the void towards his student. However, unlike the process of mental magic, he did not fully “connect” with his student’s mind. Instead, a less direct link was temporarily formed. Upon doing this, the mage then entered a new state of meditation. It didn’t take long for the experienced caster to once again find himself within the realm where he had spent much of his time recently. A realm that could be changed with a single thought, excellent for all sorts of teaching experiences. However, unlike the previous times where he was alone, the link that was established with his student allowed for the student’s consciousness to be brought along. Ability Essentially, this is a fix for the lore that booklight originally wrote, as it was meant to be able to be done with another willing person. All red lines and drawbacks that were originally proposed will be used for this. If this is accepted, then the conduits of enlightenment is now able to bring a secondary person in with the person meditating. This is done by reaching out to another person's mind through the void and creating a link. This link is not a full connection as a mental mage is capable of doing and only allows for a small part of both the caster's and secondary person's conscience to be connected. This does not require much thought and only requires someone to be able to connect to the void and do what a Tier Zero person in mental magic is able to do (look for a mind in the void). Those who don't know how to connect to the void will be unable to perform this. This is not an entirely new magic, but more akin to a magic ritual (such as learning the process for creating a portal). Red Line (Copied from original lore + a new one). - You cannot force others to meditate in this state with you. - You must have a clear state of mind while doing this as it takes a while ICly, so you cannot enter this when being tortured, under much stress, injured, etc. - You cannot actually harm or kill people in this "lucid dream" like state, you can feel slight touch, but you cannot actually feel pain as it’s not meant to be aggressive or harmful in any way. Though, it is possible to train or spar. - Nothing while in the meditation will affect the real world, only the world you think up in your mind can you change. Though when enlightened which is a permanent thing you tend feel slightly more mellow, as this is for non aggressive purposes, and people. - Can't use this to read thoughts, look at memories, or do anything that a mental mage would be able to do to gain insight on another person.
  6. The Peacekeepers Under the warm southern sun and the flutter of the blue and gold banners above Leone Hold the stamping of feet and yelling of orders can be heard echoing through the city.- their chatter soon stops. In view are the Peacekeepers, the protectors and loyal guards of Salvus. They stand tall, decorated in their blue and gold tabards, laiden with the symbol of Salvus, the lion. The Peacekeepers are the active guard force of Salvus, and work to keep the peace in and around our great Republic. We are not referred to as a military force, but moreover a guard force- protectors of people, keepers of liberty. The Peacekeepers work towards and focus on enforcing laws, deterring any hostile threats to Salvus, and of course, keeping the peace. The Peacekeepers recruit simple men, but forge them in the fires of Leone Hold, breaking them and rebuilding them into true foundations of peace and stability. The Peacekeepers take in all who wish to pledge their lives to protect Salvus and uphold the values and laws of the Republic. As a Peacekeeper, one can climb through the ranks as a Valet, Guardian, Sentinel, and eventually a Praetor if one has proved themselves worthy of leading the guard force in the protection of Salvus. As one climbs the ranks, their tabard becomes more decorated, more noteworthy, it becoming a true representation of the Salvian face of Peace and Liberty. Service and accomplishment medals will be awarded to those who complete their training and show dedication and service. Ranks Upon becoming a Guardian, the Peacekeeper is evaluated overall, and then placed among one of three divisions. Sworn, Ranger or Ironshield. Divisions Current Leadership Chancellor: David Campos Praetor: Tahjeet Mubdee Sentinels: Ehsan Mubdee- Defenses, Sanctus D’Archis- Recruitment, Dagr Vanir- Training, K’amo Shadd- Rangers Application Any new recruits should be reminded that the Peacekeeper force is here to protect and serve the fair Salvians, and any weak or lesser than us. You will not abuse your power as a Peacekeeper. Anyone who believes they have the right to do this, will be punished for their actions.
  7. Trier Garrison The Trier Garrison is the soldiers located within in the County of Trier, who are housed, trained, and fed there. They act as a support role for the Royal Oren Army, providing assistance in various jobs such as siege-works infantry, and anything else needed. Soldiers are trained in the use of longswords, crossbows or longbows, halberds, shieldwork, and siege weapons. Specialists can be trained in other weapons, or if they are proficient with a weapon or style, they are free to use that, such as two handed swords, or axes. Armor and weaponry are given, along with boarding and food. It's within walking distance to the Capital, meaning easy access to the pubs and taverns, or shops. Duties of the Garrison when not in battle, it patrols, scouting, and keeping the peace around Trir, and the area surrounding the Capital, and other special jobs, such as raiding bandit groups, or other unsatisfactory factions. Recruit: Newly recruited soldiers who have little to no battle experience. They receive training and armor and weaponry upon proving battle competence, which would elevate them to a Footman. Footman: Those who have been promoted from Recruit, or have proven they are battle tested and competent fighters. They are given armor, assigned to a unit, and weaponry. Usually chain armor with plate mixed in, depending on current stocks. They are given armor and weapons on request. Sergeant: Sergeants lead units, and are in charge of giving orders to Footmen and recruits during operations and missions, or even patrol. They are given plate armor, weaponry, and supplies upon request, depending on current stocks. They take orders from captains, and have proven their worth as a leader, and veteran soldier. Captain: Captains are usually part of the Heinzreich family, or those who have outshone their others, and proven to be model warriors, and astounding leaders. They give orders and assignments to Units, and report to the Count of Trier directly. They have unlimited access to supplies, and private quarters.
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