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  1. I remember you!!


    1. Varstivus


      Hi, yes, Var is back in town.

  3. Hey all. I need an alt character, so I was wondering who was in the EST time zone and might like a bodyguard type character for their own? The character would have been a mercenary, RPly hired and MCly provided armour and weapons. The character he would be accompanying would preferably be one with some sense of honour, and would obviously have to be of enough renown and standing that it would in fact make sense that they would hire some such.

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    2. spqrSancus


      Eh. It's an alt, so I doubt it'd be like that. It's a character I'd like to just be able to hop onto whenever, basically.

    3. Jonificus


      I am intredasted

    4. spqrSancus


      Sorry, but may or may not be doing another alt. PM me your proposal anyhow, let us see!

  4. May be coming back. Haven't played on this server in ages, and maybe some of you might remember me, others might not. Who knows?

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    2. TheBreadmannn


      Ayeeee, I remember you. Used to be 'assassinmaster56' kek

    3. spqrSancus
    4. Ezo Karasuga

      Ezo Karasuga

      i remember you  - rhcrow

  5. Oooh wait, I'm an old hat now? When did I become an Old Hat? :D

  6. How do you embed vids on forum posts again?

  7. IRL has caught up with me again. Gonna be inactive for the rest of the holidays, looks like. Should be back in a few days or so. Sorry guys!

  8. Would like to remind everyone that 2nd Gen Graven must be approved by me. As of now, there are three: The Sentinel, the Captain, and Radac.

  9. Asul'athri walks around the new-born city, high up upon their plateau. It is growing more lively with every day, but each and every day, more threats arise to halt the progress of the new city. And more and more, it became apparent that their long-sought peace would soon be broken - not by mortal men, but by Undead ranks. Hammers strike the anvils, and swords and armour take shape. Bowstrings snap, and arrows crack against their sullen make-shift targets. And birds in flock carry letters to the four corners of the earth, to all those whom would attempt to fight against the Undead. "The Fragments of Silver prepare. We march with you against the Betrayer and his ilk."
  10. Merry Christmas! :D

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