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  1. Name: Felix Race: sumthing idk Pick for Sheriff: Spuds Pick for mayor: bob
  2. MC name: ggooose1 Wrestling name: The Clown Queen Discord: ggooose1 Can you do a cartwheel? yes
  3. Felix burst out laughing as the missive was delivered. Shaking his head he prepares his best outfit.
  4. can we get this guy banned for discrimination ?
  5. Behavior isse se Wild Issued on the 12th, of Maegor’s Expidition of 5 AST. An Introduction to the Wilds of Aeltarys The Principality of Aeltarys sits on a treasure trove of unique flora and fauna, however, some may not know the proper etiquette when interacting with the creatures of the wild. Below, you will find an extensive guide to dealing with many of the friendly and not-so-friendly beasts of the mountains of Aeltarys. When Encountering a Passive Creature Several passive, or even friendly creatures roam the lands we live on, such as Snorgi, Gold Goats, Neveli Boars, Stoneback Aveta, and Volopo Fowls. These animals are passive by nature, skittish, and more likely to flee upon confrontation. Should you encounter these animals, do not make loud, startling noises or draw weaponry near them. Instead, move calmly and quietly, lowering weaponry slowly until you are able to be perceived as a ‘non-threat’ by these animals. Almost all of these animals will flee once they have spotted any descendant, in which you are NOT to interrupt its flight, nor inhibit its path. This can cause the animal to turn aggressive and may lash out in defense. When Encountering a Hostile Creature Despite the cold, harsh environment of the mountains, there are several hostile creatures to watch out for, including the Manticore, Thundermaw Ravens, and Frostrum Vipers. These animals will attack upon perceiving you as a threat. The Manticore nest is often tucked away in caves or caverns. Should one stumble upon a cave that smells faintly of sulfur, one should turn around immediately, locate a friend and return home as quickly and quietly as possible. The Manticore are lure hunters, so keep an eye out for unusual rock formations or pathways. Thundermaw Ravens are fiercely intelligent creatures, and while passive if treated with respect and interacted without making yourself a threat, they can be quite a treat to preen. However should you make a threat toward these great birds, the fallout can be quite deadly. Should you encounter a Thundermaw pack, the author recommends backing away slowly, without turning your back on the pack. Stand your ground and continue backward until you are out of their sight, then continue your journey on a different path. Frostrum Vipers are ambush predators, burrowing in the snow and waiting until you step too close. To avoid this, if you spot a patch of snow that looks suspiciously snake-shaped, find a nearby stick and gently brush it near the area. If a Viper appears, allow it to flee, and move on with your journey. Should you be bitten, find a local hospital or clinic as soon as possible. Zālagon Jehikagrī, HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, Arabella Valraenos of Pavia, Grand Princess of the Aeltarosi, Princess of Dragonclaw, Lady of Pavia, Lady of Atalais, Lady of Erice, Lady of Austerone Mister Felix Scribbins Scales Advisor of the Orbar Court, Arcane Zoologist
  6. Gotrek Union Persona ID: #77570 Username:ggooose1 Persona Name: Felix
  7. Felix continues brewing bombs.
  8. im glad you poopoo'd man
  9. Delphinium Nacht nods her head, reading over the missive with a small smile.
  10. Name: Arthur Vildrthorn IGN: ggooose1 Age: 249 Residence: St Amyas Hospital
  11. IGN : ggooose1 Disc: ggooose1#7503 Skin/Art:
  12. still waiting for the halloween results too tbh
  13. just tag me next time omg 😍 im sorry my redstone contraptions are better than yours 💋❤️
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