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Found 2 results

  1. The Abdication of a Brewer [!] Within the Grand King’s Palace of Urguan’s capital city, Kal’Darakaan, whose stone hewn walls are carved into the mountain itself, Levian’Tol sits at an oaken table before a hearth. Like many of his brethren, a pipe rests between his lips while his dark gaze traverses the paper before him. Each word is inked carefully, each sentence finished without flourish. It was not every day that a King informs his kin of a voluntary change in regime. Denizens of Urguan and my kin, Though I was elected Grand King nae even an age ago, I am content with what I have done. I now realize I face a path that every monarch before I has had to tread - that of forcing one’s reign to continue or stepping down and allowing another to serve our Nation. Our past kings have chosen the former. They have refused to reject power that is not their own and our people have suffered for it. Yet, I seek to chase a different future. In my time, I have served Urguan with faith and loyalty from atop the Obsidian Throne. I have led the legion, brought renewed wealth and prosperity not just to the halls of Kal’Darakaan, but to all the lands of the Grand Kingdom. Urguan has grown strong with my incorporation of The Unified Domain of Vortice and the collapse of Krugmar into the Iron’Uzg fueled by dwedmar blades. The vast auxiliaries of our borders now stand to supplement the dwedmar legion each time we go into battle. The Crimson Edict, with their age-old grudge against slavery defeated for the foreseeable future, assist the Lord Justicar in discovering and stemming any outbreak of corruption against our nation. The Order of the Golden Lion stands ready in their Keep of Sunbreak to lash out against any incursion, be it from the void or otherwise. South Sedan, Vasoyevi, Stygian Hollow, Lubba’s Keep, and Myrine all stand proudly with the Grand Kingdom. Our enemies are theirs, and theirs ours. The Mages Guild has returned once more and the Remembrancer Library stands finally completed with scholars from all the lands of Almaris eager to study inside its tall walls. In the days of old, eons ago, we Dwedmar once had an Empire. I return to you now, my people, the closest we have come to that legacy in many stone years. I hope only that my successor has the intelligence to build on what I have done, rather than letting it regress to isolationism. Let Urguan swell with the riches I have gathered and flourish with the denizens I have brought in. To my kin, my dwedmar, the future of Urguan rests now in your hands. May the Brathmordakin guide your paths as they have guided mine. ~ Grand King, Levian’Tol Grandaxe [!] The Grand King would deliver a short hand version of this letter before his council before removing the Crown of Urguan, given to him from hands of Grand Emperor Rhewen Frostbeard himself, from his head and placing it infront of his Lord Justicar, Ulfric Frostbeard, as he left the Obsidian Throne for the last time to the sounds of his kins cheers. OOC:
  2. As issued 10th of The Sun's Smile, 4 2A MILITARY FINANCIAL ALLOCATION ACT It is the sovereign duty of the Grand Council to guarantee that the Legion of Urguan is not only active but properly equipped. In the past, this duty has been left to the oversight of the Grand Merchant and the Grand King, however, those charged with the upkeep of the Legion have neglected their duties, placing the burden upon the Grand Marshal and his officers. This dereliction of responsibility was successful in the past only because of the abundance of wealth that the Grand Kingdom enjoyed. Yet in recent times, a lack of funds has been felt throughout the continent, leaving the Legion struggling to acquire sufficient capital to support its infrastructure. Thus, we now find it necessary to form a proper budget for the Legion, allowing the Grand Marshal and his officers the appropriate funds required to fulfill their obligations both to protect the Kingdom during times of peace and to ready the military for any future conflicts. SECTION I - THE LEGION BUDGET The pay scale for the Legion may only be adjusted through the Grand Council of Urguan, although the Grand Marshal may pay bonuses to legionnaires directly from the Legion Reserve. The payment of each member is based on their rank, and the pay will be as follows: Grand Marshal: N/A Commander: N/A Legate: 24 Minae Pridebearer: 20 Minae Longbeard: 16 Minae Ironbreaker: 12 Minae Stoneguard: 8 Minae Grunt: 4 Minae Based on the pay scales outlined, the Legion of Urguan shall receive funds from the Treasury of the Grand Kingdom. The number of funds allotted to the Legion will be revised on a biennial (every two years) basis, to account for any growth in the legion. The redefining of the Budget is to be a collective effort between the Grand Merchant and the Grand Marshal. SECTION II - THE LEGION RESERVE It has always been the nature of the Legion that those who work, receive compensation, and those who do not work will not receive compensation. As a result, there may be an excess of funds at the end of some years. Thus we propose a Legion Reserve, governed by the following regulations: The Legion Reserve is to be controlled directly by the Grand Marshal and is to be dispensed at his discretion, so long as it is to benefit the Legion. Examples of Proper dispensation of funds include, but are not limited to: The payment of new legionnaires. The acquisition of arms and armor. The payment of bonuses to legionnaires that excel in their service. The payment of Legion sponsored events. The payment required to maintain the Legion of Urguan Mission System. This reserve is limited to a maximum of 2,000 minae but it may be raised through the will of the Grand Council. Any surplus mina will be remitted directly to the Kingdom. Donations made directly to the Legion will also go directly into this reserve and thus be under the purview of the minae limit. SECTION III - STATUTES & REVISALS This bill reaffirms the Grand King’s innate sole authority over the Legion. The Grand King may at choice reject the spending of the Legion Reserve. Furthermore, in order to check the powers granted to the Grand Marshal and the Legion by this document. The Grand King, as well as the Grand Merchant, will be granted the power to audit The Legion Budget and Legion Reserve at any time. Upon their request, the Grand Marshal will be required to provide detailed financial documents that show when and how the Legion’s Funds are being utilized. If some discrepancy is found in these documents, the Grand Marshal will be held legally accountable and will be investigated for fraud. Furthermore, if implemented, any section of this proposal is subject to change through a simple majority vote of the Grand Council. Such proposals may include a change to legion payscale, adjusted regulation of the Legion Reserve, implementation of additional oversight, etc. Jórvin son of Kazrin, of the Elder Clan of Starbreaker, Grand King of Urguan’s Folk, Clan-Lord of Gotrek’s Folk, Lord of Kal'Darakaan, Tal'Sjorvath, and Kal’Evraal, Bane of the Neverborn, Slayer of Gazardiael and Savior of the Realm, Founding Member of the Council of the Fourth Grand Kingdom of Urguan, Beloved by the Brathmordakin, Keeper of the Great Book of Grudges.
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