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  1. Bakir Ireheart depicts an artistic image of recent historical events..
  2. I wanted to be a Dragon Knight so bad
  3. If the U.S defeats England in the World Cup today, football is now soccer. No debate. 

  4. If the U.S beats England in the World Cup, football is now soccer. No discussion

    1. The King Of The Moon

      The King Of The Moon

      U.S.A. didn't qualify for the last world cup and have yet to achieve a better result than the 3rd place reached in 1930. If they beat England (unlikely) they'll still have to convince almost every other country, which uses some sort of translation or localised pronunciation of 'football'.

      In conclusion: if U.S.A. WINS this world cup, I will personally petition for the U.K. to become the 51st state and forever misspell my emotes on LoTC with excessive 'Z's and without 'U's until the end of my days. That's how confident I am that it won't happen (inb4 miracle occurs).

  5. You forgot to mention the OOC politics and cliques as well
  6. Lotc has officially gone downhill if they made a Canadian dwarf player mod
  7. Kor'Garr is coming back. Just thought you should know.

    1. Elite Snipes

      Elite Snipes

      Welcome back man! I play in the dwarves currently, you’re welcome to stop by

  8. THE ALMARIS OLYMPICS Consisting of the entirety of Almaris, the Almaris Olympics brings together the descendants to feast and compete for great titles, wealth and recognition. While many similar gatherings have been held in the distant past, the Almaris Olympics will mark its name in history as one of the largest competitions known to date. JUDGES A vital part of the games, judges not only assist in organizing the events, but also choose the fate for the competitors for each competition. MERCHANTS AND CULTURE The Games are a major attraction for all races and provide a great avenue to find exotic items only available from certain parts of the world. Merchants and Kingdoms alike are encouraged to set up tents and stalls, selling their goods and showing off their culture and way of life. GAMES Every decade, the Almaris Olympics presents new competitions and games for competitors to compete. The Following games are for the first iteration of the Almaris Olympics. JOUSTING TOURNAMENT Drawn from the most ancient art of horseplay, the jousting event is the first competition for the Almaris Olympics. Competitors are expected to bring their finest bred horse to the tournament as well as pay a small fee for entering. Upon entering the competition, the finest horse riders of the realm have assembled, and will compete for a great sum prize, alongside recognition from each Kingdom of Almaris. PRIZE 2k Mina DRINKING CONTEST While most may not consider drinking a sport, the art of downing the strongest drinks known to man is certainly a sight to behold. Commissioned by the Kings and Queens of Almaris, the strongest brew will be made for such an occasion, and will challenge even the most skilled alcoholics of the realm. PRIZE 2k Mina THE GRAND TOURNAMENT The crown jewel of the Almaris Olympics, the greatest champions from around the world compete in the largest competition known in history for the title of Champion of Almaris. Fighting for fame, riches and glory, The Grand Tournament requires a small entry fee to enter to compete for a prize large enough to fill a great lake. PRIZE 7k Mina Champion of Almaris NATIONS Nations participating in the games is the most important aspect. Several Kingdoms, and peoples alike join to put forth their best champions and competitors in hopes of bringing fame and glory to themselves and their respective nation. The following list are the main signatory nations competing in the Olympics. Signatory Nations: Grand Kingdom of Urguan The Kingdom of Haense The Kingdom of Balian The Principality of Celia'nor The Vale of Nevaehlen The Kingdom of Aaun The Kingdom of Norland
  9. Bakir Ireheart smiles as Ser Flemius speaks the truth, finishing his drink he’d quietly think to himself. “I hope the church one days sees sense.”
  10. 3rd of The Deep Cold. A DAY OF IRE ᚨ ᛞᚨᚤ ᛟᚠ ᛁᚱᛖ This stone month, our people have had their fill of festivities, with weddings occurring every other week and new dwarves arriving from the treacherous mountains, reuniting with their kin. Our people thrive and our Kingdom flourishes with peace around the realm. To celebrate such an occasion, The Grand Kingdom announces two great events to take place in the coming weeks. A GRAND WEDDING ᚨ ᚷᚱᚨᚾᛞ ᚹᛖᛞᛞᛁᚾᚷ The Grand King announces with great pride, a ceremony of the ages to officialize two dwarves in marriage before the Gods. Grand King, Bakir Ireheart shall be married to Ealisaid of Clan Mossborn, and officially be crowned as the Queen of Urguan. With such an occasion, the finest mead shall be brewed with the look of gold to present to the guests of this great feast. A GRAND TOURNAMENT ᛏᚺᛖ ᚷᚱᚨᚾᛞ ᚲᚺᚨᛗᛈᛁᛟᚾ ᛏᛟᚢᚱᚾᚨᛗᛖᚾᛏ To honor the newly crowned Grand Queen of Urguan, and the guests from around the realm. A royal tournament shall take place for all guests to enjoy. To heighten the stakes, a prize of 1,500 Mina shall be given to the winner of the tournament. The Grand Kingdom formally invites its closest allies, friends, and kin, to each ceremony to celebrate and feast amongst the halls of Kal’Darakaan. The following Kingdoms and peoples are invited. The Kingdom of Haense The Kingdom of Balian The Kingdom of Malinor The Principality of Sedan The State of Lurin The citizens of Khron’Hundmar Event Date 10/30/2022, At 4 pm EST.
  11. MC Name: mkIreheart_ Discord: Elite Snipes#3582 Image: .254324543 Description of Image: My Clan hall needs some decorations depicting dwarves, will place it up in the Ireheart clan hall. Dimensions: 2x2
  12. MC Name: mkIreheart_ Discord: Elite Snipes#3582 Image: Description of Image: An ancient tapestry of the dwarves past Kingdoms. Will be placing in the royal hall for histoical purposes. Dimensions: 2x2
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