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  1. ᛒᚨᛏᛏᛚᛖ ᛟᚠ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚺᛟᛟᚴ BATTLE OF THE HOOK ᛒᚨᛏᛏᛚᛖ ᛟᚠ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚺᛟᛟᚴ On a calm sunny day, two Frostbeards sat on the bridge of Norland and fished in hopes of catching a meal for the night. The Norlandic river, famed for its exotic fish, attracted the Frostbeard duo to try their luck. With the Brathmortakin smiling upon them due to their recent victories, the Frostbeards quickly hauled in one fish after another. Though this simple fishing trip was quickly ruined by the sound of a Norlandic warhorn, sounding the alarm and the city guard positioning on the walls. The Frostbeards quickly noticed this and sent word back to Urguan. A quick reaction force combined with Ferrymen, Frostbeards, and Irehearts quickly departed to assist the two peaceful fishermen. The Norlandic guard quickly formed at the gates, griping their spears and yelling insults at the two Frostbeards, evidently showing they intended to shed dwarven blood. As the reaction force arrived, the Norlandic party swiftly pushed out their city and met the dwarven party on the road, but with further reinforcements. The Norlandic party rallied behind their commander, showing their full strength, reinforced by their allies from the Vale as well as Adria. As each side faced off, it was evident that the dwarves were vastly outnumbered, numbering only 140 men compared to the combined rally of 250 men from Norland, Adria, and the Vale. Thirsting for dwarven blood, the battle quickly ensued, by the Norlandic charging forward into the dwarven party. The highly skilled party of dwarves quickly retreated, going to split off in teams in the woods as they fell back in an attempt to split off the large group of Norlanders. Each party skirmished back and forth on the road, exchanging bow fire and surging forward, but as the battle prolonged, the Norlanders quickly began to be picked off by the higher-trained force of dwarves. The Norlandic commander foolishly calling a push swiftly retreated back down the road towards the city, though this was the fatal killing blow for the Norlanders as the dwarven party swiftly pushed through the retreating party, picking off stragglers and eventually slaying the Norlandic commander. With their leader dead and their force losing more than half their numbers, the Norlanders quickly pulled back into the city, shutting the gates and cowering in fear. The Dwarven party, only losing 10 men, let out a victorious warcry before returning home with a Norland prisoner, releasing him on his way in respect for his capabilities as a warrior. But let it be known that the Norlanders willfully attacked two peaceful dwarven fishermen who offered no harm or threat to innocent civilians. The failures as well as cowardice of King Balon's ‘The Handless’ is evident, he refuses to acknowledge his wrongdoing in the war and sends needless warriors to their deaths for a war of his own making. King Balon and Mirven of the Vale, we will not rest until dwarven justice is achieved, with or without further bloodshed.
  2. Bakir Ireheart smiles the suns smile as he sees the demise of Norland coming to fruition.
  3. Vengeance in Green ᛞᛖᚨᛏᚺ ᛏᛟ ᚲᛚᚨᚾ ᚷᛟᛚᛞᚺᚨᚾᛞ As word spread throughout the nation of the Goldhand slaughter and missives were sent from the perpetrators bragging about their victory, word soon came to the doorstep of former Grand King Bakir Ireheart. Upon hearing the news, Bakir angrily grabbed his axe, slamming it onto the table in his clan hall, grabbing a pen and paper he’d send out missives to his fellow Clan mates as well as to the current Grand King, Garedyn Mossborn. “A great tragedy has occurred within our Kingdom. Loyal servants, esteemed advisors, and innocent dwarves have been slaughtered needlessly by their own blood. Conan Goldhand, a great friend of mine, an esteemed general, and the best Kings Hand I had during my reign, was slaughtered without a second thought. He deserved death on his terms, but this was taken away. Thalgrim Goldhand, although once a traitor to the kingdom and a coward he, was still a dwarf who had every right to an honorable and great death, but this, like Conan, was taken away. Goimbar, a servant to the kingdom and a loyal legionnaire was taken and held against his will and tortured. All these dwed, regardless of your opinions of them, did not deserve this fate, they were Urguans children, they were servants of Kingdom, and they were your kin. The honorless, traitorous, and Khorvadic acts of Torsun Goldhand, Rylanor Goldhand, and Davli Goldhand will not go unanswered by me, nor by Yavoks kin. We will hunt each of you down, cut out your innards and throw you to the deepest parts of the mountain where you shall be no more than a cursed memory upon our people. Let the Gods, as well as the Grand King, bear witness to my oath, I will avenge Conan Goldhand, Thalgrim Goldhand, Goimbar Goldhand and wipe out the line of the remaining traitorous goldhands. Let it be known to those who go to harbor any of these honorless Goldhands, that a grudge shall fall upon you for eternity.” Elder of Clan Ireheart, Bane of the Orcs, Bane of Philip III
  4. Bakir Ireheart cleaned his blade after slaying multiple Norlanders. He'd smile as he recollected the sight of the main Norlandic leaders being slain within the first five minutes of the battle. "Iron from Ice! I hope King Balon recognizes he's unable to win this conflict, for his sake."
  5. Bakir Ireheart chuckled as he watched the half naked dwarves returned from battle "Embarrassing, we weren't even prepared for a battle and we won. So much for Norland not being the aggressors!"
  6. Bakir Ireheart shook his head seeing the missive from his Ex-Wife. "As my former wife and Grand Queen, I thought you realized peace and diplomacy is not always the answer. Dwarves were attacked, mutilated and as of this stone day, killed. To claim your own father is a puppet to my clan is disgraceful as you have met my kin and seen how we truly care for Urguan. Its clear to me Ulfric has brainwashed you with his delusional view of Urguan. Do not go down the same route he has, and alienate your own family."
  7. Bakir Ireheart smiles "The two strongest clans united together. We shall achieve greatness."
  8. Bakir "Orcs Blood" Ireheart shakes his head as he looked at the missive "A final chance for peace with an honorless people. Let us hope they make the right choice."
  9. The Wronged: Clan Ireheart The Assailant: The Vale The Wrong: Betraying Urguan, leaving the dwarves to fight alone as they were sieged by the Mori. Insulting Clan Ireheart and insulting the honor of two former Grand Kings. Date of Wrongdoing: 133 S.A Terms of Settlement: The ear of Mirven and her spouse, a payment of 1k mina and a barrel of Netherite ore.
  10. The Wronged: Bakir Ireheart and Clan Ireheart The Assailant: Ulfric Frostbeard The Wrong: Undermining the clan, insulting Bakir, questioning the honor of Clan Ireheart, deception and running from an honor duel. Date of Wrongdoing: 133 S.A. Terms of Settlement: A duel to the death or a debearding The Wronged: Bakir Ireheart and Clan Ireheart The Assailant: Thalgrim Goldhand The Wrong: The insulting of Clan Ireheart, Bakir's sons and the constant slighting of Bakirs and the Clans honor and role. Finally, for giving Clan Ireheart his word and then breaking his word in full display of the clan. Date of Wrongdoing: 133 S.A. Terms of Settlement: The Debearding of Thalgrim and an item requested by Clan Ireheart containing the apology of Thalgrim Goldhand
  11. Bakir Ireheart shakes his head "Thank you Agnar 'The Idle' for keeping the seat warm for the next Grand King." He'd exit the throne room going to grab a drink hoping to forget the disappointing reign of his own father.
  12. A FAILED KING During the election, after Bakir Ireheart’s abdication from Grand King, Agnar Grandaxe promised many things in his campaign, from military prosperity to giving benefits to Hefrumm. Agnar failed to deliver on these promises, failed to adhere to his message during his campaign, and failed to demonstrate authentic leadership as Grand King. FALSE PROMISES Agnars reign has been littered with many faults, including the promises made during his campaign. One instance of this is the failure to adhere to his promise of expanding the guilds and making trade a central focus. Agnar additionally promised prosperity of trade and involvement of the workers guild in the affairs of enriching the nation. Unfortunately, under Agnar’s reign, the guilds have not grown, inactive guild leaders have not been removed, and no economic prosperity has occurred. As Grand King, your responsibility is to the safety of your people, and to do so, one must ensure the military is strong and ready at a moment's notice. Agnar failed to reform the Obsidian Guard, allowing it to fall into stagnation, and failed to hold a singular training between Urguan and our allies. Agnar additionally has failed to follow up on his promise to give hefrumm a renewed constitution as well as an independent economy and bank. For many years now, under the leadership of Agnar Grandaxe, he has continually failed to properly respect and cooperate with Hefrumms community leaders, creating a sense of distrust between the Grand King and the people of Hefrumm. Finally, Agnar promised to amend the articles, to change the laws of Urguan, and provide a system more manageable for future Kings. This he failed to do. He not only failed to address the root problems within Urguan but also failed to talk to the clans to communicate and get their feedback about the rewrite in order to gain an idea of what Urguan truly wanted. The Weaknesses of Agnar Agnar, despite being removed from Grand Marshal and banished from his own clan, achieved the rank of Grand King. He promised to put his foot down when needed and to show strength when diplomacy failed. This is wise for a King, peace through strength. Though this was the complete opposite of how Agnar portrayed himself during his reign. Agnar, when faced with an attack on his city by the ferrymen, fled and hid inside his clan hall as his fellow dwarves fought and died to drive the raiders outside of the city. He neglected leading his kin into battle as his home was invaded, failed to inspire confidence in his troops, and finally failed to lead with courage as a King must surely do. Agnar, after the battle in the city had ended, was faced with another trial that could rectify his cowardice. Agnar, despite witnessing Thalgrim Goldhands defiance to ring the bell and to help the city in its defense, allowed Thalgrim to go free without consequence, leaving it to the Irehearts to do the Kings justice he himself did not have the courage to do. Agnar once again shows his lack of backbone through his lackluster response to the Vale leaving Urguan while it was being invaded by the Mori. Instead of seeking justice, rallying them back, or grudging them, Agnar had allowed the Vale to willfully betray Urguan in our time of need, allowing good dwed to die at the hands of the mori when we were under siege. After the fall of Kal’Darakaan, Agnar disappeared from the public eye, not setting up a camp of refuge for dwarves leaving Urguan. Additionally, Agnar remained unseen for many months as the dwarves fled the doom of Almaris. Instead of leading his people by creating a temporary hold on the island of Failor, he remained unseen until the discovery of Aevos. Despite all this, the people of Urguan can be forgiving, and surely the Grand King will settle us in a place where we are secure, well-defended, and in a magnificent city. Despite this, Agnar failed on the task that he could have been praised for in the coming centuries, a new city. Agnar, despite his many years of service in the legion and his decades of experience, designed and allowed the dwarves of Urguan to build and settle into a less-than-decent city. At the base of a rich and large mountain, the city of Kal'Kadrelaz is weak, a sore to the eye, and simply unprepared. For centuries, dwarves have prided themselves on building magnificent cities. Cities that would awe humans, elves, and orcs alike by the various statues, defenses, riches, and designs. Agnar neglected all of these aspects within the city, even going as far as making the tavern and throne room hard to find within the city. Grand King Agnar additionally failed to deliver proper stables for dwarves to breed cattle for food and farms for dwarves to grow wheat, potatoes, sugar cane, and much more. He additionally failed to deliver us an aviary with the means of properly communicating with the rest of the descendants and finally failed to provide an area for guilds and groups to place their halls to gather. Finally, Agnar "The Sleepy" Grandaxe, you have failed to maintain the people's trust, and you have now lost the people's faith. The Clans of Urguan made it clear they do not wish for you to remain King. Despite this, you wish to hold onto the crown a little longer. Agnar "The Sleepy" Grandaxe, you promised to step down within the next 4 stone days. We shall respect your wish and allow you to step down with dignity on the fourth day, but if you break your word and sit on the Obsidian Throne a day more than you swore, the Clans of Urguan shall promptly remove you from your role as Grand King of the Dwarves. The Grand Kingdom of Urguan needs a new King.
  13. Date: 13th of the Deep Cold TOP HEADLINES ᛏᛟᛈ ᚺᛖᚨᛞᛚᛁᚾᛖᛋ UAID ends Urguan Famine As the great dwarves of Urguan settled within their homes in the new city of Kal'Kadrelaz, several reports of a lack of food and water spread throughout the realm. Although Grand King Agnar ‘The Sleepy’ ignored his citizen's concerns, several local officials within the city called for the assistance of UAID’s recently emerged food aid program. Chief Executives Bakir Ireheart and Conan Goldhand swiftly responded to the call, delivering bushels of grain, potatoes, greens, and drink to the Urguan people. Along with deliveries of food, UAID sent workers to establish fresh farms and they have begun training the Urguan people to grow their own food. THE GRAND KING’S FEAST For several days now, the Urguan people have been gathering in the tavern to discuss the upcoming feast held by the Grand King himself, Agnar Grandaxe. The dwarves, known for their great drinking abilities and their long-lasting feasts have been hoarding up their alcohol and recent rations from the organization UAID in preparation for the feast. Some citizens report crews of craftsmen working all throughout the night to prepare for the great feast planned for tomorrow. DWARF DAILY; TAVERN REVIEW Dwarves, unmatched in the strength of their alcohol, recently opened a new tavern called the Dancing Igor. One of our Senior reporters, Garrond Frostbeard, recently visited the tavern and reported on several aspects, including the customer service, deals, prices and quality of the goods served. One major aspect noticed just by walking into the tavern was the smell of fresh food and drink served by the dwarven barkeeps. The multiple barkeeps at your disposal serve fresh food and drink quickly. Another positive aspect observed by the DD is the prices of the food and drinks served by the drinking Igor. With prices as low as three minas for drinks and two for food, the Dancing Igor provides affordable food/drinks for all who visit. Unfortunately, according to our reporters, customer service was inexperienced. Many of our anonymous reporters disguised as normal customers reported new employees reacting slowly and sometimes unresponsive to food orders. Finally, one of our reporters observed a lack of deals and specials for visitors, such as Ex-monarchs and Grand Kings. In conclusion, we believe the Dancing Igor has an affordable and welcoming environment that provides freshly cooked food and freshly brewed drinks for any traveler, ranging from sweet small drinks to strong drinks that will take down an experienced drinker. With this in mind, the dancing Igor needs to improve their employees' training in the customer service field and develop eye-catching specials to treat important guests when visiting. MINE SCANDAL Reports by early dwarf settlers of Kal’Kadrelaz claimed that dwarves were peacefully laboring in the mines until suddenly, the ore was raided by foreign miners! Swift panic swept as the Grand King, Agnar Grandaxe, had a door administered and locked, placing a mining tax upon many human and foreigner miners. Dwarves were allowed freely to mine as their right as Thalgrim Goldhand was delegated to replicate the key by the Grand King but failed to make copies for Stewards, making it a challenge for some Dwarves to gain access. Thus Bostone Grimgold took it into his own hands, hired a locksmith, and began distributing keys among all the dwarves of the city. Upon return to the mines, it was found that the Iron Door was reported missing and ripped off its hinges! Did the Grand King lose the keys again?! Contact Urguan Legion Authorities if you have seen this door! Article written by: Duren Ireheart Garrond Frostbeard Bakir Ireheart © 13th of the Deep Cold / DD - Dwarven Daily
  14. ᛁᚱᛖᚺᛖᚨᚱᛏ ᛏᚱᚨᛞᛁᛏᛁᛟᚾᛋ Ireheart Traditions - The Bone Throne For centuries, the bone throne has been the seat of power for Clan Ireheart. Made out of dragon bones from the dragons Kjell slew, the bones signify the ancient lineage of the Irehearts and their reputation as warriors and dragonslayers. ORIGIN The origin of the bone throne is often misconceived as being a tradition made by Kjell himself, but this has been disproven. Under the leadership of Clan Father Utak Ireheart, he constructed the bone throne with the clan's most masterful craftsmen in order to display the glory of the Clan. Using the bones from the dragons Kjell slew, Utak created a throne worthy of the Ireheart Clan Father. TRADITIONS Head Collecting ᚺᛖᚨᛞ ᚲᛟᛚᛚᛖᚲᛏᛁᚾᚷ Regarded as ‘barbaric’ and un-dwarf-like, the head collection tradition is held sacred by the members of Clan Ireheart. Originated by Utak Ireheart and Bakir Ireheart, head collection became a tradition that is now practiced by modern-day Irehearts, displaying their kills and accomplishments on the bone throne. Often heads are to be a large variety, from a simple bandit who crossed a son of Kjell, to a Rex’s head. Weapon Collecting ᚹᛖᚨᛈᛟᚾ ᚲᛟᛚᛚᛖᚲᛏᛁᚾᚷ Similar to the head collection tradition, weapon collection is a relatively recent tradition, only originating a couple of centuries ago. As an Ireheart comes home from battle, they make a choice to either give up the weapon of their enemies or take it from themselves. Often Irehearts will display their defeated enemy's weapons at the base of the bone throne, where all may see the victories and accomplishments of the Clan. It is the tradition of the Clan Father to display the weapons of Kings, Rex’s, and enemy leaders closest to the throne. The Gauntlet of Kjell ᛏᚺᛖ ᚷᚨᚢᚾᛏᛚᛖᛏ ᛟᚠ ᚴᛃᛖᛚᛚ The gauntlet of Kjell is one of the relics from a bygone era. Crafted at the order of Kjell, it is forged from two ancient armor pieces that used to be worn by Kjell Ireheart himself. Forged from the armor pieces, The Fox’s boots, and The Vipers Helm, it received a blessing from the God of the Irehearts himself. It is believed that due to Kjells dedication to Dungrimm, Dungrimm swore to bless the sons of Kjell and those who wore the gauntlet. The gauntlet not only signifies Dungrimms favor but signifies the place of the Irehearts as being Dungrimms right hand.
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