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Found 4 results

  1. Music to listen to while reading my book A HISTORY OF The Goldhand and Grimgold Grudge. By: Voryn A’Daragon OPENING STATEMENT This is a History of the Goldhand and Grimgold Grudge, which details their long lasting feud stretching back several hundred years. Both clans can trace their lineage back to the “Line of Tungdil”, a famous dwarven lord who was known for his love of children and ability to make gold faster than any other dwarf. The Grimgold Clan are the descendants of the older son of Tungdil, while the Goldhand Clan are the descendants of the younger son of Tungdil. Their rivalry is that of a sibling rivalry. The Goldhands were a more successful clan than the Grimgolds, and were granted “Elder Status” for their services to Urguan. The Grimgolds, on the other hand, did very little of note until their Clan Father, Glod Grimgold, took over power of the Clan. FIRST ERA GRUDGE In the year 689 of the First Era, the first signs of the rivalry had begun. Bumble Goldhand, a Cheese Merchant, had fallen in love with the beardling Blod Grimgold. Unfortunately, the Clan Father of the Grimgolds (whose name is lost to time, as he was irrelevant), forbade the marriage. Bumble was enraged. He went to his Clan Father (Thoak Goldhand), and told him that the Grimgolds had refused the marriage because they “Would not marry a disgusting Shithand”. The Lord Thoak then killed almost the entirety of the Grimgold Clan. The Goldhand’s believed that their ancient enemy was now slain. Unfortunately for them, (and fortunately for us, as will be discussed later), several Grimgolds were away on their ker wife finding missions. As a side note, the Grimgolds are known in the Dwarven Kingdom for taking “Dark Elven Concubines.” To the Goldhands, a lot of the Grimgolds are not even dwarves. They are considered Dark Elves. One of the Grimgold’s that survived was known as Klouf Grimgold (Not to be confused with Klouf Grimgold). Klouf was a famous warrior, and took the survivors to live in caves. That is not an insult to dwarves - many of them actually live in caves (insane). Klouf had several warriors in his retinue. Thorin Grimgold, Bombur Grimgold, Gimli Grimgold, and most importantly of all, Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold. Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold will now be discussed. Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold was the Captain of the Ship called the Fist of Dungrimm. He was a famous pirate, adventurer, and explorer. Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold had slain dragons, fought in countless battles, and most importantly of all - had a dark elven mother. This allowed him to look conventionally attractive, while retaining the brute strength of the dwarves. He carved out his own island kingdom known as the “Grim Isles”, where a subsection of the Grimgold Clan fled to. There, they engaged in dark magic, cannibalism, and created quarter dwarf, quarter ker, half pig hybrids. Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold soon became an accomplished wizard. He studied for many years, perfecting the craft of organic transmutation. Soon, the entirety of the Grim Isles was full of his creations. Gone were the descendants that one lived there, replaced by the abominations of Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold. Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold then found the Sea-***** Witch known as Elsa. Understanding his power, the Sea-***** Witch known as Elsa gave Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold the power to create skin-walkers from his creations. His former clan members were now cursed with the ability to skin-walk, and took any form they wanted. Klouf Grimgold had heard of this dark magic, and he sailed to the Grim Isles. It was there a legendary fight took place between Klouf Grimgold and Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold. While historical records show that Klouf Grimgold had won the battle, who is to say that Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold had not won and simply skin changed into Klouf? For the academic purposes of this book, we will take the argument that Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold won the battle. This is because skinwalkers have difficulty keeping the shape of a face. The Grimgolds typically wear masks, and are most likely the Skinwalkers that plague Almaris. When Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold, disguised as Klouf, returned to the mainland he was greeted by his clan members who stayed behind. Slowly, he turned all of the Grimgolds into Skinwalkers who could take the shape and appearance of whatever they wanted. The Goldhands had magic. Thoak Goldhand was blind, but he could see. When the Grimgold Clan had returned, Thoak began to exterminate them. Unfortunately, Skinwalkers are crafty. Several of them became attached to his Clan as well, and thus the Skinwalker menace had spread between the dwarven clans. Thoak, with his magical eyes, could sense the skinwalker presence. He would strike down those he thought were skinwalkers, including his own son (also named Thoak). It was then the remaining true dwarf Goldhands held a meeting. The “True” Goldhands held a meeting. Thoak told them that they had to come up with a cunning plan: to become Grimgolds. The meeting erupted into chaos. But then, they realised this was wise. So they immediately all put on the armor of the Grimgolds. The former Grimgolds under Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold became Goldhands. For several hundred years, the Grimgold Clan was actually the Goldhand Clan - and vice versa. The Skin Walking Grimgolds were able to take the appearance of anyone they wished. The Goldhand Grimgolds remained in hiding, far away from the political intrigues of the dwarves. This is where it gets interesting. This is a fragment from a piece of pottery I found. I will put it in quotes. “I heard a tale once from a strange fellow deep in the desert. They spoke of this Temple which worshipped the Skinwalkers, who believed they would bring about the end of the world. I thought him mad! He only laughed at me.” “Four legged dwarves, with bat wings would attack those in the desert. These were the Grimgolds (not the Goldhand version). As he discussed that they existed and that they were worshipped by the nomadic desert folk, a group of them attacked us.” “We fought them off as best as we could, but the desert nomad was carried off by these Grimgolds. I cursed them, (as I was a powerful wizard with access to many magics), and they forgot that they were Skinwalkers).” As this fragment shows, it was common knowledge that four legged bat dwarves roamed the world, and attacked travelers. These four legged creatures were, obviously, Grimgolds - yet the Grimgolds are disguised as the Goldhands. Does this mean that the Goldhands were the bat creatures, or the Grimgolds? The author of this book believes that these were the Goldhands from Thoak. Thoak had incredible magical powers, and was able to use his magic vision to make others see what he wanted them to see. Thus, the Goldhands were the bat people - but they were also disguised as Grimgolds at the same time. In the year 894 First Era, the old tales were forgotten. The Grimgold Clan had vanished, and the Goldhand Clan became powerful. During that gap of history, it is unclear what had happened. I met a drunk dwarf who told me that Torsun Goldhand, Clan Elder of the Goldhands in the Year 88 of the Second Age, was actually Thoak Goldhand who had turned himself immortal. It is possible, therefore, that the Goldhands had reclaimed their true lineage and cast out the Grimgolds. Unless, of course, that Torsun Goldhand (Thoak Goldhand) is a skinwalker who is actually Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold. Due to the Goldhands being known traitors to Urguan, I believe this is the case: The current Goldhand Clan are the Grimgolds. However, almost all of them have forgotten their ancient powers due to the curse - save for Thoak Goldhand, aka Torsun Goldhand (real name Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold). Regardless, all one has to know to understand the current standing grudge in the year 88 of the Second Era is this: the two Gold Clans hate one another. Be it from an ancient same sex marriage that failed, the skinwalker saga, or due to the Goldhand’s claiming elder status over the Grimgolds. We will now begin the tale of the “Second Era Grudge”, and move away from the First Era. THE SECOND ERA GRUDGE: Song link for Second Era In the Second Era, the Goldhand Clan is led by Conan ‘No-Shirt, No Pants’ Goldhand. The Grimgold Clan is led by Glod ‘Godborn’, Grimgold. This book will now discuss both men in depth. (Note: I have not met either of them). Conan ‘No-Shirt’ Goldhand is a senile old dwarf. He routinely burps, farts, and shits his way out of anything important in Urguan. It is said that his clan member Tholgrim (or whatever he goes by now), holds up cue cards for Conan when he is delivering speeches. The important clan activities are done by three dwarves. Hekkaes Anvilhammer, The Iron Baron (needs no introduction, as he is known for having bad teeth and unable to comprehend the common tongue), and “Torsun Goldhand”. Torsun is put in quotes as, most likely, he is Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold. The three shadow leaders of the Goldhand Clan, therefore, are not even Goldhands. Conan, weak and feeble and unable to do anything to stop this, has been forced to agree to their demands of a Clan War. Glod Grimgold, on the other hand, is considered the strongest, wisest, and most powerful dwarf in Urguan. What he says is deeply considered by every single dwarf. While his clan are made up of lackluster nobodies, Glod really shines. Glod was (and perhaps still is) worshipped by humans for his apparent divinity. While Glod has outright refused these claims, he has still earned the title of “the Godborn”, due to his unwavering loyalty to the Brathmordakin. Glod is a famous Senator, Commander, and Battle-Hardened Warrior. Compared to Conan, one would wonder why the Goldhands would dare oppose him. It all goes back to the First Era grudge: The Elder Status of the Gold Clan. Should it go to the Grimgolds, or to the Goldhands? The challenge was issued. Glod was unable to attend the meeting (or felt it was beneath him), and sent a lowly beardling to attend the meeting. This beardling insulted the Goldhands, by openly declaring that the Grimgolds were the trueborn sons of Tungdil and that the Goldhands were not even true Goldhands. He demanded they vassalize under Glod. The Goldhands laughed in the face of the envoy of Glod. They cut his manhood off, and took his tongue out. They demanded that the Grimgolds admit they are the bastard clan of Tungdil, and that they need to pay them twenty five thousand minas. In addition, they wanted the land the Grimgold’s owned. The Goldhands and their vassal clans the Ironguts and Irongrinders marched to war against the Grimgolds. They killed many of their men in the field of battle, overwhelming the poorer clan through sheer numbers. Glod and his clan sought refuge with the Jungle Dwarves. Glod, fearing that the dwarves under his command would be killed by the potential skinwalker clan, sought out a truce. They would pay the money, help the Goldhands acquire new land - but they would not denounce the fact that they are the sons of Tungdil. This is where the history ends - as it is still ongoing. This is a deep look at the psyche of the dwarves, and why they attack one another. Honour, duty, and greed. Signed, Voryn A’Daragon, Master Historian.
  2. ᚨᛚᚨᚱᛁᚲ×ᚦᚱᚢᛗᛗ×ᚢᚱ×ᚲᛟᚱᛟᛞᚨᚢᚱᛟᚲ ᚨᛚᚨᚱᛁᚲ×ᚦᚱᚢᛗᛗ×ᚢᚱ×ᚲᛟᚱᛟᛞᚨᚢᚱᛟᚲ To my fellow Urguani Citizens, Once more I have come to put my name forward for the Obsidian Throne, despite the unlikeliness for a Common Clan to rise to such a position by honorable means. Yet that is once more why I am here, out of loyalty to my fellow countrydwarves and to the Fatherland that has given me so many opportunities. I have served this nation as Clanfather, Grand Marshal, Yemekar’s Pick, Prophet of the Temple, Crafter, Senator, Bricklayer, and your Soldier everywhere. Here now too, if I am permitted, have I come now to be your King. In my history in Urguan, I have placed such legislation forward as to repair our scarred and battered landscape, restoring what we can to preserve the beauty of our nation. In more economic fields, I have remained one of the most capable smiths in Urguan, sharing the knowledge of rare materials with many of you here today. On the field of battle, I have served in every war Urguan has participated in since my arrival in this nation. I have built up the port on two occasions, now preparing for the third, and before their collapse blazed minecart lines across the entirety of our nation from north to south. I will never stop working for this nation, even if I am to lose this election I promise that I shall not surrender until one day I succeed. I will never lose faith in this great nation. Platform Section 1: Government Part 1: King’s Council It is my belief that the following positions should make up the King’s Council, and for the following reasons-- Grand Chancellor: The Grand Chancellor should be the direct representative from the Senate and should indicate which motions the King needs action for or what action might conflict with present motions. Grand Ambassador: The Grand Ambassador should be the direct representative from the affairs of Allies, and should any matters be growing amongst alliances, it should be presented to the King. Grand chieftain of Hefrumm: The Grand Chieftain of Hefrumm should be the direct representative for the Hefrummarri community to the Kingdom, bringing any motions or concerns from the forest folk directly to the King. Grand Steward: The Grand Steward should be the direct representative of the banking and tax institutions and present any problems or concerns from each. Grand Marshal: The Grand Marshal should be the direct representative of the military and defense institutions of Urguan, and present any problems or concerns that may affect the nation’s defense as a whole. High Prophet: The High Prophet should be the direct representative of the Temple and the Council of Prophets, presenting any religious issues or ideas to be seen by the King. Grand Justiciar: The Grand Justiciar should be the direct representation for laws and acts of justice throughout the nation of Urguan. If any major trials or cases are current, they should be brought to the King’s attention. Part 2: The Senate For too long Senate meetings have been disorganized and far too lengthy of affairs. Senate meetings must be able to be conducted faster and with better decorum. Further, we need a system that works better with the true size of the Dwarven nation, which at this time means smaller. Therefore I propose the following changes to be effective to the Senate as a whole-- The requirement of a sitting clan for vote shall be lowered to 3 members active. With the second vote being earned at 7 members active. And the third vote being earned with 10 members active. The Senate Chambers shall be redesigned to distinctly show who the voting Senators are for each group, with non-Senators being restricted to watching from the balconies above to not delay proceedings. Senate proposals must be submitted for public viewing with a brief summary before each meeting of Senate so the nation may be clear on what is being voted upon. Part 3: Guilds Distinctions need to be made at what clarifies a Guild and what does not. In what I believe to be the current definition, only the Worker’s Guild qualifies under this title. It functions and can function for what it is, teaching metalsmithing by me training at the bare minimum two smiths to pass on the techniques. Besides that, their Merchant section can begin to take over for the now lack of Auction House, with a site being constructed to organize monthly auctions. While this does solve a large part of Dwarven guild activity, we used to have far more options for prospective players. The Mage’s Guild for instance can once again become an option should we be able to organize some teachers to train those players in our lands with the desire to learn. Teaming them up with the Worker’s Guild for arcanium forging and magegold forging would also give reason for new mages to stay at the guild after gaining magic. We could use medics trained, even if it isn’t Dwarves who fill the role. An Explorer’s Guild for finding rare sites and quests has always been effective for places like Norland and Haense. Section 2: The Economy Part 1: Taxes It is my belief that taxes upon land held by clans are too high, and I intend to cut the cost of weekly taxes by 50%, while raising the downpayment on the acquisition of new properties by those interested parties. Taxes on houses shall be reassessed and new Dwarves who are living in Urguan for the first time shall receive a two week housing voucher to give them time to build up their bank account before being hit by taxes. Part 2: Minek Mineks shall be removed and House Tax slips shall return until the moment that we will need coinage again. Without the ability to sell Minek back to the shop, they essentially currently function as a more confusing form of tax slips. Reasons that would require a return to a Dwarven currency is an increase in bank taxes once more. Part 3: Industry With the removal of the auction house and the lessening of taxes, the nation in and of itself will need a more proper source of revenue. Investments in new mines that allow the increased production of iron, and my own willing donations of rare materials to the kingdom are a way for the Dwarves to corner a good portion of the metal market without the Auction House, people knowing to come to Urguan for metal supplies. Section 3: The Military Part 1: The Legion The Legion is undoubtedly the backbone of Urguan’s defense, and we must do what we can to familiarize new Dwarves with the ways of large-scale combat. I will be making sure they receive a proper pay each week that will not only incentivize the attending of training, but also keep more formality to the ranks by using Legionnaires in government roles for defense and parade. As with the addition of non-Dwarven ghettos to the nation, we should be working to incorporate more non-Dwarven auxiliaries into the Legion that attend training the same as the rest of the Legionnaires. Part 2: Trainings Besides the standard training, the Legion should be used to patrol our borders in search of possible interlopers. As a primarily defense force, we can ensure our nation is secure and trade and travel are protected. This would also give the Legionnaires more experience in live fighting. Part 3: Hefrummarri Militia The Dol’Anym Hefrummarri have been an independent part of the nation for such a long period that they deserve the ability to more quickly defend themselves and manage their defenses. Therefore, I believe the formation of a Hefrummarri militia solely under the control of the High Chieftain is a necessity, with the warband serving independently up until they are sent to serve as auxiliaries by the village. During war as auxiliaries, they would be under the command of the Legion Grand Marshal. Section 4: Allies Part 1: Haense, Balian, The Vale As some of our oldest allies, we should be attempting to reaffirm our alliances with them. If I win, immediately after the coronation party, I will be embarking on a diplomatic tour to meet each of our allies and renew treaties. As well, an embassy for each of these allies shall be constructed in the North wing of our Palace, and we shall make treaties for embassies in each of their capitals as well. For some we can hire foreign ambassadors to retain Dwarven activity. Part 2: Norland and the Elves I too believe it is in our best interest to seek our non-aggression treaties and trade agreements with Norland and the Elves, with possibly a lesser form of Embassy, a Consulate, being opened in their capitals. We should make sure to avoid obligations to join wars and conflicts that are unnecessary, but the more friends we can have, the more options we have for events. Part 3: Khron’Hundin I do not believe it is in either of our groups best interest to force reunification yet. There clearly are intrinsic issues that are coming between us working together long term, and they seem quite comfortable working for themself. Though, we should not give reason to push them away further. All Khron’hundinmarri should be granted full amnesty if they wished to return, with their leaders being granted full amnesty on the condition that the golems created with stolen Dwarven souls are humanely deactivated. Should any catastrophe, disaster, attack, or issue arise it is Yemekar’s Balance that we provide any and all aide that we can to them and support them anyway possible. The policy should be One People, Two Nations, Under Yemekar. Section 5: The Map Part 1: Old Settlements In the past, Urguan once had many separate settlements spread across the land. Now, in the waning of our power, most of these settlements have found themself abandoned and scarring our roads. These must be repurposed or removed to make way for the future. Within the first week I shall be traveling with the Grand Steward to each settlement and making a decision for what to happen with them-- whether to be marked for demolition or renovation or rent. Part 2: Infrastructure We have run into the issue of Dwarves being unable to find the capital or some of our other towns on the first couple visits to the nation, with the problem being even harder for the foreigners who visit. The roads must be made more clear with options such as boats, minecarts, or carriages also being looked at as options to make travel around our Kingdom quicker and easier. Part 3: Beautification Urguan has often too bland of an environment outside of the majesty of our mountains. My plan to change that is the institution of three National Parks, that are to be intensely natural areas to explore and run events at. As well as the creation of a detailed topographical/political map of the Grand Kingdom for new Dwarves to see. Closing Statements I have run in many prior elections. In my first, I chose to withdraw my nomination to back Norli Starbreaker over Durorn Ireheart, though I now have a different opinion on such. In my second election, I ran against two strong candidates, Levian’tol Grandaxe, who I was proud to serve under, and my own brother. In the end, my brother and I walked away with a valuable lesson learned. And in the last election, you know me as the one who ran against Ulfric Frostbeard, and who gave him a close race. I wonder how things might have been different if I had won then, but when Bakir asked me for his support, I was glad to give it to him. Now, I wish to give it another showing, and present a moderate and stable candidate for our nation. Narvok oz Urguan
  3. 6th Snow Maiden, SE 102 09/11/2022 ᛖᛗᛒᛖᚱ Ember Alliance ᚨᛚᛚᛟᚨᚾᚲᛖ Article I - Protection Should a threat be posed to the village of Hefrumm, the Irongut Clan is to mobilize for its defense. In return Hefrumm will provide logistical and other support to Ember. Should a threat be posed to the Irongut Clan, Hefrumm will mobilize its own forces and provide logistical support, as well as refuge for any willing Irongut in Hefrumm. Logistical support is defined as trained medical personnel, food and drink and weaponry. Article II - Voting Union Hefrumm, the Grimgolds, the Doomforged and the Ironguts will form a Voting Union. This voting union shall be led by Garedyn The Green. The Chief’s Council, the leadership of the Grimgold clan, the Doomforged and Ironguts can decide to elect other representatives in the future. Should enough votes be given by the Ironguts to expand the unions vote count, they may also add an additional representative. This voting union will be known as the Ember Union. Article IV - Recognition The Irongut Clan will officially recognise Epiphyte Dwarves as the Dwarves they are. Article V - Amendments This agreement can be amended should the signatories agree to it. Article VI - Termination This alliance may be formally terminated by the Chief’s Council or the leadership of the Ironguts at any time, provided both parties meet and discuss the termination of the alliance first. If an agreement cannot be made, the termination shall be allowed to occur. Article VI - Renewal The Ember Alliance must be reviewed and renewed every ten years to affirm it is continuously beneficial to both parties. Signed, Garedyn The Green, High Chief of Hefrumm, Chief of the Mossborn, Grand Steward of Urguan, Grand Admiral of Belka’s Fleet, Prophet of Yemekar, Seer of Hefrumm, Yemekar’s Pick, Lieutenant of Dungrimm’s Legion. Mao Blackroot, Chief of the Blackroot, keeper of the constitution of Hefrumm, seer of Hefrumm, Prophet of Belka. Alaric Grimgold, Lord of Tal’Tagar Tazarak, Clanfather of the Grimgolds, Grandmaster Blacksmith of Urguan, Prophet of Dungrimm, Legionnaire Veteran, “The Black Beast of the Pale Bridge” Charsi Doomforged, Clan Mother of the Doomforged , Clan Mother of Irongut.
  4. 9th The Amber Cold, SE 90 22/08/2022 ᚺᛖᚠᚱᚢᛗᛗ Forest and Mountain Alliance ᚷᚱᛁᛗᚷᛟᛚᛞ Article I - Vassalage Dissolution The Vassalage agreement between Hefrumm and the Grimgold clan will be dissolved, meaning the Grimgolds are no longer subjects of Hefrumm and are not part of the Hefrumm union of clans. This means they will also lose their Folks Council voting rights. Article II - Protection Should a threat be posed to the village of Hefrumm, the Grimgold Clan is to mobilise for its defense. In return Hefrumm will provide logistical and other support to Tal’Tagar Tazarak. Article III - Voting Hefrumm and the Grimgolds will form a Voting Union, such that the voices of the two signatories may be heard and represented in the senate. This Voting Union shall be led by Garedyn The Green. The Chief’s Council and the Leadership of the Grimgold clan can decide to elect other representatives in the future. Should enough votes be given by the Grimgolds to expand the Voting Unions vote count, they may also add an additional representative. Article IV - Recognition The Grimgold clan will officially recognise Epiphyte Dwarves as the Dwarves they are. Article V - Port The port of Tal’Tagar Tazarak shall be free to use for the people of Hefrumm, and 2 sailing vessels will be provided to Hefrumm. Article VI - Refuge The settlement of Tal’Tagar Tazarak shall provide refuge Hefrummos in case the village of Hefrumm undergoes a catastrophe rendering it unsafe to live in, and vice versa. Article VII - Ammendments This agreement can be amended should the two signatories agree to it. Article VIII - Alliance This alliance shall end only when the Chiefs Council and leadership of the Grimgolds agree to it. Signed, Garedyn The Green, High Chief of Hefrumm, Chief of the Mossborn, Grand Steward of Urguan, Lieutenant of Dungrimm’s Legion. Mao Blackroot, Chief of the Blackroots, Representative of the Cottonwoods
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