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Found 19 results

  1. A Missive to Scholars & Writers The Great Crest of the Northern Geographical Society Est. 1762 ✵ The NGS is Now Hiring! ✵ The Northern Geographical Society has found itself in need of writers for a multitude of our exhibit displays. While we take great pride in publishing most of our works internally, there are a number of studies which we have still yet to finish. Aas our organization continues to expand and grow, we have found there to be a need to produce more studies on a variety of different subject
  2. [!] A fresh pamphlet is pinned to the Bramblebury notice board! The Rise and Fall of the Halfling Republic A History of the Halflings from 1786-1818 By Chapter V: How Liberty Dies 1814-1818 To the biggun observer, the decline of the Halfling Republic was not plainly obvious in 1814. Even most halflings were not fully aware of the drama that had been going on between our outgoing Elders, nor of the incidents with Elvenesse. As is our nature, most of us preferred to keep busy with more cheerful things such as birthday parties, tavern-going, and bakery days. Whil
  3. [!] A fresh pamphlet is pinned to the Bramblebury notice board! The Rise and Fall of the Halfling Republic A History of the Halflings from 1786-1818 By Chapter V: Great Again? 1805-1814 The closing days of Iris Peregrin’s term as Mayor of Bramblebury marked the midpoint of a unique period in halfling history; it was a time when the Peregrins were approaching the height of their influence on the village, which for some meant an era of festivities and good feelings, and for others an age of austerity and nonacceptance. Though the constitution had guaranteed all
  4. [!] A fresh pamphlet is pinned to the Bramblebury notice board! The Rise and Fall of the Halfling Republic A History of the Halflings from 1786-1818 By Chapter IV: Of Politics, Propers, and Pumpkin Lords 1796-1805 As was the case with most other nations, the halflings’ voyage to Almaris and our early months there were largely uneventful. The new village, named Bramblebury by a public poll, was constructed in a location that shared both both striking similarities and drastic differences with Brandybrook. Like Brandybrook, Bramblebury was built on a wooded penin
  5. [!] A fresh pamphlet is pinned to the Bramblebury notice board! The Rise and Fall of the Halfling Republic A History of the Halflings from 1786-1818 By Chapter III: Rise of the Peregrins 1791-1796 Given the great adversity experienced by the halflings between 1789 and 1791 and the general feeling of despair that loomed over the ironically named Fort Hope during those years, one can easily imagine that few halflings expected 1792 to be any different; I certainly did not. Apart from another apparition of “Lord Knox”, who provided some rather cryptic information
  6. [!] A fresh pamphlet is pinned to the Bramblebury notice board! The Rise and Fall of the Halfling Republic A History of the Halflings from 1786-1818 By Chapter II: Turbulent Tmes 1787-1791 The Brandybrook of the late 1780s was a busier place than it had been in the previous half of the decade. Despite my informal retirement from politics, the idea of making changes to the halfling government never really went away. Though not a good one, the speech I had given at my wedding had been earned me something of a reputation, and though the rest of the Halfling Liber
  7. [!] A fresh pamphlet is pinned to the Bramblebury notice board! The Rise and Fall of the Halfling Republic A History of the Halflings from 1786-1818 By Chapter I: The Birth of a Revolution 1786-1787 It should go without saying that the world of 1786 was a very different place. The continent of Almaris was all but untouched and the lands of Arcas were crawling with every civilized being imaginable. The biggun nations of the world were all in an uproar as vile inferi ravaged the islands of Korvassa and threatened to pave their path of death and destruction to ev
  8. [!] A pamphlet is pinned to the Bramblebury notice board! The Rise and Fall of the Halfling Republic A History of the Halflings from 1786-1818 By Introduction On the fourteenth of the Grand Harvest, 1818, Elder Jordan Applebottom of Bramblebury defied the duties he accepted as Elder of Bramblebury and proclaimed Rolladango Applefoot the Thain of Bramblebury. In doing so, he brought to a swift end an entire era of halfling history. The toils and squabbles of the thirty-two years that preceded that moment were rendered pointless. Though the drama and chaos of the
  9. FLYER: VOTE FOR JULIUS! [!] New flyers would be found on several stands, presenting Julius de Rosius facing the three terms in admiration and pride, it would seem as if the three words were attached to eachother while simultaneously Julius catches them all out of a reflex, representing his pride into these three aspects of the Orenian culture and society. [!] [!] To each poster would be a small card attached stating "For our Culture, History and Religion! One God, One Emperor, One Empire! Vote Julius de Rosius, Now!"
  10. THE BALLAD OF AUGUSTUS FLAY Performed by Corwin Alstreim for the Northern Geographic Society's 50th Anniversary Banquet Including four never-before-seen verses cut for time from the performance! Concept, verses 1, 4 and the first half of 13 by James Chapel Otherwise by Dame Yuliya Styrne (Sung spritely, with melodramatic menace) 1. My name is old Augustus Flay, The flinty bandit king. So much defamed in recent days - In my defense, I'll sing! 2. Old Godfrey wou
  11. Of Freedom and Progress: The Life and Death of the Haelun’orian Republic A Comprehensive Historical Study by Maenor Aildhuin Printed in Karosgrad on the 3rd of the Grand Harvest, 1810 (( Theme Music )) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [!] Painting of Karinah’siol, cca. 1800 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Author’s Note Having lasted for 32 year
  12. Excerpt from the Tahkayt Hezzifan, or "Long Story", the oral poetry telling the tale of the A'tmuzigh people. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Tahkayt Hezzifan is part of a lengthy and dramatic ceremony performed by A'tmuzigh Elders and Oracles, as a form of oral transmission of knowledge. This extensive spoken poem tells the tale of the creation of all things originating from the primordial One, continues
  13. Long ago, in an age past, not long after the beginning of creation itself, there were the original men; Malin, Urguan, Horen, and Krug. Each was his own, but each were brothers. They were set upon one another and divided by the daemonic Iblees, and each bore a curse from the evil being. Krug, strongest, toughest of his kin, saw through the lies and deception of Iblees. For this the brothers renounced their partnership with the Daemon and were cursed each. Krug's curse was to forever lust after the spilled blood of his kin, and to be horrendously ugly, that his children would inheri
  14. The Seed Well In Ancient scrolls and carvings found across the archipelago of Axios, it is said that when the emerald fires of the War faded, the emergence of Druidism brought an unseen age of prosperity to the fauna and foliage that once again scattered the lands. And when the last of the ash was swept away with the winds of progression, the Arch Druids communed with Malin in private quarters, to discuss how they would never again allow such corruption to spread through their homeland, and indeed, all of the Islands that surrounded Aegis.
  15. (Let it be known, I am not trying to get any lore really accepted, but mostly out there. This has been discussed between a number of easterner roleplayers, and this provides a way to roleplay someone who looks and acts much more chinese, than the japanese styled Chiyaki, and the much further travelled Xionist Yulthar, while possibly adding a reason as to why our mongol and turkish cultures already rped in-game have an unmistakably asian flare to them. Its all mostly compiled lore from when easterners were a much bigger thing, and now that people are being them again I was approach
  16. Essentially, I would like This Following Piece of Lore to be adapted into the canonical history of the elves. If you didn't read the whole thing, I'll sum it up for you. From the time of Malin's disappearance and when the mali'ker and mali'aheral split off the main body of elves, to the founding of Laurelin in Aegis, the mali'ame lived in many tribal bands called 'Seeds' which roamed about the forests of ancient Malinor. These seeds RARELY skirmished with one another and were very un-united, conflicts, when they happened, were rarely bloodyThese seeds worshipped the Aspects as their chief die
  17. In Athera, on the outskirts of The Reformed Kingdom of Oren, a settlement was formed, mostly human, on a fishing wharf. It was out of the way from major roads, and it's population wasn't high, so it's not hard to believe that the economy was so stagnant that the majority of the population lived in little more than mud huts along the small fisheries and make-shift dock. There was one exception: a powerful wizard, likely of dark magic, held a tower that loomed over the little village. His name was Deinalt Mephistaurus, and he enjoyed the power he held over the peasants and fish-mongers. He r
  18. The Historians Guild Est. 1510 “The past is but a procession of the present” All Glory to the Enlightened Owl This scholarly order seeks to objectively study the history of the realm from ancient to avant-garde and the foreseeable future. The Guild holds no allegiance other than the realm and offers their services, with a small expense, to any who require it. By researching both archaic and modern documents, excavating ancient runes for their deepest and most esoteric mysteries, and inquiring with those who have lived through history itself, the Guild unravels the past and helps
  19. So as a new player I was looking for Orc history or timeline, but found nothing but a few unspecific events. In order to advance roleplay and make applying easier I suggest adding something like this.
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