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  1. Deepstone - Songsteel Origins Long before stories were told, stars have fallen to the surface of our world embedding themselves in rock and soil. For centuries prospective Starbreaker Dwarves and those of the Mali’ame have sought to harvest the fallen stars, but those that go unfound are swept away by the churning tectonic activity into the depths. Here, the pressure and heat have cracked and churned the deposits in with other base and exotic metals like a mixing bowl, forming it into a new alloy where the rolling plates settle in veins. Amongst deep cavern
  2. Alaric Grimgold had been working on hammering rails into the earth as the Grand Queen departed, not getting a proper chance to see her leave. It was only as he set his hammer down and took his mask off to wipe the sweat from his brow, that he saw the goat carrying the crimson haired monarch away to rest. He didn't know if she saw him on the mountain top, but he knew he watched one of the hardest working regents and sovereigns he had seen depart the realm and he raised a lone long wave to her in parting. It had only been a few decades since he arrived in town, but Dhaen had steered the Grand Ki
  3. The news caught Alaric as he sat on a mountain top over the Kingdom, his sole cyan gaze turning to face the woods of Hefrumm as a lone tear dropped from his eye. A small touch of his gauntlet reached out to touch the stone connection at his severed arm and remembered the great battle so long ago with a deep sigh, and realized that it was starting to be time for his generation to pass into myth and stone legend. Reaching up to grab his Clan Mask, he set it down on the lone log as an offering to Dungrimm for the Lord of Death to guide his lost friend safely to his hall for judgement. A soft pray
  4. The Grimgold Endorsement The debate floor had been absent from the Grimgold candidate for the past four stone days, and few had seen him around the capitol of late as his constituency at the port claimed to have seen him ‘smacking small metal balls with a hammer into a hole’ at the Kal’a-Lago. Upon further investigation of his campaign office all that was found was a single Grimgold Clan Mask, with a vote pinned to the stone with a dagger. The paper had a long list of names that had been scratched out and rewritten before it finally settled on one in bold
  5. IGN: Hrokaz RP NAME: Alaric Grimgold CANDIDATE: Norli Starbreaker
  6. To Register IGN: Hrokaz RP Name: Alaric Grimgold Rank in the Legion: Longbeard Do you agree to the rules of the competition? Yes
  7. MC Name: Hrokaz RP Name: Alaric Grimgold Discord: Shadowhunter Zulan'jin#2772 Timezone (EST, GMT, etc.): EST
  8. The Wronged: Clan Grimgold The Assailant: Clan Irongrinder The Wrong: Accusing Clan Grimgold of stealing their colors 50 years after they voted to approve Clan Grimgold to the council under said colors. Choosing to resort to legal trickery to make money off of fellow Dwarves. Accusing Clan Grimgold of disrespecting the name of Clan Irongrinder, even though no action or words were ever taken against or towards them. Date of Wrongdoing: 18th of Amber Cold, Year 1 of the Second Age Terms of Settlement:
  9. Alaric would respond simply. "Da Port is called Tor'Sjorvath..." "But dis name is fah bettah."
  10. Alaric smiled at the list of topics to be discuss, as he began to roll out his campaign for Lord Grand Admiral.
  11. The issue with Steampower being the current status quo is supposedly technologically advanced races such as Dwarves tend to get the short end of the stick, our Steampower only coming up in the case of war. With the Redline being made to diminish the average potato farmer from just establishing train lines everywhere, the hope for this was to allow CERTAIN more Steampowered nations to connect via railways. There is a lack of different types of trains besides the basic Steampowered variant to prevent everyone from just creating their own different form of trains. It should be noted t
  12. On the our Clan thing-- I wrote the document, but this is from a group of people who wanted to do it. The traditions we are talking about are the Iron Chargers (over 100 years old) and Steam Ships, which have also been around for over 100 years. On the second point-- Yes that would be a far better wording. Lastly-- That is fair, and I like the idea of the supply stations along the line. It just seems certain resources-- coal especially-- become useless down the road and we were hoping to keep a purpose to people still doing certain more mundane jobs, like actually colle
  13. I should clarify. The original plan was for fast travel using a system of warps, but as that is generally disliked to be implemented by a section of the community we rewrote it to be more organized and FASTER travel using long stretches of minecarts. If the idea of warps becomes more accepted on the server, it could easily be converted back. Upon the coal-- I could see it becoming a hassle, but as coal often becomes a throwaway resource we wanted to give some purpose to players making money off of coal mining or charcoal making RP professions by selling to Rail Companie
  14. The Dwarven Steam Train Model SE-1 “The Grimforge Engine” Origin In the late 1780’s, upon the massive expansion of the Kal’Drahgalotharem minecart system, a great team of Dwarves from the clans Grimgold and Hammerforge began work on a massive undertaking: to renovate the chaotic labyrinth of tracks into a more organized system of rails. Under the engineering knowledge of the Clanfathers, combined with engineers brought in from the Worker’s Guild and the esteemed Clan Irongut, large beams of timber were laid over the stripped tunnels th
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