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  1. IGN: Hrokaz RP NAME: Alaric Grimgold AGE: 212 ACTIVITY REQUIREMENT: All (Legion, Guild, Home Owner, Clan List) CANDIDATE: Alaric Grimgold
  2. Alaric exclaims at the Dwarven radio. “Absolutely heinous news the Doomforge fatha’ did! And reported from such an unbiased and reputable news source!” He said, remembering to write out another tax deductible public access funding check to the Gold News Network.
  3. My diving bells and diving suits aren’t even accepted fully yet; how the hell are we going to straight jump to submersibles that would be crushed like grapes under the pressure?
  4. Alaric has Ram Ranch flashbacks.
  5. Alaric had practically seen the Golem in a dream, a vision of his, the first time he laid eyes upon it in that sun swept desert. As his eye flew open from the dream, there was but one thing hot upon his lips. "THE TOWER... THE TOWER WALKS!"
  6. Alaric Grimgold remembers the last time the Dwarves marched into Oren, standing tall [for a Dwarf] upon the Pale Bridge as he delivered strong death blows with his stone fist across their jaw. "Roight lads, second verse same as da first." He said ready to repeat the Sutican conflict and slaughter young, dumb Orenian gentry. "Ahm ginnah punch some dumb Lobstah's brains out."
  7. The Holy Grimgold Empire chucked at the Orenian response, as apparently anyone could call themselves an Empire now despite not controlling any Kingdoms beneath their de jure.
  8. Alaric stared at the Grudge, seeing that the crafty Ulfric had drawn his own line above the real first line that he had signed. With a slap of the document he cursed. "DAT CRAFTEH BAHSTAHD!"
  9. Mc name: Hrokaz Current Tier: Not on it Desired Tier: C or D Reason to be moved: Trained by Mick, but not even he can fix stupid.
  10. "Hrokaz: Remember to wait for your sword to return to full position before you strike." Wise words from a combat sage.
  11. Deepstone - Songsteel Origins Long before stories were told, stars have fallen to the surface of our world embedding themselves in rock and soil. For centuries prospective Starbreaker Dwarves and those of the Mali’ame have sought to harvest the fallen stars, but those that go unfound are swept away by the churning tectonic activity into the depths. Here, the pressure and heat have cracked and churned the deposits in with other base and exotic metals like a mixing bowl, forming it into a new alloy where the rolling plates settle in veins. Amongst deep cavern
  12. Alaric Grimgold had been working on hammering rails into the earth as the Grand Queen departed, not getting a proper chance to see her leave. It was only as he set his hammer down and took his mask off to wipe the sweat from his brow, that he saw the goat carrying the crimson haired monarch away to rest. He didn't know if she saw him on the mountain top, but he knew he watched one of the hardest working regents and sovereigns he had seen depart the realm and he raised a lone long wave to her in parting. It had only been a few decades since he arrived in town, but Dhaen had steered the Grand Ki
  13. The news caught Alaric as he sat on a mountain top over the Kingdom, his sole cyan gaze turning to face the woods of Hefrumm as a lone tear dropped from his eye. A small touch of his gauntlet reached out to touch the stone connection at his severed arm and remembered the great battle so long ago with a deep sigh, and realized that it was starting to be time for his generation to pass into myth and stone legend. Reaching up to grab his Clan Mask, he set it down on the lone log as an offering to Dungrimm for the Lord of Death to guide his lost friend safely to his hall for judgement. A soft pray
  14. The Grimgold Endorsement The debate floor had been absent from the Grimgold candidate for the past four stone days, and few had seen him around the capitol of late as his constituency at the port claimed to have seen him ‘smacking small metal balls with a hammer into a hole’ at the Kal’a-Lago. Upon further investigation of his campaign office all that was found was a single Grimgold Clan Mask, with a vote pinned to the stone with a dagger. The paper had a long list of names that had been scratched out and rewritten before it finally settled on one in bold
  15. IGN: Hrokaz RP NAME: Alaric Grimgold CANDIDATE: Norli Starbreaker
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