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  1. IGN: HrokazRP Name: Alaric GrimgoldCandidate: Jorvin Starbreaker
  2. Name (Both RP & IGN): Alaric Grimgold (Hrokaz) Profession (Miner, blacksmith, artisan? Multiple jobs are allowed!): Miner, Smith, Artisan Do you require temporary housing?: No Discord (Not required, but highly suggested! It’s free & safe): Shadowhunter Zulan'jin#2772
  3. Alaric is baffled how anyone is supposed to believe that the orcs had absolutely no idea what such a high ranking member of their own nation was planning or how he was able to do such without any co-conspirators. “Clearleh der is a largah conspiracy at work, and da Orcs seems more concerned abou’ pretendin’ dey had nothin’ tah do with da bombing instead of working wit’ da Dwahven people tah repair da mistakes one ah der own made.” The Dwed tossed the news of the recent bombing into a stack of more pressing documents on his desk as he returned to drawing out weapon schematics. “Shameful display, as always, ahn der part.”
  4. ><><><><>< ><><><><>< ><>< The Black and Gold Mask of Clan Grimgold ><>< History Clan Grimgold is neither an old or elder clan, but they are a proud clan none-the-less. The Clan begins with the founder, Balderic Grimgold, who found the original home of the clan by finding a massive vein of gold in a cave in. He is the Dwarf that started the Clan tradition of wearing battle-funerary masks. He was a great and grim Dwarf known for his smithing expertise and strength in battle. He loved with a great passion and had four children, of which his son, Edalric, was the oldest; but there was also the younger son, Valezic; and the daughters Baedenic and Ezik. After nearly a hundred years of building their home to greatness, Balderic disappeared into the mines beneath the hall, leaving his mask behind to become the sacred symbol of his people. In his disappearance, Edalric took up the position of Clanfather and led a mostly uneventful rule save for the appearance of orc and goblin raiders from the tunnels beneath their home. As the war dragged on for nearly two hundred years, the Grimgold holds were slowly dwindled until few halls remained occupied. When only two of the original four families of Balderic’s children remained, the head sons of each family left their home to seek their fortunes elsewhere. In 1750, they came to the land of Arcas, where in the Under-Kingdom of Urguan, they found home and shelter in the hold of Kal’Evraal. Alaric, the son of Edalric, and Vozik, the son of Valezic, reformed the Grimgolds in this new land with a group of other outcast, lowborn Dwedmar. The first to come to their family was Thili, the merchant; Agyrble, the legionnaire; and Wolfryk, the wanderer. With this new family of mostly Mountain Dwarves, they spread out to make a name for themselves smithing, fighting, and mining. Many legion weapons would be forged during this time by Grimgolds, and legion victories and defeats were both stained in Grimgold blood. That is how they would choose to write their story for their kingdom and family-- in blood and steel. Culture Family, Duty, Industry, Piety, and Persistence Ord Nar Karrzark: Ord Nar Karrzark, or more commonly ‘Hammer and Thunder’, is the traditional style of combat taught to most Grimgolds, though that is not to say this is the only style of combat they are familiar with. This style consists of carrying a heavily weighted, two-handed weapon into grappling distance of their opponent, using their hand to break the guard of their foe, and then delivering a critical strike to a now exposed vital region. Grimgolds train their entire life to wield these heavy weapons deftly, especially their most favored “Karrzarkord”, the Long Hammer or Thunder Hammer. Korodakash: Korodakash, or as the Common tongue often refers to it ‘Grimril’, is the alloy used to make the armor used by Clan Grimgold. It is a basic metal, being an alloy of predominately refined ferrum and carbonized ferrum harvested from meteor craters in the mountain tops, with small quantities of sulfur, silicon, arsenic, and aluminum. The metal is often folded over forty times and often bears distinct patterns of the carbide-forming elements. In its base form it is strong, durabile, and light; it is then polished in platinum black to resist rusting to which fine patterns of 24k gold are often added. Khrotrumm: The Mask of Clan Grimgold is their most defining feature, the symbol which they are most noted and famous for. When a Grimgold comes of age they will craft their own mask or veil in representation of a god, ancestor, or concept they wish to guard over them or intimidate their enemies. When a Grimgold dies, they are then buried in their mask in a sacred crypt. Artifacts Korod’Dwak Korod'Dwak is the ultimate artifact of the Korodaurok Clan of Dwedmar-- the sacred Battle-Funerary Mask of the clan forefather, Balderic Grimgold. When he found the gold vein at the core of the clan’s original home, this mask was the first thing he crafted and wore it for the majority of his life. When he disappeared in the caverns beneath their city, it had been left behind and has since been revered as the very symbol of the Grimgold Clan. It is an armoured mask wrought entirely out of black ferrum, heavily plated in platinum black, and engraved in pure 24k gold. The armor plates of this mask extend from the brow to beard tips, in gold trimmed black squares. Each one has been inscribed with a crossed out Grimgold grudge. It’s features are shaped to resemble Balderic Grimgold with tusks and horns to intimidate his foes. Trials The Trial of the Mask: This is the test of piety and forgecraft. The Prospect must begin by contemplating on the nature of their ancestors and the Brathmordakin, deciding a force which they will pray to watch over and guide them. They will then take this image and carve it into a black ferrum visage to wear into battle and death. Upon presenting an acceptable Mask to the Council of Elders, the Prospect will explain what brought them to choose the face of their Khrothrumm. The Trial of the Metal: This is the test of industry and exploration. The Prospect must ready themselves for many delves deep into the dark mines to retrieve gold and steel for the good of the clan. They will go down with pick and hammer and retrieve three payloads (stacks) of ferrum and one payload of aurum, smelt it into Grimgold marked ingots and bring them to the clan storehouse. For this, the Prospect will ceremoniously be paid from the clan coffer for their strengthening of the clan. The Trial of the Maul: This is the test of duty and prowess. The Prospect must train for many weeks in the art of the Az’Karrzark while wearing heavy armor. Once the Enforcer Rikkin has deemed the Prospect worthy, they will be asked to go to the forge and craft their own Az’Karrzark and Grimril plate. When they are happy with the weapon they will carry for the rest of their life, they will pick one of the Elder Council to challenge to one on one combat. The Prospect does not need to defeat the Elder, merely to impress them with their combat skill. If none of the Elders are eligible for combat, the Enforcer Rikkin is an acceptable stand in. Upon completing each of these Trials a Prospect would be given privilege as a full Associate or Enforcer depending on whether they wish to focus upon business or combat. Members Clanfather Alaric Grimgold (Hrokaz) Elder Vozik Grimgold (__Vozik) [Missing] Associate Thili Grimgold (KobaltKing) [Missing] Enforcer Wolfryk Grimgold (farmerblakeyboi) [Missing] Clansman Agyrble Grimgold (SoraMcCringe) Clansman Throrduil Grimgold (ProletarianVoice) Clanswoman Valyndris Morvayn-Grimgold (LadyBeerus) [Horonary Clan Dwed]
  5. The Prelude to the Battle: In the early days of First Seed 1766, as the mountain passes thawed and the roads cleared, a daring plan was formed in the Halls of the Legion. A force of nine legionnaires in all, mostly fresh recruits, brave and bold in the face of their orcish foes, would march out from the hold of Kal’Evraal under the command of Commander Belgor Ireheart and Lieutenant Alaric Grimgold, to lead a daring raid upon the hordes of Krugmar. They would launch their attack under the cover of stealth, but were quickly discovered and found themselves facing overwhelming odds deep in enemy territory. The resolve of the new recruits would be tested in the warm sun of Last Seed as the fighting raged on for days. Only a single regiment of veteran cavalry would arrive from Urguan, led by the veteran command of Axel Ireheart, and the Dwarven Host lost heart that they would fight to their death that day. Little did their stout hearts know that under the inspiring rally of Axel and Alaric at the mine, they would achieve one of the greatest victories the Legion had seen over a foe. ><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>< The 1766 Raid of Krugmar and The Battle of the Mines and the Bloody Roads Belgor Ireheart, Axel Ireheart, and Alaric Grimgold repel the Orcish left flank at the Third Charge of the Mine as the Dwarven Legion rally behind them, 1766 ><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>< A telling of the 1766 Raid of Krugmar and the Battle of the Mines and Bloody Roads, by Alaric Grimgold to King Utak Ireheart, Under-King of Urguan- In short, your majesty, on yesterday’s raid... I was summoned early in the morning to the Legion Hall to find many clans already assembled when I had arrived. Frostbeards, Irehearts, Starbreakers, Goldhands, even my own Grimgolds were present in the throng that awaited me. Each carried with them weapons of war and a full load of crossbow bolts. When the Commander walked in and explained we meant business I knew this was a serious operation. It was to be a stealth raid over the walls of Krugmar and into the heart of the Orc Lands before they even knew what hit them. The proverbial crossbow bolt to the face, but nothing ever goes to plan does it… We left Kal’Evraal in a combat line with the new recruits between the Commander and I. I could see they were nervous for combat and not sure of what to expect. Even the Medical Corp was worried of what was about to occur, Anbella help them. Including the Commander and I, nine Legionnaires left the road from Urguan and took the Sutica road to Orc Country. We hid in the scrub brush outside of their town, the superiority in our height being evident as they didn’t see us within the tall grass. A single scout was to be sent to try and find a way inside of the city, and I was positioned with my quarreller to provide overwatch. He was a deft and agile Dwarf, and made his way over the wall with ease, but he was caught by a patrolman while making his way to the gatehouse. I attempted to warn him with a signal, but was almost detected myself, having to retreat back to our position in the plains to avoid a patrol. I was able to warn the Commander of the detection of our scout, but it was decided that we would press on with the mission anyway in hopes he would succeed with the gate. Stealthily we made our way around the walls of the town to a bramble of berries in the rear of the settlement, next to a shrine of one of their strange spirit gods. It was there in the thorn bushes we were detected, knowing not the fate of our errant scout, and had to make a hasty retreat through the patches of thick foliage. We heard the alarm raised in town and knew we had a real fight on our hands. Retreating back to the plains we camped in at the start of our now inauspicious raid, we looked upon the city we were repelled from with restored vigor. The orcs would not beat us back this day. Our scouts found an abandoned mine in the hills above our position and the main bulk of our force moved there for cover. We could hear the pounding of the war drums in the distance and we knew that we would need reinforcements. Crows were sent out to the Under-Kingdom, and though we hoped for a greater response, a group of three Dwedmar cavalry riders arrived to our cause. The braying orc and goblin horde was angered by their arrival to the point of breaking ranks and charging them in a fury. In a surprised counter charge, many war-pigs and riding rams were cut down, but the dismounted riders held firm and crushed one of the charging orcs with a mighty cleave of the axe. Our infantry was slow to come support the dismounted riders, but they were forced to retreat back to the safety of the mine with another charge of the barbaric orc line. The fallen orc was quickly revived by a goblin medic who tended to him, and I later saw him charging back into the fray again like a fool. As we sat at our position on the high ground we could now see the full size of the orcish horde, to which they certainly had more in strength than we did. I could see the forlorn look on the Commander’s face as he gazed over the fresh and eager troops, and I knew he was preparing for a final stand here in our failed mission. He was counselling the men to make equal with their ancestors cause a Dwarf fights to the last. But Axel and myself were not ready to give up quite yet. Axel Ireheart, who rode in with the riders, sat his riders up in a shield wall where the top of the hill made a steep drop off, and I rallied my quarrellers behind them. I could see the weapons I just made for them standing proudly in their hands, Black Bolts ready to pierce orcish skulls, and told them that as sure as the steel in their hands, Dungrimm would greet us one day, but not today, for surely he watched over us here and now. The Commander seemed to like that, and the infantry readied themselves at the crest full of vigor and bloodlust to crack some orc skulls. That was when we heard their monsterish cry-- the WAAGH! was sounded, and screams erupted over the plains as the greenskins charged in a fury. We watched them fall to the first volley as they made it as far as the base of the hill before retreating back to a safe distance. Then they came with a second charge that failed as they tried to climb the steep cliffs at the base of the mine. We could see their horde swelling with anger and rage as their first two charges ended in failure and they swarmed over us with a third roaring charge. I had to sling my quarreller as they came around a shallower incline upon our left flank and fighting erupted under the tower. The fresh recruits that were there began to buckle when my men arrived to secure the side. I had a confirmed kill in this charge, when I smashed a skull as a filthy greenskin tried to climb the fence and come over our battle lines. Two more tusks for the necklace and another Grimgold death stricken from the book. They fell back as the orcish bodies began to pile upwards. Belgor has slain a Targoth and carried his head proudly across the plains. Their fourth charge was less eager to fight as we met them upon the cliffs and sent them back into arrow range, where we returned to exchanging volleys. My men and I were beginning to run out of bolts when we saw what the orcs had been planning. We had underestimated their tactics when both of our flanks had been attacked by a pincer maneuver from the shallow hill and the cliffs above us. We were forced to retreat up the mountain at the overwhelming nature of their hit and run tactics, where our quarrellers opened fire again with stolen orcish arrows. With a strong sighted shot I pierced the brain of one of their charging warriors, sending him crying off the mountain to his death. Another Grudge cleared, but tusks I would have to save for later. They fell back after a few scattered volleys and their force was left split, with their left flank retreating and their right flank left exposed. Belgor was the first to notice this weakness and took advantage like a true commander, leading us on a roaring charge after them over the mountain. As they fell to our steel in a scattered route, the Commander downed the leader of the right flank with a shot to his thigh. We formed a shield wall around the howling beast before we struck him down in a fury of blows, each of us claiming a piece of his ceremonial armor. This would be our new position as we set up in a valley on the lower of two roads. We could see the orc left flank beginning to pour in down the mountain behind us. We lined up upon the embankment of the road, reading our crossbows with reclaimed arrows from dead orcs as our foe shot down upon us from their high position. These volleys seemed to last hours with neither of us gaining any headway, though both sides ran out from their positions to skirmish in the center over ammunition. I was not there for the initial shift in the balance, but I heard the commotion from my right side when Uldraek Goldhand thwarted a pack of goblins and orcs who tried to come across in surprise. Our entire line charged and they broke at this loss. We chased them all the way back over the mountain, striking down the stragglers where they stood without mercy, until we reached our original position at the mine. The plan was decided quickly as I watched the Commander pull his weapon out of the still spurting neck of a foul orc bastard. He would take the infantry around their rear, as my quarrellers would pretend to be the main force with our crossbows mounted upon a shield wall. The plan worked like a charm as the orcs lined up in a weak battle line to try and face us one last time. They took our rounds eagerly as they prepared themselves for a charge against my men, but that is exactly what we wanted of them. Belgor’s men took them by surprise and their entire force routed entirely. Axel and myself ordered a charge and we fell into the shattered foe en masse, slaughtering almost the entirety of the force that came out to greet us. They fled back to their gate house with legionnaires hot on their snivelling tail. The few that made it to the safety of their fortifications were able to hide from our patrols behind strong doors, but the battle was over and we stripped the dead of our trophies. I took all the tusks that had Grimgold Black Bolts hanging from them, not entirely fair when I had just equipped my Ranged Division with a shipment of Quarrellers, but when has a Dwarf ever been fair. Our army loaded up pilfered carts and carried our haul back home to Urguan. What started out as a failure turned into one of the Legion’s greatest victories, not a single Dwed was lost on the field of battle while nearly the entire orc force was killed or routed. The only wounded Dwed was our combat medic, who was gravely wounded in the line of duty protecting our flanks in the Third Charge upon the mine, but was retrieved by the efforts of brave recruits such as Yazmorra. As an officer of the Legion, I am proud to say that this batch of recruits may be the finest we have seen to date. In closing this debriefing, your majesty, I would like to issue special commendations to the following legionnaires for this outstanding raid against the enemies of Urguan: Agyrble Grimgold Xergarok (Clanfather) Uldraek Goldhand Gildroc Goldhand Axel Ireheart Balek Irongut Zahrer Irongrinder Rowder Frostbeard And your Commander Belgor Ireheart, for leading us in this victory. I also ask permission to clear the Grudge in my name of Irresponsibility leading to the Death of Dwedmar from my Clan’s Grudge Book. Narvak oz Urguan! Narvak oz Dungrimm! Narvak oz Dwedmar! From the desk of, Clanfather of Clan Grimgold; Lieutenant in the Grand Legion of the Under-Kingdom of Urguan; Forge Master of the Grimgold Foundry and Forge; Master Smith of the Grimgold Blacksmith and Metalworks; Co-Founder of Grimgold Jewelsmithing and Gem Crafting; Founder of the Grimgold Delikatessen and Social Club; Union Representative of Grimgold Mining and Teamster Labor Union
  6. Alaric gets back to his forge to prepare more creations for the Legion to pick up.
  7. MC Name: Hrokaz RP Name: Alaric Grimgold RP Race: Mountain Dwed Reason for joining: I am looking to make some product to sell in my Delicatessen and to add to the tavern menu. Favorite Drink: Beer and hooch
  8. Alaric would stroke his beard, “Yes, yes.” He smiled and nodded at the reforms.
  9. AlaricGrimgold


    Alaric Grimgold was born in an insignificant Dwarvish Hall, a lesser member of the small Clan Grimgold. His people were fine warriors and smiths, good and traditional Mountain Dwarves with a deep held belief in the Brathmordakin. He grew up with a strong hammer arm from many hours in the smithies and a stern shield hand in the phalanx with his brothers. His Clan Father dotted and praised the prodigal son of the Grimgold Hold with all the fineries and gifts he could offer, but was disappointed when the boy chose the life of a warrior, compared to the safety and wealth of a goldsmith or artificier. But the hot-blood of Belka ran through his veins, and he wore the iron mask of Dungrimm like a shroud. With his mighty warhammer, Foehammer, he rend the enemies of his clan like hot metal on an anvil, breaking their bones beneath his steel. The orcs and goblin tribes of his area were always quick to infest the abandoned holes and prey on unsuspecting miners to steal their hauls. It was on a guard patrol into the mines with his brothers, that his life changed. They had just broken through a wall with their hammers when they saw a great war party of orcs and goblins, and sprung into frenzy. Slamming hammers down upon the raiders, they drove them from their caves in a panic. Alaric saw an olog tower above the fighting greenskins, and charged at him with his hammer. The olog laughed as it took the hit and smacked Alaric clear to the side of mineshaft and into a support beam. Cracking beneath his steel plates, the roof caved in above them and crushed beardling and greenskin alike, leaving Alaric as the only survivor. He blamed himself for his brash charge, and his brothers’ deaths. He returned to his hall sullen, and gave away all the possessions of value he owned-- gold, steel, everything save his own beard. His family thought him mad, and his own Clan Father, dumbfounded by his actions had no choice but to banish him from his hold if he would not explain why he was acting so strangely. He would not even take his weapon with him on this journey, the name Foehammer seeming an insult at the death of his brothers. So, packing away a set of guard’s armor for the journey, he forged a new weapon-- Grudgebearer-- and sought out for the overworld with a book of all the wrongs committed against his clan, with the promise he would not return until each and every one had been made right. The first grudge in the book sat bold-- ALARIC GRIMGOLD: IRRESPONSIBILITY, BLOOD-SIN TO HIS BROTHERS’ DEATHS. With a grim cloud hanging overhead, he made his way towards the Dwarven city of Kal’Varoth to seek a future in a new land.
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