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  1. [!A missive has been pinned neatly beneath the Prophet's.] Lord Prophet, We are both aware your accusations rest on half truth, that are far less damning in the full light, and yet you only see fit to judge me by these falsehoods. If you wish to itemize the past century of disputes, then I shall respond to your claims with the full story on the matter. Your claim on lending to me your house on my first arrival in town has never been disputed, yet the countless times I have thanked you for such is oft ignored. So, too, has my claim that you were my first friend in the Grand Kingdom. I utterly deny the title of marriage between myself and Valyndris, as I hold true to the belief that marriage is between two Dwarves. I completed my crafting penance unto you and have fully accepted the action as sin requiring repentance. And yet, it is raised as though I am counter to all these beliefs. You may call my Grand Marshalship a failure, despite personally leading three raids into Orenian territory to three victories, but in truth politics is what doomed it and I accepted such from Kazrin graciously. I did not threaten to withhold support from the Inferi conflict out of respect to my Legion campaign, but had warned that our lives had been threatened by other clans in the Kingdom and we had to seek refuge in the wilds, where we could not guarantee our support. In truth, I personally was present at the most sorties into occupied Korvassa of any Clan Lord, and was the one who personally found the skull of Metztli. Why is my record written as though I tried to escape such disaster in your eyes? We did negotiate for your election in Almaris, this is true, which required me breaking from a long alliance and support towards the Ireheart clan. You had promised me many things, and we asked for one simple one in return, the land on which Tal’Tagar Tazarak resides so our people may have a place to live in peace from those who would do us harm. You granted this request, yes, but the paperwork was delayed through your entire Kingship, which is where my frustration lied. Grand King Levian’tol approved the plans and had it constructed within a stone week of his coronation. I too never held it against you, and continued to work beside you after. I admit my petulance in the case of golemancy, as too I did back then. When you met with me, before my brother at the Goldhand clan hall to tell me of your denial of my apprenticeship, I expressed understanding and told you to keep the bust I had carved and adorned with starsteel as a symbol of my apology for my treatment of you. Your claim that I hosted nothing during my tenure in the clergy too is false, as I hosted two sermons of dedication towards Dungrimm, aided Gildroc with a festival of Armakak in which I delivered a sermon to the Sun God, and trained a handful of Dwed in the religious ways in my short time in the Temple. It was made very clear that my expulsion from the Clergy was due to my relationship with Valyndris, a relationship which I have long since made penance for about an elf who has been on religious pilgrimage for nearly a century, likely never to return. You claim there is no feud, and for us, that is the truth. Our last interaction before your summoning of me to give testimony for Craegorn was me presenting you with multiple chunks of Thanhium crystals before your father, and issuing to you a direct apology for my actions and nothing more. You still expressed your distrust of me, but I expressed only my desire to be left alone in peace. I meant my words, as much then as I still mean them now. A Dwarfess has my heart, a Dwarfess you saw fit to frighten with your assault of me at the Temple, after summoning those who had relation into attendance. Of course I accepted your request, Craegorn has committed a slight before the face of the gods and it needed to be answered for. Yet it was made evidence that I was called not by the gods, but to answer for false pretenses for a judgment against myself on the actions of others. Claims that my clan has produced more heretics than all others combined is a ridiculous sentiment-- of the two we have, Throrduil and Craegorn, one is from two hundred years ago and the other was dealt with firmly now. The only other heretic you had brought forth claims of being related to our clan, was a Clan aspirant who we swiftly denied entry upon his first heretical deed. The Goldhands had the same number of members join the Inferi during the conflict, finding themselves even launched from cannons at our ship for such. Yet, you wish not to seek vengeance against the Lord of the Goldhands? Such would be a ridiculous idea! If what you say Glod said is true, perhaps it is because he knows the truth. That never would I fall to such baseless heresy. Even now, you profess to do Dungrimm’s job for him, dooming others to Vuur’dor when you of all people should know full well that only the Lord of Death has that power. You have let your hatred of me go to your head and painted us as enemies when we had never sought to be such.
  2. [!A handful of missives upon black parchment sat around the Dwarven nation, their writing penned in golden runes.] [Alaric Grimgold's return to Tal'Tagar Tazarak] Foul Rumors ><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>< Friends, Dwarves, Countrymen, A perfidious rumor has spread about the land now that I wish to dispel. Reports of my death are exaggerated claims put out by the clergy to wipe their hands of any blame they hold upon their ambush of me. I bear no memory of the assault, none more than what I have been told by those who have found me. Yet it seems they have sought to condemn me to death for the heresy of others, the heresy of those I have strongly opposed. Those who know me know these to be false accusations, that though I have sinned, my life has been dedicated to the repentance of my actions through service. Those who know me know this attack was little more than the extension of the lasting feud between Norli and myself. I ask my friends and family not to resort to his blood for blood. I have read his words, the crimes he has accused me of, what actions he made me commit against my own clanson. Despite all this, we cannot abandon the path of Yemekar, we cannot resort to taking the life of another Dwarf. The blood of Craegorn and the blood he wished to claim from me stains his hands, but we shall not stain ours. Dungrimm alone shall judge him for this lapse of faith. I ask instead that my followers keep the peace and to pledge their support to the true authority of the Grand Kingdom. We must stand behind our Grand King, for only through a rightful and just reign may the Grand Kingdom flourish. Narvok oz Brathmordakin Narvok oz Bakthrummaz Bakir Kravamoruk Narvok oz Urguan
  3. Alaric stared at the missive for a long while in confusion. “Glod’s the Clanfather?”
  4. Alaric sat in confusion, wondering when in the history of ever he had tried to use his status as a Common Clan for gain.
  5. Alaric Grimgold was sad he couldn’t be apart of another Dwarven Spec Ops team.
  6. Alaric simply ran his dirk over a whetstone as he heard Val read the missive to him. With a single laugh, he raised the dagger to his eye and inspected the edge. He could only think of his past forays into Oren through the past 150 years. They had never managed to kill, wound, or capture him but Alaric knew their forces were simply better than Oren’s. “Dey could hab actualleh worked on their forces…” He pointed out. “For all this talk about us being…”
  7. Alaric took in a deep breath and wondered how many times they would have to teach the Orcs this lesson.
  8. RP Name: Alaric Grimgold IGN: Hrokaz Allegiance: Urguan, Tagar Tazarak Mani: (Animal you will represent): Mahae the Lion
  9. Alaric stared at the missive, the words turning the wheels in his head though sense he could not make of his message. In one confused scrunch of his face, he set the note down and said the only thing that could arise to his mind. “Hwat?”
  10. Alaric Grimgold tries to stare at the Ireheart missive placed in the tavern, but the mass of scribbles and misspellings causes only his brain to smoke. “Must be an Ireheart thing.” He judged by the letter.
  11. I, Alaric Grimgold pledge my weapon of craft to be used within the tournament of Almaris. I am a lone Blacksmith, representing my own Clan. My blood is that of Urguan, strong and Dwarven, and my weapon shall represent as such. I will not issue any punishment or harm to Sir Reginald Persepolis Montgomery the Fourth if such an incident arises at the tournament. I bequeath my tournament weapon to be under his jurisdiction if dismantled or broken during the processions. If any bodily harm comes to my form, or happens in response to my weapon. I shall ignore such incidents and allow for this tournament to continue. I shall promise to not use the devious acts of the arcane to influence my weapon or the tournament myself, for doing so shall have myself removed from the contest or recycled into different bodily fluids. Signed, Lord Alaric Grimgold, Master Smith
  12. Alaric screams loudly from the bathroom, a strained groan and an extended splash following shortly after. “More papers!” He says as he grabs the DNN copy jammed under the door by Valyndris. With a chortle, he scoffs. “This paper is already full of shit!” He exclaims using the tabloid regardless.
  13. Alaric wakes to see the copy of DNN on his doorstep. “Ah good!” He exclaims as he picks up the paper and returns to his business. “De toilet paper man made his delivery, ah thought ah was ginnah have t’use de Orenian propaganda.”
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