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Found 10 results

  1. Clans of Hefrumm The Cottonwood Clan [Blackroot vassal] Despite not being an elder clan, a title only the Treebeards hold, the Cottonwoods are the founding clan of Hefrumm. For most of its history the clan was considered very primitive, since they mainly focused on subsistence hunting. This turned the members of the Cottonwoods into great hunter-gatherers. With time the Cottonwoods evolved a culinary culture that formed the base for most dishes and drinks consumed by the forest dwarves. The Cottonwoods tend to be easy going and open towards anyone that hunts or celebrates with them.They enjoy living life and try to avoid straining themselves. Since the rule of Chief Bhodi Cottonwood, the curse of the Wendigo fell upon the Cottonwood Clan. The remaining Cottonwoods often look back at their glory days of their clan. Their hunters remain eating the foods their forefathers taught the clan without creating any innovation, and await for the day that their fire will be reinvigorated. Origins and Appearance: The first written records of the Cottonwoods originate from Atlas. Originally a nomadic forest tribe, the Cottonwoods tend to have a very specific appearance; Olive skin and orange hair. Traditional Cottonwood clothing tends to be made from materials collected be it plant or animal pelts. Achievements: The Cottonwood clan was the founding clan of Hefrumm. The Cottonwood Village served as the building blocks of Hefrumm back in Atlas. This created the first political union of forest dwarves ever recorded in the history of the mortal races. The cottonwoods were also the first clan of forest dwarves to ever have Paragon from their clan thanks to the paragonhood of High Chief Bjor Cottonwood. The cottonwoods brought the forest dwarf tradition of druidism into Hefrumm. The Blackroot Clan The Blackroots are one of the oldest clans of Hefrumm. Originally the Blackroots were a branch of the Cottonwood clan, one more focused on spirituality rather than the simple hunter-gatherer lifestyle of the Cottonwoods. This spiritual perspective led the Blackroots to see the body as secondary to their spirit. Due to this, Blackroots often try to exceed their limits both of body and mind. Their caste of Berserker warriors was formed trying to overcome the pain and limitations of the body through sheer will and traditional Blackroot remedies. Others became Seers who use substances to reach beyond their minds' capabilities. The Seers of the Blackroots are the eldest and most honored seers of Hefrumm allowing many blackroot seer traditions to overflow onto the larger Hefrumm Seers' culture. Despite their traditionalism in spirituality, the Blackroots are quite out of the box thinkers and are usually open to social change, aiming for the physical world to come into balance with the spiritual world.The clan gave Hefrumm multiple High Chiefs, during whose rule the culture, spirituality, and autonomy of Hefrumm has always been prioritized. Origin and Aperance: The Blackroots share blood with the Cottonwoods as well as the Grandaxes and Frostbeards. Due to this, traits found in those clans can also be found in the Blackroots. Traditional clothing for the blackroots tends to be made from pelts or bones in order to honor the fallen creatures they have killed, and be granted the spirit’s favor. Achivements: The Blackroot Clan through High Chief Karl Blackroot was the one to create the first constitution of Hefrumm, laying on paper its relationship to the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Clan Blackroot led Hefrumm through the inferi invasion under the rule of Karl Blackroot. The Blackroots through High Chief Yazmora Blackroot was the first forest dwarf clan to reach the rank of Grand Queen of Urguan, through her marriage to the Grand King. During her tenure as Queen she remained in her more important position of High Chief. The Blackroots normalized the forest dwarf seer culture in Hefrumm, allowing for a unique religious practices among the forest dwarf clans. The Treebeard Clan The Treebeard are the oldest clan of the forest dwarves, being the progenitor of all other forest dwarf clans.The Treebeards hold a symbolic importance in the same way as the Cottonwoods. Treebeards are known for being academics and religious dwarves, being the link between the more traditional cave and mountain dwarves and the other forest dwarf clans. Culturally, the Treebeards do not have a shared identity entirely distinct from that of the other forest dwarves. In fact, their lack of a monolithic identity is what allowed all other forest dwarf clans to emerge from it. Origin and appearance: Treebeards are (like all forest dwarves) descendants of Gloin Treebeard son of Urguan Silverbeard (ancestor of all dwarves). Achievements: During the Blood Age the Treebeards allied themselves with the Mountain dwarf rebels to overthrow the Khorvadic Empire of the Ironborn. Clan Treebeard normalized druidic beliefs in forest dwarf culture, something that many of the clans that came after the Treebeards continued to do. The Mossborn Clan The youngest clan in the chiefs' council of Hefrumm, a lot of their history has been lost due to time due to several natural disasters that have struck the clan in ancient times, from plagues to droughts. These days the Mossborn have reformed themselves by seeking out lost individuals of the clan scattered through the realm, and they have reunited with their forest dwarf brothers in Hefrumm. This clan is known for their famed skills in metallurgy, a craft rarely practiced by forest dwarves. In terms of faith, the Mossborn are devout worshippers of the Brathmordkin, in particular favoring Yemekar The Forgefather and Anbella the Hearthmother. They see their green armor as both a way to honor their ancestors and as a way to worship both Yemekar and Anbella, since both their aspects are required for its creation. Though this by no means that they are only smiths, as Mossborn trains in and appreciates many different forms of crafting. Origin and appearance: The Mossborn originate from the bloodline of Grojak Mossrot, son of Gloin Treebeard, and the bloodline of Theodoric Grimgold, son of the Paragon Tungdil Goldhand. The Mossrot and Grimgold bloodlines coalesced into this clan, when the Grimgolds married with Mossrot islanders, who had fled the mainland to escape slavery by the Ironborn Empire. One can easily tell who is from the Mossborn clan by their striking green armor which they wear almost always, though this is not strictly enforced among them. Achievements: The Mossborn clan gave Hefrumm their first Grand Admiral of the dwarven navy through Garedyn the Green. The Mossborn have given Hefrumm their first Grand Steward The Mossborn gave the forest dwarves their seccond Grand Queen of Urguan, due to Ealisaid’s marriage to Bakir Ireheart. The Mossborn are also responsible for spreading a selfreliant smithing culture to Hefrumm. Clan Aavik A folk clan of Hefrumm originating from the Treebeards that ended up in the frozen tundras after the exile of Gloin. The Aavik, very much like the Cottonwood and other survivalist clans, are great hunters. Their diet is also balanced heavily with fish. One of the biggest cultural aspects that differentiate the Aavik from other forest dwarf clans is the role metal plays in their culture. The Aavik only use metals that originate from the stars. Appearance: Like most forest dwarves the Aavik have a more toned skin compared to other dwarves. They tend to wear clothes made from the pelts of the animals they have hunted. Alternative Groups Green Collective Despite not being a clan, the Green Collective serves as an organization within Hefrumm of much importance. The Green Collective is the order of the epiphytes and sporophytes of Hefrumm, one dedicated to the service of the tribunal the Brathmordakin that protect Anbella’s balance (Anbella, Dungrimm, Belka). They serve as keepers of Hefrumm’s oath to Anbella and nature. Origin and Apperance: Since epiphytes cannot reproduce, the ranks of the Green Collective come directly from the clans, usually the largest ones. The seers of Hefrumm have a ceremony to honor one’s path to become an epiphyte. Because dwarven epiphytes come from different forest dwarf clans their appearance tends to vary, however, if they merged with the same species of fae plant they would be made of similar materials. In the folks’ council the Green Collective has one extra vote in Hefrumm as a ceremonial way of honoring the organization. Achivements: Members of the Green collective have been able to reach the position of Chief in their respective clans, with some like Karl Blackroot achieving the position of High Chief of Hefrumm. Common Clans / Clanless dwarves Apart from being a confederation of forest dwarf clans, Hefrumm is also the home of all forest dwarves. Since many forest dwarves come from smaller social groups they lack any sense of clan and hence their identity is just based on their forest dwarfness. Some others do have a sense of clan however their clan was destroyed or almost wiped out due to the history of the forest dwarves. Both of these groups are respected in Hefrumm and due to them the Folk’s Council was formed so that they could also partake in the community of Hefrumm. Origin and Apperance: Common folk originate like all other forest dwarves from clan treebeard, some broke away from other clans, and some are from very small clans that do not reach the requirements to be in the Chiefs’ Council. Because of this the origins of the common folk of Hefrumm is varied, something that affects their appearance. A common forest dwarf from the swamp lands does not look similar to one of the frozen tundra, they are as varied as the larger forest dwarf clans. Achievements: Qrue was the first clanless forest dwarf to ever become High Chief of Hefrumm. [OOC] Join Hefrumm today! Here is our discord: https://discord.gg/8Fgtkdmmg8
  2. Music to listen to while reading my book A HISTORY OF The Goldhand and Grimgold Grudge. By: Voryn A’Daragon OPENING STATEMENT This is a History of the Goldhand and Grimgold Grudge, which details their long lasting feud stretching back several hundred years. Both clans can trace their lineage back to the “Line of Tungdil”, a famous dwarven lord who was known for his love of children and ability to make gold faster than any other dwarf. The Grimgold Clan are the descendants of the older son of Tungdil, while the Goldhand Clan are the descendants of the younger son of Tungdil. Their rivalry is that of a sibling rivalry. The Goldhands were a more successful clan than the Grimgolds, and were granted “Elder Status” for their services to Urguan. The Grimgolds, on the other hand, did very little of note until their Clan Father, Glod Grimgold, took over power of the Clan. FIRST ERA GRUDGE In the year 689 of the First Era, the first signs of the rivalry had begun. Bumble Goldhand, a Cheese Merchant, had fallen in love with the beardling Blod Grimgold. Unfortunately, the Clan Father of the Grimgolds (whose name is lost to time, as he was irrelevant), forbade the marriage. Bumble was enraged. He went to his Clan Father (Thoak Goldhand), and told him that the Grimgolds had refused the marriage because they “Would not marry a disgusting Shithand”. The Lord Thoak then killed almost the entirety of the Grimgold Clan. The Goldhand’s believed that their ancient enemy was now slain. Unfortunately for them, (and fortunately for us, as will be discussed later), several Grimgolds were away on their ker wife finding missions. As a side note, the Grimgolds are known in the Dwarven Kingdom for taking “Dark Elven Concubines.” To the Goldhands, a lot of the Grimgolds are not even dwarves. They are considered Dark Elves. One of the Grimgold’s that survived was known as Klouf Grimgold (Not to be confused with Klouf Grimgold). Klouf was a famous warrior, and took the survivors to live in caves. That is not an insult to dwarves - many of them actually live in caves (insane). Klouf had several warriors in his retinue. Thorin Grimgold, Bombur Grimgold, Gimli Grimgold, and most importantly of all, Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold. Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold will now be discussed. Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold was the Captain of the Ship called the Fist of Dungrimm. He was a famous pirate, adventurer, and explorer. Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold had slain dragons, fought in countless battles, and most importantly of all - had a dark elven mother. This allowed him to look conventionally attractive, while retaining the brute strength of the dwarves. He carved out his own island kingdom known as the “Grim Isles”, where a subsection of the Grimgold Clan fled to. There, they engaged in dark magic, cannibalism, and created quarter dwarf, quarter ker, half pig hybrids. Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold soon became an accomplished wizard. He studied for many years, perfecting the craft of organic transmutation. Soon, the entirety of the Grim Isles was full of his creations. Gone were the descendants that one lived there, replaced by the abominations of Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold. Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold then found the Sea-***** Witch known as Elsa. Understanding his power, the Sea-***** Witch known as Elsa gave Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold the power to create skin-walkers from his creations. His former clan members were now cursed with the ability to skin-walk, and took any form they wanted. Klouf Grimgold had heard of this dark magic, and he sailed to the Grim Isles. It was there a legendary fight took place between Klouf Grimgold and Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold. While historical records show that Klouf Grimgold had won the battle, who is to say that Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold had not won and simply skin changed into Klouf? For the academic purposes of this book, we will take the argument that Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold won the battle. This is because skinwalkers have difficulty keeping the shape of a face. The Grimgolds typically wear masks, and are most likely the Skinwalkers that plague Almaris. When Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold, disguised as Klouf, returned to the mainland he was greeted by his clan members who stayed behind. Slowly, he turned all of the Grimgolds into Skinwalkers who could take the shape and appearance of whatever they wanted. The Goldhands had magic. Thoak Goldhand was blind, but he could see. When the Grimgold Clan had returned, Thoak began to exterminate them. Unfortunately, Skinwalkers are crafty. Several of them became attached to his Clan as well, and thus the Skinwalker menace had spread between the dwarven clans. Thoak, with his magical eyes, could sense the skinwalker presence. He would strike down those he thought were skinwalkers, including his own son (also named Thoak). It was then the remaining true dwarf Goldhands held a meeting. The “True” Goldhands held a meeting. Thoak told them that they had to come up with a cunning plan: to become Grimgolds. The meeting erupted into chaos. But then, they realised this was wise. So they immediately all put on the armor of the Grimgolds. The former Grimgolds under Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold became Goldhands. For several hundred years, the Grimgold Clan was actually the Goldhand Clan - and vice versa. The Skin Walking Grimgolds were able to take the appearance of anyone they wished. The Goldhand Grimgolds remained in hiding, far away from the political intrigues of the dwarves. This is where it gets interesting. This is a fragment from a piece of pottery I found. I will put it in quotes. “I heard a tale once from a strange fellow deep in the desert. They spoke of this Temple which worshipped the Skinwalkers, who believed they would bring about the end of the world. I thought him mad! He only laughed at me.” “Four legged dwarves, with bat wings would attack those in the desert. These were the Grimgolds (not the Goldhand version). As he discussed that they existed and that they were worshipped by the nomadic desert folk, a group of them attacked us.” “We fought them off as best as we could, but the desert nomad was carried off by these Grimgolds. I cursed them, (as I was a powerful wizard with access to many magics), and they forgot that they were Skinwalkers).” As this fragment shows, it was common knowledge that four legged bat dwarves roamed the world, and attacked travelers. These four legged creatures were, obviously, Grimgolds - yet the Grimgolds are disguised as the Goldhands. Does this mean that the Goldhands were the bat creatures, or the Grimgolds? The author of this book believes that these were the Goldhands from Thoak. Thoak had incredible magical powers, and was able to use his magic vision to make others see what he wanted them to see. Thus, the Goldhands were the bat people - but they were also disguised as Grimgolds at the same time. In the year 894 First Era, the old tales were forgotten. The Grimgold Clan had vanished, and the Goldhand Clan became powerful. During that gap of history, it is unclear what had happened. I met a drunk dwarf who told me that Torsun Goldhand, Clan Elder of the Goldhands in the Year 88 of the Second Age, was actually Thoak Goldhand who had turned himself immortal. It is possible, therefore, that the Goldhands had reclaimed their true lineage and cast out the Grimgolds. Unless, of course, that Torsun Goldhand (Thoak Goldhand) is a skinwalker who is actually Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold. Due to the Goldhands being known traitors to Urguan, I believe this is the case: The current Goldhand Clan are the Grimgolds. However, almost all of them have forgotten their ancient powers due to the curse - save for Thoak Goldhand, aka Torsun Goldhand (real name Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold). Regardless, all one has to know to understand the current standing grudge in the year 88 of the Second Era is this: the two Gold Clans hate one another. Be it from an ancient same sex marriage that failed, the skinwalker saga, or due to the Goldhand’s claiming elder status over the Grimgolds. We will now begin the tale of the “Second Era Grudge”, and move away from the First Era. THE SECOND ERA GRUDGE: Song link for Second Era In the Second Era, the Goldhand Clan is led by Conan ‘No-Shirt, No Pants’ Goldhand. The Grimgold Clan is led by Glod ‘Godborn’, Grimgold. This book will now discuss both men in depth. (Note: I have not met either of them). Conan ‘No-Shirt’ Goldhand is a senile old dwarf. He routinely burps, farts, and shits his way out of anything important in Urguan. It is said that his clan member Tholgrim (or whatever he goes by now), holds up cue cards for Conan when he is delivering speeches. The important clan activities are done by three dwarves. Hekkaes Anvilhammer, The Iron Baron (needs no introduction, as he is known for having bad teeth and unable to comprehend the common tongue), and “Torsun Goldhand”. Torsun is put in quotes as, most likely, he is Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold. The three shadow leaders of the Goldhand Clan, therefore, are not even Goldhands. Conan, weak and feeble and unable to do anything to stop this, has been forced to agree to their demands of a Clan War. Glod Grimgold, on the other hand, is considered the strongest, wisest, and most powerful dwarf in Urguan. What he says is deeply considered by every single dwarf. While his clan are made up of lackluster nobodies, Glod really shines. Glod was (and perhaps still is) worshipped by humans for his apparent divinity. While Glod has outright refused these claims, he has still earned the title of “the Godborn”, due to his unwavering loyalty to the Brathmordakin. Glod is a famous Senator, Commander, and Battle-Hardened Warrior. Compared to Conan, one would wonder why the Goldhands would dare oppose him. It all goes back to the First Era grudge: The Elder Status of the Gold Clan. Should it go to the Grimgolds, or to the Goldhands? The challenge was issued. Glod was unable to attend the meeting (or felt it was beneath him), and sent a lowly beardling to attend the meeting. This beardling insulted the Goldhands, by openly declaring that the Grimgolds were the trueborn sons of Tungdil and that the Goldhands were not even true Goldhands. He demanded they vassalize under Glod. The Goldhands laughed in the face of the envoy of Glod. They cut his manhood off, and took his tongue out. They demanded that the Grimgolds admit they are the bastard clan of Tungdil, and that they need to pay them twenty five thousand minas. In addition, they wanted the land the Grimgold’s owned. The Goldhands and their vassal clans the Ironguts and Irongrinders marched to war against the Grimgolds. They killed many of their men in the field of battle, overwhelming the poorer clan through sheer numbers. Glod and his clan sought refuge with the Jungle Dwarves. Glod, fearing that the dwarves under his command would be killed by the potential skinwalker clan, sought out a truce. They would pay the money, help the Goldhands acquire new land - but they would not denounce the fact that they are the sons of Tungdil. This is where the history ends - as it is still ongoing. This is a deep look at the psyche of the dwarves, and why they attack one another. Honour, duty, and greed. Signed, Voryn A’Daragon, Master Historian.
  3. Catarrh

    Clan Yar

    <O> Yar: Many years ago, the great shaman Malog raised the banner of Yar for the first time in Anthos, instating a long-running clan of wisemen and those dedicated to the worship of the spirits. Symbolised by the duhnah skhelll, the great man-eating tortoises of the desert, they revere the Ancestral spirit Yar, said to be the wisest of his clan. While Yars place great emphasis on spirituality and the attainment of wisdom, they follow the basic fundamentals of orcish life and value strength and honour; they are still orcs, and will fight ferociously alongside their brothers in other clans in times of battle. However, they must also be able to think, and discern what is wise and honorable. A Yar is also expected to have an acute awareness of the spirits, even if that particular orc does not happen to be a shaman. The Yars remember at all times that the eyes of Krug and the spirits are upon them. Whether hunting, fighting, or whatever they do, they must keep this fact in mind, and live for the spirits. Not every Yar will be a shaman. Not every Yar will become famed as some kind of great orcish thinker, but every Yar can bring some honor to the orc for whom the clan was named by exercising wisdom to the best of his or her ability. “Wisdom is born of a strong mind. It is more practical than philosophy, agh goes beyond mere knowledge. It is the ability for right living, common sense, wit, resolution of life’s problems, agh success beyond material gain. Gruk for latself, but heed the blahings of those more experienced with the respect agh consideration due them. Learn from life, agh apply latz learning in a way that means something.” -The Contemplations of Malog, V1 \o/ Culture: Seven Pillars of Honor: Strength Valor Boldness Contentment Wisdom Forthrightness Discipline Seven Pitfalls of Dishonor: Weakness Irresolution Cowardice Avarice Thoughtlessness Duplicity Complacency Branding: Upon initiation into the Yar clan, and following completion of three trials presented by one or more elders, new members are branded with the image of the duhnah skhelll. The initiate must then swear his allegiance to the clan as he sacrifices an animal: “Mi zwayr mi eturnul allejunze tu da Yar klan. Mi zwayr tu lib bai da klan law kode, agh tu walk en da wizdum agh onur ob Yar. Zhud mi ebur bitray da klan, mi wull bi kurz’d tu hab mi bluud zpill’d az diz animul. Mi wull bi flat’d en helplezznezz agh dizonur!” Translation: “I swear my eternal allegiance to the Yar clan. I swear to live by the clan law code, and to walk in the wisdom and honor of Yar. Should I ever betray the clan, I will be cursed to have my blood spilled as this animal. I will die in helplessness and dishonor!” Sacrifices: As is common among orcs, the Yar clan performs sacrifices. These are often at special occasions, but sometimes just for the sake of sacrificing. The sacrifices take two forms: blood offerings and grain offerings. Blood Offerings These are offerings of living creatures. Humans, elves, kharajyr, and dwarves. Livestock. Grain Offerings These are burnt offerings of wheat or any other form of produce. It has been a custom in Malog’s family for generations to burn herbs in honor of Yar. Traditionally these herbs are gathered from Dwarven territory as the herbs Yar himself sought on the day of his death. Bones: In the Yar Clan, bones are sacred as a symbol of structure, integrity and uprightness. The removal of bones as a Yar Clan punishment is a means by which the Yars communicate a lacking of these traits in the offender. Adornment: Due to the symbolic nature of bones within the clan, it is a practice among the Yars to adorn themselves with the bones of fallen enemies or of beasts slain in hunts, be it by simply hanging them from their person or by fashioning piercings thereof. They are also strongly encouraged to represent the Yar clan in battle by painting their faces and/or bodies with the clan colors: black and white. Sounding of the Horn: The Horn of Yar is an important relic in Yar culture. It is sounded at any event deemed significant enough. This can include religious gatherings, feasts, battle, or even just the birth of a new cub into the clan. The horn, as many have seen, is massive, and can be easily heard for miles outside of the capitol. See “Important Links” at the bottom of this post for links to the Yar Clan’s more interesting traditions. <<<D Law: The giving of the law, as originally told in Anthos: Malog’s head was boiling over with frustration. He needed to clear his mind. Nux’Ugluk’s decision to side with the Kaxils enraged him to no end. He decided to go out to the desert and meditate, “Purhapz da zpirutz wull gib mi guidenze,” he thought. As he sat atop a large dune, he peered down at an adolescent scaddernak scurrying over to a small cave. The beast was not fully grown yet, but was still easily big enough to kill a small group of Uruks. The cave’s entrance instantly snapped shut on the encroaching scaddernak, severing both of its pincers and three of its left legs. The creature lay helpless with half its legs gone, as a hulking mass shifted out of the sand. The sand gave way to a massive shell, and what seemed to be a cave proved to be a mouth. When the dust cleared, an enormous tortoise nearly the size of a modest gatehouse stood looming over the crippled scaddernak. The words “Duhnah skhelll” passed Malog’s lips as he watched in amazement. The duhnah skhelll lifted one of its tremendous legs, and smashed its prey. It then proceeded to swallow the scaddernak whole. Malog took this as a sign from the spirits, and hurried back to Gronkkston. He gathered his supporters from within the Ugluk clan, and told them what he saw. He then told them about his ancestor, Yar, a wise and powerful shaman. He had decided that if he couldn’t regain the Ugluk clan, he’d lead his followers away from the dangerous path down which that clan was being led. He had decided to lead them down the path of wisdom; the path of honor. He blew the great bronze horn he’d previously constructed atop the massive hill near Gronkkston, announcing the formation of the Yar clan. After blowing the horn, Malog then spoke forth the law code of the Yar Clan: ~ In order to ensure the Yar Clan did not stray from the path of honor, ten laws were set in place for the clan to uphold. ~ Do not kill your fellow orc unprovoked or outside of an agreed-upon klomp, for such is an abomination to Krug. Do not consume the flesh of your fellow orc, for such is an abomination to Krug. Do not steal from your fellow orc, for such is an abomination to Krug. Do not free your fellow orc’s slave, nor enslave your fellow orc, for such is an abomination to Krug. Do not practice the magic of the pink skin, for such is an abomination to Krug. Do not disrespect your fellow orc or his property, especially an orc in authority over you. This includes challenging the Wargoth or Chieftain without legitimate reason, for such is an abomination to Krug. Do not live amongst the pink skin, to dwell in their cities, nor to walk in their ways, for such is an abomination to Krug. Do not speak the language of the pink skin, for such is an abomination to Krug. Do not take the pink skin as your lifemate, for such is an abomination to Krug. Do not worship the gods of the pink skins, for such is an abomination to Krug. ~ Failure to comply by the laws of Clan Yar will result in the following: ~ Harrowing: Any orc who breaks a clan law but is still considered redeemable may be exiled to a dangerous land for a period of time. He may either be sent into the deserts without any food or tools, or into known enemy territory. Should the accused return alive, his crimes are completely forgiven, and he is welcomed back as a brother. Beheading: This is your average beheading. The head is then piked in a public place with a sign indicating the offender's name and whitewashed status. Heart Removal: An orc who commits a particularly heinous offence is restrained while his beating heart is cut from his chest. The heart is then piked in a public area with a sign indicating the offender's name and whitewashed status. Deboning: This punishment, due to its gruesome nature, is reserved primarily for the most repugnant crimes. The only exception to this rule is towards non-orcs, who may experience this fate merely at the whim of the clan leader. An orc, however, must commit a severe atrocity to suffer this punishment. The accused is restrained while his bones are broken and removed from his body. The bones are then piled up and burned in a desecration ceremony. >>> <<< Yar Clan Chants: Blessed of Yar Shout unto Krug, Blessed of Yar! Throughout the Uzg, Bear it far; The glorious name! Glory to Yar! His wisdom will reign! Glory to Yar! Harvest Life is toil; Life is pain. Till the soil; Wait for rain. Blood coats plow, Workers groan. Harvest now Flesh agh bone! Raise the Luzk Raise the luzk! Shout aloud! Bare latz tusks! Make Krug proud! Bodies sever From their spirits! they'll forever Dread agh fear us! Cubs’ Chant Chant to the Wargoth, leading us to glory. Chant to the Choppers, on the battlefield. Chant to the Trappers, in the burning desert. Chant to the Workers, pounding steel. We are the Yar cubs, builders of the future, Agh we the Yar cubs swear to lat; Loyal devotion! Fearless devotion! Agh to klomp until we’re flat! Chant to the faithful members of the Yar Clan. Chant to the Skhelll lethality. Chant to the Yar Clan; ever wise and mighty! Clan of wisdom agh victory! <(*)> Important Links: Shrunken Heads: Bone Trees: Bone Gavels: Bone Singing (Throat Singing): Yar Clan Runes: Yar Funerary Rites: The Horn of Yar: Story of Yar: Information on the Duhna Skhelll can be found here under “Orcish Wildlife”
  4. The Clan Khurhukar is a clan of the most worthy of Kha merchants and fighters. Short History: Ranks: The Patta: The Patta is the current leader of the Khurhukar and must be a descendent of the family. His role in the clan is to guide the Kha to a better life. The Per: The Per is the heir to the Patta. They have to be part of the family and The Patta's son. Their role is to take over the role of The Patta when they die. The Elders: The Elders are the direct advisors of The Patta. These individuals are chosen by the Patta, and are usually over 70, and have experience in battle. The Members: The Kha who are worthy of carrying the title Khurhukar. These Kha are the most worthy in their fields, and they are mostly fighters and merchants. The Initiates: The Kha who carry this title are ones who did not prove themselves to the clan yet, but want to become a member. What we provide: We provide the resources to the Kha who are the greatest merchants and fighters. The Trials: The Trial of Power: In this trial, an initiate must prove their power to an Elder, the Per or the Patta. This can be done in two ways. First, they can fight a member of the clan, and second, they can tell a story of a great battle they fought in, and won. The Trial of Merchantry: In this trial, the initiate must prove themselves worthy in merchantry. The initiate must sell a product to a clan member. This trial isn't necessary, and instead of this trial, the trial of power may be done. The Trial of Loyalty: In this trial, the initiate must prove their loyalty to the clan, and they must swear an oath to Metztli, that they will not betray the clan in any case. Application:
  5. The Agreement of The Fist and The Heart Clan Redfist and Clan Grandheart This is an alliance document between Clan Redfist and Clan Grandheart. The document was put in place in the first place to ensure peace between both groups and to aid each other into achieving great things for them both with the view of trying to prosper in their own beliefs. It is a document that will stay in place for undetermined time or until any of the involved parties wish to break this pact for any reason, in which discussion will be had first. ARTICLE I Both clans respect each other's existence and integrity without questioning it or claiming otherwise. Neither will attempt to subvert the other. ARTICLE II Both clans will not commit any crimes or act in any way possible that might kill, injure or damage the other clan’s members in any way possible. In case one of those activities should occur, the member who committed the action will be punished accordingly and acceptable for both clans after discussion. ARTICLE III Both clans declare to aid and support each other in any military or political conflict as long as it does not interfere with the clans’ beliefs, alliances or allegiances. ARTICLE IV Members of both clans just keep the same responsibilities as before the pact was put into place. They do not have to follow commands of the other clan’s leader or follow the other clan’s way of handling stuff, unless mentioned otherwise. ARTICLE V Alliances outside of this pact are completely separate thus not shared by the clans involved in the pact. ARTICLE VI Both clans promise to keep a steady flow of information going both ways between them both and to give each other updates on any big or drastic plans that are in the making. ARTICLE VII If any of the involved clans are organizing an event or hunt, the members of the other clan are invited to attend those events unless it is about private and internal matters. ARTICLE VIII With this document, Kane Redfist grants a section of land in Huaven, located in the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, to the Grandhearts. Free of tax, in exchange for support to Huaven and Clan Redfist. Signed, Kane Redfist Clan father of Clan Redfist, Protector of Ruivians, Lord of Huaven, Lord of the Wildlands, Lord of the Redfist keep, former Duke of Rozania, former War Marshall of Rozania, Military advisor, Reclaimer of the Oasis, Former Commander of the Southern forces & Protector of free people and innocents Maximiliano Grandheart Clan father of Clan Grandheart Nadia Kazimir Buckfort Blackthorn Grandheart Former Duchess of Rozania, Former Master of Whisperers, Former Master of Paper, Clan Member of Grandheart, The Grand Jackalope, Heir Apparent to The House of Buckfort
  6. Odinson Founders; Eivor Odinson While members of new may be unaware, I was not the first and only founder of the clan dubbed Odinson. In fact, I'm not of the true Odinson lineage whatsoever. As inscribed into our main article, the Odinson clan was proceeded by a dwed by the name of Odin, who had a single born offspring and heir; Eivor Odinson, Eivor and myself met some 25 years ago, and quickly came to conclude that we wished to forge a clan together. We wished to unite those who held the same values as ourselves and allow them a platform and name to cultivate their individual affinities so that the world might prosper as a result. But what I'm writing here most are already aware, so if you will allow me, come and learn about founder who was truly the son of Odin. He was a gruff man with a heart of gold, representing the clans wishes to bring prosperity to the world in which we reside. Upon his arrival in Norland, as this was back during the days in which Elysium was apart of the Northern Kingdom, he took up a job as a bartender in the old White Bear tavern. He made good relations with just about every person he met, and his smile was utterly contagious. He was intelligent, like his father and mother, and tinkered often. Beyond that, he was wise far beyond his young age, often sharing life lessons that seemed to be coming from the mouth of a dwarf hundreds of years older than himself. I always assumed it was through his father that he was so wise, however, all these years later, I'm certain it was simply his own intellect. Like myself, Eivor came from the northern Farlands. He had grown up in a mountainous region filled with snow and ice, raised by a loving mother and father, both dwed. His father was an inventor and studied the stars, a hero among their village for his ability to invent ways to keep them alive. His mother was similarly beloved as the most well versed medic in the area, and the next one over. Both opted to serve their home, and pressed their son to find a way to do so. However, he chose to venture past his home and made his way to Almaris, where he could bring his fathers name and spread it beyond the reaches of his old home. And finally, why this piece is in the passed tense, and it's a simple reason. I, Fal'leon Odinson, am simply the last remaining founder of this clan. My former coleader and friend fell to a pack of wolves just three years after the clan was forged, something that left my clan static for some time. Of course, to keep his memory alive and thriving, I pressed on, and now here we are, an established clan. It is my hope that the newer generations of the clan keep Eivor's name alive inside their hearts, as to not let my fallen friend be subjected to the cruel ways time lets us forget. It is the helmet atop the family crest that we bring out honour to Eivor, we represent him in our name. Live your life with the intentions of betterment, and let his spirit continue on.
  7. Notable upon the walls of Elysium are numerous posters, haphazardly pinned to walls and posts with thumbtacks. They read as follows: "Dear my friends within my home in Elysium, the Odinson Clan wishes to expand itself, offering an invitation to all those who wish to have a family. I, Fal'leon Odinson, humbly invite you to contact me through bird or face to face to discuss such dealings. While we're small today, the clan grows steadily and hopes to yield a prestige of philosophers, artists, inventers, and countless others who offer new things into the world. You shall be treated excellently within our clan, given treatment on par with blood relations, even if you've joined only under our oath. I advise those without homes, without a family to call their own, seek me out to discuss a place in the clan for you. Look for the brunette with a flower crown, and you've likely found me. Best wishes to my fellow people, Fal'leon Odinson" (ooc: To contact me on discord at Deus Mortem#8931 or join the clan server! https://discord.gg/RPTvqehH)
  8. The Rænrland Decree Issued 19th of the Amber Cold, Year 20 of the Second Age TO THE CLANS AND CITIZENS OF NORLAND, It is with great pleasure that the Kingdom of Norland announces an expansion of its official borders. From this day forward, the Kingdom of Norland shall assert its direct rule over the mountains and green lands to our south, encompassing the southernmost banks of Lake Eada, the Rænr Mountains and waterways to its south and east along the shores of the newly-named Lake Hakon. The Borders of the Kingdom of Norland, as of the Year 20 SA By decree of the Crown, these lands shall henceforth be known as the Rænrland. Further, in the interest of developing these lands for the benefit of the Kingdom, the King shall be extending the opportunity to acquire holdings in these new territories, firstly to the recognized Clans of the Kingdom and then, eventually, to other enterprising citizens at a later date. Penned by, Arthas II Edvardsson-Ruric, Prince of Norland, Chamberlain of the Kingdom of Norland In the Name of, Sven II, King of Norland, Duke of Varhelm, Protector of Highlanders
  9. Grand Kingdom of Urguan Urguan Discord: [Click Here] About The Grand Kingdom The Grand Kingdom of Urguan is a constitutional monarchy established to unify and represent the Dwarven race. The Grand Kingdom itself is one with tremendous history, being the sole nation of the Dwarves for millenia, leading back to the very first dwarf himself, Urguan. Represented through the colors of orange and gray, the nation has united the Dwarves under its banner through common religion, culture, and ideals. The religion of the land, the Brathmordakin, is a polytheistic religion composed of 7 gods, each of which represent a different aspect of Dwarven culture. Throughout history, Urguan has been best known for their expert craftsmanship, unique clan diversity, beautiful underground cities, engineering capabilities, and wartime strategy. Now on the realm of Almaris, the Grand Kingdom continues to serve as the sole Dwarven hub, occupying a sprawling mountainside on the south east section of the realm. Settlements of Urguan The Capital City of Kal’Darakaan Kal’Darakaan, or the City of the Ancient Might is a subterranean dwarven metropolis that serves as the capital of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Being the largest and only Dwarven hub on Almaris, the city is a staple for dwarven culture, craftsmanship, and religion. Within the capital city, travellers can expect to find multiple clan halls, housing districts, a bustling market, a Brathmordakin temple, grand arena, and large area for craftsmen to hone their skills. Unknown to many is the city's origins, as the modern Dwarves of Urguan were not the ones to construct the city. Through the investigation of clues left behind, many believe the city to have been a colony of the ancient Dwarves, hence its name of ‘Ancient Might’. The Forest Dwarf Village of Hefrumm The Forest Dwarf Village of Hefrumm is a town settled in the woodland valley surrounding the capital city of Kal’Darakaan. Home primarily to the Forest Dwarf Clans, Hefrumm’s unique culture is one linked to the care of sustaining nature surrounding them. Living amongst the flora and fauna specific to the region, strolling through the village is a beautiful nature walk for all to take on. The smell of roasting boar and spilled carrot ale often radiates from the Hefrumm Tavern and Inn. Some of their practices are seen no where else throughout the realm, such as the Seers, a branch of the Brathmordakin faith with an emphasis on spiritual guidance. Important Documents Articles of Urguan Civil Codex of Laws The Book of Grudges Da Kirja Dverga History of the Dwarves Kings of the Old Realm The Dwarven Language Dwarven Family Tree Government Leadership King’s Council Grand King Ulfric Frostbeard ((Terry_23)) ((Discord: Terry#1337)) The Grand King of Urguan is the sole monarch and utmost authority within the Dwarven nation. Elected by the majority of Urguanites, the individual entrusted with the power’s associated with the role is one of great status and respect amongst their peers. The Grand King is responsible for overseeing the entirety of the realm, as well as appointing a council to assist them in running the day-to-day aspects of the nation. The title is one held until resignation, removal, or death, and therefore has no set time limit. Grand Marshal Bakir Ireheart ((Valkorion)) ((Discord: Pancakehz#5413)) The Grand Marshal of Urguan is the military head of the Dwarven nation. Tasked with overseeing the legion and strategic planning of both offensive and defensive wars, the individual who holds this title is typically an experienced war veteran who has served the nation’s legion for years prior. This title is appointed by the Grand King, and is held until the Marshal is removed or replaced. Grand Steward Rylanor Goldhand ((TheBlackBobRoss)) ((Discord: Grimoire Weiss#0877)) The Grand Steward of Urguan serves as the head of stewardry for the Dwarven nation. Tasked with regulating taxes and the distribution of Urguan’s homes and land, the individual who holds this title is typically one with an economic background. This title is appointed by the Grand King, and is held until the Grand Steward is removed or replaced. Lord Chancellor Azkel Frostbeard ((Treatycole)) ((Discord: TreatyCole#3623)) The Lord Chancellor of Urguan serves as the nation’s head of foreign affairs and council leader for the Grand Council. Elected by the clans themselves through a majority vote, the individual who holds the title is one well-versed in both diplomacy and advising. As the title is appointed by the Grand Council and approved by the Grand King, the position is one held until removed or replaced by the Grand Council. Lord Justicar Falk Irongut ((TheFirstShroom)) ((Discord: TheFirstShroom#5790)) The Lord Justicar of Urguan serves as the lead justice and keeper of the book of laws for the Dwarven nation. Tasked with overseeing the court systems, the individual who holds this title is one well-versed with the book of law. This title is appointed by the Grand King, and is held until the Lord Justicar is removed or replaced. Guild Masters High Prophet Norli Starbreaker ((Nooblius43)) ((Discord: Nooblius#4534)) The High Prophet of Da Kirkja Dverga, otherwise known as the Dwarven clergy, is the religious head of Urguan. This individual is one well versed in the Brathmordakin, and is responsible for preaching its teachings to the dwarven populace whilst overseeing the clergy’s members. High Remembrancer Azkel Frostbeard ((Treatycole)) ((Discord: TreatyCole#3623)) The High Remembrancer of the Order of Remembrance is the leading scholar of the Dwarven nation. Whilst in charge of teaching future scholars and providing the Dwarven populace with tomes and classes, they also serve as an advisor to the Grand King due to their plethora of learned knowledge. Yemekar’s Pick Dorimnur Goldhand ((BDanecker)) ((Discord: BDanecker#1120)) The Yemekar’s Pick is the head of the Urguani Worker’s Guild. This individual is one with experience in both managing large groups of individuals, and in craftsmanship and gathering. The Yemekar’s Pick is also in charge of supervising the mines within Kal’Darakaan, and the output they produce for the nation. Anbella’s Hand Valyndris Grimgold ((LadyBeerus)) ((Discord: LadyBeerus#4490)) The Anbella’s Hand is the head of medicinal practices for the Dwarven nation. This individual is expected to be a skilled medic capable of training others in what they have learned. The Anbella’s Hand is also tasked with overseeing the Urguani Clinic. Armakak’s Coin VACANT The Armakak’s Coin is the head of trade practices for the Dwarven nation. This individual is one with experience in the mercantile field, and is capable of training others to assist in merchantry for the Grand Kingdom. The Armakak’s Coin is also responsible for overseeing national stalls located in other nations across the realm. Grand Huntmaster VACANT The Grand Huntmaster is the leader of the Hunter’s Guild for the Dwarven nation. This individual is one who has shown a natural prowess for hunting, and is capable of teaching the skill set to new huntsmen. Grand Architect VACANT The Grand Architect is the head of all construction projects for the Dwarven nation. This individual is expected to be a master at both building, and planning out various projects throughout the nation. Iron Baron Levian’Tol Grandaxe ((TeawithLustyLevi)) ((Discord: TheFirstSwan#1143)) The Iron Baron is the brewmaster and head of the tavern for the Dwarven nation. This individual is expected to provide quality brews for the Dwarven people, and continuously stock and run the tavern to host Kal’Darakaan’s citizens. Dwarven Clans CLAN IRONGUT | Khrorul [ Click for Clan Post ] The Irongut Clan is the first-born elder clan of Urguan. This clan is most notable for its line of ascended blood and accepted use of magic within the dwarven society. Since their creation in Aegis, the Ironguts have held much influence within the dwarven timeline, presenting their own multitude of Grand Kings. CLAN GOLDHAND | Aurokanar [ Click for Clan Post ] The Goldhand Clan is at its core a family of merchants. Those with Goldhand blood have long been amongst the best and most successful vendors in the Dwarven realm, but the clan is not limited to just merchants. The clan includes accomplished architects, soldiers, political leaders, and treasure hunters. Distinguished as a Noble Clan for their economic accomplishments. CLAN GRANDAXE | Kathaikaz [ Click for Clan Post ] An influential clan of mountain dwarves that has stood the test of time, the Grandaxes are known to be equally skilled in their prowess with an axe as they are in their command of language; renowned as great revelers and gifted elocutionists, they find themselves at home in various professions across the dwarven capital. From legionnaires to bards, to tavern keeps and politicians, Grandaxes are an amicable and charismatic folk who are staunchly loyal to their roots. Above all else, Grandaxes hold their kin in high regard and adhere to a strict code of honor handed down by their ancestral forebears. The quality of a Grandaxe is from the values of their heart. CLAN FROSTBEARD | Azwyrtrumm [ Click for Clan Post ] The Frostbeard Clan, an Elder Clan of Urguan, are a group originating from the treacherous mountain sides of the world's tallest mountains. Focused on the upholding of their ancestors traditions, members are historically seen as kings, government officials, hunters, diplomats, craftsmen, scholars, and warriors. Unwilling to let a rebellion of traitors destroy their name, the Clan continues to persevere, proving themselves once more to be an invaluable part of Urguan's community. CLAN IREHEART | Kravamoruk [ Click for Clan Post ] An elder clan known to be ferocious warriors that fear little on the battlefield. Irehearts are a mountain dwarf clan, though their physical features tend to be variant they are differentiated by their numerous tattoos. The Irehearts are also known for their many fabled Paragons, warriors and Kings, as some of the most fearsome and respected dwarves in all of history have hailed from such a mighty clan. CLAN STARBREAKER | Kornazkarumm [ Click for Clan Post ] An Elder clan of Cave Dwarves mostly consists of smiths, miners and Golemancers. They are known for their scholarly pursuits, including the study of magic or alchemy, but are most famed for their masterful skill in smithing and have a particular affinity for starsmithing. FOREST DWARVES | Hefrumm [ Click for Clan Post ] The forest dwed of Hefrumm are known as spiritual guides through The Seers, proficient hunters in the Grand Hunters Guild, expert farmers, herders, fisherman, artisans of woodworking, as well as each clan or guild’s specific talents. The village currently consists of the Cottonwood, Blackroot, Treebeard, and Emberhorn Clans, in addition to a few lesser clans. As guardians of Anbella’s Hearth, the community welcomes the likes of epiphytes, druids, and any others that share that passion. CLAN GRIMGOLD | Korodaurok [ Click for Clan Post ] The Grimgolds are an orthodoxy of religious Dwarves found in coastal mountains with strong opinions on the Brathmordakin and Honor. They are most recognizable by their distinctive masks and love of high-grade military weaponry. CLAN IRONGRINDER | Khroneknazkarum [ Click for Clan Post ] Founded on the principles of honor and duty to Urguan’s legacy, some of the greatest engineers and runesmiths of Dwarven kind carried the name Irongrinder. CLAN METALFIST | Ithorrym [ Click for Clan Post ] A clan of Mountain Dwarves known to be impressive fighters and their pivotal role in the reunification of the Dwarven Nation. They are also distinguished by their beady eyes known to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies. The Legion of Urguan The Legion of Urguan is the military force of The Grand Kingdom of Urguan and is the backbone of dwarven society. Almost every dwarf who has risen to greater power has done so through the ranks of the Legion. The Legion’s mission, to defend the Grand Kingdom and protect the dwedmar from all evil is of utmost priority. To join the Legion of Urguan, enlist here; [ Legion Post ] The Guilds of Urguan DA KIRKJA DVERGA The Religion of the Brathmordakin is the ancient religion of the dwedmar. Its teachings are recorded and taught by the Kirkja Dverga, or Dwarven Clergy. The Clergy’s mission is to enforce the will of the Brathmordakin, uphold dwedmar to their honor, and purge evil and heresy from the dwedmar. [Click here for Clergy Post] THE WORKERS’ GUILD The Worker’s Guild is the industrial hand of Urguan. Through the means of smithing, mining and artistry are the dwarves known for their craftsmanship and quality of goods, and the Guild ensures the people of Urguan are well equipped to supply the needs of their city. The Guild provides an entrance into a stable life in Urguani society, giving dwarves a structure for their everyday lives. [Click here for Worker's Guild Post] THE ORDER OF REMEMBRANCE The Remembrancers are among the most esteemed and long-standing dwarven guilds. Originally founded during the First Grand Kingdom of Urguan in Aegis the Remembrancer’s goal is to preserve and expand dwarven wisdom & knowledge, keep a record of historical events, and pass down the learnings to younger dwarves. To join the Remembrancers speak to the High Remembrancer. THE MERCHANTS’ GUILD The Merchant’s Guild is the centerpoint for Dwarven trade both within Urguani lands, and abroad. The expert merchants of the guild are considered the economic hand of the Dwarves, selling Dwarven crafts far and wide to any who wish to buy them. Any who join the guild can expect to learn the trade of a master merchant, and will soon be out attending stalls, selling goods, and establishing trade internationally. [Click here for The Merchant’s Guild Post] THE GRAND HUNTERS' GUILD We dwarves are naturally isolationist folk and for too long have our lands gone unexplored and wild; teeming with beasts of all sizes and ruins lost to nature. For this reason, the GRAND HUNTER’S GUILD was formed, a guild whose goal is to encourage and organize dwarves in exploring the great unknown, hunt and study creatures. [Click here for The Grand Hunters' Guild Post] THE HEALERS’ GUILD Anbella’s Grace is a medical institution based out of Urguan and independent of the outside world tasked with ensuring medical care for dwarves and its quality. The dwarven race being a hardy folk, the medics of the guild (ironically enough) prioritize efficiency over grace in their medical treatment, trusting in dwarven fortitude to bear through any discomfort so the treatment may be done swiftly. [Click here for Healer's Guild Post] THE BREWER’S GUILD Those who have been to Urguan’s taverns, The Queen’s Bounty and Sugary ***, know the drinks of the Dwedmar well. After continued successful maintenance of the bars during the transition from Arcas to Almaris by The Iron Baron Levian’Tol Grandaxe, I’d like to announce the revival of the previous Brewing Guild. I recognize the talent of our current dwarven brewers and would like to offer an opportunity for new dwarves and friends of Urguan to learn about the proper way of brewing and managing their own taverns as well as spreading their brews across Almaris. [Click here for Brewer's Guild]
  10. ~Atmosday~ Summery; we are a guild that helps players learn about the servers partake in adventures and build many epic creations. Legend: Atmosday- the meaning of this sacred word is only reviled to its strictly accepted members, whom are chosen through a set of questions. All those who do pass the test will see our growing guidance and teaching. We are now working on something deep in the mountains that only our members know about currently. We- We have but one simple purpose to teach and to guide our members with primarily unorthodox methods and strict teaching. Lore-..///....////... we were founded in the northern mountains in extreme secrecy, once we were found out by the lords of the land we had to move, over night we packed all our scrools,books and relics and left for the mountains westward of kul, urguan. Atmosday is highly needing members to build our guild hall and fortress we have found an old dwarven mine, we make current residency here but we need many builders to help us expand it. The mine was build 2,000 years ago by an ancient order of magical dwarves with many secret passages and great halls. this mine belonged to clan battle hammer but after they dug to deep the awoke an ancient shadow demon called barterok once he was awoken from the fire and ash he caused great torment to the dwarves killed hundreds of thousands of them until none remained. We have not yet seen this ancient demon but strange unexplained noises are heard from the inner caves at night that surprise even me. Please help us free this dark cruel place to its previous glory and beauty. Our classes All listed below all classes are in the form of a monarchy High classes King; our leader has the thrown on the House of Lords Elder; trusted superior has all the rights as a king Grand duke; can start quests & has a seat in the House of Lords Beginner classes Viscount; can own land for the clan & has a seat at the House of Lords Baron; can own land for the clan & has a stand (small authority half a vote) at the House of Lords Newest member Von; is a beginner to the clan has no power Our purpose- Our purpose is to teach various skills and trades as well as give our members great knowledge of the realms. We are made to teach, learn and have fun if we don’t have fun this guild would be like a prison. Quest- besides learning and teaching we love to go on various quests and journeys through foreign lands or in our own land we love exploration. Apply- please fill out this here application and send it to our guild king What is your name? Both What class are ye? what is some of your lifes story? Why do ye want to join our guild? Have you any skills? What do ye now about or legendary guild? What will ye bring to us?
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