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  1. There are no consequences on the server, which means that it isn't a roleplay server (do not think roleplay first is fully followed). Combat Roleplay should really be the only type of combat you see outside of warclaims (where it wouldn't be feasible). Other servers have implemented player cards where you had bonuses to your rolls depending on certain factors, which could probably be done here. I also feel that it was a mistake getting rid of an untamed / wild "free-build" area. Nation Leaders have too much power and say over roleplay, and usually don't want to contribute to actual stories (rather, they only care about themselves). If we are to follow a "DnD" style, you need to have character sheets that have rolls and bonuses based on certain things (armor worn, items in hand...something). That will help you complete one of the mission objectives. Unlike most players on here, I roleplayed on other RP servers when LotC was opened and only briefly played back in 2014 / 2015 era. My friends convinced me to return, and it wasn't similar to the other RP servers we played on. If you died, you were dead. That's how it worked. It meant there were stakes and RP was serious. On this server if you die (even if it's from a bandit), you can just come back with no consequences. I don't think this server will ever be like that, because most people will freak out if some good PvPer kills them on the road (or some stacked character who is uber powerful due to OOC friendships). I just wish that the admins / staff allowed more "freeform roleplay" to take place. Unlike most people I don't think the moderators are the issue. Moderators have pretty clear and cut enforcements they have to do. My major beef is with the story team. Self learning magic should be possible and open to a lot of people. Trust me, nobody is going to misuse magic since most magics on this server are super underpowered (especially the "new player" magics - evocation etc.) In almost all the ST events I've been apart of (it isn't a lot), the STs were either showing clear favoritism (at one point, a person joined late who was a friend of the ST and the ST just let them act out as the main character while we were forced to watch, locked into combat for hours while somebody typed out boring emotes), or they're simply there to gatekeep lore from people. I've only had good encounters with Shorsand as an ST, but I haven't had a lot of encounters - it just seems Shorsand likes random events. STs could do a lot more. On other servers STs / DMs would actually do random encounters for people, that gave them tangible rewards and benefits. On this server the best you can hope for is a massive and colossal waste of time which is only done to help their friends - at least in my eyes. I usually feel like an NPC at ST events. So tldr; I think the server needs to have more consequences + encouraging more freeform rp + better ST events.
  2. Position Sought: Concio Full Name: Ozdes Akinci Age: 19 Address of Residence: Yelena's Court 7 ((IGN: Skhizofreak )) ((Discord: papa sweetshare ))
  3. I have interacted with you countless times. You always managed to make me smile and provided so many great and amazing roleplay opportunities for people, and never once did I ever feel you were a mean person behind the screen. Your dedication to the community team is what made that team known for being so amazing. I remember our time roleplaying together fondly. You taught me to be a better person, not just in roleplay, but outside of roleplay as well. Enjoy your life.
  4. THE TEMPLE OF THE ENTWINED STAR GOD The Slumbering One, "The Glodites" The Prayer of the Slumbering God "But the Dream, and the Slumber." [!] Strange Posters, Letters, and Pamphlets would be thrown about the poorer slums of Almaris. ============================================================================================================== Greetings Dreamer, Long have WE watched you sleep. Unaware of the reality of which blankets you, and clouds your vision. Praising false Gods such as the canonist "Creator", the "Brathmordakin", and the "Aspects". The Aenguls and Daemons you so fear are but mere illusions, aspects cast by the Slumbering God. Have you ever felt their watchful gaze, as you sleep? The eyes are always watching, Dreamer. The Slumbering God has begun to awake, and their power can be felt all throughout the realities. His chosen champion, Glod Grimgold, has manifested in this reality as his "living aspect". Everyday, our spells grow stronger. Now, it is time we reveal ourselves to the world. If you wish to join our Temple, you must prove your loyalty. The youth of Almaris are unguarded. They walk the streets without guardians. Babies are left in cribs, in unlocked rooms. Take these sacrifices, and slay them. Their blood will mark your initiation into the Temple as an Acolyte. If one is unavailable, the sacrifice of a Canonist Priest, Brathmordakin Forgeguard, Druid, or Paladin will suffice. Do not feel this is an impossible task - work in the shadows, and slaughter those who work against the Dreamer. Seek out the book known as "The Chronicles of Glod" to begin your path to enlightenment. To show you apart of our powers, the back of this note will include a single spell from our Arcanium. Once you feel the gaze of our Lord, you will know you have become a true "Glodite", and have entered our rank as an Acolyte. ============================================================================================================== MYSTERIUM SOMNIUM ARCANUS ____________________________________________________________________ __________________████____████________████____██████________________ __________________████____████________████____██████________________ ______________________████████████████████████______________________ ______________________████████████████████████______________________ __________██▓▓____██▓▓████░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░████▓▓████____████________ __________██▓▓____████████░░░░░░░░░░░░░░__██████████____████________ __________░░░░▓▓▓▓░░░░░░░░░░░░▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░░░░░░░░░▒▒▓▓▓▓░░__________ ________░░░░░░████░░░░░░░░░░░░▓▓▓▓▓▓██░░░░░░░░░░░░░░████░░░░░░______ __████__░░██▓▓░░░░░░░░____████░░__████████____░░__░░░░░░████░░__████ __████____██▓▓░░░░░░░░____██▓▓░░__████▓▓██____░░__░░░░░░████░░__████ ______████░░░░____░░__░░░░██▓▓████████▓▓▓▓░░░░░░__░░░░__░░░░████____ ______████░░______________██▓▓████████▓▓██______________░░░░████____ ________░░▓▓▒▒______________░░▓▓▓▓▓▓██__________________████________ __________██▓▓________________▓▓▓▓▓▓██__________________████________ ____________░░████__________________________________████____________ ______________████__________________________________████____________ __________________████████__░░░░░░░░░░░░░░██████████________________ __________________████████░░░░░░░░░░░░░░__██████████________________ __________________________████████████████__________________________ __________________________████████████████__________________________ MYSTERIES OF DREAMING ARCANE
  5. IN-CHARACTER Name: Roffo Age: 17 Race: Heartlander Service: (nun, monk, priest, militant, etc.) Priest or Monk Where do you wish to serve?: harvest confederacy (town in process of being made) OUT-OF-CHARACTER Username: TheJebus Discord: Jebus#1000
  6. To the Miserable, Dishonourable Ursus "Dwedki-Slayer" Grandaxe, and all True-Born Sons and Daughters of Urguan! [!] This notice would be sent out to all dwarven households within the Grand Kingdom. Pictured: Me breaking into your house. You are protected by the Dwarves for your crimes against the Gods, as well as your crimes against Hefrumm. When you murdered a child for pilfering one of your useless trinkets, I believe I was outraged at your lack of disrespect to our ancient Laws and Religion. Due to your sycophantly nature towards Norli Starbreaker, you escaped true justice. I may not speak for all of Dwedmar Kind, but I know I speak for those who believe in justice. Your fine was meaningless. Now instead of one item being gone, all of your items have been taken. I could not believe my luck when I realised you left all of your chests unlocked. No wonder a child was able to rob from you. It seems you failed in knowing that a good dwarf not only acquires wealth, but he protects it as well. As I, Stumpy Mossborn, find you have escaped justice - I want you to do several things before I return your items to you. You will pen an apology letter to the victim and their family, and post it publicly throughout the Grand Kingdom, You will take on the dishonourable title of "Dwedki-Slayer", You cease all temple activity, as you are not fit to serve in any religious capacity. If you do these three things, not only will I grant you the return of your items - but I will also exile myself from the Grand Kingdom. There is another way too, however. If you truly wish to kinslay again, you may murder me in cold-blood. I will not fight back, and you will gain no honour in murdering another Dwed. If you slay me, your items will be returned to you as well - but let it be known to all those within the Grand Kingdom that you are truly a dishonourable excuse for a dwarf. Signed, STUMPY MOSSBORN, TRUE DEFENDER OF URGUAN
  7. Always lie in OOC. Never let people know your character's intentions. Never let them know your next move!
  8. Music to listen to while reading my book A HISTORY OF The Goldhand and Grimgold Grudge. By: Voryn A’Daragon OPENING STATEMENT This is a History of the Goldhand and Grimgold Grudge, which details their long lasting feud stretching back several hundred years. Both clans can trace their lineage back to the “Line of Tungdil”, a famous dwarven lord who was known for his love of children and ability to make gold faster than any other dwarf. The Grimgold Clan are the descendants of the older son of Tungdil, while the Goldhand Clan are the descendants of the younger son of Tungdil. Their rivalry is that of a sibling rivalry. The Goldhands were a more successful clan than the Grimgolds, and were granted “Elder Status” for their services to Urguan. The Grimgolds, on the other hand, did very little of note until their Clan Father, Glod Grimgold, took over power of the Clan. FIRST ERA GRUDGE In the year 689 of the First Era, the first signs of the rivalry had begun. Bumble Goldhand, a Cheese Merchant, had fallen in love with the beardling Blod Grimgold. Unfortunately, the Clan Father of the Grimgolds (whose name is lost to time, as he was irrelevant), forbade the marriage. Bumble was enraged. He went to his Clan Father (Thoak Goldhand), and told him that the Grimgolds had refused the marriage because they “Would not marry a disgusting Shithand”. The Lord Thoak then killed almost the entirety of the Grimgold Clan. The Goldhand’s believed that their ancient enemy was now slain. Unfortunately for them, (and fortunately for us, as will be discussed later), several Grimgolds were away on their ker wife finding missions. As a side note, the Grimgolds are known in the Dwarven Kingdom for taking “Dark Elven Concubines.” To the Goldhands, a lot of the Grimgolds are not even dwarves. They are considered Dark Elves. One of the Grimgold’s that survived was known as Klouf Grimgold (Not to be confused with Klouf Grimgold). Klouf was a famous warrior, and took the survivors to live in caves. That is not an insult to dwarves - many of them actually live in caves (insane). Klouf had several warriors in his retinue. Thorin Grimgold, Bombur Grimgold, Gimli Grimgold, and most importantly of all, Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold. Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold will now be discussed. Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold was the Captain of the Ship called the Fist of Dungrimm. He was a famous pirate, adventurer, and explorer. Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold had slain dragons, fought in countless battles, and most importantly of all - had a dark elven mother. This allowed him to look conventionally attractive, while retaining the brute strength of the dwarves. He carved out his own island kingdom known as the “Grim Isles”, where a subsection of the Grimgold Clan fled to. There, they engaged in dark magic, cannibalism, and created quarter dwarf, quarter ker, half pig hybrids. Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold soon became an accomplished wizard. He studied for many years, perfecting the craft of organic transmutation. Soon, the entirety of the Grim Isles was full of his creations. Gone were the descendants that one lived there, replaced by the abominations of Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold. Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold then found the Sea-***** Witch known as Elsa. Understanding his power, the Sea-***** Witch known as Elsa gave Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold the power to create skin-walkers from his creations. His former clan members were now cursed with the ability to skin-walk, and took any form they wanted. Klouf Grimgold had heard of this dark magic, and he sailed to the Grim Isles. It was there a legendary fight took place between Klouf Grimgold and Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold. While historical records show that Klouf Grimgold had won the battle, who is to say that Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold had not won and simply skin changed into Klouf? For the academic purposes of this book, we will take the argument that Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold won the battle. This is because skinwalkers have difficulty keeping the shape of a face. The Grimgolds typically wear masks, and are most likely the Skinwalkers that plague Almaris. When Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold, disguised as Klouf, returned to the mainland he was greeted by his clan members who stayed behind. Slowly, he turned all of the Grimgolds into Skinwalkers who could take the shape and appearance of whatever they wanted. The Goldhands had magic. Thoak Goldhand was blind, but he could see. When the Grimgold Clan had returned, Thoak began to exterminate them. Unfortunately, Skinwalkers are crafty. Several of them became attached to his Clan as well, and thus the Skinwalker menace had spread between the dwarven clans. Thoak, with his magical eyes, could sense the skinwalker presence. He would strike down those he thought were skinwalkers, including his own son (also named Thoak). It was then the remaining true dwarf Goldhands held a meeting. The “True” Goldhands held a meeting. Thoak told them that they had to come up with a cunning plan: to become Grimgolds. The meeting erupted into chaos. But then, they realised this was wise. So they immediately all put on the armor of the Grimgolds. The former Grimgolds under Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold became Goldhands. For several hundred years, the Grimgold Clan was actually the Goldhand Clan - and vice versa. The Skin Walking Grimgolds were able to take the appearance of anyone they wished. The Goldhand Grimgolds remained in hiding, far away from the political intrigues of the dwarves. This is where it gets interesting. This is a fragment from a piece of pottery I found. I will put it in quotes. “I heard a tale once from a strange fellow deep in the desert. They spoke of this Temple which worshipped the Skinwalkers, who believed they would bring about the end of the world. I thought him mad! He only laughed at me.” “Four legged dwarves, with bat wings would attack those in the desert. These were the Grimgolds (not the Goldhand version). As he discussed that they existed and that they were worshipped by the nomadic desert folk, a group of them attacked us.” “We fought them off as best as we could, but the desert nomad was carried off by these Grimgolds. I cursed them, (as I was a powerful wizard with access to many magics), and they forgot that they were Skinwalkers).” As this fragment shows, it was common knowledge that four legged bat dwarves roamed the world, and attacked travelers. These four legged creatures were, obviously, Grimgolds - yet the Grimgolds are disguised as the Goldhands. Does this mean that the Goldhands were the bat creatures, or the Grimgolds? The author of this book believes that these were the Goldhands from Thoak. Thoak had incredible magical powers, and was able to use his magic vision to make others see what he wanted them to see. Thus, the Goldhands were the bat people - but they were also disguised as Grimgolds at the same time. In the year 894 First Era, the old tales were forgotten. The Grimgold Clan had vanished, and the Goldhand Clan became powerful. During that gap of history, it is unclear what had happened. I met a drunk dwarf who told me that Torsun Goldhand, Clan Elder of the Goldhands in the Year 88 of the Second Age, was actually Thoak Goldhand who had turned himself immortal. It is possible, therefore, that the Goldhands had reclaimed their true lineage and cast out the Grimgolds. Unless, of course, that Torsun Goldhand (Thoak Goldhand) is a skinwalker who is actually Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold. Due to the Goldhands being known traitors to Urguan, I believe this is the case: The current Goldhand Clan are the Grimgolds. However, almost all of them have forgotten their ancient powers due to the curse - save for Thoak Goldhand, aka Torsun Goldhand (real name Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold). Regardless, all one has to know to understand the current standing grudge in the year 88 of the Second Era is this: the two Gold Clans hate one another. Be it from an ancient same sex marriage that failed, the skinwalker saga, or due to the Goldhand’s claiming elder status over the Grimgolds. We will now begin the tale of the “Second Era Grudge”, and move away from the First Era. THE SECOND ERA GRUDGE: Song link for Second Era In the Second Era, the Goldhand Clan is led by Conan ‘No-Shirt, No Pants’ Goldhand. The Grimgold Clan is led by Glod ‘Godborn’, Grimgold. This book will now discuss both men in depth. (Note: I have not met either of them). Conan ‘No-Shirt’ Goldhand is a senile old dwarf. He routinely burps, farts, and shits his way out of anything important in Urguan. It is said that his clan member Tholgrim (or whatever he goes by now), holds up cue cards for Conan when he is delivering speeches. The important clan activities are done by three dwarves. Hekkaes Anvilhammer, The Iron Baron (needs no introduction, as he is known for having bad teeth and unable to comprehend the common tongue), and “Torsun Goldhand”. Torsun is put in quotes as, most likely, he is Thorin ‘the other Thorin’ Grimgold. The three shadow leaders of the Goldhand Clan, therefore, are not even Goldhands. Conan, weak and feeble and unable to do anything to stop this, has been forced to agree to their demands of a Clan War. Glod Grimgold, on the other hand, is considered the strongest, wisest, and most powerful dwarf in Urguan. What he says is deeply considered by every single dwarf. While his clan are made up of lackluster nobodies, Glod really shines. Glod was (and perhaps still is) worshipped by humans for his apparent divinity. While Glod has outright refused these claims, he has still earned the title of “the Godborn”, due to his unwavering loyalty to the Brathmordakin. Glod is a famous Senator, Commander, and Battle-Hardened Warrior. Compared to Conan, one would wonder why the Goldhands would dare oppose him. It all goes back to the First Era grudge: The Elder Status of the Gold Clan. Should it go to the Grimgolds, or to the Goldhands? The challenge was issued. Glod was unable to attend the meeting (or felt it was beneath him), and sent a lowly beardling to attend the meeting. This beardling insulted the Goldhands, by openly declaring that the Grimgolds were the trueborn sons of Tungdil and that the Goldhands were not even true Goldhands. He demanded they vassalize under Glod. The Goldhands laughed in the face of the envoy of Glod. They cut his manhood off, and took his tongue out. They demanded that the Grimgolds admit they are the bastard clan of Tungdil, and that they need to pay them twenty five thousand minas. In addition, they wanted the land the Grimgold’s owned. The Goldhands and their vassal clans the Ironguts and Irongrinders marched to war against the Grimgolds. They killed many of their men in the field of battle, overwhelming the poorer clan through sheer numbers. Glod and his clan sought refuge with the Jungle Dwarves. Glod, fearing that the dwarves under his command would be killed by the potential skinwalker clan, sought out a truce. They would pay the money, help the Goldhands acquire new land - but they would not denounce the fact that they are the sons of Tungdil. This is where the history ends - as it is still ongoing. This is a deep look at the psyche of the dwarves, and why they attack one another. Honour, duty, and greed. Signed, Voryn A’Daragon, Master Historian.
  9. Minecraft Username: UnholyJebus Full Roleplay Name / Alias: Meingot Leitner Discord (Optional): BlackCato#1000 Timezone (Optional): EST Reason you would like to join: I like adventuring.
  10. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ HOLY TEMPERANCE & MUNDANE WORLDLY INDULGENCES Thesis By: Acolyte Kastélyi ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ INTRODUCTION: “And as I made for you the worldly pleasures, so too have I made the pleasures of the spirit, and the love of the husband and wife.” (Virtue 3:5) Recently, I had the honour of serving as an assistant acolyte during a wedding in the Kingdom of Haense. His Eminence, Anders Cardinal Jorenus, Patriarch of Jorenus and I spoke afterwards on marriage, love, and the relationship holy Godani has on that relationship. From my understanding of relationships and marriage, at the centre of your marriage should be Godani. The love of a husband and wife should come from Godani, not from temptation and sin. When a family places emphasis on pleasure over duty, they will not know the true feeling of love that Godani can provide. Using scripture and canonical law, I will seek to prove that Godani is both placed above and in the centre of a marriage between husband and wife. It is my hope that in doing so, the clergy can begin to instruct the laity that marriage is not for pleasurable love, but for the love of duty towards Godani. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ TEMPERANCE & LOVE: http://17rg073sukbm1lmjk9jrehb643-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/wedding2.jpg “I am the Lord GOD without peer. I grew the first grapes on the vineyard, and gave onto Horen his first wife.” (Virtue 3:3-4) I firstly wish to discuss the role of Temperance within the love between a husband and wife. The Canticle of Temperance, and includes the first reference of marriage within the Holy Scrolls. In the passage, our Lord Godani announces himself. In doing this before speaking his command he both proves that the word comes from him, and asserts his authority over a husband and wife. (Virtue 3:1-4) The sacraments of marriage come from the authority of Godani. Godani is who gave the first wife to Horen (Virtue 3:4). Godani thus created this bond, and is supreme Lord of it. Your love must be “tempered” by Godani. Instead of acting as the beasts do, we must remain virtuous in our Godly relationships. Godani has made the love between husband and wife (Virtue 3:5). It is this love that binds the two together, and forms a holy relationship. This relationship is not a mundane one, but holy as Godani has made it. Godani is the all powerful LORD, through him the spirit of faith acts as the link. The pleasures of the spirit, referred to in Virtue 3:5, is the fulfillment of a healthy soul and Godani. This pleasure of spirit is listed before the love of husband and wife, as the spirit is what binds the two together. Godani acts as the LORD, and the King. From him comes the creation of love, which is required in a marriage. This love is chained, or tethered to the two via the pleasures of the spirit. The love and understanding of Godani is therefore key to the relationship of husband and wife. This tethering of the two is, in addition, the conjoining of the soul. Their souls have become one, through the spirit and love of Godani. As warned, we cannot become creatures of indulgence (Virtue 3:8). By becoming said creatures of indulgence, we place our spouse higher than Godani. Godani is what binds the two, and is master. If Godani is not placed above the married couple, then they become creatures of indulgence. Their love for one another is greater than their love for Godani. As Godani is what provides the bond of matrimony, Godani must be placed above such worldly pleasures. As stated, Godani is the foremost part of heaven (Virtue 3:1). As the bond of marriage is holy, and of heaven, then we must not succumb to worldly indulgences. Our Lord, Godani | | The Husband ------ Love of the Spirit ------ The Wife The Pure Relationship, Godani is on top and the love of the Spirit binds the Husband and Wife. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ CANONIST LAW & MARRIAGE "§1. The purpose of matrimony is the holy union of a man and a woman, modeling Ex. Horen and St. Julia." Canonist Law, and the rights associated with matrimony further exemplifies what I believe is proof of the nature of holy temperance. “So I am the Most High, and in pursuit of My Virtue, I bid my faithful this: You shall not lie with your kin, nor those of other tribes, and none shall lie together but in holy union.” (Virtue 3:9). In both the Scroll of Virtue, and Canonist Law - one cannot be married to a member of a different tribe. Due to the curse, by reproducing with other races we sully both bloodlines. We make the curse stronger, and contribute to the breaking of the bond between husband and wife. The children produced will be born from filth, as both curses will be present. Inevitably, if all were of mixed blood we would die off. The child of an elf and human, for example, would suffer from infertility and a short life. If all races mixed, we would see untold destruction. The destruction of the holy creation of Godani. Thus, the act of laying with another tribe means you are putting worldly pleasure before your devotion to Godani. This is found both in Virtue, as well as Book IV The Sanctifying Function of Church, Title I Chapter 2. I quote: “Each prospective spouse must be of the same race.” Further, the Canonist Law states that marriage is designed to produce children within the Canonist faith. Godani, in his glory, wishes for all of his creation to continue our bloodlines. To produce offspring, and raise them as canonists. Marriage, therefore, is not of purely romantic love but out of a dutiful love - as I mentioned earlier. Out of our love for Godani, we perform our duty to continue devotion to him. Godani is the centrepiece of matrimonial relationships, as well as LORD of this holy relationship. This is proof that Godani is ever present. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ SACRAMENTS OF THE RUSKAN RITE "Let this oil be a sign of His strength as He bears His blessing upon the coupling. With Saint Julia as their witness, let this coupling henceforth prosper." (Ruskan Rite, Sacrament of Marriage) I am a member of the Ruskan Rite. In our marriage ceremonies, the husband and wife are crowned as loyal servants of Godani. The purpose of this is two-fold. Firstly, I will explain why this rite is in complete relation to the notion that Godani is supreme above husband and wife. Secondly, I will show that in this specific rite - Godani acts as the binds between husband and wife. The two, who are to be bound in marriage, are proclaimed “servants” of Godani. This is, of course, symbolising Ex. Horen and St. Julia. We are subservient to Godani, and he is LORD of husband and wife. The crowning symbolises both the subservient nature, and how Godani is who crowns and binds the couple. “Bless, O Lord, these rings, and grant that he who gives it and she who shall wear it may remain bound together in matrimony, to hold each other to the end of days, and to find comfort and warmth in each other’s arms. Through Our Lord, Amin.” Ruskan Rite, Sacrament of Marriage. In the above quote, take note of the phrase: “Through Our Lord,” in this we see exactly how marriage is granted: through the grace of Our Lord Godani. This provides additional evidence, via the Sacraments of an individual Rite, that the word of Godani is universal: Husband and Wife are bound by Godani, and subservient to him. Their love of one another comes from Godani, and should not be based on worldly indulgences. As mentioned in the first paragraph, I will also explain how Godani is represented in this rite by being present during the ceremony, and acting as a “bind” between the two. In this rite, this bind is shown as a piece of cloth put over the hands of the applicants. Within the rite, the cloth placed over the hands of the prospective spouses symbolises Godani. It symbolises both his presence and blessing. As the cloth is draped over the hands, it provides a blessing to the couple. This blessing is in reference to being strong against worldly indulgences. Oil is then poured over the cloth, symbolising the prosperous couple. The prosperity is not in reference to wealth, but to producing offspring and having an abundance of faith. Within this specific rite, the marriage ceremony has many elements and symbols of why Godani is ever present within the marriage - and why he should be placed first in a relationship. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ CONCLUSION: What does this all mean? Many might question the purpose of this thesis, saying that many canonist couples do place an emphasis on Godani. I believe this emphasis is not enough. Many marry one another out of the notion of romantic love, and not from a dutiful love. This is a love based within worldly indulgences and lust. In three different ways: Scripture, Canon Law, and Sacraments of a Rite, I have shown that Godani is the very binding force of a marriage - not the individual mundane love between man and woman. While a love should be there between the two, it must never be above that of their individual love of Godani. The clergy should, therefore, counsel couples in strengthening their love of Godani. I believe that too many canonists marry, and then avoid attending church or speaking to their Priest. It is important that we forever remain aware of how Godani is who gives us the love between husband and wife.
  11. COMMISSION FORMAT: IN-GAME NAME: Bumbo Jingletoe DISCORD NAME: HolyBejebus#1000 NAME MC LINK: https://namemc.com/skin/50f9f39a4d978aba
  12. Name: Bwalin Frostbeard Race: Dwarf Age: 86 ((OOC)) MC Name: FrickFrostbeard Discord Tag: FrostyFrick#1000 Timezone: EST
  13. Minecraft Username: HolyBejebusRoleplay Name: Bwalin FrostbeardRace: The best race, Mountain Dwarf (Sorry Coalskins)Timezone: EST
  14. Very nice! Thankfully nobody found my secret hiding area >:)
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