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Found 6 results

  1. The Tale of the Hare and the Larva 1951 FA / 155 SA When the Hare had made certain the Larva understood the duties, he thought himself satisfied that the rest could finally be found. The Larva pushed and pushed, pouring fuel into the beckoning fire to guide all of the scholars but the Hare had not anticipated that the Larva within a much shorter time, would have spent the rest of his fuel for the flames. So in the darkness, the Larva claimed Celestia Astramaris to be Maheral. The Hare watched for two years, Celestia was nowhere to be seen. So he spoke to the other wise animals; The First Mole, Serpent, Lynx and the Swan all agreed with the Hare. The light must return and those who have stumbled in the Larva’s darkness, return to the path. The Lynx were busy in their project of rediscovering the lost art of arcane. The Mole, Serpent, and Swan too had new duties far from the people they once guided and so the Hare requested to take up the heavy duties once more after 13 years of rest. And so it is with the will of elMalauriran that Celestia Astramaris never was Maheral and thus is no Malaurir. It is also the will of elMalauriran that Seth Calith is Maheral. MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA -Maheral Seth Calith the Hare -Malaurir Lelien Lazul the Swan -Malaurir Silvos Sythaerin the Serpent -Malaurir Iatrilemar Elervathar the Lynx -Malaurir Andria Fi’tarlareh the First Mole
  2. BEATING A DEAD HORSE PACT OF SAILS AND STEEL Agreed upon by: THE KINGDOM OF HAENSE AND THE FERRYMAN BAND On this 17th of Wzuvar and Byvca, 433 ES | 9th of the Sun's Smile, 12 BA “When the Orcs kiss Frederick’s behind, where do the tusks go?” - The Ferryman I. The Ferrymen shall receive a payment of 10,000 mina for partaking in the ongoing war between Haense and Krugmar, and any adversaries who wish to intervene. II. The Ferrymen shall receive an additional payment of 5,000 mina that is owed to them for the previous Sinners War or otherwise known as the War of the Wigs upon the successful conclusion of hostilities. III. The Ferrymen Quartermasters shall be given authorization to command and lead skirmishes, battles or any other conflict. Signed, The Ferryman IV JOVEO MAAN, His Royal Majesty KARL III by the Grace of Godan, King of Hanseti and Ruska, Grand Hetman of the Army, Prince of Bihar, Dules, Lahy, Muldav, Solvesborg, Slesvik and Ulgaard, Duke of Carnatia and Vanaheim, Margrave of Korstadt, Rothswald and Vasiland, Count of Alban, Alimar, Baranya, Graiswald, Karikhov, Karovia, Kaunas, Kavat, Kovachgrad, Kvasz, Markev, Nenzing, Torun, and Toruv, Viscount of Varna, Baron of Esenstadt, Kraken’s Watch, Kralta, Krepost, Lorentz, Rytsburg, Thurant, Venzia and Astfield, Lord of the Westfolk, Fidei Defensor, Protector of the Highlanders, etcetera.
  3. THE TREATY OF FOREST AND SEA 13th of the Amber Cold, Year 79 SA I. The High Princedom of Malin’or agrees to pay the Ferrymen a sum of 5,000 minae in exchange for services rendered against the Horde and its allies. II. The Ferrymen shall provide military aid to the High Princedom of Malin’or against the Horde and its allies until the conflict’s final conclusion. III. The High Princedom of Malin’or shall not take responsibility for Ferryman actions taken outside the context of the war, including against parties uninvolved in the war. IV. At the war’s conclusion, the Ferrymen shall have a seat at the negotiating table to make demands of the Horde. V. The High Princedom of Malin’or shall promise future lands to the Ferrymen for the purpose of an outpost. Signed, The Ferryman Signed, Vytrek Tundrak, High Prince of Malin’or and of the Elves
  4. FINISHING THE JOB “But your Majesty, think of the children!” A courtier to Philip II. Each wave that laps against the tides of Almaris have been distorted since the departure of our judicious Ferrymen. The balance of the world has become corrupt – Orenians who first sought defense, now seek to deal the shattering blow to our continent. In every corner do the serpents sliver, preying on the multiple, rightful sovereigns that rule the lands. A hasteful return has been made by the green-wrapped warriors to rebalance the scales that have been tainted. The oldest of Ferrymen soldiers resharpen their time-tested blades, to reprise their duties in ensuring that the backwards Empire of Oren do not spread their ill Imperial ambitions. This time shall the steel boot finish the stomping of the wrongdoers, until they fall to weakened knees. Let there not be a foul power for a second longer. Let the balance be restored in the lands we share, lest we allow the vile Imperials to have their way. YOURS TRULY The Ferrymen
  5. FRESH PRINCE OF ELVENESSE 18th of the First Seed, Year 26 of the Second Age “Mi iz da new frezh Rex ob da Twiggiez” -Fresh Rex of Elvenesse, Smol’Ruk Today marks another victory for the Ferrymen on the Elven front. A group of 70 Ferrymen marched on the capital of Elvenesse to capture another key victory in the war against the Elves. The force of Ferrymen led by the infamous Captain Banjo, snuck their way into the inner city of Elvenesse and rushed their way into the heart of the capital. At the square, the Ferrymen grouped civilians and soldiers alike to handover their belongings and fought those few soldiers and civilians who had the courage to fight the renowned fighters known as the Ferrymen. Only one of the Elves stood valiantly against the Ferrymen and fought like a true champion (@GeneralPumpkinCZ). At the end of this skirmish, the commander of the Elves was found running cowardly away from the city and the rest of his small force of resistance laid dead in the streets, a fitting death for those who do not stand up for their kin. No losses resulted on the attacking party, as the original group of raiders marched to bandit the remaining civilians and cowardly soldiers. In the throne room the Ferrymen held a short ceremony, crowning Smol’Ruk the ‘Fresh Rex of Elvenesse’. [!] A picture depicting the Ferrymen and Smol’Ruk sitting on the Throne of Elvenesse. As all the elves were either robbed or killed - the Ferrymen left the capital of Elvenesse bare and looted. Their bags filled with loot they had not seen since the days of looting the Imperial city of Providence. Truly a win for the acclaimed Ferrymen. [!] Pictures containing the loot of the Raid on Elvenesse. The Ferryman will come for you all in due time. Signed, Banjo, Captain of the Ferrymen, Savior of the Common and Free People, Pillager of Elvenesse, Liberator of Man, The Bringer of Equality, Capturer of the Bastion The Ferryman Smol’Ruk, Fresh Rex of Elvenesse, Personal friend of the Golden Rex
  6. The throne room fell silent as news reached the the High Council. Kerwyr slumped in his chair, resting the weight of his head upon his closed hand. A bleakness lingered within Jornheim’s hallowed halls, the foul taste of betrayal fresh upon the tongues of those that sat there. Wulfstag stood, addressing the King: “Yer majesty. T’eir ultimatum had no intention of resolution. T’ey simply deny our sovereign’y. Per’aps peace is never what they seeked.” He lingered for a moment, but Kerwyr stayed seated, collecting his thoughts. “T’ey march on our lands, now. T’ey plan to butcher our customs.” Cole D. Frostbeard roared, jumping from his seat. The court began to unsettle, the halls for a long time had housed merriment and laughter but now echoed with the burden of dispute and disagreement. “We shoul’ nae ‘ave let t’em killed establish a new foothold, we should’ve foreseen t’eir aggressions. T’ey turn t’eir sigh’s for our shores now. Barradin said calmly, in contrast with the distressed hall. “We will march for them first, too long ‘ave we waited for to draw swords - now is the ‘our we draw swords together.” Many of the Dwarves began to silence, examining those around them. Brothers of the Stone, they had faced many adversities against from the troubles. The Dwarves in this hall had seen too many felled brothers and fathers, memories still raw. Their bickering came not from a disagreement, but from the mutual understanding that they did not want to see those faces around them disappear and not return to these halls. They turned to their King, who remained slumped, staring idly at the foot of his throne. Gradually the Dwarf pushed himself out of his chair, slowly walking down to meet his brothers. He raised his head bestowing a reassuring gaze upon those around him. “We will not endure the stagnation of stale Kings, those who hold office only to satisfy their lust for governance. The interests of dwarfkind lie with us, with progression and productivity in our conglomerate. Rally the legions, we march upon them now - blood spilt will be just cause for an end to this war.” Kerwyr placed a hand on the shoulder of Garrond as he walked past slowly: “This story has been told before, they say we dwarves be cursed with greed, but dwarfkind is cursed only by age old hegemonic nepotists. For the blood we will spill, I am sorry - but I sleep well knowing that the deaths of our brothers have been in defense of our ideals, and I would just as well give up my throne now than allow our way of life to be compromised. “ Kerwyr rests for a moment, turning back towards his throne and climbing the steps. Garrond steps forward once more, bowing his head to the King. “T’ere is one I coul’ follow, t’ere is on I coul’ call King.” The remaining Dwarves begin to follow suit, gathering in an arch around the base of the throne, bowing their heads as the King retakes his seat. He ushers them raise their stares as he speaks. “The time of the Senate is over, the age of Kaz’Ulrah has begun.” Roars erupt from the Grand Hall, the Dwarves showing each other a bittersweet embrace. King Kerwyr looks to his Consul, unmoved by the ruckus. “So it begins.” WARCLAIM Tier Chosen: 1 Type of battle: Skirmish Date And Time: 24th of June Side A: Kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah and Allies Side B: Dwarf Rebels and Allies Location and boundaries: https://i.gyazo.com/d937a034c4298845661ad2e3a67cb2cf.png https://i.gyazo.com/2cff0ee2874569f8d6c6cb379cf0807b.png Terms of Victory Upon Victory For... Side A: Kaz’Ulrah can move on to a siege of Tal’Azmar Side B: The Rebellion takes initiative and Kaz’Ulrah are unable to make a warclaim for two weeks. Rules -No girls - All LoTC rules. - No golden apples. - No one day alts. - If a side does not show they forfeit.
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