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  1. Just listen to @dyselxic @GMRO. Also no point in arguing which is better when we all know conflict rules are so scuffed we can’t even PvP. 1.9 group fights are more fun imo, joint training was a perfect example of that.
  2. Projectiles could use buffs, as said nickrocky will hopefully buff those. All I have to say is mad cause bad. Get good kid.
  3. Durorn Irehearts gets his suit and bowtie ready for the wedding.
  4. "E beautiful song fer moighteh warriors. Let everehbodeh kno' ov t'e strength ov t'e Ire'earts."
  5. “E foine song ‘n e great poet.” He’d give Ajax a big thumbs-up to his beautiful poem.
  6. Wish you the best of luck Tainted and hope to see you again soon.
  7. “Et es toime tu get t’e full storeh.” He’d grumble while reading the story of the death of Bjorn, “T’is will nae beh t’e foirst toime e son ov Kjellos ‘unted e dragon.”
  8. Campaign of Durorn Ireheart INTRODUCTION When the rare new dwarf walks into our Grand Kingdom, all they see is a ghost town. Our halls run empty and the hum of hammers against steel ring silent. Our Grand King has been absent, and no member of the council beyond Dhaen Grandaxe has moved to fill this void. Urguan needs someone with fresh ideas, not weighed down from the past of previous administrations. Not weighed down from the ideas of what can, or will not be. I believe this individual is me, Durorn Ireheart, who holds the initiative to bring a return to stability and a poten
  9. The Legion Smithing Tournament A letter would be pinned to the notice board of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, telling of the upcoming Smithing Tournament hosted by the Legion of Urguan. Dwarven military might is only as good as the skill of its smiths. For every piece of armor worn by legionnaires must be able to withstand the ferocity of battle and every weapon must be able to pierce through the armor of our foes. For this reason the Legion High Command wishes to find the finest dwarven smiths within the legion and commend them for their hard work. The event
  10. "Narvok oz Urguan! Narvok oz Kjellos!" Durorn would shout amongst his Irehearts in their afterparty.
  11. “Narvok oz Kjellos! Gloreh tuh t’e Ire’earts!” Durorn Ireheart would cheer, taking a swig of his drink.
  12. MC Name: masouri RP Name: Durorn Ireheart Discord: Masouri#1431 Timezone: EST
  13. “At t’e end ov t’is ah t’ink elgi wit’ nae pointeh ears will beh t’e new trend.”
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