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  1. STORMING OF THE BASTILLE 14th of the First Seed, Year 28 of the Second Age. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IahvCIqeOc “Okay, I pull up, hop out at the Orenian after party You and all your friends, being tossed like bodies.” - Banjo during his after concert. “See that right triangle? a^2+b^2=c^2” - Sigma the Mathematician The Ferrymen are proud to announce the first major victory of the war, with the Siege of Luciensburg followed with the Capture of the Bastion. The Ferrymen along with the joi
  2. Ivan Barrow for once approves his mother's work. He boasts to his Child Gangmembers, "This is very true about me: young, sexy, and smart. Definitely the Diamond of the Season."
  3. Banjo smiles upon the missive and removes his mask, revealing his peach-hair mustache, “The Imperials are lucky to have the man with the stache.”
  4. A Deal of Flame and Rivers "In the midst of Chaos, there is always opportunity." - The man with the two mustaches. https://youtu.be/YVkUvmDQ3HY Preface: This contract stands as the officiation of the deal between the Kingdom of Norland and The Ferrymen. This deal will expire at a time where deemed fit by both signatories or conditions detailed later within this contract. Arrangements: The Ferrymen shall aid Norland in the next major global conflict they engage in. Norland shall pay The Ferrymen 3000 mina prior to the conflic
  5. Ivan Barrow wonders if his brother, Aleksandr, will lobby for his child gang in Duma.
  6. Ivan Barrow prepares his best suit and bow tie for his favorite Aunt’s wedding.
  7. YOUR DEVOIR IS TO PAY TRIBUTE And so after a near decade of being browbeaten by our esteemed Golden Rex, a good-for-nothing knife eared diplomat of Elven sort wended his way til he was amidst the throne room. There, he stood before the Golden Rex, and at that flank was our Dominus-Rex Bazur, and not a single ounce of respect was afforded. So heed this; give respect, from where respect is due. Hear this, you are the tormented, and not the tormentors, so do not let those long ears confuse your muddled minds. Speaking proudly of his people, he dared to u
  8. ALAS DOES HE REST [!] Above depicts a painting of Zhot’Raz, casted in gold, and flexing upon his throne. Since his first drawn breath, Zhot was naturally destined to achieve the greatest of his ambitions. Leading Krugmar as Rex, he led the nation into a golden age of prosperity, pulling all from the darkness, and into the light. But most importantly, he was a friend to every Uruk, and his devotion to Krugmar must never be forgotten; it is his right. Let us all remember the name of Zhot, The Golden Rex of Krugmar. All shall not mourn, but rejoice as we remin
  9. From my experience as a bandit and conflict roleplayer, this has been a consistent problem. There is also an inconsistency on how certain mods approach different situations. I want to thank @MayRndzfor being a great mod who has upheld every party to the same standard and regard, with no bias. Too frequently have mods been to lax on defending parties when it comes to blatant meta rallying after pvp lock has been initiated (once conflict starts) or allowing people to leave the roleplay with little to no roleplay to give them a valid reason to leave. I’m not going to put all the blame on mods, it
  10. Name: Ivan Barrow Age: 9 Username: masouri
  11. Bazur smiles at the list "Mi lub new Rex."
  12. "Tiz iz gud newz. Mi lyke new goi. Wagh when?" Bazur would grin, thinking of Grubbomanca's fresh elf stew.
  13. Just listen to @dyselxic @GMRO. Also no point in arguing which is better when we all know conflict rules are so scuffed we can’t even PvP. 1.9 group fights are more fun imo, joint training was a perfect example of that.
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