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  1. “At t’e end ov t’is ah t’ink elgi wit’ nae pointeh ears will beh t’e new trend.”
  2. Masouri


    "Foinelleh, toime tu settle e grudge." He'd grab his war-axe "Un beatin' was nae enuff."
  3. Masouri

    Is this Justice?

    Durorn Ireheart vibes with his Ireheart clansmen, not really caring much for the politics of the nation.
  4. “Dimlin ‘as got e case goin’ on ‘ere” Durorn would nod then chuckle “When did trees begin learn to kill o’ talk.”
  5. “Ah guess t’ey need anothah ‘ammerin’.” He’d look at his warhammer, remembering how his clansmen had beaten the orcs, and would chuckle, “loike t’e first toime wasnae enuff.”
  6. “Represent” Durorn Ireheart would state, proudly pounding his chest to assert the Line of Dreek’s dominance.
  7. “T’e wood elgi will pay fer wot t’ey did tu meh kin.” He’d walk back into the clan hall, gripping his axe and shouting to his fellow clansmen “Weh got sum more ears tu take lads!”
  8. Accepted! Welcome to the clan!
  9. News of Durgar’s death would reach Durorn, who’d state in memory of his loved brother “Meh brotha’ brought honah tu t’e loine ov Dreek, ‘e will always beh remembah’d en meh heart. ‘N may his name beh remembahed by all dwed fer ‘is bravery ‘n sacrifice.”
  10. “Ah’m sorreh meh brotha’, but ah cannae support ye ‘ere. Et es e shame tu see anothah loine ov Dreek betray t’e clan, ah t’ought weh learned our lesson when our fatha’ got assassinated.” He’d grumble and go back to his legion business.
  11. Accepted, welcome to the Clan!
  12. “Narvok oz Urguan. Toime tu kill some ov t’ose bloodeh bastards.” He’d cheer out and prepare for the upcoming war.
  13. Durorn Ireheart would grab his warhammer, cleaning off the stained blood, “Toime tu fockin’ kill some ov t’ese Imperial bastards”
  14. Recasting my vote. IGN: masouri RP Name: Durorn Ireheart Candidate: Jorvin Starbreaker
  15. IGN: masouri RP Name: Durorn Ireheart Candidate: Charles “the Bald”
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