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  1. “Narvok oz Urguan. Toime tu kill some ov t’ose bloodeh bastards.” He’d cheer out and prepare for the upcoming war.
  2. Durorn Ireheart would grab his warhammer, cleaning off the stained blood, “Toime tu fockin’ kill some ov t’ese Imperial bastards”
  3. Recasting my vote. IGN: masouri RP Name: Durorn Ireheart Candidate: Jorvin Starbreaker
  4. IGN: masouri RP Name: Durorn Ireheart Candidate: Charles “the Bald”
  5. Name (Both RP & IGN): Durorn Ireheart, masouri Profession (Miner, blacksmith, artisan? Multiple jobs are allowed!): Miner, might branch out though Do you require temporary housing?: Yes Discord (Not required, but highlysuggested! It’s free & safe): I’m in the current workers guild discord but Masouri#1431
  6. Really cool idea, and it was a fun read. Good work and I like it 🙂
  7. MC Name: masouri Character Name: Durorn Character Age: 34 Appearance: Durorn would have back hair along with a short black beard due to his younger age, his skin tone is light and his eyes are brown like his old folk of Dreek Bloodline - Feel free to contact Utak (Mickaelhz) or Axel (Lefty_Bojengles) for help: Bloodline of Dreek Define who you shall be related to inside the bloodline (E.g, Son of ___, grandson of ___ etc):son of Brunmiir Ireheart, son of Derenf Ireheart Do you agree to follow the Clan Tenets OOC’ly and IC’ly and face the consequences for their breaking?: I do What is your Discord?: Masouri#1431 Image of the skin you intend to use:
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