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Although the Human kind are the most short-lived of all Races, Humans stand between the heights of 4ft to 6’6ft. Being the most adaptable to any environment, Humans are the most diverse and able to achieve great heights in the areas of exploration, political and imperial expansion and the study of all things magical. They are often rather aggressive and inquisitive in nature which often leads the Human race to hold the most active and influential grasp over the world. The political and economical developments and changes are often revered across the realm. Being the most adaptable and malleable race, the cities and homes are often built from the resources often found nearest to the place they settle, and tend to congregate and converge around single leaders. Most are quite happy to adopt the ways and customs of the neighbours of the same race, though due to the Curse of Iblees, the Human race are limited to living, on average, 150 years.


highlanderskin.png      HumanSkinfemale.png 


Physical Attributes


Given their diverse race and sub-races, the Humans tend to have the most expansive and wide range of appearance, though are noted for their lack of intensity in their colouring. The Human hair colour can generally colour the full spectrum; however, it is severely rare to see any single one with full saturation. While purples, blues and greens usually offer a supportive highlight to the hair, the average colours found in human hair range from black to brown, through light and dark yellows, oranges and reds. This strongly matches their skin colour in contrast, as the skin colour of most humans is generally a mixture of light pink and dull yellow, with variations in browns depending on the intensity of the suns climate in the dependent area. The Humans are no longer separated by sub-race, as they all share distinct physiology and their physical attributes are generally dependent on their base culture and habitation. The Humans are instead separated by Culture Groups, where all are considered human, though remain segregated depending on place of origin and cultural differences. 




This cultural group are often found in urban habitations, such as big cities and towns. Usually hailing from the the larger capitals in the land, Heartlanders, for the most part, are generally well educated, socially able with the majority of the male populace receiving basic combatant training. The Heartlanders are the flesh and blood of the rural metropolitan areas, and are often the home of those who hold governance over the Human Kingdoms. Nobility is considered a symbiotic aspect of the Heartlanders culture, and due to this there is often an established hierarchy within the political fields of the Heartlanders habitations. Those who hail from the former Salvus, Renatus and Auvergne, alongside the modern Savoyardic subcultures would easily fit within the Heartlander Culture.




Almost opposite to their metropolitan cousins, those who inhabit the surrounding areas are often referred to as Highlanders. Often finding home in small hovels or camps, or in the less traveled regions of the Human Kingdoms, Highlanders are extremely proficient farmers and craftsmen. They hold a closer homage to the distant ancestors than that of the other Human Cultures, and are often more experienced in the arts of hunting and fishing. Highlanders are commonly more interested in face and traditional values as opposed to that of the entire Realm, mostly focusing their unrefined and rustic roots on more practical things; surviving. Those who hold close lineage to Northerners would fit closely within the Highlander Culture division, and subcultures such as Raevir and Kaedreni would also fall under this category.




Often hailing from far and exotic lands, the Farfolk hold a relatively different physical appearance to their cultural cousins. Due to the climate in these exotic lands, Farfolk most often hold a darker skin tone and follow subcultures that are more varied than other Humans. While they hail from farther lands, the Farfolk hold a seemingly middle ground between the civilized progression of the Heart and Highlanders, often employing practicalities from both. Subcultures such as that of the Subudai or Rassid would collect closely within the Farfolk culture, and those who originate from the southern regions would do the same.


Other Attributes


Due to their short lifespan, Humans are often very driven in their lives and are known for accomplishing and unimaginable feats. They are pioneers in reality and in their own mind, and are often intelligent beings with the ability to express themselves and output their emotions in more practical means.




The Human lifespan is much different to that of any other race, being a short average tenure of 150 years. Whilst some Humans are known to live up to 200, due to their ambitious nature they often die out many years prior to this. The Human Race age normally until they are 18, where it grinds to a slower pace until they reach the age of, on average, 80 where they start to age normally again until death. This is dependent on each human, however, and whilst one human may look to be in his mid twenties at the age of 70, another may already appear as a decrepit old man. This is also dependent on the lifestyle of the human, and will vary between different cultures. A Highlander farmer who works the grain day in day out will look considerably older than a well fed and hygienic Heartlander in the capital city.




Due to ancient Horens wish for immortality, when Iblees, the first Daemon to fall, was finally encountered and banished from the Realm, an eternal curse was placed upon Humankind moments before he burst into flames. “You wish for immortality? I will curse you with the opposite, early death for you and your kin. You shall age quickly and die before you experience the fruits of your useless labour.” the fallen Daemon roared, and so as generations continue to pass, the curse of Iblees lives on within each of Humankind, cursed to a live a meager two centuries.



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