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Voidal Shifting Guide

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For many ages have mages attempted to use voidal arts to traverse our realm through the means of blinking. This question remained unanswered, many magi studying this idea. Eventually, the art of voidal shifting was created.


The void is a confusing realm, thus leading to the failure of research previous to this art. The idea of the anchor was created, leading to the art known as voidal shifting.





The art of voidal shifting can be seen as a child of translocation, entering the void through a similar means. The complex factor that separates the two is the anchor. The anchor is a unique conglomeration of mana and voidal energies; this is used instead of translocation’s studying and research of the particular object you are sending into the void.


Once you understand the anchor it is a much simpler concept to enter the void, as the anchor aids within this. Fill your body with mana, matching the amount of mana of your physical form. Once this is done you are sent into the void. The anchor will pull you through the confusing mess of the void.



Red Lines


-Due to the anchor being created previous to the entrance of the void, you are only able to shift in straight lines.

-Shifting far in vertical directions is impossible. The void is a confusing realm, moving vertically is even more confusing. A general guideline is to only shift to places you can reach mechanically.

-You can only create an anchor that is within the field of view. Thus only being able to shift within field of view.

-You are only able to shift yourself, and any objects that are with you. You are unable to bring other people with you.

-You can not shift through spaces you could not walk through, such as bars.



Learning Progression


Tier 1


This tier is primarily a focus on creating the anchor. Unable to shift at this tier, but they are able to create an anchor about 2 meters away from them.


Tier 2


At this tier the actual act of shifting is performed. Being able to shift roughly 4 meters away, with a great exhaustion.


Tier 3


You are able to perform a single shift up to 8 meters away. One shift can be done with ease, but you are unable to shift again.


Tier 4/5

You are able to shift 20 meters at maximum. At the highest level you are able to shift 6 times before you are out of mana. Although, this maximum does not apply out of combat due to being able to have an increase of focus. You are able to shift out of combat easily.



Example Emotes


Irhamir's gaze sets upon the horizon, peculiar silver eyes constantly beamed upon a single point across from him. Upon the point where his eyes rest a single dot would form, seemingly pure black and two dimensional no matter where one's gaze rests upon it.


Platinum mist begins to condense and swirl about his form, slowly gaining pace as the time progresses. His fingers would begin to rapidly jut back and forth as this happens, a peculiar occurrence.


Suddenly the silver mist would dash inwards, breaching his body and seemingly tearing it asunder. Within a matter of milliseconds no physical form is left to the eye, only a remnant of platinum aura left in his wake.


Across the scenery where the dot once lay his form would appear from seemingly out of nothing, from here and there within a single instance of time. Platinum wisps hang from his form slowly twirling off, a singular bead of sweat brought upon his forehead.


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