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  1. o7, have a great life gamer
  2. Love you queen (also same except for the getting married part)
  3. Elara Athénaïs Halcourt, Baroness-Emeritia of Artois and former heiress to the Halcourt name, offered a soft (albeit wrinkled) smile upon being read the news by one of her ladies. Many years ago, before she had been rendered permanently bedridden and unable to care for herself, she and her father had agreed upon Phoibe's place as Elara's replacement in the succession. It was not a memory she looked upon fondly, though she heaved a sigh of relief knowing the future of House Halcourt was in safe hands.
  4. Peter Theodoric d'Arkent sailed blissfully upon the sea he had escaped to, unaware of his father's death. The life of a Count was one he was not born for or into, one that he feared would suffocate him as it did his parents. As grateful as he was for the opportunity, he had to escape. Every moment he spent on land, he felt the claws of responsibility and duty tighten around his throat like a cravat of lead. Nevertheless, he did miss them... Would mourn for, if he ever heard the news of his father's death, or his mother for that matter. Being at sea, he didn't know how either of them were. He had done his duty in marrying well and secured the succession of the d'Arkent line, deeming him free. Teddy had escaped into the night, eloping to sea with his paramour. Gone to sea. He didn't know when or if he'd be back.
  5. The boyfriend in question promptly composed a letter, addressed to his paramour...
  6. A copy of the missive in question found its way into the hands of an Illatian dame, the corners of whose lips slipped downwards to form a scowl upon reading. "Dio mio!" She exclaimed with a huff. "I simply cannot fathom why one would out a man as being "maidenless." Let alone a principe. I cannot decide if that or the cowardice of the man in question not advertising his eligibility himself is worse!" With that, she shook her head, tossed the missive aside, and continued on.
  7. The child's aunt, a recluse, offered a mild round of congratulations when she next saw the Baron and Baroness in the halls of Kvasz.
  8. Somewhere, a young woman sighed wistfully, wishing she too could be so open in regards to love.
  9. Nana banged on the gates of Urguan as she waited to offer her congratulations to the new clan father.
  10. The King is dead. Long live the Queen. Those particular words fell from the lips of Don Peter Theodoric d'Arkent in the long moments following Adrian's last breath. They rung like a bell in the young lord's mind, stained it much like wine upon a white tablecloth. After spending a lengthy amount of time with the bereaved queen and her kin, among them Teddy's fiancée, Eirene, (and not without a tear or two spared from his own eye) the Lord Zelador departed from the king's chamber and began directing the servants to change out curtains, carpets, bedsheets... everything would be made black during this period of mourning. Soon after, the leal Salian ordered the same changes be made within his own estates.
  11. Teddy d'Arkent, cousin to Sibyl, received a missive relaying this news while getting some fresh air during a ball in Haense. The somber lordling promptly rushed home thereafter.
  12. Teddy d'Arkent promised to buy his younger brother some candy before they returned home, in his mind vowing to purchase something of note for his Amador friend as well as a spoil of "war".
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