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Apparition Addition

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Death is traumatic. Harrowing. A paralyzing nightmare.


Death is a hammer; it splinters souls into fractals and shards, creating soul shadows or dooming them off to the deadrealm, Ebrietæs. In this regard, it is like a forge; the frail crumble and the mighty are strengthened. When Apparitions die, they don't break apart like normal Superior souls do for they are not singular. Since they have already died, they are already broken up and, in their case, are an alloy of souls -- comprised of many shadows and many shards. Drawn together in the shell that is an Apparition's amalgam, they are solidified in death where the crags and splits are welded and fused together. Under death’s hardened driving, they meld and congeal into a solid entity. When an Apparition dies, they become whole -- headed by their leading soul(s) to take the reins -- and are wandering titans that keep the orderly chaos of the Soul Stream. They defy Aeriel, Apohet, or any other meddling forces that may attempt to reign over the world of the spirits and, in their true home, hold extreme power. Where a single soul has great potential alone, dead Apparitions are behemoths of power and unrelenting power. They are the avatars of death, the natural force of expiration in both tangible and metaphysical form. Ebrietæs is shaken by their roaming; no phantoms are safe from the torture and chaos these colossi weave, for their appetites for stirring is sated by none.


Bereaved by mystical rites, Apparitions slain though the black magic ritual of Saturation -- as per their garnered power from secondary death -- hang on to the ectoplasmic identity of their killer when used in the ascension of a Wight. The slain titan may influence the Wight that killed them even from the deadrealm. Out of wit, nature, or temptation the Apparition may feed detrimental thoughts to the Wight for their own interest. Making the spectre suffer both alleviates the agony of death and may play into the entity's desires.

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