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  1. Ang's Trial GM Application #2

    I'm sorry, Ang, but I can't bring myself to agree with this decision. I believe you're too shy to move forward as a good moderator, but if you could push past that, then sure. Perhaps I'm still salty about the Westerlands ****, though.
  2. [✓] [Ban Appeal] - Dewper, Rumpo.

    @Dewper I'd like permission to post, as I was involved.
  3. Shadow of War Discussion Thread

    Hoh, man, I got the game a few days ago. I'll be playing this all day when I wake up.
  4. "Shut the **** up." Peter Sigismund retorts as he receives news.
  5. [Denied] Pureimp10's FM App

    this man has physically and mentally sexually harassed me unfortunately I'm going to have to -1 this application.
  6. lets not be gay
  7. lets not be gay
  8. Norlandic Propaganda

    if only
  9. stupid welshman robert mugabe lover

  10. why're you no longer fm too

    1. Ad_Victorium/Hero


      Gassed so soon again?

  11. [Denied]Nevermind :(

    proper deserving of the position mans got my support +1
  12. Grim's LT Application

    Absolutely one of the best applicants to apply for the Lore Team. He has an unfathomably strong understanding of the functionality of the server and a sturdy comprehension on how it should progress as a whole. Therefore, he is evidently a player that I can supplement my trust into, for the beneficial advancement of the lore team, and the server.