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  1. Thirteen Nations

    lmfao buff tryna call out inactive nations
  2. Mali'ame Unity: A New Proposal

    "The elven phrase for 'King' means 'Malin', I won't go calling someone, something they're not." Ushers an aged man.
  3. ♛ Santegias Defensive Raid ♛

    get me back in the war discord and ill show u quotes, even kyle saw it @Raomir
  4. ♛ Santegias Defensive Raid ♛

    didnt u decline this when i offered.........................? @seannie @Raomir
  5. Blago's AT Application

    my boy +1
  6. A New Beginning

    "A fool will always be a fool." Ushered an aged man.
  7. ♛ Santegias Defensive Raid ♛

    all bark no bite boy
  8. ♛ Santegias Defensive Raid ♛

    @Lucas remember when you wouldn't respond to role-play because you were too scared to die xdddd
  9. Quillian Serene

    "Loyal? Un-*******-likely. You vile, horrid beast." Ushers an aged man.
  10. A Call to Service

    "Kill yourself, *****." Ushered an aged man.

    Peter Sigismund pens a letter to Caius, detailing the factuality of Lucien V's attempt on his own life, and that, it wasn't Peter who dealt the final blow to the late High Pontiff.
  12. @cakefool coming for you now, boy.

    1. MysticalStranger


      I'll do it. I expect my payment in the mail.

    2. ImperialRoyalist


      no please

      no more drunk messages

    3. drfate786


      Hmm, how quaint. 

  13. Writ of Disbandment - 1639

    Vengeance has been had. Ushered an aged man.
  14. The set of an Eagle

    "Good riddance." Scoffed an elderly man clad in tenebrous clothing.