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  1. Minecraft Account Name(s): Tsuyose / __Xan__ Skype: yayfunfunfun_6 How long have you played on LotC?: Since December 2012; five years. Time zone and availability: GMT - available when ever, really. I'm not particularly busy when I'm in and out of College. What subgenre (refer to LM specifications list) are you versed in most?: - High Elves - Wood Elves - Dark Elves - Humans - Voidal Magic; Evocation, Alteration, Illusion - Dark Magic; Necromancy, Blood Magic, Mysticism, Soul Puppetry, Frost Witch - Deific Magic; Xan, Ascended, Tahariae, Aspects - General lore - World lore - Historic lore (I generally have knowledge all around when it comes to the nitty gritty of LoTC's lore.) Give a summary of any staff positions you have held on LoTC: GM, Admin, AT, AT lead, LT, MT, LT lead, VAT lead (lasted 24 hours before their re-removal) Have you ever written lore for LoTC? (this will not augment your chances at obtaining the position of LM): I've written a myriad of lore, ranging from deific magicks to creature lore- the list is excessively long as I'd been an LM for the better part of a year. Have you ever received a blacklist or ban?: Once albeit it was a long, long time ago. Who do you not get along with on the Lore Team?: Nobody. (I'll be making an expansion on the application sometime shortly.)
  2. as per any other person who requests for me to be on their gm application, i'll save my opinion for whomever contacts me
  3. I thoroughly support this lad, astounding player with great family values.
  4. just this tbh
  5. Denied.
  6. Moved to denied, lore has been shelved.
  7. Denied.
  8. Moved to denied, lore has been shelved.
  9. If I could go back in time and discard the thread I made, criticising the Administration for inducting extremely new people who'd just returned, I'd remove your name from it. You're singlehandedly the best Administrator to have ever graced LoTC.
  10. Whichever lm has enforced orcs are braindead savages is wrong, we haven't pushed an agenda you're portraying since the old LT.
  11. Beneath the tenebrous setting of the opaque skies, where the comets blossomed above in all their vehement glory. Over yonder, sank the sun, as if it veiled the realm in its nightly setting, leaving in its trail a mesmerising orange hue to burn the brilliant clouds a mirage of spectacular colouring. Albeit atop a mountainous region, where a man took leave from his beloved wife and family's side to mourn the loss of his dear old friend. The forlorn Lord of yore, afflicted with many-a-curse over the course of time, his poor figure rotten, diseased, and decayed- if it weren't for the brilliant crystal he'd ever so dutifully devoted his soul to, surely, his own life would come to an end. Adorellan, the man who strived for power then redemption, throughout his illustrious travels he brought ruin and hope to many-a-soul. He was known as the deceiver, a snake adorning the flesh of Man, a monster to many, but a friend to some. It was the latter that he held ever so dear, the forlorn lord of the dark magi clasped his calloused palms to his emaciated chest whilst solemn tears, sorrowful and meaningful laced the back of his palms. In his state of tribulation, he cast his dull gaze toward the setting sun- bequeathed onto he, through his horrific state of mind, body, and soul, a moment of silence, for the loss of his friend, dear old Avenel. "My sun.. My sun is setting.. It's so dark."
  12. " Choose thy fate alone. Seize it with thine own hands. All the more, should thy fate entail such foul betrayal. Seek strength, and the rest will follow."
  13. Yeah, the lad has strived to pose he is an active and contributing member of the community. He should be unbanned in my honest opinion, he's gone out of his way to accomplish more than what other folk who appeal do.