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  2. A MISSIVE TO THE WESTERLANDS Issues and confirmed by His Grace, the Duke of Mardon, Peter Sigismund, 11th of The Grand Harvest, 1604 To His Majesty, Caius I, I, His Grace, Peter Sigismund, do bid you well in your time of strife and warfare, as does the ducal lands of Mardon to your brethren and kinsmen alike. Whilst we are establishing ourselves after the most recent ordeal from political warfare, we have heard the plea for aid against the Undead menace and the blemished scourge, damned be those dark magi and tenebrous creatures. During Charles’ regency, he made a point to declare the fact that family means unity, and unification means strength. So it is without a doubt that I, your dutiful cousin, hereby lends an aiding hand. The Duchy of Mardon henceforth declares what standing militia our ducal lands can offer in this most unfortunate time, in the name of House Norrington and Lord Norrington, who will enact as a Mardonic envoy; I do hope you and your kinsmen will treat him, and his respective guardsmen kindly, and should any issues arise from their inhabitants of the Bastion and its surrounding lands, to contact I post-haste to solve the issue. However, more prominently, the ducal lands is rampant with flourishing wildlife and nature alike, we do hereby offer you and your respective kinsmen the right to farm the City of Lorath’s farmstead, where we will supply the Kingdom of the West with an abundant amount of our most sustainable food, wheat, for your bakers to knead into bread. The Duchy of Mardon also offers the Kingdom of the West armaments of plated iron, shields clad in the Horenian insignia, and varying weaponry of bluesteel, steel, aurum, bows, and arrows. Aurum ingots and ferrum ingots alike to amend your broken armaments from your copious amounts of combat with the scourge, and plenty bandages to mend the wounds of your injured soldiers. Lastly, a crate of compacted coal to fuel the fires throughout the boreal valley, to keep your kinsmen warm in the hellish nights, and your torches lit to thwart the scourge. I bid you luck in your endeavour against the Undead menace and when the ducal lands of Mardon can, we will rally to your cause against the scourge, clad in iron, and wielding aurum, with the Duke of Mardon at their head. We pray that the nations of yonder, tangled in their warfare see reason, and aid against the encroaching threat of the tenebrous. “We can only hope Man acknowledges the ever encroaching threat before it’s too late.” IN NOMINE DEI His Grace, Peter Sigismund, Forever August, Duke of Mardon, Count of Cantal, Baron of Darkwood and Coust.
  3. Xan signs the charter, for the druidic order!
  4. MC Name: tsuyose Do you have skype?: no Do you have Teamspeak?: yes Are you a GM alt spying on us? yes IC: Name: perrin ferrioli/roy kamry Place of Residence: mardon How many fruit carts do you squat?: ill lift you you **** Do you have battle experience?: yeah Do you pledge yourself to the Captain, so long as he is fit to lead?: as long as it isnt thepyrodude (hes a bit of a bully:/)
  5. Word is sent forth from the ducal lands of Mardon, imprinted into the parchment would be the elderly insignia of the infamous House of Horen, and then the signature of Peter Sigismund himself, Duke of Mardon, albeit more prominently known as the son of the late Imperial Majesty, Philip Frederick. May King Caius of the West rest well, for the saintly gaze of Peter's father, Philip Frederick, watches over his weary soul.
  6. Peter Sigismund, Duke of Mardon, encloses his palms behind his back beside the late regent Charles, brows furrowed as news is promptly bequeathed unto the remainder of the Isles. "The Druids must be put to the blade," The youth mutters, shifting his attention toward the ducal lands, eyeing the once sprouted Elder Tree. "They're the equivalent to the scourge, I dare say! Ave our Maker!" "If no-one will execute these fiends, then one day, one day soon, I'll give them their due reward- druidic blood will be spilt."
  7. haha funny
  8. oy oy boy i agree +1
  9. The Duke of Mardon folds both limbs behind his back, observing the remains of the once live Elder Tree.
  10. It is incredibly difficult to manifest deific fire, let alone manifest one that can eternally burn- it requires a grandiose power source, it "eternally burning" needs to be defined.
  12. "Haha." Chuckles Peter Sigismund, "******* idiots."
  13. "This isn't the Empire trying to return you ******* idiots. It's a Duchy trying to flourish outside of war against their kinsmen." Utters a Mardonic man as he hears of the commotion, retreating back into the confines of Cantal.
  14. Just to clarify, Eshtael's intervention would have only been with Dragur, and it was an ambush last I recall, sealing him and his strongest kin away. Eshtael had no legitimate intervention in which the Aengul lead the Aengulic Council, that would have solely been Aeriel hence her entitlement: Archaengul. Eshtael's notion of balace far surpasses mortal understanding, it isn't "Shade parasites are bad" etcetera, it's what is balance on a universal scale. I strongly suggest you converse with Connor in relation to this, because last I recalled and what the old LT had set in stone- this is, by no means whatsoever, an alignment to the legitimate nature of Eshtael. By the way, Aengudaemonic power isn't based on mortal worship- unless Cameron's lore absolved that.