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  1. Even Outnumbered, Renatus-Marna Prevails “Show them what Renatian pride is, brother.” Heir Apparent, Constantine Horen to his brother, His Highness Antonius Horen, prior to the Sack of Curon, 11th of The Grand Harvest, 1652. Both the stationed armies of Haense and Curon stood wary within the capital of Curon, guards lined the walls, observing the lands yonder, and the others shared ale to bide their time. Their morale was high, their hopes, higher, but alas, naught could prepare them for the encroaching onslaught. From the brush, the banners of Renatus-Marna were held high, squadrons of Renatian soldiers marched at the behest of His Highness, Antonius Horen, harking their cries of war. With tempered steel and an iron will, the advancing soldiers were ripe with courage and bravery. The iron gates of Curon’s citadel arose, gears grinded aloud, and ergo, the Hansetic-Curon soldiers spilled out of their capital like venom from a snake. The two forces engaged, but alas, with the powerful bravery of folk such as Henry Frederick, and the might of the Renation soldiers, alongside the honour and loyalty of the Marnan soldiers who’d opted to adhere to their former King’s final commandment, siding with the Kingdom of Renatus-Marna, had the conglomerate bested the combined might of Curon and Haense. Renatian and Marnan pride alike won them that battle, and may it be a lesson to the Kingdom of Haense; the Kingdom of Renatus-Marna will not be insulted by petty thievery and insults. Even Outnumbered, Renatus-Marna Prevails.
  2. [Dart Arts][MA] Eileen

  3. Mobs Suck

    perhaps mobs could drop more useful items instead
  4. Wolf's a Shaman

    Controversial, certainly, but he has a good head on him and is capable of doing whatever work is necessary. Give him a chance. +1
  5. A Letter to the Descendants

    "Your pitiful kin is rampant with vile transgressions. Heial is weak-willed and lacks a spine, the lot of you, ******* filth." Scoffed Herun Athna, providing a brisk shake of his head as he'd receive a letter.
  6. Osella, Aengul Of Psyche and Recovery

    I love your writing. I just disagree with needless Aengudaemonic additions.
  7. Failure tries to worm his way in.

    he's a good guy with some fantastic ideas +1
  8. [Denied]yoppl's GM Application

    an extraordinarily good lad who'd befit the position perfectly +1
  9. WT Update Log - January

  10. undead among the dead is the appropriate title
  11. baby girl, whats ur name? let me talk to u, lemme buy u a drink...

  12. gf

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      I've already been cucked once by someone on the server don't cuck me again . . . </3

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      stop trying to show off your staff rank nobody cares

    4. Blago


      I wish.

  13. She Had It Coming

    Adorellan silently wept for the loss of Kypris, his limbs stretched forth as if he were holding her withered corpse, but alas, he held onto the imaginary. "Till death do us apart."