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  1. Minecraft Username(s): Tsuyose / SlaveKnightGael__ / __Xan__ Age: 20 Time Zone: GMT Skype: yayfunfunfun_6 Discord: Tsuyose#2589 Have you been previously banned (be it a forum or server ban) and under what circumstances did you receive this ban?: I haven’t, no. Have you ever received warning points and what actions were committed to receive such points?: I’ve had roughly six forum warns before, which were removed later down the line. Roughly four-to-five years ago. Moderating the forums is a very time dependant staff position. How much time, on average, would you be able to dedicate to moderating?: Quite a while. I spend the vast majority of my time, outside of work, on Lord of the Craft due to my priorities. Roughly five plus hours per day, minimum. A lot of my time is spent browsing the forums. What experience do you have using the LotC forums or any forum in general?: I was once an Administrator, therefore I have a myriad of experience in the functionality of the forums and the backdoor system of how it functions. I was taught by previous FMs/FM leads when I was an Administrator, how to create forums, subforums, deleting threads, linking threads, etcetera. What does it mean to be a Forum Moderator, in your own words? What responsibilities does the Forum Moderator have to carry out in order to successfully do their job?: Being a Forum Moderator means that fairness and the rules must be upheld, regardless of whether you do or don’t believe in them. While they can be contested through the appropriate channels, we must ensure that the forums are clean to the eye, not only for the veterans of LoTC, but new players alike. Have you ever held a staff position here on LotC? Do you currently hold any other staff positions? If so, list them and highlight something about the team that you enjoyed/enjoy.: Administrator, GM, ET, and AT. I enjoyed the moderative experience of it all. Why should you be a Forum Moderator? What can you bring forward to the team that allows you to moderate and enforce the conduct of the forums?: I thoroughly believe that I can bring a firm clutch to the forums, while also enforcing the rules, however, I do believe in leniency, and therefore reckon we can bridge a gap between ourselves and the community. However, I have a considerable amount of experience in both moderation and the forums themselves. What characteristics do you posses that makes you stand out from any other applicant?: Prior experience, the motivation, and drive to pursue a better state of the forums altogether. Are there members of the current Forum Moderation Team that you do not get along with or see a problem with working with in the future? If so, what is it that could hinder your ability to work together. Remember, this is a team and working together is the main foundation of a team.: I'm able to work well with all present members of the team. Are there any extra things you'd like to mention?: !_! I've always been pretty bad at writing applications, further clarifications and expansions can be made in an interview.
  2. "This was not a sanctioned attack." Mutters Peter Sigismund, now Regent of the Holy Oren Empire.
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  4. why is everyone saying weak



  5. w0oo my warn removed

  6. aye. im just sharing my own sentiments here, as the pov of an old administrator + veteran player
  7. In the limelight of recent events, I’ve taken the chance to draft this thread in regards to the current state of the Administration. 501warhead, Telanir, and Beast720. I’ll be excluding Harold due to him being a recent addition, despite open disdain on the player. Nevertheless, I’ll be splitting this into three segments for an easier and smooth read, and to clarify, this is an open thesis on the current Administrators which will be influenced by the opinion of not only myself but the generalised player-base. This is from the stance of an ex-Administrator, ex-GM, ex-Director, a player, and a long-running Aegis-tier veteran who's seen the rise and fall of this server many-a-time. To begin, the Administrators have long since been distant with our community. This has been ongoing for far, far too long, and when it seems as if we’ll be receiving a more credible Administration who will take the time to be more involved, it honestly just goes further down the drain. This is evidenced by their lack of involvement, communication with the player-base, and downright lethargy. You are all completely and utterly out of sync with the player-base, the player-base you are meant to be managing on a server-wide scale, unlike the GM team and FM team. However, you’re unable to accomplish even the simplest of tasks which would involve us, as a whole, providing even our own opinion. This is outright pathetic, bluntly put. You all sit there, with you r thumbs up your asses, pretending that you’re doing what’s most righteous for the development of the server. Telanir When I was an Administrator and you were inducted into the fold, you were greeted with open arms. However, as time went on, and I was unable to actually administrate for a short while, you advised me to step down, or step back, and take a break. In times of uncertainty and incapability, you need to step away from the server and re-contemplate your involvement. You haven’t been online for almost two months, far, far worse than I ever was. I specifically remembered when you would argue against the necessity of a lead Administrator, yet there you sit, having supplemented yourself into the firm role of pseudo-lead, regardless of whether you do or don’t recognise it. As a trial GM during Thomas’ late reign, I saw little to nothing from you, and I still see absolutely nothing from you. You have little involvement with the staff, let alone the player-base, and the server as a whole. Being on the Administration is not something you can go to-and-fro with, you must retain consistent activity, for you are the limelight of the server, and it’s an extremely important position. I could write wonders about you, funny fact is, it was Menarra who warned me of you. Since day one, of your exploits, your lethargy, and your incapability. Truth be told, I miss those days, a small part of me misses when Menarra was an Administrator, because despite the infamous claims- he, at the very least, cared for the progression of role-playing. Even if his standards were disapproved of by the community. Folk like him actively put themselves forwards in their efforts for the advancement of this server. With you, we’ve seen nothing, nothing but a power player in your strife for ultimate power on this server; your lethargy has dragged you downhill, and you’ve ultimately suffered the consequence for it. As the quote goes: “You either die young or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” Beast720 You’ve been completely and utterly out of touch with our player-base since the day you obtained Administration. I’ve seen little to no involvement from you, except for the creation of a thread here-and-there. Simply working behind-the-scenes is not enough. I’m honestly astonished that you have stuck around for this long and faced absolutely zero consequences for your incapability to act as a standard Administrator. As a GM, you were criticised by your companions for a whole lot, including your incapability, and the disrespect they had for your managerial role was absolutely out the window. We were friends and I’d like to think we could still maintain our friendship past this because there’s a defining factor in the differentiation of staff and friendship; but if we’re past that, because of this, then by all means. You had the potential to shine yet you discarded that plausibility. If you’ve had other issues to handle, priorities, and the such, which subtracted from your capability as an Administrator this much- then you should’ve stepped down, and allowed another person to take the reigns. Unfortunately, you haven’t, and now you’re ridiculed for your lethargy and your incapability to actually get involved with the community, yet dare sit there like you have the righteous authority to make decisions over our progression and advancement. I’m genuinely ashamed. 501warhead I guess this is the crux of this thread. I mean, I don’t believe I’ve met an Administrator more disliked than SerenityOynx. You’re ridiculed for your decision making, your incapability, and your own, well, I’d like to say lethargy- but at least you had the gall to sit there in front of everybody in your efforts to handle the uproar. But nevertheless, you’re a man who has made plenty of mistakes in your tenure as an Administrator. I disagreed with your addition to the Lore Team solely, for this reason, I never once wanted you in any of my chats when I was the director, solely because of your incapability. You’ve never been good with the progression of the storyline, at least, that’s in my opinion. But you had me and my team in such a stranglehold that we couldn’t make plausible and swift decisions due to the ineptness of the Administration Team. Truth be told, I was willing to go forward with the new tenure of the LT, but unfortunately, I, in actuality, stepped down because I felt like your clutch was never ending and that it was going to squeeze the life out of the team I duly loved to work alongside and work for. I and many others are in the firm belief that you’re going to absolutely demolish this upcoming map, with your inability to work well with others, let alone fathom comprehensive idealisms that aren’t your own. You want nothing more than to staple your own way onto this damn server and its storyline, hence why we always, absolutely always, adamantly disagreed with your decisions; prevalently your efforts for an antagonist. That **** was always awkward with you to present, we’d always have to mould things your way, or it’d be the highway. As aforementioned, the community’s said more than enough about you. That said, @The Pink Lion, you’ve done a ******* fantastic job. I was completely and utterly wrong to say what I said about you before I took my departure, you’ve done some great work. Better than what I could’ve ever achieved. I do hope that at some point in time you and I can, at the very least, communicate on friendly terms once more someday. @Avacyn You too, bud. To finalise this, I firmly believe that @Telanir , @501warhead , and @Beast720 should consequentially step down from their Administrative positions post-haste after locating suitable replacements, or @Tythus should step in and do his damn job as our server owner. Purge the lethargy that blemishes the managerial of our staff and rejuvenates the Administrative system with fresh, competent faces. Get your **** in gear. @Tythus Sort your damn server out.
  8. shut the **** up harrison sick and tired of your forum harassment. you need to understand, when urasept/i were administrators, w/ urasept being one of tythus' closest pals- he told me that tythus is a very timid person and disdains conflict/cant handle confrontation
  9. damn white supremacy in life and in death
  10. gay