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  1. bring him back already tbh
  2. ark's got my backing, I've had nothing but pleasurable experiences with him since my return to the humans
  3. Tirenas was a pretty good GM during my reign, I support him.
  4. As much as he might dislike me after my coup, Harold's a sound lad I can back.
  5. oy oy get him back on
  6. "You're pretty disgusting. Outright filth, you are. Some fuckin' leader, eh?" A lone man would scoff, roaming the streets of the city as he'd return home.
  7. um no??
  8. didn't you just come back, out of curiosity
  9. His Grace, Philip Louis of Marna furrows his brows as he receives news of the Lotharingian Lament. With a defeated sigh, he'd return back to his Staunton allies and resume work on his Duchy. While Ser Otto was no father, may the foundations of Lorraine forever live on. ((You're a great lad, sad to see you go. I hope life bodes well for you, brother.))
  10. Top redline most certainly needs to be edited, you're directly targeting a player.
  11. wow thanks huh
  12. “A King I’ve come to respect, House Marna is indebted to you, Your Majesty.” A missive is sent to the masses of Oren old and new, those of yore who had come to love and despise their late Emperor, Philip Frederick- a declaration unbeknownst to they a betrayal unforeseen to its entirety. The uncle to the crumbling Empire has discarded his cloak of fealty and sworn honour anew, under a new house, and by extension, the transgression of his land. IT IS WITH THIS MISSIVE THAT Philip Louis of Marna discards his royalties, oaths, and promises to Philip Frederick, declaring both the Barony of Cantal and Duchy of Mardon independent from the Holy Oren Empire, and hereby swears fealty to King Tobias of House Staunton. Ave Staunton. Ave the Courland cause. And from one Duke to a King, His Grace, Philip Louis would bellow over yonder as he invited the Staunton forces to garrison a sect of his land. "MADNESS, HAS HAD ITS DAY!" A once loyal house of Horen, devout to its name, truer to its cause, bearer of Imperial blood, Marna, and Horen-Marna has defected with Philip Louis at its reign. The purple and black flag was lowered as a new, all too familiar green and black flag was raised. The revolution had come. The Houses of Staunton, Staunton-Horen, and Staunton-Horen-Vimmark were ready.
  13. You'll be unbanned, although this will be recognised as your final chance- your next ban will contain a minimum of six months, depending on its severity of course. With a two month ban on your inability to revert the nine forum warns, but nevertheless, welcome back.
  14. Denied. I understand you're making efforts to prove yourself, I want to see you resume and after the second month has passed I'll re-consider this.