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  1. i wanted to see you with a red tag but blue will do for now +1
  2. shouldn't of called it deathknight.
  3. So bullshit traps aren't implemented, but we can talk about this more in the war chat.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWZNn0aerXQ THE BATTLE OF THE BRIDGE The First Skirmish of the Red Sands GENERAL: TYPE OF BATTLE: Skirmish PROPOSED TIER: Tier one TIME: Saturday, August 26th, 3 PM EST SIDE A: The Holy Orenian Empire and allies SIDE B: The War Uzg and allies DISCORD: eat ass skate fast LOCATION: DIRECT AREA: https://gyazo.com/16099f9750f6113197d9ee7678d503f8 SURROUNDING AREA: https://gyazo.com/d41b962766b36ebd4d40103e1eee4733 PROPOSED RULES: All Lord of the Craft server rules. No status switching. TNT disabled. No golden apples. No altering of terrain or construction of new fortifications after this warclaim is posted. If the defenders do not show to their side of the warclaim then they implicitly forfeit and the Empire is allowed to take control of the region and continue on with siege-warclaim on a date and time of their sole preference. “Vengeance for our deceased.” Peter Sigismund, surveying the war-torn Lorraine fields come the conclusion of the Prince Philip’s War. Reticence fell over the half-a-dozen men gathered about the scene, an electric air of unease and anticipation crackling invisibly about them, sparking with thoughts unspoken. “Damned savages, I say.” The Captain, Ser Felix, broke the silence. “How many this time?” The Archchancellor’s intonation came as a low timbre, filled with both a lack of zest and severe displeasure. “About twenty, Your Excellency.” Piped a diffident, youthful guardsman, all chilled to the marrow; his uniform was the very same as those stricken men before him, their once-proud frames laid low. “Good men, the lot of them… cursed brutes.” The austere Chamberlain muttered, crossing himself thrice as he glanced over the gruesome scene, bodies of man and orc alike strewn and bent like weeds in wind, hacked down in a macabre display of gore and bloodletting, severed limbs and crimson ichor littering the area. It was clear who the winner of the engagement was; the bodies of the Orenian soldiers were desecrated, stripped of anything of value, coin purses plucked without a mere thought. Aeternius allowed himself a sharp inhale, heavy brow coming to knit. “What of the ultimatum? One would presume that the Rex keeps his silence.” His gaze shifted, fixating upon Pepin, who rolled his shoulders in a subtle shrug. “As surely as one keeps a secret - the Rex has issued nothing.” “A certain nothing; one that will cost them something.” Ushered the Emperor’s gravelly baritone, one that rumbled within his chest like rolling thunder. “Sire?” Snivelled the perplexed guardsman, wringing both hands together in expressive anxiety. "They joined the Romstun's against the NATO, they've slaughtered our men in raids, and their Rex fails to attack the city." Peter Sigismund snapped aloud. “If it is war they want, then it is war they shall have,” he began, his cold gaze enough to put one’s teeth on edge, yielding no quarter. “We shall have vengeance for our departed.”
  5. **** off
  6. hehe i can be spiderman but i cant roleplay a flintlock !

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    2. Chaotikal


      @KiausT (The Alpha ****) That's not how it works. The LT votes on the lore that gets accepted or denied, not the community. This is why they exist in the first place, that and to ensure that they get their grimy hands on everything, basically circlejerk extraodinaire

    3. KiausT (The Alpha ****)

      KiausT (The Alpha ****)

      @Chaotikal I was referring to how the majority of the community voted on keeping guns away in the last related your view or whatever. 

    4. Hero_
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyCYvoOEBbw ULTIMATUM OF ADELBURG, 1624 Issued and Confirmed by His Imperial Majesty, the Holy Orenian Emperor Peter II Sigismund, 17th of the Sun’s Smile, 1624. To the Orcs of the War Uzg, For your involvement in the Prince Philip’s War, His Imperial Majesty, Peter Sigismund II, against the NATO Pact, with the bandits of Romstun, who had slain innocent men, women, and children. For your consistent impeachment and violations of Imperial Law, for your transgressions against the coalition in its efforts to avert a crisis at the hands of the Romstun scourge as a whole. We forgave your Orcish kinsmen with a final raid, as a testament to never stand beside the revolting ilk of banditry again. Yet, you sought to pillage the Imperial City of Adelburg, and you attack the Kingdom of Haenseti-Ruska, striking Her Highness, Natalia, of the House of Barbanov. Your grievous misdeeds, this time, cannot be forgotten, and so easily put aside. There is a greater threat, threatening our realm, an antagonist has arisen, yet you’ve done nought but persist in your efforts to disrupt peace amid the Isle’s of Axios. Attacks on various realms, sovereign citadels. This, cannot be forgiven, and will not be ignored. You have three Saints days to pay these reparations, or we will consider this an act of war. We, the Holy Orenian Empire, would hold you accountable for your own actions and the actions of your people. Indemnification may be met with conformity to the following terms, of which are non-negotiable: The immediate cessation of any and all forms of aggression in the territories of the Holy Orenian Empire upon the issuing of this ultimatum. The heads of those who attempted to kidnap Her Highness, Natalia of the House of Barbanov, Princess of the Kingdom of Haenseti-Ruska. Ten sets of black ferrum weaponry as reparations for your people’s raid on the city of Alban and attempted capture of Her Highness, Natalia of the House of Barbanov, Princess of the Kingdom of Haenseti-Ruska. Five full sets of carbarum armor as reparations for your personal, pitiful attempted raid on The Holy Orenian Empire’s capital city of Adelburg. Upon the adherence to the aforementioned terms the Orcs of the Red Sands shall be formally absolved of their crimes against this Holy Empire; should you refuse, then The Holy Orenian Empire does see your transgressions, formly forgiven, as an act of war. IN NOMINE DEI, HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Peter II Sigismund of the House of Horen, by the Grace of God, Holy Orenian Emperor and rightful Emperor of Aeldin, Forever August, Apostolic King of Oren, Renatus, Salvus, Seventis, Vandoria, Savoy, Mardon, and the Westerlands, Duke of the Crownlands, Cascadia, Avar, Frederica, Blackmarsh, and Marna, Count of Adelburg, Alamar, Frederica, Krajia, Thesmer, Thelen, Auguston, and Cantal, Baron of Darkwood and Gravelhold, Defender of the Canonist Faith, Supreme Protector of Mankind, Master of the Lions of Man, etcetera.
  8. peter asks dirty mike when he's going to get another high five
  9. Peter Sigismund furrows his brows upon hearing of the death of his Court Paladin, immediately declaring an envoy locate those of Crumena's magical brethren.
  10. “INTO THE FIRES OF BATTLE, UNTO THE ANVIL OF WAR.” 8th of The Grand Harvest, 1624, The conglomerate of the NATO Pact encroaching upon the Romstun forces. The molten sun dawned over the horizon, signifying the conglomerate of banners, the NATO PACT encroached upon the field, their armies in their hundred thousands. The dulled shadows retreated from the depths of the weary battlefield, the Romstun scourge pacing to-and-fro the opposing river, and before long, the NATO came to a pause. The bannermen would hammer their banners into the depths of the earth, swaying proudly beneath the breeze of the wind. Proud, pious men, who stand together against the scourge that threatens our livelihood! We stand together, diverse, but strong! For a cause greater than our own petty conflicts! The scourge before you, stand in an effort to slaughter your men, your women, and your children! Bandits, barbarians, savages! We are Men, Dwarves, and Elves of the Isles of Axios, and we will defend our lands, our honour, and our law ‘till the day we draw our last breath! We do not retreat from battle, fellow men! Peter Sigismund roared, poising the grandiose warhammer of Gudour, the Conqueror, Gror Ireheart, bellowing aloud, standing proud beside his men, he’d usher his own moral bolster, his own pious words, and then.. The horns of war resounded. There they charged, with the commanders at their helm, for the late Imperial Prince, Philip Owyn, would be revenged. Arrows bellowed across the skies, littering the earth on both sides, explosions, and shots popping with a resounding ‘Bang!’ from Peter’s flank, there, the good men stood, shields raised high, swords drawn, and archers perched. Ser Abraham and Ser Felix charged together, back-to-back as resounding ‘Bangs!’ flooded from Abraham’s pistol, and the clashing of weaponry from Felix’s longsword. Gonzalo de Castro, by his lonesome, cleaved through many-a-man, Leo de Savin, a ruthless warrior, slaughtering the Romstun horde, the magnificent Otto II with his Northern Men, slaughtered the Flays in their many. Romanos Palaiologos maintained his stature, bellowing a mighty war-cry. The horns resound once more, much to the dismay of the Romstun horde, came forth a cavalry charge, heeded by the sovereign nation of Norland, who slaughtered the bandits in the dozens, impaling them atop their lances, and piking them down with various weaponry. While distracted, the main forces pressed forth. The two forces clashing, however, the opposition, confused, and out rallied, the coalition’s numbers doubled, even. Their numbers dwindled, and the coalition’s pursued on, slaughtering the Romstun’s by the dozen. Albeit it were the infamous Deano Romstun, who’d engaged upon the Holy Orenian Emperor, Peter Sigismund, with Aeternius to his flank, Alfie to Deano’s, and they clashed in a vehement war of their own, the quadruple colliding, fire splashing against the earth, and unfortunately, the latter fled when the bulk force charged forth. While he might’ve escaped the field that day, their ire for one another was naught but scorned. The combined forces of the NATO PACT decimated the Romstun’s in their many, slaughtering the Flayed Man threat, Romstun has had its day. Law and Order will prevail. The Isles of Axios will return to the sovereign rulers once more, without the banditry plague. The Romstun horde fled the field of battle, the conglomerate forces took their due departure, leaving only the Orenian force to traverse the battlefield. However, reports of the Romstun men were lacking, some say, they discarded their bandanas, and the remainder would flee in an effort to outrun the encroaching forces. Peter Sigismund wouldn’t pause with a mere skirmish, of course, while he had the advance, he decreed his troops forth. The horde of the Holy Orenian Army scoured the western lands of Lorraine, with Pepin de Bar and his envoy capturing the very man who’d flayed the Imperial Prince, Philip Owyn alive. A just reward to deliver unto His Imperial Majesty. Another envoy would capture the infamous Alfie Bartham, to be delivered unto Adelburg for public execution. A due example of those who’d dare slay a man of Horen. As they advanced throughout the western lands of Lorraine, the banners of House of Romstun were burned in the process, instead, replaced with the sigil of the House of Horen. Peter Sigismund, had returned law and order unto the archaic land.
  11. 10 days overdue for region activity checks
  12. "**** off." Comments Peter.
  13. aye
  14. eh