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  1. Extreme -1, I can't even fathom playing Necromancy if it was combined with this magic. I firmly believe that Necromancy should stay independent and to its own thing, as was originally intended.
  2. hey can we do that double date now? xDDD

  3. nice city build

  4. does any1 have the anthos/athera world saves

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    2. James
    3. seannie


      what was the middle name of your emperor character?

    4. Kaun The Elder

      Kaun The Elder

      An admin or Dev probably does, also, Hai Tsu :3

  5. The immortality is unnecessary, in my honest opinion. I'd advise removing it, perhaps give them a long life, but immortality? Why? It's absolutely unnecessary and just clinks onto the 'immortality' cliche a lot of lore we have, holds nowadays. I also believe that it could incite more role-play, especially with elderly folk of these creatures; perhaps those who're on their deathbed due to old age. 'Immortality' is just such a stupid cliche now, I reckon there could be a lot more interesting aspects to the role-play if they weren't made immortal. Also, I noticed you added something about Satyr's and marriage with other Satyr's, but druids also? I assume that this means that they cannot FTB with druids, which would be the standard protocol.
  6. Happy Birthday, bear! May you blessed with many many more! xx

  7. Fancy seeing you here xoxo

  8. Hey, you... xx

  9. @dogbew I don't understand. Players should be able to see this. Why're you censoring it? 

    1. Archbishop


      See what, share! Is this it?


      Edited by A Moongazer
  10. Trade to the Host of Brothers Notices are pinned around the expanse of Atlas, lining noticeboards and harked by trade sellers alike. Tales of a Host, seeking to spend their fortune on the iron trade, and purchase themselves a worthy supply of resources. Gossipers and merchants alike fawned at the mention of mina to satiate their greedy desires, and in their efforts to retrieve as much iron as they could, would one likely tell the tale. "I will purchase four crates of iron stacks for a large sum of seven thousand, five hundred mina. Signed, Pious." The notice would offer a means of reply, as would the merchant. (four stacks of iron blocks for 7,500 mina.)
  11. can u stop pooping on my friends??

    1. Tsuyose
    2. Jake!


      everyone that's not you

    3. Tsuyose


      i don't know what ur talking about

  12. what use are u as a lore moderator...

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    2. Dreek


      Please stop fighting mom and dad

    3. Luv


      mitto stole my spot so I will steal his life (the lore master who did nothing)

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      @Luv i have one of the highest productivities on the team..

  13. why dont u quit...

    1. Hero_


      joes become an addict

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