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Forum Rules

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Forum Rules

The forum rules follow the community guidelines.

  • We are an English speaking community and, as such, your posts must be in English so that we keep it easy for everyone to read and understand. Appropriate IC languages may be used in the roleplay section, however “txt l1k3 dis” is not acceptable and neither is WRITING IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

  • Criticism must be made in a constructive manner. Make an effort to remain mature and uphold the good nature of each discussion; we do not tolerate toxic or deceitful behaviour.

  • Do not double post; use the edit button; spamming is prohibited.

  • Post things in the right section and with the right format if applicable. When unsure, look for pinned topics in that sub-forum.

  • Some sub-forums, especially in the roleplay section, have additional rules. Check for any pinned topics before posting.

  • No plagiarism and no illegal or copyright infringing material.

  • No pornographic material or adult content is permitted.

  • No abusive or targeted material and swearing must not be directed at anybody.

  • Do not advertise other forums or servers.

  • Keep your signature a reasonable size. Use spoilers if necessary.

  • No backseat moderating.


Subforum Rules

Additional rules that must be followed in their respective sub-forums.

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