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Server Rules

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These are the rules you must follow when using an LotC service. Player conduct plays a great role in the quality of our server. Please give the rules a quick read and follow them to the best of your ability. Not knowing the rules is not an acceptable excuse.

Community Guidelines

  • Use common sense. You are responsible for helping build a serious roleplay environment.

  • If you doubt you are doing the right thing—ask a moderator.

  • Cyberbullying, rule abuse, harassment, and other antagonistic behaviour will get you banned. Even if you break no rules, we reserve the right to prevent you from using our services.

  • Write constructively, and in good-spirit of our community. You may not get along, and you may not respect everyone, but you must behave civilly.

  • The staff is here to help. We volunteer ourselves to this community out of love and a desire to see it succeed. If you have issues with any of us please contact an administrator.

Server Rules

  • You are always in-character. Exceptions are use of out-of-character chats, i.e. /msg or /ooc. You must roleplay within server lore. Exclude the real-world or lore from other games.

  • You are responsible for your own account. Any action taken or rules broken on it are your responsibility. No other player may have access to it.

  • We punish any trolling or memeing in roleplay or excessive use in out-of-character.

    • This includes plagiarizing characters from media.

  • Everything you build must conform to our roleplay world and lore. We penalize for any ugly, unrealistic, or physics-defying builds, and will destroy them.

  • Do not Grief builds or landscape.

  • When gathering resources, you must clean up any floating leaves or stone when chopping trees or mining. e.g. no floating leaves.

  • We prohibit metagaming and powergaming.

    • Metagaming is using out-of-character knowledge in a roleplay situation. If your character does not know it you must roleplay that way. Organizing in-character roleplay via Skype or messaging friends privately is metagaming, especially when asking for help when in trouble.

    • You are in control of only your own character. Powergaming is emoting actions on behalf of another player.

      • Powergaming: John slices off Tom’s arm, severing it entirely. (Here you demand that Tom has lost his arm).

      • Not-powergaming: John slices at Tom’s arm, trying to sever it. (Here you give Tom a chance to decide what happens to their character).

  • Nobody can force you to permanently kill your character. If you permanently kill off your character you have 7 days to reverse your decision. In rare circumstances it may be forced only by administration alone.

    • Death by suicide is non reversible unless specific lore says otherwise.

  • Glitches and exploits must be privately reported immediately at this link. Revealing or abusing them will provoke a harsh ban.

  • Sexually explicit or graphic roleplay (AKA cybering or excessive gore) is forbidden. A “fade-to-black” must be emoted to fast-forward these events. Brothels and prostitution are prohibited. Rape is prohibited. Sexually explicit or graphic roleplay (AKA cybering or excessive gore) is forbidden. A “fade-to-black” must be emoted to fast-forward these events. Brothels and prostitution are prohibited. Rape is prohibited. Sexual encounters are not permitted with any character below the age of 18. Bestiality and necrophilia are forbidden.

  • Information on your persona must match your character. This includes race, age, gender, biography, etc.

  • Unlocked chests may be taken from freely. Donation or shop chests cannot be stolen from.

  • Locked Doors, Signs, or Trapdoors may be Lockpicked by filing a /modreq and following the instruction of the moderator who answers. You must emote each attempt to lockpick and /roll. Any roll of 5 or below fails the lock-picking session and you must leave the locked item. Lockpicks are consumed upon each use, success or not.

    • Wood door — roll 17+ (10+ with a lockpick)

    • Iron door — roll 19+(15+ with a lockpick)

    • Locked sign — roll 17+ (10+ with a lockpick)

    • Glass / Window —roll 12+

  • Chests may be lockpicked only during a designated heist. In order to perform a heist you must schedule it with the Game Moderation Team using /modreq. Lockpicking rules apply.

    • Wood chest — roll 17+ (a Lockpick is required for each attempt)

  • Minor damage is allowed, but destroying property without consent is prohibited. You may file a /modreq to remove a building. Killing of animals on property you do not own must be done with sufficient roleplay and you must leave at least 2 alive of each kind.

  • Multiple personas for the same character, or personas who do not represent actual characters are not allowed. e.g. a persona for storage, extra skills, etc.

  • These rules apply to ownership of regioned zones:

    • A region owner must notify (in-game, signs, forum contact, Discord) another owner 3 days prior to removing them from the region.

    • A parent region owner must notify (in-game, signs, forum contact, Discord) an owner of a sub-region 7 days prior to doing so.

    • Region ownership can only change with permission of the primary region owner, a majority of other region owners, or a parent region owner.

Combat Rules

  • All parties involved must decide before PvP combat begins whether it will be emote-combat or mechanics-combat. If more than 10 players are fighting then mechanics-combat is required and /status must be set for all involved.

  • If an agreement cannot be made, the defending party chooses the kind of combat.

    • Guards choose the type of combat if a law has been broken and are considered the defending party.

  • Type of combat may not change after starting unless everyone agrees.

  • Mechanics Combat (click & swing)

    • You must have sufficient roleplay leading up to mechanics-combat. You must /countdown 10 once combat is agreed upon and both sides are ready.

    • Nobody may join mid-combat. Only those involved at the start may fight.

    • A player who runs during countdown may be killed.

    • A pet may not be called in from another location after roleplay begins.

    • The victor may choose to revive knocked out players following the end of combat.

  • Emote Combat (type & read)

    • You may not escape the encounter without sufficient roleplay to justify your escape. If a player runs their opponent may beat them down (and if they choose, revive and resume roleplay).

    • If you are killed you must /d40 unless the victor states otherwise.

  • Unless both parties consent using your enderchest before or during combat is bannable.

  • The use of alt characters to begin conflict is prohibited. i.e. creating a dwarf character purely to antagonise and start war with the orcs.

  • Using horses to jump over 3 block or higher walls is prohibited.

  • You may not use fast-travel or soulstones to escape combat.

  • Villainous activity or combat near fast-travel hubs or spawn (i.e. camping) is prohibited.

  • Fire-aspect, flame, and any combat enchantments above level 1 are forbidden. You must report to a moderator if you find one.


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Unlocked chests may be taken from freely.

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The lockpicking/heist rule set has been updated with new wording as to be clearer to it's use cases.

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All rules on intimacy were changed back to their original wording before races were specified in the server rules.

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