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  1. Hi there! I am looking for someone to play Either the mother or the father of my persona. The persona is a Forest dwarf named Darinndrabor and he currently lives in haense. A few days after his birth he was laid upon the steps of cloud temple and was raised by a elderly human man till he was 15. This resulted in a very confused and conflicted dwed who roamed the roads for over 40 years. I have now reached a stage with the character where id like to actually interact with the mother or father of the character. If you would be interested plz send me a message on discord, if you have any questions dont hesitate to also send ma a message on discord! My discord is Datweirdguy#3170 {Some art of my persona}
  2. The Wronged: Darinndrabor Blackroot Belgrum Starbreaker Wilhelm Ireheart Urist Ireheart Morul Irongut Balek irongut The Assailant: Orenian General Alren Denurem and Sir Arcues reine The Wrong: Insults made against Darinndrabor Blackroot and his kin. Failure to apply proper strategy, leading to their near-defeat at the hands of the infernal scourge, prior to Dwarven intervention. Their near-defeat at the hands of the Infernal Scourge nearly leading to the death of Balek Irongut. Refusal to offer thanks to the Dwarvish party which rescued the Orenian retinue. Date of Wrongdoing: 8th Of The Deep Cold, 1778 Terms of Settlement: An official personal apology from the general and the knight. Or 7k minaes.
  3. Darinndrabor Blackroot laughed heartily when looking at one of the posters while on patrol. “All dah empoire e Kaedrin shud beh doin es surendereng tae step des senseless slaughteh. “He then threw the poster away and continued on his patrol.
  4. Darinndrabor Blackroot Laughed heartily after reading the missive. He then goes back to patrolling the roads. “Bloodeh Orenian propagandah!
  5. Darinndrabor blackroot sighed deeply while reading the missive. When he was done he threw the missive away “Sech a shame. Da HRA beh gud soldiehs. Shame dey ave tae doi now. A wesh dem luk.
  6. IGN : Count_Dutchula RP Name : Darinndrabor Blackroot Candidate : Jorvin Starbreaker
  7. *Darinn Nodded as he read the log of the commander”Des shoite es gonnae beh ugleh, gud tae see everehone es doin t’ere part.
  8. Datweirdguy


    Darinndrabor was born probably 50 years ago. At least that is wat the old man named Damian told him. Damian was the person that found him on the steps of Cloud temple. The old man took him in and raised the dwarf. However, Damian was a human and was already quite old. So 15 years after Darinndrabors birth Damian died and the dwarf was once again all alone. After damians death Darinndrabor decided to leave their little cabin in the woods and venture out into the world. He never stayed long and always kept moving. He took what work he could and to his shame also fought as a mercenary a few times. You might wonder why he has not sought out other dwarves, and he probably doesnt really know the answer to that himself. Perhaps some day he will decide to go to Urguan but as of now This has been his way of life for the past 35 years and somehow he has managed to survive this long. Who knows whats next for him.
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