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[✔] Carcar450 whitelist application

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What’s your Minecraft account name?: Carcar450

What timezone are you in?:EST

How old are you?:17

Are you aware the content and interactions on this server may not be appropriate for children under the age of 13? (You won’t be denied for being under 13): Yes

Have you read and agreed to the rules?:Yes

What’s the rule you agree with the most?:Always be in character

Are there any rule(s) that confuse you or don’t make sense? (if so we can help clear it up!):No

How did you find out about Lord of the Craft?:Friends

Link(s) to past Whitelist Applications (If applicable):

Have you logged into the server yet? (You cannot be whitelisted without logging in at least once):Yes




Feel free to Google the answers or use our wiki definitions as a reference, but make sure that you write the write them in your own words, not those of another website or person! Plagiarizing will result in the automatic denial  of your application!


What is Roleplaying?: When you are roleplaying you are that character doing and thinking as they would do. The character is basically you in the game.

What is Metagaming?: Metagaming is when you would use outside information that your character wouldn't know to get an advantage over another character or situation.

What is Power-emoting (Powergaming)?: Powergaming is when you would force a roleplay action over another character, not giving them a chance to rp themselves. 


In-Character Information
Now you actually make your character - be creative but stay reasonable! Make sure they make sense and that they follow lore. Try to come up with a character that you actually want to play.


Character’s name: (what do you want your character to be called?) Windu Baumgartner

Character’s sex: (male or female?) Male

Character’s race: (you can find all the playable races here.) Highlanders

Character’s age: (upon application, your character must be 18 or older, and depending on the race, they can be over five hundred years old!) 23

Biography  (This is one of the most important sections of the application. Please take your time and make it a decent paragraph long. Read up on your character's race and be sure to add at least one accurate reference from the server lore): (where does your character come from?; where have they traveled to?; what year were they born in? et cetera.) I was born in the year of 1606, just after the field battle won by the kingdom of courland. My two loving parents, patrik and murtha baumgartner, too my knowledge, have always been the good people, but as a young child I saw my father come home covered in red stuff, I now know it as his blood. My mother raised me while my father was out providing food and shelter. My father was the best farmer and fisher in our camp and my mother was almost considered as the mother to all. As I grew too the age of ten my father started taking me on his fishing trips and teaching me how to farm. Before I fell asleep every night my father would tell me stories of great battles he's fought and magical places he's traveled. These stories made an impression on me and ever since i've wanted to travel to every corner of the world. I have also wanted to become as skilled as my father in combat. My father was called to arms in the 1617 coalition that was formed against the Holy Orienan Empire. I heard he fought bravely as he later died defending the County of Trier against the seiging coalition. Theres was not much keeping me in the village after my fathers death besides my mother, but she then died as well a year later in 1620, a month after the peace treaty between the Holy Orenian Empire and the coalition. I sold the house that I grew up in to buy a sword. Having no where else to go I walked around the island of Tahn to sell my sword to whoever was willing to buy for the next nine years. Nowadays I'm  just looking for a place to settledown, hopefully I dont have to fight anyone any longer...

Personality Traits: (what are your character's quirks?; habits?; likes and dislikes?) Quirks: Paces when nervous or angry, has a habit of twiddling thumbs, Likes most animals, dislikes spiders and most insects along with large crowds.

Ambitions: (what does your character aspire to be?) Wants to find a wife and settle down. 

Strengths/Talents: (what is your character really, really good at?) Good with fishing and farming, Ok with a sword.

Weaknesses/Inabilities: (what is a skill that your character needs to work on?) cant shoot a bow, also cant ride horses.

Appearance: (what does your character look like?; how tall are they?; hair color?; scars?) Windu is around 6ft tall, he is a white male with blue eyes. his hair is covered by a cape with a hood, no visible scarings but has a few from falling as a young child on his leg.

Skin: (please provide us a screenshot of your character’s skin; if you need help, see our screenshot guide here.)

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This application has now been accepted


On behalf of the Application Team we welcome you to the server as a white-listed player. Please wait patiently as a staff member will implement you!


Our AT Discord is tailored especially to assist new players. To get in you simply have to click the link provided.


Also be sure to check out the New Players Guide!

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Whitelist application has been accepted, player is now whitelisted in game.

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