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Whispers of Warning

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As smoke billows from the shattered ceiling of the palace, citizens begin to share the news among themselves




Some had heard the guards whisper of the increased attacks by the creatures of dark.


Some had heard the clerics whispering of the increased strain upon the Light to protect the city.


Some had heard the druids whispering of the instability in the balance of Ceru.




No matter the source, the story the same. Things were becoming dire, each day worse than the past. 


However, they stood with each other and looked to the billowing storm clouds upon the horizon, waiting for what was to come.



Within three days the finale for the War for Ceru event line will begin to take place.


At this time you may or may not have limited access to your belongings within the city. (This depends on the actions of the players.)


Anything you wish to hold onto with certainty should be placed in your E-Chest or moved elsewhere.  



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