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  The bloodied, soggy note was finally found upon the shores of Lake Liatus. Though she could not see who had found it... She dearly hoped it was her dear husband, Veres, or one of her friends, not wanting it to get into the wrong hands to be tampered with. 

”To the Dear, Loving People of Oldenburg...”

  I’m sorry my life has ended short. I’m writing this in anticipation for whatever might have happened, whether it be from assassination or war, know that I will always be with you, and watching over you. I...

[!] The writing had stopped short and was scribbled over.

  I was talking to a stranger, and all of a sudden he offered me these weird plants to smoke... So I did after I got home. I’m continuing this letter to say that I believe I might have been poisoned... God help me if it’s so.

[!] The letter was continued in sloppier and messier handwriting.





[!] When you turn over the disturbing last thoughts of the woman, the font returns to the same type that the first sentences were written in, way before she had taken the psychedelics. Because of how old the back was, she had to scribble out dead or long gone people who had been featured.

My Will.

My Dearest, Veres Draskovits

  My love... I’m so sorry. Whatever the reason for my death is, know that it wasn’t because of you. If I were to list every reason and every time I fell in love with you, over, and over, and over again, this will would be as long as a book accounting of all of Humankind’s history. As you read this, know that I watch over you with love and affection, and, my only hope is that you may recover to whatever grief this has struck you with. I leave you with...

  1. Half of my food stock,
  2. Whatever armor and/or tools I might have left for the army,
  3. Whatever materials for building I might have left to continue expanding the city,
  4. And, of course, all of my livestock that I may have left (if they haven’t starved, that is...).

My First Daughter, Ffion Draskovits-

  We may have not known each other for very long, but my love was immense for you. I may not have birthed you, but I loved you just as much as if I had. I leave you with...

  1. My beloved owl,
  2. And, the sharpest sword I have, for the sharpest kid I know 🙂

James Mairan

  We sometimes fought... But, in the end, we were basically brother and sister. The day you stopped me from killing myself a few days before the marriage ceremony between Veres and I  has never been erased from my mind, no matter how hard I drink or try to forget the rest of my past. I leave you with...

  1. Half of my food stock to support yourself and your family through the harshest of winters,
  2. My fearsome, but loveable, guard dog,
  3. A large package of medical supplies for your lovely wife,
  4. And every single sea pickle I own.

My Closest-Possible Friend, Arthur Sterling

  You, too, were the closest thing I had to family besides Veres and James. You helped me establish Lake Liatus, you listened to me when I was down- everything a friend can do but is not obliged to. If I wasn’t dead, you’d be one of the only people I owe my life to besides Veres and James. Along with Veres, I watch over you, as well, with as much sincerity as this letter can muster. I leave you with...

  1. My instruments (Though, I cannot remember if I have any),
  2. All of my booze (To add to your collection!), 
  3. And, all of the eggs, sugar, and pumpkins I have to start you off on your journey to the top of the pie making business. Good luck... it’s tough.

The Kindest Woman I knew, Nicole Elmpool

  Ah, the grand times we had together. With that large family of yours, I would never die and not leave you with...

  1. Half of my food supply, 
  2. And, an Omar Gimmer’lak Silver Statue. Ironically one of my most prized possessions, haha.

[!] The rest of the letter was unreadable, though, just contained more crossed out people- all who she knew, but died...

Thank you to everyone who I roleplayed with- Flore was my first, and favorite, persona, and, I hope to continue the kindness Flore spread with my newest persona, Louella Harkness. I can’t wait to see you guys again ❤️

(Some items I forgot to list, or, at the canon time of her writing this, she didnt have em. Don’t be alarmed if there’s more than what’s written down in the will 😉 )

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