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Dawn of the Forest Guard

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Okarn’ame Archers preparing to release a volley upon the approaching Abomination.


11th of Snow’s Maiden, 1730


From Annilir Miklaeil Arvellon


To High Chieftain Lyemar Aureon


After-Battle Report


This report is penned in the effort of describing the events of the Talus Grove Voidal Tear, termed ‘Terror’. The initial rally was full of interested fighters, military and otherwise. My officers and I handed out the predetermined equipment (Recurve Bows, Black Ferrum Arrows, Blunt weapons) and laid out the plan as best I could. We were not given much to go off of beyond our role as archers, and much improvisation had to be taken for us to do our jobs effectively.


Previous excursions to this site were met with hordes of smaller demons, one horror mage, and one or two larger horrors of varying physical description. The assault today was quite different than this. Our forces were met with one exceptionally large horror, one of average size, and one of the mage variety. The latter pair of opposition posed little threat to the rest of the coalition forces, each being swiftly brought down by hails of Okarn’ame arrows. The first being a crab or lobster (The closest I could think of to natural creatures bearing similar traits) with pincer like claws and tough outer shell-like armor. Our arrows managed to break off enough of this shell to allow for Csarathaire’s blade to finish it off shortly. The second of the smaller creatures floated, as most of the mage variety do, and used arcane missiles as it’s main offensive ability, also a common trait. However it only managed to fire off a few of these projectiles before being immediately cut down by our volley.


The largest of the three defenders we faced upon the open field proved to be the most difficult for our soldiers, for there was no clear method of combat that we archers possessed. It resembled that of the great treents, bearing outer coverings that seemed to resemble wood. It’s main courses of attack consisted of devastating energy beams delivered from its mouth and earth shattering strikes with one massive fist-like appendage. A combination of Fennic siege equipment, Druidic powersharing, and mage’s abilities managed to finally bring the creature  down, but not before it briefly broke our archer line with one of its massive physical blows.


We sustained no casualties from this, nor any mortal wounds beyond that of Artimec Caerme’onn of whom is resting in the clinic as I write this report.




The soldiers brought with me to this rift came willingly and eagerly, following orders to the letter, and overall acted with precision and haste throughout the assault. Each volley I ordered was carried out on time and accurately. Each advance, retreat, turn or shift, was committed to and moved with haste and without complaint. Overall, the men and women of this force are some of the best I’ve seen in decades. Whether that be through blessing of the gods or sheer elven skill showing its face in our rising days, I do not know. What I can say, wholeheartedly, is that the Okarn’ame have been born through a trial of discipline and raw skill into the larger world. I will make ready for further excursions.


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