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The Lancaster Disenfranchisement Act, 1733

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Issued and Confirmed by His Grace, the Duke of Vintas, 8th of Owyn’s Flame, 1733


The House of Lancaster has for many years served the Duchy of Vintas and shall be honored for those days that their servitude was aligned with diligence. However in recent years their lack of presence in the state, their severe neglect of their duties and their failure to appear in the Ducal Court to swear fealty to the Duke have motivated the adoption of the following decision: 


The Duchy of Vintas hereby sees fit to strip House Lancaster of all titles, holdings and any place within the Vintasian peerage and it shall be reverted back to the Ducal Seat. The House of Lancaster shall no longer be considered that of Noble status and anyone who dares to use its surname shall no longer be considered a vintasian citizen.






HIS GRACE, Tobias I of the House of Merentel, Duke of Vintas, Count of Alannor and Baron of Hallowfell



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