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[Pk Post] The Fall of a Elf

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Falhen was a elf Who valued his alone time and did not think highly of others until he arrived to Courland where he only saw friendly faces and people who where more than willing to help him so after a month of living in courland he was happy and was a little more sociable he felt like he was on top of the world until the news of the death of his mentor his only true parental figure reached him and he was overcome with sorrow his mentor taught him everything he knew about this world and he did not cope well he started drinking mead heavily and sitting in his own self pity and sorrow then one day he ran out of mina so his only way of coping was out of the picture so he had no choice but to try and get better but he was to far gone so he decided one day to take his life bye jumping off the roof of his house when he hit the ground he lived painless and paralyzed but he lived but was dying but slow enough for him to think how horrible he felt and how he was scared of how his friends might react to his death so he lied there for 30 minutes thinking of his mistakes before he finally died alone and regretful 

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