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A Letter to Sir Octavian

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Sir Octavian


In the recent months I have brought together a number of young men, taking them into the fold of the new organisation of the ‘Barayan Boys’, a group made to bring out the best out of Haense’s talented youth. This program seeks to give these boys manners, skills, and strengths that they shall bring forth with them for their whole professional career, all across the empire. The benefits this will have will not only better the boys for their whole lives, but also the empire under which they serve.


I ask you to have a part in the moulding of these boys into men. They should be taught in the ways of formality and etiquette, to a standard that would allow them to walk with grace in palaces and halls across Oren, and believe that you would be the ideal man to teach these customs to them,to give them the tools they will need to succeed in courts all along Arcas.


Further, in order to give these boys the chance to properly develop their skills, I ask for a portion of land. This will give the boys a good place to host classes and hold training, in an environment that is carefully constructed to best fit their requirements and needs. In return for this favor, the Imperial State Army shall be allowed to bring a boy of their choice into their midst, after the Barayan Company has taken its candidate.


The Barayan Boys represents an opportunity, one which gives us the chance to train up boys who are already well-drilled, disciplined, and mannered. The opportunity of bringing an officer-quality soldier at the young age of eighteen into the fold of an army is one that cannot be overlooked, such discipline and core values in such young men will, no doubt, have a discernible effect upon all armies of the empire.




Kapitan Knight,

Ser Siegmund Wick,



Vorion Sturmholm




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