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  1. Vorion Sturmholm, in a short break from his candle-lit play-writing, heads to the door to read his post and finds the latest poem by Dietrich van Jungingen among it. Reading over the poem with an appraising eye, Vorion mumbles to himself, ”A good exhibit on the personal soul, indeed. A remarkably concise window into a feeling I’ve certainly ne’er come near.” He says, before slapping the poem down next to the ever-growing stack of his own sonnets for whatever lady has caught his fancy this month, before heading to his study again to continue his play-writing.
  2. Crow’s Audition Verses The tiny leaflet that the words are delivered on depicts a play being performed. The words that follow are my own original pieces. Few have ever been published publicly, since most come from unfinished or abandoned works; should you need them, feel free to use them when auditioning for the Crow’s Theatre Troupe. -Vorion Sturmholm 1: Soliloquy of a soldier who has lost their spouse What days are these where scorn and war roam free, Where brother turns on each other with wetted blade, Alliance once stout and proud now crumbles and falls Children wake and fear for parents’ lives? Ai! I have looked upon the eyes of conquest, Seeing but blood and grief for those who toil For a world their own eyes would never see. Iblees, I look upon you now, and curse: Your hatred pure shall never touch these hearts. 2: Words spoken by a lover scorned Have any worth, this shattered heart of mine? I gave freely, yet punishment received. Was I but lonely imperfection’s form, Or was my flaw to lend love to defect? I know not, still, if I should venture on To seek your heart, to gaze upon the sun That outshines all, grant peace everlasting With tender lips like rose, O sweetest jewel. 3: The Holes of Wintertime (song/poem, choose 2+ verses) Deep in the holes of wintertime I woke Next to your side, by a warm fire of oak. You whispered so quietly in the cold, From your lips wisps of mist did twist and fold. You spoke to me about the spring softly, Said it was made by the lord above, for me. That he made it so we could gently lie Betwixt these hills until one day we die. Hidden way from the warmth of a summer’s Sun, away from march of the dummers’ Drums, lying under golden oaken leaves, I told you I love you beneath those trees. And yet at last, when the autumn leaves fell You said you were no more under my spell I thought I’d stay together with you, so fair, But you left me there. OOC INFO:
  3. The Structure of Opportunity Vorion Sturmholm for Tribune, 1761 On the leaflet, construction workers are illustrated as rebuilding defences damaged by the war We, the people of the frontier, stand now at a frontier of history. The war is over, and we are left to pick up the pieces of the city we once knew, this rubble of elder days, to craft it, mold it, and work it into more than words. We shall take the ruins of our recent past, and build from it the structure of opportunity. Citizens of Haense, I stand today with you in order to tell you that we will move on from this war, and we will be stronger for it! Therefore, my manifesto is as follows: We will bring a new degree of transparency to all levels of public office. Corruption will be all but impossible with regulations to ensure proper usage of state funds. This is by no means a suggestion that Haense is currently plagued by corruption, but we stand now at an chance to let the future be dictated by us. We will fix the degrading and spoiling infrastructure that plagues our rural areas. Our own roads leading northwards have been updated not since the time of Old Reza! Is this how we should repay the lords and ladies who toil and strive for a better nation from their halls, by making their journeys to and from the Royal City impossible? We will take this silence of conquest, however brief or eternal she may be, to ensure that our military is fully up-to-date and still growing. We shall use our strong military to guarantee the safety of our nation. With an active and preemptive military we will ensure that the horrors that we have faced shall not repeat themselves, and our descendants live their lives rightly: in peace and prosperity. Vote Sturmholm
  4. IGN: Erilobar Character Name: Vorion Sturmholm Age: 20 Position: Tribune Place of Residence: 3 Petyr’s Passage
  5. Auditions for the Crow’s Theatre Troupe 1760 The Troupe performs a short play to a select crowd Vorion Sturmholm, director of the Crow's Theatre Troupe, invites every man and woman who wishes to find their place upon the platform of the Weeping Wick Theatre to come to said stage on the day, to show their proficiency in the dramatic arts. The parts chosen shall be for the upcoming comedy ‘The Merry Men of Money’, written and directed by Vorion Sturmholm. Actors The Crow’s Theatre Troupe is looking for all ranges of actors, from leads to extras. If you wish to partake, bring either a piece of poetry or prose which you would like to recite. Should they be needed, the Troupe can provide lines of verse on the day. No previous experience is needed to be an actor. Stage Crew Other than actors, the play will require stage crew to set up props and stage decorations between settings. No audition is required, but applicants should come to the audition to be included. OOC info:
  6. Vorion Sturmholm looks down at the missive with a look of surprise, ”Is’t possible? A world without war? To be born on the eve of battle, I had only e’er imagined that peace would come with my passing. Perhaps one day I shall be able to walk the open roads of Arcas, as’t was possible in distant Athera.” He says, before dipping his quill back into his ink-pot, and writing a few more lines of his play.
  7. The Measure of the Crow & Vorion Sturmholm’s run for Alderman We stand at the precipice of possibility, our paths presenting themselves: Would we fade into the fabric of our future, or will we march into a dawn where the Haeseni destiny is ours to decide? You, the people of Haense, have this time to take your stance. From lords, to merchants, to common folk, we all have issues which must be addressed. Property taxes, once affordable, have driven the ordinary folk into near-bankruptcy. The nobility are made to pay into a system that has no guarantee of integrity, where there is no steadfast safeguard against corruption. The merchant-folk of New Reza strive to improve the economy for the good of all our people, yet are forced from the market by foreign companies who contribute no more to the crown’s coffers than our local businesses. We could allow these problems to plague our nation, to continue and grow fat and frail in our decadence. But we can too walk the harder path, the higher path, the right path. These problems that face us are merely artefacts of the age of Hanseti-Ruska. Time will bring these to the forefront for any nation, and it is a testament to the resilience of our people that we have these issues. I promise that upon election as Royal Alderman, I will work to fix these issues. Together, we will bring transparency to the governance of the city, we will help those who live hand-to-mouth manage to have funds to spare for themselves, and we will promote innovation and endeavour for our local entrepreneurs. Only recently did I return from the voyage to Athera, far beyond the realm that we call our home. There I saw men, born to live their lives under a vow, a promise, an oath. These men were loyalty, bound to every letter of the word. Born under a flag that they never knew, fighting for a crown that they would never see. That is the measure of a crow: That no matter the hardship, no matter the toil, no matter the pain, we will be steadfast for our nation, our GOD, our king. Remember to vote in the elections; AVE HAENSE!
  8. IGN: Erilobar Character Name: Vorion Sturmholm Age: 19 Place of Residence / Street Address: 3 Petyr’s Passage Position: Alderman
  9. Vorion Sturmholm grumbles as taxes are raises for the third time since his family had moved into New Reza.
  10. Sir Octavian In the recent months I have brought together a number of young men, taking them into the fold of the new organisation of the ‘Barayan Boys’, a group made to bring out the best out of Haense’s talented youth. This program seeks to give these boys manners, skills, and strengths that they shall bring forth with them for their whole professional career, all across the empire. The benefits this will have will not only better the boys for their whole lives, but also the empire under which they serve. I ask you to have a part in the moulding of these boys into men. They should be taught in the ways of formality and etiquette, to a standard that would allow them to walk with grace in palaces and halls across Oren, and believe that you would be the ideal man to teach these customs to them,to give them the tools they will need to succeed in courts all along Arcas. Further, in order to give these boys the chance to properly develop their skills, I ask for a portion of land. This will give the boys a good place to host classes and hold training, in an environment that is carefully constructed to best fit their requirements and needs. In return for this favor, the Imperial State Army shall be allowed to bring a boy of their choice into their midst, after the Barayan Company has taken its candidate. The Barayan Boys represents an opportunity, one which gives us the chance to train up boys who are already well-drilled, disciplined, and mannered. The opportunity of bringing an officer-quality soldier at the young age of eighteen into the fold of an army is one that cannot be overlooked, such discipline and core values in such young men will, no doubt, have a discernible effect upon all armies of the empire. Signed, Kapitan Knight, Ser Siegmund Wick, Squire, Vorion Sturmholm @KBR @SomebodyHelpMe
  11. Vorion Sturmholm sees the notice of a poetry competition, nailed to one of the town notice boards. He excitedly grabs it, ripping it down from the boards, and runs into his house. A couple of minutes later, he comes sprinting back out of his home, bundles of parchment and paper wrapped in his arms, running for the library. He finds a quiet, isolated section downstairs, and starts to pull books off the shelves, seemingly looking for something. Finally he's found it-a small, unassuming book, looking something closer to a hand-written journal that any published leather tome. On the cover are the words 'Collection of sonnets, by Tharik Cloudhome' He stays up all night, lit by dim candlelight, studying the book, and scribbling words of his own onto a blank page. Vorion wakes at dawn the next day, head laying on the table. Hurriedly stacking up the pages, he carries them to Black Street, to the same house he lived in for just a couple of years, and posts the papers, tied together, through the door. O Father By Vorion Sturmholm O Father, years have passed since fall of void, Yet I am left to sit and weep in prayer In days of freedom, Grief I have enjoyed Not, for that was the gift you chose to bear. O father, son of the herons marine Will you still love me as you once did then? To be a stouter son of meager means Or born a lesser prince of greater men? O father, torn from life, curse me now, words born from an acid, venomous tongue, Will far outstip those that no longer vow To those who one you genty, softly sung. They say the blood of covenant should wear Pains fierce; yet still I weep for water's share
  12. RP Name: Vorion Sturmholm MC Username: Erilobar Discord: Erilobar#6916 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Haense Why Do You Wish To Come?: I wish to follow the legasy of my father, who sacrificed himself fighting the void, and I hope to gain much experience. What Skills Can You Bring?: I have some medical knowledge, know which end of a sword is the pointy one, and can read poety. No idea how that last one will help, but we'll see.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QeYke08Xuws ‘Only the fool fears nothing, but I would rather be the fool, than the coward.’ Tharik was born a peasant, Tharik Cloudhome, to loving parents, in a small Haeseni village. He was taught in the simple ways of fishing, and to live in harmony with the land. But Tharik always hungered for something more. He was an argumentative child, always butting heads with his father, Vorion, until one day, he was embroiled in such an argument, that, in a fit of rage, he left to sign up with a merchant shipping company, trying to escape the dreary life he had come to resent. He would return to naught but ash and dust, ravaged by bandits. Tharik, left with nothing to his name, set out again on the open sea, landing in the first town he could, Reza, in 1719. He found himself in a nation ravaged by war, and decided to do his part to defend his homeland. He soon met Mikhail Svarogovich, Bogdan Canoslav, and Irissa Loraethis. These people we fierce friends to him, and he kept them close. In time, he joined the Landser Levy, to defend his country. It was from this that his life-long ties to the Barclay household were born, and where he met Wilheim Barclay. But as the war drew to a close, something else blossomed; Tharik and Irissa had fallen in love. The two were soon inseparable, and while keeping their relationship quiet to Haense at large for a while, they would spend the next three decades together, trying their best to live a peaceful life. As the Brotherhood of Saint Karl underwent reform, and Tharik entered as an Initiate, he began to enter a second stage of his life. Gone was the rash, impressionable young lad that Tharik was, and in his place grew a smiling man of a sanguine nature, filled with wisdom he was all too happy to share. He climbed very slowly through the ranks of the Brotherhood, no longer being a man of ambition, but instead one filled with a simple passion for living life, with his Brothers and friends. In the brotherhood he met many Brothers, and the blood of the covenant forged a strong bond of fellowship between them. Among them, were such names as Darien Reyne, Mieh North, Darius Morgraine, Aleck Graham, Elian Silrose, Aleksander Batory, Jonathan Frostfire, Marcus Erhdhart, and many, many more. Eventually, Tharik and Irissa got married, sort of. The legality of a marriage between a human and a half-elf was such a legal landmine that they chose to briefly elope, swearing love until death did them part. This marriage was kept quiet, indeed many a conversation skated carefully around the question of whether or not they were technically married. Soon after the marriage, Tharik and Irissa had a set of twins, a boy and a girl, naming them Vorion and Zella. As was tradition with his family, Tharik chose to change his Surname. From Cloudhome, he chose to become Sturmholm; literally meaning 'the island from the storm'. But, for those born as children of Horen, nothing is eternal. Soon, his friends started to pass from the world. Starting with Mikhail Svarogovich, he lost almost all his friends as the years progressed. Again, Tharik changed. The conversationalist that once was, grew quiet and formal, blunt and miserable. As possibly his best friend, Darien Reyne, was killed, Tharik took up the mantle of Commandant of the Chapter of the Crow. It was one he took with a heavy heart, knowing that he would prefer to follow a leader like Darien to the end, than to lead himself. Throughout these many years, Tharik set up a shop, which proved fairly successful. He also started a bit of poetry, completing four sonnets, which even saw publication in the library of Haelun’or. He worked tirelessly on producing a play, but after all the years, he never quite managed to finish it. The mess of sheets still sit upon his office desk, waiting to one day be read as part of an act. Tharik had a vendetta for the void. He followed Ser Roderick endlessly, helping eradicate Arcas of the void that plagued it. It was in these battles that Tharik first came face to face with Grief. Perhaps it was within these encounters that Tharik knew their lives were both interlinked, as fate willed so. Time and time again, Tharik saw Grief at the burning of old Reza, at the slaying of mother, and at the crushing of the voidal tear at Suitica. But, as said, their fates were tied; Tharik knew he could not truly live while Grief threatened the fate of arcas, of his friends, of his family. Tharik, at long last, would finally meet Grief, face-to-face, at his home. Finally, he fought the monstrosity, alongside the other descendants of Arcas. But, as the battle drew to its end, it became all too evident that some would have to stay behind, to ensure that all others could escape. Tharik, now just reaching into his second century, knew that his days of glory were behind him: he chose to stay behind, to defend his fellow brothers, to the end. Tharik chose to stay, to protect those he loved most dearly. In his last moments, with the void crumbling around him, he prayed for the safety of his family. He closed his eyes, and let the end take him. And so ends the tale of Tharik Sturmholm: Veteran of the War of Two Emperors Commandant of the Chapter of the Crow The Last Landser Merchant Poet Father Husband Friend The Last Will and Testament of Tharik Sturmholm The executor of this will shall be Ser Roderick of Haenseti-Ruska. All I posses that is not mentioned below will pass to my heir and son, Vorion Sturmholm Deducted from the funds that would pass on, I shall pay for any funeral expenses. I paid for every drink while I was in the tavern in life, and I do not intend to change that habit in death! Make sure to drink all the Black you can, and be merry. My passing should not be a reason for mourning, but instead one for celebration, move forth with your head held high, Haense, for I would ask for nothing less. To the Brotherhood of Saint Karl, I leave all my reserves of iron. It is a great amount, and should last for a good while. Jonathan Frostfire, I leave you my knife. It served me well when I was sailing, and I certainly consider it lucky. It has helped me out of many a tight scrape, and I've no doubt it will help you too. Ease your rage, and learn to slow down in life. It served me, and it shall serve you too. Marcus Erhdhard, you have been a dear friend to me for many years. I ask that you look after Irissa in my passing, ensure that she is alright, and I do not leave you my shop. Don't even try. You're allowed to keep that stall in it, and no more. Elian Silrose, I leave you a message of recommendation. Even in war, you refused to take up arms against your home. Your ambitions were great, but even then, you still held Haense in highest regard. In my passing, I fully support your reintegration with Haeseni society, however much my support may be worth. Zella Sturmholm, You were born into a world that would leave even the greatest of women out of the candlelight, and so, such that you may forge a grand path of your own, I leave you a small sum of three-thousand mina. Make each and every coin count, and never let your ambition fail you, for it is your greatest strength. Irissa Sturmholm, We both knew this day would come, and we have discussed it thoroughly. You still have a long life ahead of you, and, one way or another, you find a way to move on. No matter the toil, grief, pain, I hope that you can find the joy in life once move. So, I ask you, travel, take risks, make experiences, and fall in love again. Life is both too fleeting, and too magnificent to be wasted. I leave you the orchid I picked, the day I asked you marry me, under the moonlit, blossoming trees. The orchid still blooms, though how it does is, of course, far beyond a man like me. May it signify our love eternal, even with my passing. By the way, the Krugsmas presents are in my office drawer. And lastly, my son, Vorion Sturmholm, I leave the world. You need only reach out and take it. 'The Ship that Fades' By Tharik Cloudhome Previously known as 'Sonnet 3' There is a ship that fades into the sea, Her sails, for one last time, will rip and tear, Her sailors have spent and drunk their final spree, Her voyage beyond eye is one so truly fair. There is a soldier, breathing his final breath, The cries for mercy he screams out to his lord: The curses that he may come to know death, The hand a-gripped upon his holy sword. There is a poet whose pen lies deadly still, The words once wrought have wrung their final rhymes. The pages long were lost to eyes until The letters read, they were but ancient lines. A man may stare into the void and fear, But staring back, I shed but joyful tears.
  14. **MC Names of all involved** Erilobar **Description** When I type /menu, the menu appears as normal, however all the buttons in this menu are not working. This means I cannot change personas. **Date of occurance** Just now, around 10pm UCT, 2019/12/06 **In game specifications** I had just logged on, tried to switch personas through /menu, and couldn’t. **Steps to Reproduce** 1. type /menu 2. click anything on the menu **Expected Behavior** Expect persona to switch as soon as I click on the playerhead button of my other persona **Actual Behavior** Item that represents button is ‘picked up’ and then immediately ‘put down’. No effect occurs on any of the buttons. **Additional Information** None. **Error Message** N/A
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