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  1. Soeng Karoseo ‘A Song of Crows’ By Vorion Baruch A Haeseni tapestry depicting the Scyfling fleet travelling from Athera to Arcas. It is thought that the leftmost figure of the central ship depicts Bralt the Boar, blowing a Scyfling horn. Foreword: In honour of the recent independence of Haense, I present what is one of my favourite pieces: ‘Soeng Karoseo’. This was a difficult piece to create, and an even harder one to translate well. Nonetheless, I hope that this tale of the Scyfling war resonates with those searching for their national identity in these historic times. Vorion Baruch Soeng Karoseo Usaer zezr haulyy haldae haenzi Wiem hag dercurvsk denraat, huil zwyzi Padrevar Ybiseo vzrarev kuz koeng Luzeng weld ag wauldlund: Kholv ag walic. Karos kyghyntae zwyen bottel routae Karos trazk raez humovsk viktry velyae. Krusae vatragan ag Godan zakisk: Kursin ag zvaerd usaer byk drazativsk. Nat lund vatragano supaes szar triek, Va rotasseran nie vokja byk tuek Tamort lafsk hauchoxtzen, lauderre, herzen. Zejr kvesja, warae laujisk aestbrein. Wiem mortesk feinvrago, tiz stratlyy rot Ag zinsk maeno weo fitsk dlum supaes Got. A Song of Crows (A Translation) They poured ‘cross sea upon coasts haeseni At dawn slaying the weak and lame, then these Sons of Iblees set out unto the king Along woodlands, marshes: cold and soaking. And as honour demands that war be brought The crows struck out to seize the victory sought. Of hearth and faith they were a stalwart shield: With coats of arms and shining blades of steel. Upon the fields of flame their spears did meet And dawn ‘til dusk no army knew defeat. There fell warriors great, peasants and lords Above the mud, where Godan’s heavens poured They broke the horde, the rivers stained with blood And sang of men who gave their lives for God. ooc info:
  2. Vorion scratches his head, and wonders why Buck had to nail the news to the door of his own room.
  3. The sound of wind rattling a window can be heard throughout the room as Robert Gant sits on his bed, huddled next to a lantern for warmth. Shivering in the pale moonlight cast through the clouds, he wipes his eyes with a small handkerchief, ”Ah don’ wan’ t’ be ’lone.” he whispers to himself, pulling his feet, covered in thick and woolly blue socks, closer to himself. ”Ah don’ wan’ t’ leave mah frien’s ‘lone either.” Then, lantern held close to his chest, he starts to recite something to himself. He stammers over the words, and his teeth chatter in the wind as he half-sings, half-recites what his mother used to say to him every night to put him to sleep: “Tamort nafce waz ain herzen weo zweer zelv padrevarz, ag ve zelv padrevarz ainsked lapaem: 'Papej! Zinsk aseretem ain soeng!' ag dak zinsker ve herzen: Tamort nafce waz ain herzen weo zweer zelv padrevarz, ag ve zelv padrevarz ainsked lapaem: 'Papej! Zinsk aseretem ain soeng!' ag dak zinsker ve herzen: Tamort nafce waz ain herzen weo zweer zelv padrevarz, ag ve zelv padrevarz ainsked lapaem: 'Papej! Zinsk aseretem ain soeng!' ag dak zinsker ve herzen:” The young teen’s voice fades as he curls up by the dying lantern, half-frozen tears staining his cheeks and pillow both, and the shivering fades as he slowly drifts off to sleep ((Translation))
  4. IGN: Erilobar Character Name: Vorion Baruch Age: 41 Placw of residence/ Street Address: Petyr's Passage III Position: Maer
  5. Vorion watches Buck intricately fold paper after paper in their house. ”You’re sure this is necessary?” he says, not knowing anything about Buck news distribution as he pours himself a bowl of oats.
  6. APPLICATION FOR THE 329-330 SEASON First Submission: Second Submission:
  7. Vorion Baruch hears the news as he tends to the storefront on Baruch’s Bees with love and care. His eyes glaze over and he collapses to one knee, eyes gazing to nowhere in particular as he tries to come to terms. “Oh.. oh GODAN” he says, eyes welling up
  8. Erilobar

    Buck News.

    Vorion frowns as he finds more food than normal in his house. He shrugs, assuming that his wife probably had just popped to he shops
  9. Erilobar

    Buck News.

    Vorion furrows his brows as he sees Buck make all of the newspapers, starting to wonder if it was a bad idea to teach him to write...
  10. Good Canonist Lady Wanted This could be you with the wonderful Buck Dirtgrub! Apply today! Nice canonist lady wanted to court the wonderful Buck Dirtgrub Must be: Under the age of thirty (Negotiable) Able to hold a sword. Not use, just hold. Not uncomfortable with mud/dirt, or rolling around/bathing in said mud/dirt Able to drink olive oil in significant quantities Neither allergic to nor scared of: dogs, cats, rats, frogs, donkeys, mules, pigs, or any other miscellaneous pack animals or household pets Good with Children Able to cook, or eat food while raw. If you believe you fit these criteria, contact Katharina or Vorion Baruch now! ooc info:
  11. Vote Vorion A Maer That Cares A portrait of Vorion, made shortly after his return from the expedition to the ancient and mythical continent of Athera. WHAT WE WILL DO We will return Haense to prosperity, with streets filled with people, shops filled with goods, and hearts filled with joy! We will fill the calendar with well-organised, regular events to bring together the people of Haense after the strife, sweat, and toil we have faced throughout the whole Scyfling invasion. We will strive to reinforce and strengthen the great culture of Haense. We are a nation known for our arts, games, and traditions; together we will keep this love of our national identity strong ABOUT VORION Vorion ran the tavern in Haense for a decade, where it was bustling with activity every week Vorion delivered over 10,000 units of grain to the Volik refugees in their time of need, free of charge Vorion served among the soldiers of Haense, now moving to politics having received an injury serving his nation
  12. IGN: Erilobar Character Name: Vorion Baruch Age: 35 Place of Residence / Street Address: 3 Petyr’s Passage Position: Maer
  13. Vorion lies in the hospital as a certified vegetable.
  14. Robert Gant picks his nose while cleaning all the dirt off himself, since his mother forced him to.
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