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The Spirits

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The Spirits


Greater Elementals

The first six spirits are the only ones able to be contacted; the last eight cannot be pacted with, spoken to, or interacted with in any way.


Skathach - Spirit of fire, depicted as a burning wolf.


Akathro - Spirit of water, depicted as a half woman half fish.


Bregthar - Spirit of earth, depicted as an aged stone behemoth.


Fiarza - Spirit of air, depicted as an agile woman adorned in feathers, able to shift shape into any flying animal.


Kulthark - Spirit of metal, depicted as a hollow suit of armor that can shift shape into a variety of forms.


Neizdark - Spirit of storm, depicted as a mass of thundering clouds that can take on any shape.


Binazdar - Spirit of Light, depicted as a bright white cat, the brother of Radzanib.


Radzanib - Spirit of Dark, depicted as a jet black cat, the brother of Binazdar.


Fanzra - Spirit of Chaos, depicted as a hydra that never ceases to move its heads, the brother of Andrif.


Andrif - Spirit of Order, depicted as an aged and calm dragon, the brother of Fanzra.


Ringat - Spirit of Life, depicted as a white wolf, brother of Tagnir, they are always seen chasing each others tails.


Tagnir - Spirit of Death, depicted as a black wolf, brother of Ringat, they are always seen chasing each others tails.


Omnizan - Spirit of Space, depicted as a red snake, intertwined with its partner Sandru. Also take the form of a colossus wielding a shield made of the universe.


Sandru - Spirit of Time, depicted as a blue snake, intertwined with its partner Omnizan. Also takes the form of a colossus wielding a staff made of all time.



Immortal Spirits

The Immortal Spirits each reside in their own portion of the spirit realm, and cannot interact with other spirits or deities. Each portion contains a Greater Immortal, and a multitude of Lesser Immortals.




Votar - Spirit of the hunt

Appears as a giant half-wolf-half-stag with a bloodied snout. Governs the art of hunting and is often praised by offering tribute in the form of hunting trophies.


Freygoth – Spirit of the wild, animal instinct, and beasts

Appears as any natural creature.


Enrohk - Spirit of bloodlust, savagery, and war

Appears as a berserker covered in blood.


Vulka - Spirit of warfare, strategy, and siegecraft

Appears as a woman made of bronze that is always preparing for war.


Jevex - Spirit of order, hard work, and self-sacrifice

Appears as a humanoid composed of interlocking gears. Enemy of Shezept.


Shezept - Spirit of revenge, plots, and stealth

Appearing as a woman with the lower body of a snake. It rewards those that tell it their darkest plots and secrets. Has a fascination for personal vendettas.


Ixli - Spirit of forbidden knowledge, truth, and judgement

Appearing as a giant staring eye. It provides knowledge at the cost of sanity.


Ogrol - Spirit of despair, sapped strength, and entrapment

Appears as a large cage full of writhing bodies. It attempts to lock all who summon him away in its prison.


Kor - Spirit of the dead

Appears as a cloaked man with a bony open hand and a lantern. Unique in that he has a method of being outside the Immortal Plane in order to guide the souls of the departed to the Ancestral Plane. He is the gatekeeper of Stargûsh’Stroh.


Ankrus - Spirit of the sea, marine life, and sea-faring

Appears as a aquatic woman wielding a trident. Said to bless ships of honour in their oversea journey, though is without mercy for ships that dare defy its will.


Arwa - Spirit of fertility, harvest, and farming

Appears as a plump female made of hay.


Anyhuluz - Spirit of destruction, malicious intent, and internal strife

Appears as a warrior covered in open wounds.


Akezo – Spirit of health, vitality, and healing

Appears as a winged serpent surrounded by a blue aura.


Paxahru - Spirit of arrogance and stupidity

Appears as a boasting fool.


Ublulhar - Spirit of hope and new beginnings

Appears as an entling bursting from the ground.


Ghorza - Spirit of travel, movement, commerce, and fortune both bad and good

Appears as an old traveller with a walking stick, with various fetishes attached.


Rolfizh - Spirit of murder, the clandestine, and poison

Appears as a dagger-bearing figure made of shadow.


Trokorl - Spirit of engineering, machinery and construction

Appears as a pile of building materials and metal that can take any shape.


Luara - Spirit of the moon

Appears as a pale white wolf.


Kezt - Spirit of honour and bravery

Appears as a bright silver hoplite.


Ramakhet - Spirit of the desert, barren lands, and sand.

It is never seen and therefore is only represented by its name. Sworn to scour the world of all life at the end of time.


Krathol - Spirit of pain, suffering and starvation

Appears as a skeletal vulture, endlessly picking at its bones.


Gazigash - Spirit of blood, bones, and flesh

Appears as a woman made of blood adorned with bone jewellery.


Veist - Spirit of illusion, tricks, and thievery

Appears as a faceless man with a thousand arms.


Glutros - The spirit of greed and obesity

Appears as a large serpent coiled around a pile of gold and treasure.


Thulezia - Spirit of lust, pleasure, and beauty

Appearing as a succubus-like creature who shifts between male, female, or both. Will attempt to lure all who summon it into temptation and seduction. If it succeeds it will entrap them.


Isuz - Spirit of love, caring, and tranquility

Appearing as an Aengul that brings warmth to every beating heart.


Kinul - Spirit of disease, pestilence, and failure

Appears as a wailing man with limbs constantly growing then falling off due to necrosis.


Urin - Spirit of weather, seasons, and climate

Appearing as a raven that changes colour and temperament with the seasons.


Kesaroth - Spirit of envy, hatred, and jealousy

Appears as a golden bull.


Leyd - Spirit of dominance and physical strength

Appears as a strong man with burned off skin and blackened flesh.


Scorthuz - Spirit of cleansing, purity and purging

Appears as a watery mass that takes many forms.


Aztran - Spirit of the sun, stars, and the ethereal

Appears as a deep purple and orange Qing Long.


Theruz - Spirit of intelligence and learning

Appears as a wise old teacher. Sibling of Betharuz.


Betharuz -Spirit of alcohol, cactus green and celebration

Appearing as a jovial young man, in direct contrast to his sibling, Theruz.


Velkumezt - Spirit of cities, settlements, and the law

Appearing as a giant carrying a hammer. With a single smash he can erect a city around him.


Gentharuz - Spirit of smithing, smelting, industry and forging

Appearing as a huge swirl of matter in the shape of a man’s torso, hammering a cosmic anvil.


Ikuras - Spirit of fear and insanity

Appears as a dark void with tendrils creeping out. Often likes to pretend it is a daemon.


Brimztra - Spirit of creativity, art, and music

Appears as a blank page that fills and empties itself with words, music notes, and art.


Drelthok - Spirit of sleeping and dreams

Appears as a drowsy bear.


Eathruz - Spirit of dawn and dusk

Appears as a red woman able to transform into a fury red hawk.


Kotrestruu - Spirit of memory and the recording of knowledge

Appears as a wizened old man made up of scripture. Is known to carry a vial that acts as a canister of memories taken from mortals.


Letrothak -Spirit of hindsight, warnings, and excuses

Appears as a small man with a head completely covered in eyes.


Xaakt - Spirit of rebellion

Appears as a ghastly figure that can take on any form it wants.


Etna - Spirit of melancholy and depression

Appears as a sluggish six-legged donkey.


Âmul – Spirit of wisdom and foresight

Appears as a robed figure bearing two carved tablets with ever-changing words on them. One bears the wisdom of elders, the other bears warnings of the future.


Dazkur - Spirit of protection and loyalty

Appears as a large man in steel armor, carrying nothing but a shield.



Notable Lessers


Laklul - Spirit of swamps and swamp life

Lesser under Freygoth. Appears as a large pale yellow toad-like creature.


Jezdurka - Spirit of lesser dragonkin (dragons, drakes, wyverns, etc)

Lesser under Freygoth. Appears as a red and white dragon.


Levaz - Spirit of slaves and slavery

Lesser under Leyd. Appears as a man with robes made of chains with a train of slaves following.


Zagbal - Spirit of jungles and the wildlife native to it. Lesser under Freygoth. Appears as a gorilla with a crocodile's head.


Eques - Lesser Immortal Spirit of Dignity and Gallantry under Kezt

Appears as a mysterious figure dressed in clad iron armor.


Kaas - Lesser Immortal Spirit of reconnaissance, stealth, and secrecy, under Vulka

Appears as a purple-scaled python. Kaa contrasts to Shezept, as the intentions of Shezept are for personal vengeance, whereas the actions that Kaa oversees are for the purposes of warfare and the taking of bad actions for the greater good.



Greater Ancestral Spirits

While all Ancestral spirits are able to be contacted, the less known are not listed here as it includes all ancient deceased worshippers of the spirits. This list is for the truly ancient orcs of eons past, and can be added to with other long-dead orcs of Krug’s era.


Krug - The first and greatest Shaman. Due to his greatness in life, he is an exceptionally powerful ancestral.


Lur - Said to be the greatest hunter in history.


Rax - Said to be the greatest warrior of all time.


Gorkil - Known as a great military strategist and tactician. His firstborn son, Angbad, created the Gorkil clan.


Braduk - Famed as a great chieftain.


Dom - Said to be an exceptional shaman, second only to Krug.


Ugluk - Third born kub of Gorkil, renowned as a great warrior.


Azog - Said to be the greatest smith in history. Third son of Gorkil.


Kurak - Also known as the wolf of Lur.


Tor - Also known as the Fist of Lur, renown for his calm, collective intellect and physical strength.


Trickster - Trickster of Lur, he was renowned for his subterfuge. His skills at deception and diversion were so great his identity was unknown.


Bralkor - The Axe of Lur, known for his great resistance to physical damage.


Jarkun - The Sword of Lur, known for strength combined with dexterity and speed.


Yar - Descended from Dom (though this is not recorded), known for his great wisdom and spirituality.


Yaggo - Sometimes called the greatest rider of all time.


Dregort - The greatest boat builder and captain to have ever lived, legend holds his mother was Ankrus herself.


Grumbag - Known in life as a great builder, he is the patron of all Yazgars.


Vargo - Known for being a great alchemist.



Notable Lesser Ancestral Spirits

This list is for all notable spirit worshippers who have done enough to get them noticed on the ancestral plane. Good leaders of communities are more likely to be listed here, if their deeds are impressive enough. These ancestral spirits have the ability to offer their blessing or imbue their curse to those who visit them, and must be RPd (or have permission to be RPd by) the original player.


Kharak [Smawton] - An exceptional Orcish Rex who created the world's greatest ever tribute to a Spirit in the form of the Orgonic plague. Known for his exceptional spirituality and leadership.


Phaedrus [CosmicWhaleShark] - Liberator of the Wood Elves, and first Elven Rex of the War Uzg as well as a great shaman. Renowned for his honour, wisdom, integrity and tenacity.


Khel [Baconthief] - One of the greatest mali'ker to live, he lifted his people out from the abyss. He is renowned for his frightful ferocity paired with a cunning mind.


Arganos [FactCore]  - A superb party goer and thrower, and a maestro in the art of entertainment and celebration. Renowned for his skill in acrobatics and many musical instruments, a true patron of Betharuz.


Jiub [Sky] - An immense figure who founded the Div'cruan. Known for his strength, honour, and bravery.


Delilah [Decolamb] - A matriarchal figure to the dark elves during the time of Thales and early Athera, her love and care brought many dark elves into the fold and gave them purpose.


Grubgoth Wud [Grubgoth_Wud] - A notoriously savage olog of a tremendous height and weight, and an uncannily skillful chef. Notably Grubgoth of the War Uzg under a myriad of Rexes, and Keshig under the plague-bringer Kharak’Raguk. For a brief period, he commanded his own clan of ologs.


Skalp’Raguk [Minagobbler] - A red-skinned orc who rose to Rexdom at the tender age of 12, and united his brothers through a long, popular, and successful Rexdom. His final act of devotion to his people was to take his own life via an explosive vest in the Dwarven throne room, along with that of several dwarves in an act of retribution.

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