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The Techlock

This is the hub page, or master thread, of LotC’s ‘Techlock.’ For those who are unaware, the Techlock is defined as the technological limitations in place on LotC. Given LotC is a fantasy medium, this isn’t directly comparable to a real life time or date in the medieval period; some things are allowed, other things are not. As such, the following links below should assist in figuring out what is and what isn’t allowed. The Techlock has been enforced for years, but has never been written until now. This is a tool for players to see on paper what they can and cannot do.


This is through six categories, which can be found below. Armaments deal with weapons and their usage, primarily ranged ones. Medical deals with medical roleplay, standards for medical technology, poisons, and more. Tech-Power deals with higher concepts like steam and alternatives, and where they stand on LotC. Metallurgy deals with metals, blacksmithing, and the strength of metal weapons. Tech-Magic deals with the infamous ‘magi-tech’ of LotC, and what is & what isn’t possible. Transport is a bit of a more miscellaneous category, dealing with things such as hot air balloons and other things.





The Techlock - Armaments



The Techlock - Medical



The Techlock - Tech-Power



Techlock Project - Metallurgy


Tech-Magic Complexity:

The Techlock - Tech-Magic Complexity



The Techlock - Transport

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