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[✗] Faction Lore (Oathbound)

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Oathbound (prepared by Ireheart84#9848)



It was Bislipur, the first High Lord of the Oathbound, who dedicated the Shrine of the Brathmordikin in Kha’zur Khrovenmar as a haven to all dwarves, regardless of clan, and thus brought about a dawning of the Oathbound brotherhood. It was in the mountains on the borderlands of Arcas, where Bislipur finally chose to build the Shrine of the Brathmordikin. This holy site soon became Kha’zur Khrovenmar the Hall of the Oaths. Oft times, it is here in these desolate mountains that a Dwarf undertakes the solemn Oathbound vow. Before undertaking the Oathbound vow the dwarf must denounce all ties to clan, titles, land, and king. The dwarf will then gather their weapons and armor and leave their home and set out on the pilgrimage, to Kha’zur Khrovenmar the Hall of Oaths it is there they shill begin the journey to becoming an Oathbound. There the Dwarf will ritually carve their name upon a stone pillar, where the names of all other Oathbound are carved. Joining the Oathbound provides absolution for past crimes and immunity from further punishment. Oathbound start with a clean slate and can rise within the ranks whatever their origins. 



The Oathbound are taught from the moment they arrive, at Kha’zur Khrovenmar, that all dwarves are of one blood. They are drilled in military tactics as well as in the teaches of the Brathmordikin. These beliefs and teaches are expected to be understood and followed by all members of the Oathbound regardless of age or rank. For this reason, the Oathbound work hand and hand with both the clergy of Da Kirkja Dverga and the Legion of Urguan.



An Oathbound must undertake the funeral ceremony which is held after to the dwarf has made their pilgrimage to the Halls of the Oaths. The funeral is held with accordance with the dwarven traditions.

The Oathbound initiate must then make the pilgrimage to the Halls of the Oaths. Upon arrival the initiate will carve his name into the stone pillar of the Oathbound at which point they will attend their own funeral and then be welcomed into the Oathbound by the current High Lord and any other Oathbound present at the Hall.



The leader of the Oathbound is the Hight Lord. Each High Lord serves for life, and a new High Lord is democratically elected by other member of the Oathbound in a Choosing ritual.

It is unknown if there is any formal procedure to depose a High Lord and elect a new one, in cases where the current High Lord violates his oaths or is deemed medically unfit to lead, etc. Other positions exist within the Oathbound outside its normal structure, these offices include, The Oath-keeper who asks as the foremost teacher and authority on the Brathmordikin. As well as the position of High Hammerer, the military equivalent of a Commander within The Legion of Urguan. All ranks within the Oathbound are obtainable by any who have become Oathbound.

Initiate ->Brother ->Iron Knight ->Dreadnought ->Thane

High Lord


High Hammerer



The Oathbound have few tenets but they uphold them at all cost. Should a Oathbound brake any of the tenets he will be stripped of all rank within the order, and he will be declared as a fallen, a dwarf without honor, at which point a brand will be burnt into the dwarves skin marking him forever as a fallen. He will be given a weapon and sent into the wilds to find redemption with a glorious death.


The Tenets are as follows

I. Defend all Dwarven Folk regardless of Clan, station, job, or any other factor. For all Dwarves are of one blood within the eyes of the Brathmordikin.

II. Uphold the teachings of the Brathmordikin. For without faith all is for not.

III. Renounce all past allegiances, titles, and birthrights. For you are a warrior of All and not beholden to the whims of clan or king.

IV. Seek out injustice to the dwarven folk and right the wrongs against them. For the wicked must be purged to make way for the righteous.

V. Uphold Justice and honor above all things. For without justice and honor, chaos would reign.



Kha’zur Khrovenmar (Hall of Oaths)


None currently


None currently

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Good looking guild post! I would post this in a dwarven (or general roleplay) subforum. A guild or group doesn’t need lore approval and is good to go without it. Have a good day! @Ireheart84

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