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A painting of The Milk Man, delivering milk in Helena. c1785

M.V. MILK COMPANY – producing the finest milk & dairy products for years, & for years to come. Our small business was founded under Dabar Al’Arawani Ibn Kitab, a Rhenyari man who immigrated to Helena after the recent Jinn (Daemon) Invasions of Korvassa, his Family being Rassidi, specializing in Goat/Cow milk, & with that Dabar took interest in producing milk for the peoples of Oren, however, at the Age of 42 he decided to retire from Helena for a better life, leaving his son, Theodore Zirid in charge of the Business, a now Orenian Statesman serving under the Imperial Everardine Party, however in his own free time he works as a Milkman.


M.V. MILK COMPANY has a quite efficient way of delivering Milk to the population of the Orenian Empire, firstly we fit ourselves with Milkmen, young citizens dressed in White clothing on horseback, for mobility amongst the roads-they ride around the Empire, delivering milk to those subscribed to M.V. Milk products, we will arrive at your door every Saints week, personally giving you 3 buckets of milk. Interested? You should buy yourself a Subscription, only 15 Minae per week!


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