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Having met on the 11th of The Deep Cold, Year 5 of the Second Age of this World


AS IS TRADITION, the MOST BLESSED COUNCIL of Malauriran has met to select a new Maheral for our exalted people.


"The Maheral’s successor shall be selected by a council of all Malaurir (former Maheralan) who remain as citizens of Haelun’or. Each Malaurir, including the resigned Maheral if present, shall receive one vote. These votes can be changed at any time during the process until a majority consensus is reached and finalized."
— Constitution of Haelun'or, FA 1774


The following HAS BEEN UANAIMOUSLY DECIDED in regards to the succession of ELMAHERAL:

- The appointment of Galanthil Maehr'indor shall be regarded as null and void.

Eredael Rhenaer shall be affirmed as Maheral, to guide our blessed people into the future.


Larihei'ito naean'leh, ay'Haelun'or, maehr'sae hiylun'ehya


— Avern'dionne Fi'talareh

— Ikur Sullas

— Lelien Lazul

— Kelthran Iyathir




Maheral Moot, SA 5, Colourized


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