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An Astfield Soiree

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An Astfield Soiree 

Msitza and Dargund



Lords and Ladies of Haense enjoying an evening of merriment c. 357



With the recent celebrations taking place throughout the kongzem, the members of House Vyronov cordially invite the Lords and Ladies of Hanseti-Ruska to join in a night of merriment and enjoyment. For years now, the land has suffered from that of the trolls and hardened weather upon it. Now, with the changing of the weather, let us revel in a fruitful evening full of fine food and drink as music fills the halls of the Barony of Astfield. Guests are expected to come in their finest evening dress and are expected to follow the proper dinner party etiquette for the evening. The night will start off with a dinner with a wide array of food and drink which will then be followed with a session for dancing and mingling throughout the manor grounds. We look forward to your attendance. 







Penned by her Ladyship, Annika A. Vyronov




[[OOC: Event will take place Thursday, April 15th @4:00 PM EST]]

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