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Watanabe Family Culture

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The Watanabe Clan is an Oyashiman family with a rich culture, known for their rebellious attitudes. Due to relations with the Li-Ren family known as the Tianrui, the Watanabe strive to bring together the Oyashiman and Li-Ren peoples. Their primary goal is to protect the honor of those who earn their respect. 

As a note, this document is completely OOC, and unless you learn the things written through roleplay, your character would not be likely to know them just because you saw it on the forums. I just thought it would be a good way to show people some of what we do in Yong Ping, and help any future family members create their characters!



Seijin-shiki (Coming of Age Ceremony)

When a Watanabe reaches 20 (give or take, due to how things tend to go), they must complete a trial by combat. Each matriarch of the Watanabe clan typically comes up with their own trials. The matriarch as of writing this document, Watanabe Setsuna, has not yet conducted a trial. However, trials are typically one of two things- a test of strength, or a test of courage.

All available Watanabe clan members attend the Seijin-shiki of another clan member. Outsiders are also invited to watch-- it’s somewhat of a novel event, wherever the Watanabe family goes.

Those that wish to prove themselves to the Watanabe family may also undergo the Seijin-shiki. This may be in order to marry a member of the family, to be adopted into the family, or to generally earn their respect. It’s not required for those that marry in or are adopted-- but they must have proved their worth in a way considered satisfactory to the current matriarch.

Each Watanabe clan member earns tattoos upon completing their trials. Tattoos are decided by the matriarch based on personality, and how they completed the trials, finished with a red character denoting their Watanabe Clan status. The tattoos are always large and noticeable; a small tattoo would never do, in this case. Many Watanabes know how to tattoo, in order to do so on other family members.


Familial Hierarchy

The Watanabe family always has a matriarch, or, less commonly, a patriarch of the family. There’s no particular reason for women having taken the mantle-- it simply seemed to happen over time. The men of the family were content to let the women handle the political and social sides of running the family, and therefore, the matriarch came to be the stronger leader in such situations. Men are more often literal warriors, focusing on physical strength. The matriarch is almost akin to a general of the militaristic ways of the Watanabes, leading them through battles in both day-to-day life and on the literal battlefield. The leader, regardless of gender, must prove themselves to be strong-willed, with masterful combative prowess. It’s typically the oldest living child of the family.

The current matriarch was chosen after the past matriarch, Watanabe Yui, elected to stay in Oyashima to live out a quiet life. The rest of the Watanabes came to Almaris in recent years. The current matriarch is Watanabe Setsuna, as of the time this document is written.


Fighting Styles

The Watanabe Clan tends to learn how to fight from a young age, and they definitely don’t do so with the path of an honorable samurai. Throwing dirt in the eyes, striking while the back is turned, and leaving spikes on the ground are all signature moves of Watanabes. Any child raised with the Watanabe family will know how to fight, and how to defend themselves.



The Watanabe Clan is known for their soft spot for hunting birds. Hawks, in particular, are popular amongst them; they are often used to deliver messages.



The Watanabe Family tends to worship the kami of Taikyo-- specifically Kyojin, which can be read about here


Connection to the Tianrui (Li-Ren)

The Watanabes and Tianrui are connected by the marriage of Watanabe Keiko and Tianrui Song (brother to Tianrui Ren), the parents of Watanabe Setsuna, Miyako, Otoboshi, and Takahiro. After the unlikely pairing passed away due to disease, the families decided to put aside their differences, as was their wish. They strive for the harmony of their people, no matter the cost.


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