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HABERSUTICA - Newspaper, First publication

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Commonwealth of Sutica -- His Serene Majesty announced to the Sutican people today the designs for the new capital were finished. This comes after a period of complications regarding the ownership of the designs and their realism. 


The build is long anticipated as it has halted a lot of government projects and appointments. Despite these setbacks the Commonwealth of Sutica reported steady growth and managed to revive most departments abandoned prior to the liberation. 




County of Sarissa -- Her Serene Majesty visited a tournament held by the new Count of Sarissa, Lord Buckfort yesterday. The tournament was the first cultural activity held after her rise to the throne, with other ministers and church representatives attending.


After the tournament had finished, all delegations went to the capital city for drinks and chatter. The tournament was well received by the Commonwealth government, who is now planning to hold more consistent cultural celebrations after the city has been rebuilt. 




Commonwealth of Sutica -- The current Chairman of the Committee of Peers, Viscount Vezimir of Lausitz, had received permission from His Serene Majesty to initiate an extraordinary session for the Committee of Peers. It is deemed extraordinary because normally, sessions of the Committee go alongside the election cycles of the Congress. 


While the elections are postponed until the government is fully functional, the Committee wasted no time to verify peerages and to vote on crests and mottos. Though the low number of peers raised the discussion on whether vassals of peers should be allowed to be seated on the Committee too. Government policy so far firmly indicates opposition to this reform, as those vassals are eligible to run for elections in the Congress of Sutica.  




Commonwealth of Sutica -- With the first official census being prepared by the Commonwealth government, His Serene Majesty instructed the Grand Magistrate to register and issue temporary passports to prove citizenship.


This measure was necessary because the Constitution grants various rights and obligations to citizens. Without a way to determine who is and isn’t a citizen, the constitutional system would’ve been complicated to put in practice. The census is expected to be finished shortly after the city reconstruction, as then all addresses can be filled and verified. 




The Church -- The High Pontiff Tylos I announced with great joy today that a new influx of squires were joining the ranks of the Supreme Order of Ex. Owyn. The Apostolic-General Armand de Rennes is credited for maintaining a professional force that can attract young talent from rural areas. 


What this will mean for the deployment of the Order remains to be seen. But Suticans may expect to see more of them more often, as the Church regains ground in Sutican society. The Serene Monarchs, both Canonists, are welcoming this renewed role of the Church. It is alleged that the new city will have a fully functional Church after its completion. 




Commonwealth of Sutica -- The new head Steward, Jon Snowell, was appointed by the Grand Magistrate to revive the abandoned institution since the liberation of Sutica. The Commonwealth government was pleased to see that Steward Snowell managed to recruit various new bureaucrats, and that the grand ledger of Sutica was remade. 


Furthermore, Steward Snowell created an uniform system of registering homeowners and collecting taxation: providing necessary income for the Commonwealth government. As the first department to run entirely autonomously from the management of any cabinet member: the Stewards of Sutica seem like the model for all other departments yet to be created.

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Anthony Bentarus, the Editor-in-Chief of The Providence Post, smiles in approval as the Sutican newspaper is delivered to his desk!


"I hope to see robust journalism just like this from all the nations of the world someday!"

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