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A Public Apology

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A Public Apology

Written and Addressed to Tsune Hirano as of the 28th year of the Second Age




         To the Oyashiman known as Tsune Hirano, we of the Vortice Council do issue this formal apology to you as we had made a grave mistake in listening to the wrong information from the wrong people.

        We understand what you do is important to you and harmless to the citizens of Almaris, and appreciate what you do for the continent of Almaris and what you do in the Estate of Tsutenkaku under the name of the Hirano clan.

        When the report was made on the occurrence, I, Vivian Maelstorm, had been ill-informed by the report of the now deceased Cillo Scath, who had shared his woes of having, in his words, “subjected a poor woman to torture,” when in reality, what you did, Miss Hirano, was ensure that said woman, who is to be unnamed for the sake of her privacy, was not a Frost Witch, and ensured the safety of the nations of the Jade State and Vortice.
       Following our last conversation, we had acquired evidence of Cillo’s plans that would ensure the reputation of several civilians to be slandered and I recognize now that listening to him was a bad call upon my judgement, so I say once more...


        I, Vivian Maelstorm, Monarch of Vortice and Keeper of the Depths, do formally apologize to you, Tsune Hirano, member of the Hirano Clan, for believing false claims on your personage, and I hope that any and all rumors surrounding you are dispelled with this apology, as you are a very kind woman who wishes naught but to see Almaris flourish.


Signed, Vivian Maelstorm, Monarch of Vortice


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"A shame she could ne apologize so publicly to us, despite almost costing us our lives!" Elsil'Ceru stated to her fellow Rustlers with a huff.

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